105 Fantastic Things Made By People With Extra Time On Their Hands, As Shared On The “Something I Made” Online Group (New Pics)

These boots were made for walking, and those gloves were made for grabbing all the lemons life may throw at you at any given time. Lamps, paintings, handbags, and much more that we humans are capable of creating with just a little bit of inspiration and a whole lot of sweat-inducing work. 

Regardless of the outcome, handmade goods are always to be celebrated. They’re unique, and mayhaps sometimes imperfect, but that’s all the more reason to be proud of what you’ve made. And today, to give you some inspiration and induce an ‘awe’ or two, we’ll be looking at the most recent posts from the r/somethingimade subreddit. 

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Make sure to upvote your favorites as you’re scrolling through, leave some comments along the way and tell us the most creative thing you’ve ever made, maybe even share links—we’re curious, alright! And if you’re craving a little more, Bored Panda has you covered with an article right here. Now let’s get into it!

#1 I Drew A Skeleton With Ballpen, Feedback Of Any Kind Is Appreciated

Image credits: UnusualSandwich7802

There is no one who’s described the art of creation better than Kurt Vonnegut. He said, “The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. […] Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.” 

And so, we’re celebrating all those who’ve been creating, spending their precious time working on something that makes one smile, in the hopes that it’ll inspire you to create something of your own. For better or worse. The Reddit group named “Something I Made” has become a hub for people to share their works and get advice or applause, and 2.5M people have taken a liking to it. 

#2 I Made A Literary Quote Clock Out Of An Old Kindle – It Tells The Time Entirely With Real Book Quotes

Image credits: flyingalbatross1

#3 I Am A Pet Portrait Artist

Image credits: Polar_Bear_Online

Make life more bearable. One may ask, why do we have the inkling to create stuff, especially nowadays when we can go out and buy the things we need, in all the various shapes and sizes, without sacrificing too much time or effort? However, it’s not always a need for something that drives us to create. 

Tanner Christensen argues that, for some people, creating is an emotional response. When a lot of thoughts and stressors begin spinning around inside of your head, one of the best ways to relieve the compression is to create, to get everything out of your head and into the real world. 

On the other hand, some people create as a means of meditative practice. Repetitive motions, pretty colors, shapes, different textures, and the sense of letting go of it all and focusing on something being born in front of you. Then there are the reasons of boredom, monetary incentives, and anything else, but Tanner believes that understanding why you’re creating can help you identify what to create.

#4 My Anatomical Tablet. The Goal Is To Tell The Child About What The Person Has Inside. I Don’t Have A Medical Education, Everything Was Done Just From An Anatomy Textbook

Image credits: HappyToyHouse1

#5 Little Doll With Set Clothes And Wooden Rack

Image credits: OlgaMalikova

#6 Made This Little Constellation Bat!

Image credits: killurconscience

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Practicing an art. With any practice comes a methodology; however, when one is just starting their creative journey, it can be daunting to know where to begin. Do you need all the fancy tools? Do you need to watch 50 tutorials, or can you just do it and learn on the way? With all these ideas present, which one should one go with? All this can be enough to deter anyone away. 

Best-selling author Dan Brown states that there are usually five stages that most creators subconsciously follow while pursuing their creative endeavors. Preparation. Idea generation, brainstorming, and active thinking. Incubation. Taking a step away from your idea before you sit down to flesh it out. 

Illumination. The merger of ideas into one decisive project, otherwise known as the ‘aha’ moment. Evaluation. Reflecting upon the initial concept or problem and seeing if the solution aligns with the initial vision. Verification. This is when the hard work happens. Lots of thought before lots of work. But this is just one way—you can always experiment with doing everything the other way around, or starting in the middle. The world is your oyster. 

#7 I Made This Painting In Oil On Wood Panel

Image credits: GeneralPrestigious13

#8 I Made A Lamp Out Of A Broken Old Phone. The Switch In The Hang Up Button

Image credits: odetoburningrubber

#9 A Quilt I Made For A Friends Baby

Image credits: sneving

No matter how well or badly. Here’s an interesting take: Society defines creative acts through a complex process of social judgment. As argued by John R. Hayes at Carnegie Mellon University, the quality of the products of creative endeavors relies most heavily on the opinions of relevant experts in making such judgments—music critics, art historians, scholars, and scientists who are presumed to know the field. 

