107 Of The Cutest Beaver Pics The Internet Has To Offer

The North American beavers are nature’s hard-working architects. They have an innate ability to build structures that can rival even some ambitious human projects. These impressive skilled creatures also ended up becoming the main characters of a video game (it’s called Timberborn, if you want to look for it).

But this is not enough to explain what makes beavers so darn charming! With their big eyes and adorable teething, beavers are one of the cutest animals you could find out there. Known for building dams and lodges in rivers and lakes, they’re one of the six symbols of Canada. The trade of beaver fur used to be so profitable to the country that Canadians felt compelled to pay tribute to this buck-toothed animal. Canadians are not the only ones so obsessed with cute beavers. We are too, and that’s why we put together a collection of beaver pics that will build up your love for them, picture after picture!

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#1 I Rescued A Baby Beaver After A Flood Separated It From Its Parents

Image credits: RGFiddy

#2 I Took A Selfie With A Baby Beaver And He Smiled For The Camera

Image credits: drZomber

#3 Our Baby Beavers Are Growing Up Fast! They Really Love Sweet Potato And Hanging Out Together

Did you know baby beavers stay with their families for two or more years? If you ever see multiple beavers in a pond they are probably all related! 

Image credits: calgarywildlife

#4 It’s Not Very Common We See Baby Beavers! Mostly Because They’re Kept Safe In The Lodge, It’s Hard To Find Them When They Could Be In Trouble

Luckily this little one had a saviour on a paddle board! When it was pulled from behind the rocks it had already been crying for three days, and had likely ventured out of the lodge after a few days of no parents returning. After almost a week alone, this baby was lucky to get into our centre. Beaver kits are born precocial with a fluffy coat and their eyes open. With both parents tending to the babies, they are never left alone and need constant attention in the unfortunate event they are alone without a family. This little one required extensive stabilization with rehydration every few hours, even through the night by our dedicated volunteers. Because we partner with other amazing wildlife centres across the province, we were able to get this little beaver into the best possible place it could grow up, (next to with its mom and dad of course). Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary has the largest beaver rehabilitation facilities in Canada, and another orphaned baby that needed a friend.

After two years in care they will be old enough to be released into vacant ponds to claim, and hopefully start little beaver families of their own. Beavers are essential to our aquatic ecosystems—they are wildlife engineers and the ponds they make create habitat for hundreds of other species. We thank Tracy and all our finders for caring for Ontarios wildlife, helping us keep Kawartha wild!

Image credits: kawarthawildlifecentre

#5 So This Happened Today

Image credits: hookd.on.killian

#6 Twigs The Beaver Kit

Image credits: nnisha

#7 Have You Guys Ever Seen An Little Baby Beaver

Image credits: sunnydae

#8 Orphaned Baby Beaver Can’t Even Control His Own Tail And It’s Just Too Cute

This wee baby beaver was found all alone on a golf course near Calgary, Canada by the rescuers at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation. The orphaned beaver was far away from water and had his tail injured, which suggests that he might have been dropped by a predator.

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Image credits: Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

#9 Beaver With A Bee Suit

Image credits: timothyh411

#10 My Coworker Rescued This Orphaned Baby Over The Weekend

Image credits: psykokittie

#11 Baby Beavers From Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Image credits: nwtrek

#12 Baby Beavers

They were simply adorable! The high water from all the rain allowed me to explore new territory that was previously inaccessible.

Image credits: cscarignan

#13 Baby Beaver

Image credits: imgur.com

#14 Displaced Baby Beaver Happy To Be Rescued And Rehabilitated

Image credits: Joannabooher

#15 This Young Beaver Was Brought To Our Hospital Last Week After It Was Found Alone In Byron

Our hospital team examined the beaver and found it to be healthy. That evening, a volunteer returned to the area and located a beaver lodge. The next day, the volunteer was able to successfully reunite the beaver kit with its family. One of the most important things you can do if you find a baby animal is to make sure it is truly abandoned or orphaned by waiting and observing to see if a parent returns.

