102 Times People Received A Lot More Chaos Than Was Advertised, Thanks To Instacart

Instacart is an American company that operates a pick-up and delivery service in the United States and Canada, which runs via a website and mobile app.

The idea is simple: a person selects products from participating retailers, and an independent contractor, also known as a shopper, picks up the items and delivers them.

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However, the reality is much more chaotic. As the subreddit r/InstacartShoppers shows, the interactions on the platform can get quite funny, weird, infuriating, and even creepy.

#1 That’s A New One

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#2 Tips Pay The Bills But This

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The range of stores someone can purchase from (and, in turn, the orders themselves) depends on where they live. Typically, Instacart provides access to a range of retailers, including:

  • grocery stores;
  • pharmacies;
  • big box stores;
  • pet supply chains;
  • office supply retailers.

#3 Had A Delivery That Was Just 4 20lb Cat Food Bags This Morning, And Upon Arrival

Image credits: thegabe101

#4 Rough Day

Image credits: jroberson1991

#5 Found Kittens While Shopping

Image credits: Prestigious-Gas-223

Instacart offers free deliveries for new members, but afterward, delivery fees start from $3.99 for same-day orders over the value of $35. Otherwise, they will vary according to these factors:

  • the time of day;
  • a person’s location;
  • the size of the order.

However, it’s also important to highlight that the delivery fees do not include tips for the shoppers.

#6 When You Pull Up To A Big A**ed Apartment Complex And Worry About Having To Hunt For The Address, But Then You Realize That Ricky Is A God Damn Hero. 5 Stars Ricky… Would Deliver Again

Image credits: RKT7799

#7 The Only Type Of Customer I Like Meeting Me At The Door

Image credits: fossa_97

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#8 I Thought The Candies Are For Kids For A While

Image credits: cloudiett

#9 Kelly Likes Her Job A Lil Too Much

Image credits: Dsg1695

Grocery delivery can be a convenient and potentially safer option for many individuals, including:

  • People with certain health conditions: Certain health issues may make in-store shopping difficult or stressful for some. Those who find shopping difficult due to mobility problems, chronic fatigue, or other similar reasons may benefit from a home delivery service.
  • People following a meal plan: Instacart makes it easier to stick to a specific shopping list, and this may be helpful for those who are trying to improve the quality of their diet.
  • People who want to avoid impulse buys.
  • Busy people: Instacart may be helpful for those who work long hours or have caring responsibilities and wish to save time.

#10 Best Delivery Pic Ever!

Image credits: gaybirdnerd55

#11 This Order Was 25 Boxes Of Breakfast Bars And 6 Cases Of Water. Didn’t Even Mind Carrying The 6 Cases Of Water!!! I Knew It Was For The March In Dc. Makes Me Proud To See. I Bought Some Fruit Snacks For Them To Give Out For The Kids. #blacklivesmatters

Image credits: aaash_519

#12 So I Had A First Today. Take The First Load To The Customer’s Door And Come Back For Another And There’s A Damn Goat In My Trunk Investigating Things

Image credits: BSBHVR2

#13 What A $1 Tippers House Looks Like

Image credits: easyetx

There are currently more than 600,000 existing shoppers delivering the things people need.

But the amount of money they earn varies and depends a lot on their role type. In the United States, for example, there are options to become a full-service shopper or an in-store shopper.

#14 I Don’t Even Know How To Respond To This Smh

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#15 Met These Characters On A Delivery Today

Image credits: SquarePeg37

#16 Best Day Ever!!

Image credits: christchild705

#17 Well Damn Kimmy

Image credits: Charlieee26_

Full-service shoppers:

  • Can shop for and deliver groceries (car needed);
  • Are independent 1099 contractors (they handle taxes);
  • Are able to work when they want;
  • Can earn tips on top of pay;
  • Option is available wherever Instacart operates.

#18 Marie’s Reaction To Me Having To Evacuate The Kroger In The Middle Of Her Batch

Image credits: dognamedwaffles

#19 Customer Left An Envelope With My Name On It

Image credits: Whats_Up4444

#20 Be Kind To Your Shoppers!

Image credits: strawbryshorty04

#21 And The Trophy For Most Entitled Customer Goes To

Image credits: Yuri_Ligotme

In-store shoppers:

  • Shop on an assigned shift;
  • Do in-store shopping only (no delivery, so a car isn’t required);
  • Are part-time employees of Instacart (the company handles taxes);
  • Work shifts up to 29 hours per week;
  • Option is available in many areas (but not all) to help meet increased demand.

