Yuu Asaka's Designey Twist on Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle designer Yuu Asaka’s creations are ranked in categories 8 (Complex), 9 (Very Difficult) and 10 (Insane) on PuzzleScore, and it’s easy to see why. Asaka has turned jigsaw puzzle design on its head: Here the pieces don’t need to interlock, but they must all fit into the included tray. Some of the puzzles have five corner pieces; others have more holes than circles to fill them. Some examples:

Puzzle 29

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Oleo Puzzle 10

Wave Puzzle 5

Ice Puzzle 9

Wave Puzzle 7

PuzzleScore says some of these may take up to three days to solve.

While I admire Asaka’s unconventional thinking, any one of these puzzles would drive me nuts.

You can see more here.

Source: core77

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