100 Funny And Wholesome Animal Photos To Make You Smile

What’s funnier than a hedgehog enjoying a car ride? Or a bear climbing onto a bird feeder? A wild boar making a nudist bather chase it all around the beach by stealing their laptop, of course.

Animals never cease to find new ways to make us laugh. Luckily, we regularly capture them and share the footage on the Internet for everyone to see.

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However, finding them online can be a hassle. So to save you some time, Bored Panda has put together a list of some of the funniest animal photos online, and they’re all waiting for you below! Enjoy.

#1 Every Year This Mama Duck Brings Her Babies To My House And I Help Her Take Care Of Them. This Morning I Opened My Door To 13 New Peeping Fluff Balls

Image credits: ivereadthings

#2 A Beautiful Hummingbird’s Nest With A Leaf Roof

Image credits: hijadelbosquepy

#3 Cheeeese!

Image credits: OceanGoingSoul

#4 Norwegian Police

#5 Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate This Lovely Cow

Image credits: ryetanphotos

#6 The Reason Water Wasn’t Coming Out

Image credits: Lancastrian34

#7 Nice Old Next Door Lady Left This Note At My Parents Front Door

Image credits: 668neighborOFTHEbeast

#8 Quokkas Are The Face Of Happiness

Image credits: cruzysuzy

#9 Deal With The Devil

Image credits: jesseneon

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#10 The Look On That Seal’s Face

Image credits: apextek

#11 Auto Synchronization

Image credits: Celgazer

#12 That’s A Weird Looking Bird

Image credits: ratwhale86

#13 My Cousin’s Hamster After Eating A Ton Of Popcorn

Image credits: Morty_Im_A_Pickle

#14 Here’s My Favorite Picture Of Me With A Snuggly Capybara

Image credits: Daneb92

#15 This Little Dude And I Have Had Breakfast/Lunch Together Everyday For The Last 4 Weeks, Always Bring Him Something To Eat And He Just Sits Next To Me For My Entire Break At Work

Image credits: ricardocoatez

#16 This Little Man Made Himself At Home While I Cleaned His Enclosure. He Didn’t Want To Let Go When I Was Finished, I Guess He Enjoyed My Warmth

Image credits: Toyya

#17 Horse Lady

Image credits: veptavis

#18 Big Derp. Huge

Image credits: tomotomotomomo

#19 Winter, When The Leaves Have Fallen And The Trees Are Bear

Image credits: nightforday

#20 Safety First

Image credits: rick_the_hedgehog

#21 The Way My Chameleon Hides On My Military Backpack

Image credits: Realhumanbeing3

#22 I Have No Shame

Image credits: doge_universe

#23 A Very Polite Lioness. I Imagine Her Saying, “Why, Thank You For The Compliment!”

Image credits: odekakena_ko

#24 She’s Wearing Her Crown

Image credits: Hi_spec_

#25 Look, It’s Me

Image credits: Geir Arne Vian

#26 I Post This Old Christmas Photo Because I Just Noticed My Pocket Square Is My Sister’s Hamster

Image credits: _MTAnderson

#27 They Got Photobombed By Raccoons On Their Wedding Photo Shoot

Image credits: Kathryn White Photography

#28 Who Knows, Maybe She’s Barn With It

#29 My Aunt Works For A Vet And This Guy Was Booked In For A Check-Up

Image credits: crankyT27

#30 Pool Party

Image credits: mrsdrpeepo

#31 I’m Volunteering In A Bear Refuge In Croatia And I Thought Like Sharing This Photo Of A Chillaxing Lad With You Guys

Image credits: ZekouCafe

#32 Dad Felt Bad Because It Was Forecasted To Storm. Guess We Will All Be Having Lunch Together Then

Image credits: AsianUrination

#33 He Snack. And Get Fat. But Most Importantly. Don’t Fit Down A Crack

Image credits: josh.behling.12

#34 Little Helpers

First, we load the dishwasher, THEN we feed the cows. We do it this way every morning. Doing dishes has never appeared more riveting.

Image credits: hellofreemanfarm

#35 Best Friends Forever

Image credits: crevicedwelling

#36 A Friend Nursed An Injured Crow Back To Health After It Got Trapped In Her French Quarter Courtyard. These As Some Of The Things The Crow Has Been Bringing Her As Apparent Gifts

Image credits: Tweetystraw

#37 I Was Photobombed By An Iguana While In Puerto Rico

Image credits: roadlesstraveled11

#38 A Friend’s Chicken Needs A Hairband For Its Chicken-Fro

Image credits: ybromero

#39 It’s Gonna Be A Looong Car Ride

Image credits: hellofreemanfarm

#40 Being Fancy

Image credits: al_ab

#41 I Came Home Last Night To Find This Thief Just Standing There Menacingly

Image credits: JohanKaramazov

#42 Well, Nice And Tidy

Image credits: FuriousPiles

#43 A Nudist Bather Chased A Wild Boar Near A Berlin Lake After It Stole His Laptop

Image credits: Adele Landauer

#44 My Girlfriend And Similar Lookin’ Horse

Image credits: LooongGoooneDaddy

#45 Out Fishing, Nearly Stepped On Him

Image credits: Kellythegeek

#46 The Pod Has Been Bringing Us Regular Gifts, Showing Us How Much They’re Missing The Public Interaction And Attention