#22 Instacart Sent Me To The Wrong Address. Customer Care Can’t Figure Out Where This Customer Lives Or Phone Number So They Cancelled The Order. So Here I Am With $600 Worth Of Crab And Lobster

Image credits: Ricothebuttonpusher

#23 I’ve Always Thought About Doing This

Image credits: Healthy-Town3566

#24 Already Had All The Groceries In The Car

Image credits: Thickchick33

#25 The Customer Had This Sign In Front Of Her House. She Tipped $2

Image credits: Gabriel_ko

For full-service shoppers, Instacart is like Uber for food. While in-store shoppers earn a fixed, hourly wage, these folks earn by the order with varying amounts.

The Instacart app shows an estimate of potential earnings for every order and guarantees shoppers will earn at least $5 for each delivery-only run and $7 to $10 for each full-service (shop, load, and deliver) batch. 

#26 Instacart Support Is So Good

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#27 Wrong Item My A**

Image credits: snaptcarrot

#28 You Guys, What???

Image credits: flowrencechild

#29 Well There Goes My Tip

Image credits: flailinguntoblivion

Earning potential is usually higher when customer demand spikes, so working on Sundays and during popular events, like the Super Bowl, can mean more money, but, as you can see from the pictures, more interaction with customers can increase your headache as well.

#30 A Delivery I Did A While Ago

Image credits: mcluvin1254

#31 Cancelled So Quickly Because Ew

Image credits: Opposite_Return_9252

#32 I Try Not To Judge Others Too Harshly But Come On

Image credits: anonnemous

#33 I Can’t Wait To Be Done With Instacart

Image credits: Hot_Boysenberry_3684

#34 This Is So Petty Man

Image credits: ubaniakande

#35 Go F**k Yourself And Make A Note Of It, Maybe!? No Communication Attempts Until I Was Minutes From Delivery, 50+mins Into The Batch. This Specific Store Doesn’t Even Have Paper Bags, As The Specific Township Is One Of Few That Isn’t Enforcing A Bag Ban In Our County

Image credits: 30DollarsPerMile

#36 I Received No Help, But I Did Receive This

Image credits: fv1021

#37 Why Are Customers Like This ?

Image credits: InspectionClassic377

#38 No, I Did Not!

Image credits: OptimalCreme9847

#39 When You Provide Really Solid Service For Someone Thanks Instacart For Taking Our Tips Away. More Than Likely Some Of The Best Service They’ve Ever Had

Image credits: dangles1023

#40 Instacart Shopper Being Weird With My Girl

Image credits: Kase215

#41 It Finally Happened

Image credits: Motor-Object-393

#42 I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes!!!

Image credits: vannbabu

#43 Rude Customer Gets Equal Treatment

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 Cancel Order

Image credits: Gravygrabbr

#45 Never Thought This Would Ever Happen To Me!

Image credits: Obvious_Advantage

#46 Instacart Shopper Didn’t Want To Get Out And Walk

Image credits: Charming-Copy3307

#47 Insta-Cancel

Image credits: p00ty2

#48 4000 Bottles Of Water

Image credits: Brave_Cauliflower_90

#49 Needless To Say, I Had A Bit Of A Crappy Night Last Night. This Lady Summed It Up Pretty Well. She Also Called And Gave Instacart Hell As Well

Image credits: MomluvsSyd

#50 Flat Out Gross. No Other Word To Describe It

Image credits: icejones999

#51 Costco- $1,050 Order. Life Changing Tip

Took this thinking it might be percentage based tip. Nah, customer tipped flat 25.

1hr 46 minutes in store. 10 mins loading… which I had to Tetris in my camry. 10mins unloading into cust garage.

Biggest order I’ve done so far. I’ve done orders from the same store, paid 3x more and took less time. Needless to say I was disappointed after all the hard work

Image credits: cremesar

#52 Is This Legit? Have Y’all Paid With Your Card?

Image credits: zADDYFATSACKz

#53 I Think I May Have Finally Snapped

Image credits: Ellen__D

#54 First Batch Of The Morning… 30 Pineapples

Image credits: justsomeone19

#55 Why Did She Ignore My Questions Lol

Image credits: Randomthoughts0805

#56 Nahhh, Not Today!

