103 Times Men Just Had To Share Their Extremely Toxic Opinions About Women Online

Feminism has seen a lot of wins in the past century. Over 60 countries have had female leaders since 1960, and the 2022 Winter Olympic Games were the most gender-balanced Olympics in history. However, despite the fact that it’s 2023, some men feel the need to act like they’re living in the 1800s with the way that they treat women.

Below, you’ll find some of the most blatantly sexist and downright ridiculous things men have said about women online. From believing that men should never have to change a diaper to comparing women with dating histories to used shoes, prepare to be infuriated by these pics, pandas. Be sure to upvote the ones you find most egregious, and feel free to send this list to any men you know who are in need of a reality check!

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#1 Stay Away From Girls With Bright Unnatural Hair Colors

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#2 The Hero We Needed

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#3 Oh, Burn

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Life is not black and white. And making huge, sweeping blanket statements such as, “I hate men” usually does a disservice to conversations about feminism and misogyny that require much more nuance. However, when I see posts like these online, I can’t help but think for a moment, “Okay, I understand why some women might feel that way.” And sadly, our exposure to sexism starts young. According to one UK survey, 66% of 16-18 year old girls reported experiencing sexist language at school. But even women in high-ranking positions aren’t spared, as 67% of women parliamentarians in Africa admitted to frequently being subjected to sexist remarks and attitudes. 

There’s no question that our society is still biased towards men. One 2018 Pew Research Center survey analyzing the traits Americans associate with each gender found that they are much more likely to use the word “powerful” to describe men in a positive way, while the word often has a negative connotation when referring to women. Americans are also twice as likely to use the word “honest” to refer to men than women. “Beautiful” was almost exclusively used for women, and “provider” was only used for men. 

#4 Nawww

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#5 Gatekeeping Bad Words

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#6 Women Who Wear Pants

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And when it comes to why men feel the need to spew blatantly sexist views online, psychotherapist and author Joan Kavanaugh says, “Men behave badly because they can.” They’re taught from a young age that traits like emotional sensitivity, kindness, compassion and understanding are signs of weakness, while “real men” are stoic. And without a conscious effort to reverse the effects of this teaching, men are likely to continue in the paths of many misogynists before them.  

“I try to teach my sons that being sensitive to other people’s feelings is part of being a good guy,” one concerned father told NBC News. “But in this world, with the role models they have, it’s not an easy job to convince them.” He shared that when one of his sons was bullied at school, the teacher not only failed to punish the bullies for their actions, they also added salt to the hurt’s wounds by saying, “What’s the matter with you? Are you some kind of sissy, that you can’t take a little teasing?”

#7 Ah Yes, Women Equal Shoes

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#8 Ah Yes, 16-Year-Olds And Their “Elastic” Bones

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#9 So We’re Not Allowed To Have A Life

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While educating men on the topic of sexism to ensure that younger generations feel no shame about expressing their emotions and respect women as equals is key, it can also be an exhausting role to take on. Rebecca Cox at Harper’s Bazaar notes that, “You can bang your head against a brick wall/attempt difficult discussions with men, over and over again, but sometimes something happens that crystallizes why you might be better off simply abandoning your quest.” This might be because, in 2016, 56% of men in the United States believed that sexism was essentially over, agreeing that “obstacles that made it harder for women to get ahead are largely gone.” Why would they be worried about fixing a problem they don’t even think exists?

#10 Apparently, Women Don’t Use Computers

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#11 “Your Wife Is Your Firstborn Daughter”

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#12 “Stuck With The Leftovers”

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One of the reasons Cox says she’s done explaining sexism to men is because it’s nearly impossible to get them to understand the “fear that women have when walking or running alone” or to convince them to believe victims without immediately jumping to skepticism. While many men are quick to ask questions about what a woman was wearing or how drunk she was when she was raped, it might be informative for them to learn that they’re 230 times more likely to be raped than falsely accused of rape. So perhaps they should care about believing victims.   

#13 Today I Learned Women Are Actually Farms

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#14 Women Can’t Be Software Engineers, Apparently

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#15 One In Eight… Like, How Deluded Are We?

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“The world is not only set up in a way that culturally and financially benefits men, it is genuinely dangerous to be a woman, even here in the UK, one of the most progressive countries in the world,” Cox writes for Harper’s Bazaar. “However much I read about gender, feminism, the patriarchy, however many conversations I attempt to have with men; as a woman, I am at risk of harm at the hands of men, over and over again.” Every man is not a predator, and many are allies who do a wonderful job parenting and educating the youth about social issues. However, when one out of every six women in the United States has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime, something has to change. 

