Zippo's Combination AxeSaw

Invented in 1960 in Minnesota, the Sven-Saw is a handy portable saw that breaks down into a stick-like package for storage.

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The design has been virtually unchanged for the past six decades because, frankly, it’s perfect for what it is. But Zippo, the lighter company that has pivoted towards outdoor goods given the drop in smoking rates, came up with a clever idea for a product with similar geometry that doesn’t break down as nicely, but does offer greater utility. Their AxeSaw features an attachable sawblade that allows you to use the axe head itself as the handle (with an included cover attached, naturally) to form the triangle shape.

Requisite lifestyle video:

And for those interested in origin stories, here’s Sven-Saw’s, including a shot of the prototype made from electrical conduit:

Source: core77

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