Image credits: Minimum_Papaya698

#57 Note Left On My Car From Other Shoppers

Image credits: Individual-Cress5472

#58 My Moms Shopper From A Day Or Two Ago

Image credits: KenidotGaming

#59 I’m Sad Wanted To Give Back And Was Ignored

I’ve had to instacart shop for living and recently got a good job. I wanted to give back to other shoppers so I did a grocery order while I’m at the beach for a festival. I gave a good tip and was waiting with a thank you bag with snacks and a Java monster. The driver wouldn’t answer the whole order and when it said delivered I asked where and no response. Turns out they left the order in the lobby even tho I had hand to customer on… oh well next time

Image credits: DeathUnicornIRL

#60 Yeah How About No

Image credits: TheRizzler102

#61 Instacart NY Shoppers

Image credits: YesBeautiful

#62 Sorry Ma’am I Don’t Control The Stock Of The Store

Image credits: zandsland

#63 I Hope She Gets What She Deserves

Image credits: samlakater

#64 Charged $80 For 2lbs Of Salmon

Image credits: GoodEyeSniper83

#65 Gotta Love Support (I Haven’t Been Getting Paid)

Image credits: dauntinghaleigh

#66 How Am I Gonna Fit This Into A Toyota Camry?

Image credits: AceonPiano

#67 I Delivered To This Apartment Today

Image credits: JojoTheMutt

#68 “They’re Out Of The Green Celery”

Image credits: agarcia900

#69 The Shopper Never Came Back For The Groceries

Image credits: Sweetie574

#70 Do Yall Ever Accidentally Text Your Wives On Here

Image credits: peachyky

#71 Customer Dog Attacked Car During Delivery

Image credits: CommercialCurrent918

#72 Don’t Be That Guy Please

Image credits: Slushy69420

#73 Gotta Have A U-Haul To Do This Order

Image credits: Faelris

#74 Im So Dizzy & I Almost Had An Accident

Image credits: chicabombastic

#75 Is This Crazy To Send My Shopper?

Image credits: IntrovertedDesigner1

#76 Got A Unique Request Today

Image credits: Olympian888

#77 Tip Bated In The Worst Way Possible!

Image credits: Sea_Excitement2289

#78 What Did They Do With All Those Bananas?

Image credits: 420kittybooboo

#79 Please Don’t Accept Deliveries With No Tip

Image credits: Hollisb1001

#80 To The Person Who Lost Their Mind On Here Re Flowe

Image credits: flowercan126

#81 Excited To See How This Is Gonna Work!

Image credits: Playful-Pie-6341

#82 Got Blessed With All This Today. Thanks Ic

Image credits: Glittering-Unit-7037

#83 Pray For Me

Image credits: Yuri_Ligotme

#84 At Least They Said Something, First Time I’ve Received A Message Like This

Image credits: No_Anywhere8982

#85 Plan B And Hot Pocket Type Of Night

Image credits: Turbulent-Art-357

#86 I Thought This Replacement Was A Little Silly

Image credits: JustALittlePodling

#87 Wth. Isn’t This Cheating?

Image credits: l5il

#88 What Is Going On W Yall Shoppers?!?

Image credits: Far_Garbage_1111

#89 How To Deal With Scammers 101

Image credits: ronj1983

#90 You Doing It?

Image credits: Magician_322

#91 This Is A Hot Mess

Image credits: SnooSquirrels6518

#92 After 2 Years Of Gig Driving, My First Snack Tray

Image credits: ToonaSandWatch

#93 Was I Wrong For This?

Image credits: SeaworthinessTop473

#94 Suspicious Order

Image credits: originaldarkhumor

#95 Why Are Customers Like This ?

Image credits: InspectionClassic377

#96 When You Order 6 Bananas, It Means 6 Bananas Lol

Image credits: MadKat27

#97 Ic’s New Feature Lets You ‘Favorite’ Shoppers

Image credits: evelynshmevelyn

#98 Would U Take This?

Image credits: AccordingProgress609

#99 100 Bags Of Mulch

Image credits: skolgooner

#100 True Story

Image credits: buthaveyoudonedmt

#101 I Want To Share My Best Week Yet

Image credits: milessss17

#102 Help. Does Anyone Know About This?

Image credits: No-Pack-4760

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