#16 Facebook Never Seems To Disappoint

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#17 Don’t Think He Quite Understands How It Really Works

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#18 Interesting. So Like Men And Sin?

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It may seem harmless to see memes and tweets about how women are men’s property when they’re told as jokes, but to many women, sexist jokes are no laughing matter. According to a study from Harvard University, men who have been told sexist jokes by women have a higher proclivity for rape, or are more likely to admit that they would be willing to commit rape if no one would ever find out. Jane Gilmore, at The Sydney Morning Herald, wrote a piece discussing the danger of sexist jokes, where she notes, “They are not going to turn a man who abhors men’s violence against women into a wife beater, but they can confirm a violent man’s belief that all men do what he does and he is therefore not responsible for his choice to be violent and does not need to change.”

#19 Hormone Ain’t A Thing According To This Guy

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#20 Women Are Not In Fact Commodities

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#21 The Hell

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The internet can also create dangerous echo chambers for misogynistic men to share their bigoted views and encourage one another to do the same. On TikTok, however, there was a trend last year where women began calling out sexist male podcasters to show audiences how ridiculous their messages are. One example of male podcasters that were criticized were the hosts of “Fresh & Fit,” who last year made racist and misogynistic remarks about their dating preferences on their show. “Instead of airing out their grievances and half-baked ideas to a therapist, they use podcasts to spread hateful, regressive messages about women and gender roles,” TikToker Kimber Springs told NBC News, in reference to the alpha male podcasters. “It is open season on misogyny in 2022!”

#22 Seen On R/Niceguys

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#23 Welcome To Today’s Episode Of “What Inanimate Object Are Women Being Compared To Today?”

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#24 I Don’t Know Why But This Is So Funny To Me

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“I think comedy is a great tool to mirror back the ridiculousness of society, especially when these ‘alpha male’ types claim to be speaking with such objectivity,” TikToker Hayley Hirsch told NBC News. “We’re basically telling them: ‘No, you actually don’t have that power. Your opinions are not scientific facts. On top of that, you sound absurd.'” Perhaps mocking these sexist men online through funny lists like this is a great way to call out how ridiculous they sound as well. While it’s important to have constructive conversations about sexism, sometimes, a little humor can be helpful too.  

#25 Who Needs An Education When We Can Have This

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#26 Wow, And I Never Even Knew

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#27 Ladies, Be Warned About The Power Of Ankle Bracelets

Image credits: enigmaticbloke

We hope this list hasn’t made you lose faith in humanity, pandas. Just because misogyny exists doesn’t mean that all men are a lost cause. In fact, most of them are pretty great. We just have to make sure that we all keep educating the younger generations, so one day sexism can be ancient history. Keep upvoting the pics you find most infuriating, and then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article discussing how prevalent sexism still is today, look no further than right here

#28 Sounds Like Someone Got Rejected On A Bumble Date

Image credits: FWPlayboy

#29 Women Shaming On Facebook: Hygiene Edition

Image credits: skullsquid1999

#30 Wow, Is That All!?

Image credits: BigEdsBun

#31 Clearly, It’s The Women’s Fault

Image credits: Yamamba78

#32 Wearing Gym Attire To The Gym Is Apparently Too Triggering

Image credits: BigNik

#33 Not On The Same Level As Men

Image credits: opinionated_idiot_

#34 I Can’t Believe It. We Found “Chad”

Image credits: mousehonrada

#35 When Wearing A Uniform Isn’t Enough To Stop Men From Shaming Women For Their Bodies

Image credits: MVPJunkie

#36 Women Can’t Have Genuine Male Friends Apparently

Image credits: _lesbihonest_

#37 Oh Phew… He’s Gonna Study The Issue

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#38 All She Did Was Smile Bro

Image credits: bennyfor20

#39 Guy Complains He Has No Luck With Women Despite Believing They Should Be Flocking To Him

Image credits: WheredoesithurtRA

#40 Here We Go Again

Image credits: realmcsnackers

#41 That’s Simply Not True

Image credits: dizzycrazycheesy

#42 My Ex After He Found Out I Stopped Covering Myself Like He Wanted To

Image credits: girlinsane08

#43 Or How About Because They Like Them

Image credits: shaeshayrose

#44 Real Men Would Just Go Off-Road

Image credits: xbhaskarx

#45 It Doesn’t Make Sense

Image credits: amerix

#46 This Looks Like Satire

Image credits: ColdRuhr

#47 Always Love It When Men Try To Tell Women How They Should Live Their Lives

Image credits: StefanMolyneux

#48 Visible Frustration

Image credits: Milestroy

#49 Guess Who Made It

Image credits: Cobratate

#50 Making Money Requires Adopting Masculine Trait

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#51 Never Thought I’d Actually Spot Anything Worth Posting In The Wild But Here We Are

Image credits: TragicCilantr

#52 If This Guy Thinks Older Men Are So Hot Then Why Doesn’t He Date Them?