Even expert judgments are highly subjective and are frequently influenced by irrelevant factors. However, Hayes notes the three criteria that are essential for an act to be considered creative: 1) Originality, 2) Value and interest, and 3) Reflection on the mind of the creator. But regardless of all this, the motivation behind creation is what will lead us toward fulfillment, regardless of the outcome. 

#10 Painting Of A Denim Jacket. The Gorgon Versace Style, Made By Me. What Do You Say To That?

Image credits: volgoart

#11 I Made A Sunset Cloud Pendant!

Image credits: wintersky__

#12 Told A Girl Im Seeing That I Can Carve A “Little”. She Said Sarcastically “Yes, For Sure You Can!” – So I Made A Box For Her

Image credits: kasspehr

Make your soul grow. Failing is a significant element of the creative process. It’s rare that things go perfectly smoothly each and every time, but that’s why it’s a practice. Atychiphobia, or the fear of failure, may keep one from ever stepping up to their creative potential. Yet Anthony D. Fredericks argues that while most people consider success and failure as polar opposites, in reality, they are both parts of the same process.

Throughout his research, Fredericks found that one of the most distinguishing features separating creative people from non-creative people was that creative people tend to make lots of mistakes and continue to work through them, while non-creative people make a mistake and stop. Just as Robert Kennedy stated, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” 

#13 My 12-Y.o. Retired Alaskan Sled-Dog Refuses To Come Inside, So I Brought The Inside To Him

Image credits: LaszloKravensworth

#14 I Had A Dream That I Made Cottage Pie With Starry Night Mashed Potatoes And I Haven’t Been Able To Stop Thinking About It.. So I Present To You The Starry Night Cottage Pie

Image credits: Coopunder

#15 I Painted A Mural In My Baby’s Woodland Themed Nursery!

Image credits: ddun

You will have created something. Thus, dear reader, what can we take from all of this? One must brave the sea of uncertainty in order to find their truest calling and the pleasure that creation brings forth. Allow yourself to fail, allow yourself to not be as good as another, allow yourself the freedom to experience creation in its rawest form. 

As you continue to scroll through this list, make sure you’re upvoting your favorite creations from fellow humans, leaving comments below, and sharing your own works and creative processes. I bid you a day full of inspiration, and I shall see you all in the next one! 

#16 What Do You Think Of These Mushroom Lamps I’ve Been Making Recently?

Image credits: burkeymonster

#17 Skull Drawing I Did

Image credits: BensDrawings

#18 I Just Finished My Little Robot. It Has An Unusual Color. It’s On A Wire Frame. Can Bend Arms And Legs

Image credits: TinyMiniToys

#19 My Halloween Costume: The May Queen From Midsommar

Image credits: terisaurus

#20 Since Childhood, We Gave Mom Gifts Made With Our Own Hands. I Want Summer To Always Be With Her In The Cold Winter! I Made Her These Plates For Christmas

Image credits: artglassceramic

#21 I Made This Painting Of How The Desert Felt To Me. This Is “Desert Magic”

Image credits: WildShannimal

#22 I Made This 14k Rose Gold Engagement Ring, With A Lab-Grown Diamond And Two Fair Trade Purple Sapphires!

Image credits: elittlestudio

#23 Dog Replica Made From Wool

Image credits: TwoFeltedFox

#24 My Wife Made An Amazing Cake For Our Son’s Third Birthday

Image credits: ChrisChalms

#25 I Made These Multicolored Boots For My Client And He Loved It

Image credits: paulparkman

#26 Lumps Of Coal For The Naughty Made Of Clay By Me 🙂 They Have Butts Haha

Image credits: GakiVerse

#27 First Time I Am Sharing My Work. I Combined Handmade Techniques. For Example, I Crochet This Iguana In 3 Colors Of Threads, Then Painted And Made Clay Details

Image credits: ProfessionNo4436

#28 Super Proud Of My Polymer Clay Snake Rings!

