Zipline Straight To Godzilla’s Mouth!

Good thing that it’s not the real one. I’m pretty sure no one would agree to be instant food for the sake of thrill. Nijigen no Mori, a new theme park close to Kobe, Japan, is opening a Godzilla-themed attraction. It’s the only place where you can head straight into a life-sized Godzilla’s mouth. Don’t worry, like I said, the Godzilla there isn’t real. I think. Visitors take on the roles of researchers and embark on a journey to learn more about the well-known creature, as Nerdist details: 

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It culminates in staring down a 75-foot-tall Godzilla replica at the other end of a death-defying zipline ride.

Like all good theme park rides, the attraction begins with an in-universe movie that informs the public that the kaiju invasion has started. From there, visitors can check out a kaiju museum and shooting gallery game before moving on to the half-buried beast. A very excited and slightly nervous reporter for Sun TV had the chance to film his flight into Godzilla’s mouth.

Image via Nerdist 

Source: neatorama

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