Image credits: numbufera

#53 Women, Why Do You Gotta Ruin The “Vibe”?

Image credits: ASIK-1952

#54 Stop Comparing Women To Objects

Image credits: Tikitoitoi

#55 That’s A Lot Of Assumptions Based On Shoe Choice

Image credits: xxxSexMan69xxx

#56 Found In The Wild

Image credits: trotski83

#57 Women Only Wear Makeup Because They’re Insecure

Image credits: ASadPieceOfCheese

#58 Welp, Guess I Gotta Prepare For My Expiry Date Coming Up

Image credits: magoobi

#59 This Is What Control Looks Like

Image credits: menlearnthis

#60 Our Action In Our Lives Are Not Made To Be Only “Hot”

Image credits: CJDipper1212

#61 Be Glorious

Image credits: Brian_Sauve

#62 Childfree Women Being Unhealthy

Image credits: Halinowiec

#63 It’s A Way Of Communicating How Someone Feels

Image credits: Twelve-Majestic-Lies

#64 They Should Just Go Back To The 1800s At This Rate

Image credits: chlachair_chav_027

#65 I Bet He Was Really Offended

Image credits: Ehansaja

#66 Apparently, You Shouldn’t Travel Without A Man

Image credits: Dry-Pineapple2854

#67 Apparently, You Can’t Have Achievements And Morals Simultaneously

Image credits: Shadaya_Knight

#68 This Gem On Twitter

Image credits: Lungelo__95

#69 Great Collection Of Misogyny From Instagram

Image credits: I-Passed6789

#70 “Stop Wearing Leggings If I Can’t Sexualize You”

Image credits: brattysammy69

#71 Women Aren’t Your Pets Or Your Servants

Image credits: MistakeWonderful9178

#72 Women Have… Veins?! Impossible

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#73 Huh?

Image credits: vamp_valmet

#74 Interesting

Image credits: ask_aubry

#75 Here We Go

Image credits: themasculinehub

#76 So I Guess Over 30 We Should Just Give Up?

Image credits: robotpatrols

#77 Mind Games

Image credits: FrazzleDazzzled

#78 Attorney?

Image credits: LittleBreadBun

#79 This Was Under A Video About A Teen Mom

Image credits: Enough-Implement-622

#80 I Feel Bad For This Guy’s Wife/Girlfriend

Image credits: Tiberius_Jim

#81 Apparently, That’s What Being A Girl Is All About

Image credits: ihyjuju

#82 Unveiling The Madness

Image credits: ManlyMindBytes

#83 Man Tries To Prove He’s Smarter Than Women By Saying A Random String Of Words

Image credits: HelpMePlxoxo

#84 My Eyes Are Bleeding From This

Image credits: DumbledoresAtheist

#85 Guess I’m Brainwashed

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#86 Is Any Man Willing To Adopt Me? I’m Responsible For Myself At The Moment Unfortunately

Image credits: Ok_Application_5802

#87 Bro Huh?

Image credits: OhBirb

#88 What’s The “Reasoning” Behind Hypocrisy Like This?

Image credits: _TheRealKeel_

#89 Women Cannot Be Valued For Their Career Achievements

Image credits: CHeartiste

#90 I See Your Post And Add To It

Image credits: kcy_Melek

#91 All Women Have The Inherent Desire To Be A Mother. If You Disagree, You’re A Demented Moralist

Image credits: jordanbpeterson

#92 High Value

Image credits: BigEdsBun

#93 Ah Yes, A Man Who Knows More About Women Than Women Themselves

Image credits: BishImSleeping

#94 Apparently, Faithful Women Are Only With No Tattoos

Image credits: No-Loss-9758

#95 Why Is This Even Upvoted?

Image credits: Mjay_300

#96 Punish Her, Reward Her

Image credits: achrisvet

#97 How Do These People Exist

Image credits: International_Land33

#98 “Reputable Mining Organization” On Today’s Episode Of “What Inanimate Object Are Women Being Compared To”

Image credits: trotski83

#99 Lady With Tattoos = Corrupt

Image credits: thokozani.nhlapo.35

#100 This Comment

Image credits: KeyUpstairs2306

#101 Apparently, Women Are Naturally Expensive, Like An Object They Are

Image credits: RitikK22

#102 Why Are Almost All The Comments Under Women’s Posts On Social Media Like This? This Is Depressing

Image credits: Katherine_Black

#103 This Guy Has “Seen Many” Women, But Only 15 Have Been Funny

Image credits: MarfaMcfly

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