Image credits: Fimica

#29 Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin

Image credits: GibbonsGlass

#30 I Designed A Rattlesnake Pen Holder

Image credits: COPPERTISTWU

#31 Every Year I Make A Little Me, This Is 2022

Image credits: BirdsSwingInMyBeard

#32 A Necklace I Made With Solid Sterling Silver And Glow Pigment That I Combined With Resin

Image credits: anicirl

#33 I Made Both These Outfits For An Event. The Embroidery Is Gold Work Versions Of Peacock Feathers. A Friend Made The Necklace And Belt – They Are Real Pearls

Image credits: thatgirlwithpeacocks

#34 I Was So Proud Of This Planter, Then Someone Said It Looked Like Bacon

Image credits: Neneandplants

#35 I Hand-Embroidered This Piece

Image credits: rebordacao

#36 I Wanted To Make Something To Honor My Ancestors Quetzalcoatl The Feathered-Serpent

Image credits: Adventurous-atoms

#37 A Little Moose To Bring You Joy Today

Image credits: tabloach

#38 Finally Sold My First Painting At The Farmers Market Today

Image credits: HolleighLujah

#39 Made This For A Client And He Loved It

Image credits: Intelligent-Guest-96

#40 I Started Painting 4 Years Ago, So Happy To Have Found My Greatest Passion!

Image credits: GuidanceArtistic47

#41 A Rope I Made Of Daffodil Leaves

Image credits: walkinglantern

#42 A Needle Felted Ghostie For The Spooky Season

Image credits: djungelskog22

#43 This Is My Pencil Drawing Of Heisenberg, Hope You Enjoy It

Image credits: Rafael-Kunstler

#44 My Son Wanted A Outdoor/Camping Theme For His Bedroom And This Is What I Came Up With. Crafted And Painted All By My Hand

Image credits: Dude_named_lynn

#45 I Made A T-Rex Clip

Image credits: COPPERTISTWU

#46 Big Key I Made But That Unlocks Nothing

Image credits: TheCurlyPower

#47 I Made This 16”x20” Acrylic Painting Recently. I Spent An Inordinate Amount Of Time On It But I’m Happy With The Outcome

Image credits: Double_O_Steven

#48 I Made This Black And White Cat Moon Wreath. I’m Loving How It Came Out

Image credits: jess41378

#49 I Have Made The Perfect Tree Topper

Image credits: laughowl

#50 My Son (14) Finished Knitting Himself A Beanie Hat

Image credits: ConcertOld657

#51 Roses Made From Pieces Of Dried Acrylic Paint

Image credits: TurtleTimeOkay

#52 Made An Epoxy Resin Coca-Cola Fake Spill

Image credits: hunni93

#53 I Made These Metal Insects

Image credits: mechamaster1900

#54 I Made Some Lino Prints Of Birds Wearing Band T-Shirts

Image credits: spearmintjoe

#55 One Of My Recent Paper Quilling Christmas Projects

Image credits: MiriamsQuilling

#56 I Made This Cemetery Gate From Insulation Foam, Plastic Skeletons, Spray Foam, And Paint

Image credits: UptonDide

#57 I Made A “Robot” Puppy

Image credits: eyecarrumba

#58 I Spent Way Too Much Time On This, Oil On Canvas

Image credits: seamuswray

#59 I Hand Embroidered Cannabis Flower

Image credits: TheOddRemnant_

#60 Same

Image credits: tradstickydesign

#61 Ceramic Planters I Made

Image credits: crazyplantlady23

#62 An Oil Painting Painted By Me

Image credits: Emptyhandedpain-ter

#63 A White Cats Painting I Made On 5×7″ Paper

Image credits: KristjanaArts

#64 Stained Glass Window I Made A Few Years Ago

Image credits: lizabelle513

#65 Made A Leather Choker For Halloween

Image credits: pasuli

#66 This Gorgeous Girl Is Wanting To Light Up Your Night

Image credits: Asharea

#67 Finished My First Mural! The Size Was Intimidating And It Took A Lot Of Time, But I’m Happy With How Everything Turned Out

Image credits: JaronChurchwell

#68 A Skirt I Made From A Curtain I Got At Goodwill (Made The Blouse Too)

