Your Personal Fruit Tier

Have you ever had the urge to rank fruits by how much you like them? Neither have I, but once you get started, it’s kinda fun. It’s really easy to make your own chart at Tiermaker: just drag the little fruit icons to their proper position, and you can change the ranking labels at the left to whatever you want them to say. Looking back, maybe I should have labeled a row as “it depends on how you use them.” After all, lemons are wonderful in lemonade or cooking, but they’re not really a fruit to snack on. And I prefer green apples because I only eat apples cooked due to dental issues.

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What’s the point of all this? Beside the fun of making it, you can share it and compare it to your friends’ and family’s favorite fruits. I’m sure my kids would be aghast at how many fruits I haven’t ever tried, and their opinions on my rankings would be… quite opinionated. Comparisons at this point might also make selecting pies and appetizers for Thanksgiving a little easier. -via Boing Boing

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