Image credits: lindsaywildlife

#16 Baby Beaver Invasion

Image credits: qwqwqw1O1O

#17 Meet My New Friend Beatrice The Beaver

Image credits: brokerjane845

#18 We Are So Excited To Officially Announce The Name Of Turtle Bay’s Newest Addition, The Male Beaver: Timber!

Image credits: Turtle Bay Exploration Park

#19 A Canadian Couple Spotted The Most Adorable Baby Beavers

Image credits: Cassidy & Rhett Fricke

#20 Baby Beaver Playing With A Plush Bunny

Image credits: Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary Inc.

#21 Cute Little Beavers

Image credits: Tll6

#22 Adorable Beaver Photoshoot

#23 An Ontario Fire-Fighter Saves A Beaver During One Of Canada’s Biggest Recorded Forest Fires

Image credits: TriColourVinyl

#24 I Miss My Stella Baby Beaver Bum

Image credits: lferguson

#25 Can We All Just Be As Cute As Beavers Are, All The Time

Image credits: jenndwinter

#26 Buttons The Bever

Last week we introduced you to Buttons, a sweet orphaned baby beaver at Farasyn Farms Wildlife Rescue in Oregon.

Image credits: Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation

#27 Feeding Baby Beaver

Image credits: jimmycarrsweirdlaugh

#28 A New Saskatoon Resident. Who Doesn’t Love A Baby Beaver Kit?

Image credits: saskatoonbaldguy

#29 Sleepy Baby Beaver

Image credits: nutmegacreswildlife

#30 Voyageurs National Park Is Fortunate To Have A Healthy, Thriving Beaver Population

Biologists believe beaver ponds support a greater amount and diversity of wildlife than any other ecosystem in the forest.

Beavers have unique adaptations that make them perfectly suited for a water-based park like Voyageurs. A beaver’s lips close behind its front teeth, allowing it to swim with branches in its mouth and avoid drowning. In addition, its ears and nose valves close underwater and a membrane covers its eyes like goggles. Because of these adaptations, beavers can stay submerged in water for up to 20 minutes!

Image credits: voyageursconservancy

#31 Beaver Momma Snuggling With Her Kit

Image credits: tanya_marie87

#32 Beaver In The River

Image credits: USFWS Midwest Region

#33 I Volunteer At A Wildlife Rehab. This Is Our 1 Y/O Beaver Giving Me A Hug Because She Missed Me Over The Winter Or Maybe She Wanted The Apple I Had

Image credits: Kiss_Me84

#34 A Baby Beaver

Image credits: blacksabbathrules

#35 So This Is What A Baby Beaver Looks Like

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 My Uncle Rescued This Baby Beaver

Image credits: kerriechamberlain

#37 Meet Beavis, The Cutest Marine Mammal Ever, A Baby Beaver

Image credits: skunkangel

#38 Beavers Have A Set Of Lips On Each Side Of Their Teeth, Allowing Them To Carry Sticks Underwater While Holding Their Breath

Image credits: illiter-it

#39 Very Adorable Baby Beavers

Image credits: Rabbitruncircle

#40 Meet Shiloh, The Newborn Baby Beaver At Zoomontana. The Baby Was Born Dead And The Veterinarians Saved Shiloh. There Is Still A Slim Chance Of Survival

Image credits: McLovin1019

#41 Not Too Often Do You See A Beaver Asleep In Daylight Outside Of The Lodge, But Today The Adult Male At Our Beaver Pond Had A Couple Of Long Naps In The Shade

Image credits: saskatoonbaldguy

#42 When You Thought The Aloha Safari Zoo Couldn’t Get Any Cuter

Image credits: madmadhren

#43 Baby Beaver Gets Rescued, Ends Up Building ‘Dams’ In Rescuer’s Home Using Random Household Items

Image credits: Beaver Baby Furry Love

#44 Lunch Time

Image credits: Imsupportjj

#45 Baby Beavers Are Next Level Cute

Image credits: critter_care_wildlife

#46 He Was Rescued After An Accident With A Dog

He was suffering from some wounds and an injury to his left eye. He is currently receiving treatment for an eye ulcer, but otherwise is doing well and growing like a weed!