Image credits: ZetaMakesThings

#69 I Made This Landscape Of Mountains From Wood For My Tables

Image credits: FeedMeCrayons

#70 I Made A Mug

Image credits: PottingPotter

#71 Making More Chill Pills Today

Image credits: YarnHoarding

#72 I Love Making Small Plate. They Are Suitable For Everything: For Lemon, And For Nuts, And Under Jewelry, And As A Gift. My Favorite Models Are Lemon And Rowan

Image credits: artglassceramic

#73 Pepper Grinders I Machined After Being Annoyed At Expensive Bad Grinders

Image credits: Arurry

#74 Pretty Pleased With How My Staircase Turned Out

Image credits: Freakonaleash-mp3

#75 Been Working From Home A Lot Lately And Needed A Way To Close Off The Room During Calls And Stuff. Since My Wife Loves Reading, I Thought This Not-So-Secret Bookcase Door Would Be Perfect For The Job

Image credits: itsDandar

#76 Lockdown Garden Bar Project

Image credits: IndividualAccident71

#77 Something We Made – Design By My 5 Year Old Son

Image credits: -IIl

#78 I’ve Been Making These Plant Shelves Recently Out Of Hand Planed And Sanded Wood

Image credits: JuneKat87

#79 I Made A Battle Jacket Of Apunk Cynthia Doll From Rugrats

Image credits: RadicalFaces

#80 I Made A Dung Beetle Sticker

Image credits: OddBarCanvas

#81 I Made A Backpack From Leather And Oak For Myself

Image credits: Estragon94

#82 Made A Christmas Gift For My Mom. I’m Tempted To Give It To Her Right Now Because I’m So Damn Pleased With How It Came Out, But I Won’t Lol

Image credits: CinderLotus

#83 I Won A Contest To Paint This Mural On A Recycling Bin For A Local Recycling Company! Never Done Anything Like This Before

Image credits: swelliot17

#84 My Kid Wanted To Be A Conveyor Belt For Halloween, This Was My Best Effort!

Image credits: bocheball

#85 Stained Glass Chair I Made, Materials Are Glass, Lead, Aluminum

Image credits: myshirthasstripes

#86 My Dad’s Wallet Got Ruined So I Made This One For Him

Image credits: SideStreetLeather

#87 Melted Scrap Glass Swirly Coasters

Image credits: zeewesty

#88 Sirenhead On A Thrifted Painting

Image credits: Stoneway933R

#89 I Made These Two Paintings And Seeing Them Together Makes Me Very Happy

Image credits: Malefactus

#90 Found A Cheap Table On Fb. Painted It And Added A Mosaic To The Top

Image credits: missusmcg

#91 A Few Hand Embroidered Hats I’ve Made This Month

Image credits: kmartyparty

#92 A Magnet I Made

Image credits: tradstickydesign

#93 I Made Some Hand Painted, Wooden Mushroom Ornaments

Image credits: littlestitchsqueak

#94 A Vintage Style Witch Costume That I Designed And Sewed Up!

Image credits: UCanArtifUWant2

#95 I Made A Pair Of Guillotine Earrings!

Image credits: DemocraticSpider

#96 Made A Backyard Office During Covid Thanks To Youtube

Image credits: dinnertabledebates

#97 My Husband Made Me This Wood Bag As I Started Doing More Of Urban Sketching

Image credits: Dottales_by_tina

#98 Saxophone Lamps I Make

Image credits: cant-think-of-anythi

#99 Hi, I Made This

Image credits: hi_kenzie

#100 I Make Worlds Inside Of Boxes, This Is The Last One I Made

Image credits: colorigami

#101 Our Kitchen Is A Retro Vibe, So I Painted Our Cheap Mr. Coffee Maker To Match Other Things In The Kitchen

Image credits: itsyagirlbonita

#102 I Made A Sticker Of A Salty God

Image credits: weenphisher76

#103 Liked Kim Kardashians Waffle Knit Skims, But Don’t Want To Support Her And Know I Can Make My Own Better Quality. Made This Oversized Crew Neck For ~$5

Image credits: slutty_seamstress

#104 I Made This Crown And Antlers From Paper For A Hat Party!

Image credits: 9bombs

#105 I Made A Pink Cow Fridge

Image credits: Kighla

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