Image credits: Barnaclescafedolphinfeeding

#47 Meanwhile In Japan

Image credits: DD1234567

#48 This Rabbit Eating Some Berries

Image credits: maxnicholsphoto

#49 The Profile Pic

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 Quarantine, Day 14. Me And My Boyfriend Spent The Whole Day Setting Up An Art Gallery For Our Gerbil

Image credits: mariannabe

#51 Piper Is An Up-And-Coming Artist

Image credits: titotheraccoon

#52 These Two “Students” Startled Me On Campus, But Then Adopted This Position To Let Me Know They Were Sorry

Image credits: C9_Sanguine

#53 No Talk With Me Im Angy

#54 Looks Like This Pigeon Has A Pretty Intense Phone Call

Image credits: LouiieV

#55 The Stingray Photobomb

Image credits: TastyTurtleDick

#56 I Think I Accidentally Walked Into Some Kind Of Shrimp Ritual

Image credits: Dypsis_lutescens

#57 This Is Judy. It Comes To My Kitchen Window Every Day To Get Some Almonds. I Love It So Much. That Little Smile Makes Me Melt

Image credits: PrinceWilliam13

#58 Moose Taking An Afternoon Nap In My Dad’s Garden

Image credits: DudeHeadAwesome

#59 Nice

Image credits: a6igai1

#60 A Very Inclusive Dog Training School

Image credits: l_am_puma

#61 Excuse Me, Mr. Hamster, What Are You Doing

Image credits: mx1hr

#62 Happy Lizard

Image credits: The1Magus

#63 “Excuse Me Can I Have Some Privacy?”

Image credits: DirtRoadQueen__

#64 Money Well Spent

Image credits: Unobama

#65 Two Bears In A Serious Meeting

Image credits: Zungate

#66 Crow Hopped As I Took His Photo

Image credits: Jedi_JJ

#67 Fluffiest Cow

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

#68 My Brother And I Have Pet Frogs And They Don’t Mind If You Put Stuff On Them So We 3D Printed Little Hats

Image credits: Camfifty5

#69 Patrick, Is That You?

Image credits: Babyshoujo

#70 Safety System For Goats

Image credits: spookperson

#71 I Feel Like This Qualifies

Image credits: Ihavealpacas

#72 A Pile Of Lemurs Keeping Warm

Image credits: lycheemochi

#73 Sitting At A Red Light When A Peregrine Falcon Landed On The Hood Of My Car

Image credits: Astrofluke

#74 My Sister Accidentally Caught This Pikes Peak Proposal On Camera

Image credits: xar42

#75 Let Him Wander Around The House. Thought I Lost Him But He Was Next To The Potatoes

Image credits: MedicalChalupa

#76 Wife Opened The Back Door, Immediately Gasped And Shut It. Little Guy Was Stashed There By Mommy For About 10hrs Before She Came Back And Got Him

Image credits: BigBiffTannen

#77 Too Hot For The Fox In London Today

Image credits: sfindlay90

#78 I Put Tiny Furniture In My Tarantula’s Enclosure

Image credits: strangeloop527

#79 I Was Looking Through Pics I Took At The Zoo Today And Found This Dramatic Black Bear

Image credits: barkyclarky69

#80 “Did You Bring The Snacks?”

Image credits: vicgriffin

#81 The Real Purpose Of Coffee Cup Handles: Birb Warmer

Image credits: Purpzie

#82 Just Found Out Some Horses Grow Moustaches And I’m Dying

Image credits: SteamySteakSalad

#83 I Took My Puppy To Work Last Week – He Loved It

Image credits: apocalypse910

#84 This Cow I Saw The Other Day Whilst I Was On A Run

Image credits: imcalledalex

#85 Do Not Disturb Jabba

Image credits: Bmchris44

#86 So I Bought This Vase Specifically For Her Yesterday And She Approved

Image credits: derpinu-

#87 Big Derp

Image credits: d3333p7

#88 My Dad Keeps Turtles. I Started The Training. Soon I’ll Have My Own Personal Bodyguards

Image credits: Mr_Summerbird

#89 This Monkey At The Top Of A Water Tank

Image credits: LightSaberBatman

#90 Best $2 I Ever Spent

Image credits: 2xxChromosome

#91 I Dunno Man. What If My Knees Aren’t That Great

Image credits: CatPluff

#92 She Snuck Up On Me Wanting A Tomato. This Old Girl Has Been Coming To Our House For Years To Get A Snack. We Had About Giving Up On Her This Year

Image credits: Malley99

#93 Baby Giraffe Kissing Zookeeper

Image credits: CaldwellZoo

#94 My GF Is On Vacation And Sent Me This Picture. I Found It Hilarious And Thought I’d Share

Image credits: ehar101

#95 When Life Gives You Lemons

Image credits: leftovercroc

#96 Wow. I Have Never Seen An Insurance Company Have A Person’s Back More Than This

Image credits: dreamrndenial

#97 Theodore The Hamster Climbing Up Stairs

Image credits: throwaway121270

#98 My Goat Derpin’

Image credits: wombatron123

#99 Hello, Goose Friend

Image credits: Padiddles

#100 This Is Gizmo. He Likes To Burrow And Make Homes Out Of My Wife’s Hair

Image credits: Dj_Refund

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