Image credits: albertawildlife

#47 I’m Pretty Sure This Beaver Was Saying Hi To Me As I Passed By On My Kayak

Image credits: mackrach

#48 Beavers Receive Bath After An Oil Spill. Their Dams Prevented Much Of The Oil From Contaminating Any Thing. These Are Hero Beavers

Image credits: Mr__Moe

#49 Baby Beaver Kit Snuggled Up To Its Mommy

Image credits: saskatoonbaldguy

#50 Two Baby Beaver Kits Snacking In The Beaver Pond

Image credits: saskatoonbaldguy

#51 Baby Beavers

#52 I Actually Got To Hold The Baby Beaver

Image credits: steelcon

#53 Beaver Spotted In Supermarket Looking For An Artificial Christmas Tree

Image credits: St Mary’s Sheriff

#54 Snack Time

Their teeth consist of sharp incisors that are always growing but are kept the correct length by grinding against wood or their bottom teeth. Their teeth allow them the ability to fell large trees and Beavers can even close their mouth behind the incisors so that they can chew on sticks underwater.

Image credits: wildnorthab

#55 Night time feedings at CMWR! These babies are quite the handful

Image credits: centralmswildliferehab

#56 Too Cute! If You Have Never Seen A Baby Beaver Binky, Well You Have Now

Image credits: bock roe

#57 Baby Beavers Tater And Wishbone With Their Favorite Stuffed Animal, The Walrus

Image credits: wildside_rehabilitation_center

#58 Beavers Family

Parent and kit at work in the early morning.

Image credits: isaacjamesbaker

#59 Morning

Image credits: isaacjamesbaker

#60 Buddies Sharing A Den

Image credits: rangerbarbie

#61 One Beaver Eating While Another Beaver Learns To Moonwalk

It has to be really hard to moonwalk with webbed feet.

Image credits: mikedigout

#62 Exciting Beaver Is Ready To Go Into The Water

Beavers’ front teeth are orange.They need strong teeth to chew through wood so their tooth enamel contains iron, which makes them very strong, sharp, and orange. Because the orange enamel on the front wears away slower than the white dentin on the back, a beaver’s teeth self-sharpen as it chews on trees. Who knew???

Image credits: dboudz

#63 Chonk Beaver

His weight is 16.6 kg

Image credits: nasu_animal_kingdom

#64 Cute Beaver

This Earth Hour look optimistically to a future of nature recovery in Shropshire. Our Land and Water Team are introducing natural flood management techniques and working with landowners to improve the way catchments function to try and mitigate climate change’s extreme weather. We now have an opportunity to release beavers into an enclosure at the 37 acre Old River Bed nature reserve in Shrewsbury. Beavers should be an integral part of a green recovery, playing a major role in helping nature to recover. These are just a couple of our projects and campaigns that we’re working on to create a WilderFuture for all.

Image credits: shropshire_wildlife_trust

#65 Will You Beaver My Valentine?

Image credits: beavertrust

#66 A Beaver Kit At The Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic

Image credits: The_Teflon-Don

#67 Baby Beaver

Image credits: seventhsky1

#68 Baby Beaver

Image credits: mycatsnameismittons

#69 Tennessee Beaver

Image credits: sloppydog14

#70 I Don’t Think Beaver Kits Are Given As Much Recognition For Their Cuteness As They Should

Image credits: LoveTolerance

#71 Hungry Baby Beaver

Image credits: tangeresound

#72 The Injured Young Beaver

Patient update! The injured young beaver that arrived back in late fall has settled into his new, larger outdoor enclosure! He is now ready for more exercise, and the natural enrichment items we give him will allow his building instincts to shine through. He even has a large tub to swim and dive in. He’s a very happy little beaver! Once he gets a bit bigger he will be ready to move to his final stage of rehabilitation: our large marine unit. There he will stay until he is ready for release in the fall. He is now almost doubled his intake weight and is doing very well. It’s amazing to see how much this young beaver has overcome already in his short life after arriving with no ability to move his back legs. He’s now running, swimming and tail slapping like beavers do!

Image credits: hopeforwildlife

#73 I Think He Is Smilling

Image credits: SchrodingersSkwunk

#74 Sometimes A Beaver Just Needs To Sit On His Tail In The Grass And Survey The Pond

Image credits: saskatoonbaldguy

#75 Seven Years Ago, I Snuggled A Baby Beaver

Image credits: imgur.com

#76 Swimming In The Dawn

Image credits: lena.kjonsson

#77 Adorable Baby Beaver

#78 Baby Beaver Saying Hi

Image credits: Aaron Hintz

#79 One Of Our Two Baby Beavers Is Seen Here Taking A Little Break From Swimming And Chewing

Hard to resist that face! Rehabilitating baby beavers takes about 2 years – which is the same length of time it would take for them to leave their mom in the wild – so we’re in it for the long haul!

Image credits: calgarywildlife

#80 A Beaver In Kit Form! So Cute

Image credits: b_and_k_photo

#81 One Of The Four Kits

They grow up so fast. One of the four kits swims past me as I sit on a log observing the fam. I wonder whether they’ve gotten used to me gawking at them all the time, or whether they never cared about my existence in the first place. I think it’s the latter. They don’t appear to acknowledge my presence in any way, and I think maybe I’ve made eye contact briefly only a few times. Also, after watching them so much, I’ve decided that the sound of a beaver kit whining to its parents is among the cutest animal sounds I’ve ever heard.

Image credits: isaacjamesbaker

#82 *Munch Munch Munch*

Image credits: andrzejmontano

#83 Beavers Are A Keystone Species, Meaning They Have A Large Impact On Their Environment

Their dams make cleaner water, more nutrient-dense soil, increase ground water storage, create more wetland habitats, and are responsible for the cycle of the forest!

Image credits: Tll6

#84 Saw My First Beaver Today And Wanted To Share

Image credits: future_beach_bum

#85 Cute Beaver Is Chewing

Image credits: Grand Teton

#86 Little Beaver With Orange Teeth

Image credits: unknown

#87 I Had A Beaver Swim Right Up To Me! I Couldn’t Believe It. They Are So Cute! And Huge

Image credits: crimsonxsecret

#88 Holding Hands

Image credits: adeliae_pyg

#89 Carrying A Stick

Image credits: melisfamilyeg

#90 Free To Go

Our branch Manager is now ready to go back to the wild.

Image credits: wild.wild.vet

#91 It Takes One Beaver Less Than Ten Minutes To Cut Down A 3-Inch Thick Tree

Did you know that beavers cut down trees not just to make dams, but to feast on the fresh young leaves, bark, and twigs from the canopy? It takes one beaver less than ten minutes to cut down a 3-inch thick tree.

Image credits: ausableriver

#92 I Think He Is Saying Hi

Image credits: OrnaW

#93 Nothing Like A Nap After A Good Meal

Image credits: cc_wildlifekayaking

#94 Baby Beaver Surfing On Mom’s Tail

Image credits: Musicferret

#95 Beaver Buddies In The River In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Image credits: saskatoonbaldguy

#96 Needs More Baby Beavers

Image credits: electricangels

#97 Beaver Is Carrying A Carrot

Image credits: capybarbara7

#98 Pat Caught A Beaver

Image credits: turbobacon30096

#99 Filbert The Beaver Lives At The Oregon Zoo

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#100 Beautiful Beaver Baby (Kit) With Dinner

Image credits: jo_hackman_wildlife

#101 You Might Have Seen Cute Dogs And Cats But Have You Seen The Cuteness Of Beavers

Image credits: Panto83

#102 Beavers In The Saskatoon

Here are some photos from my visit to the riverbank in Saskatoon last night. It was windy and cold but the beavers and geese did not seem to mind.

Image credits: mikedigout

#103 I Took Photos As Well Of These Two Beavers In Love

Image credits: jolandathefirst

#104 Scratching Its Nose

Image credits: Ralphs_Fotos

#105 Eager Beaver

Image credits: timeless.seasons

#106 Something Surprising

Image credits: SteveRaubenstine

#107 A Cute Little Beaver At The River Bank

Image credits: Venellus

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