110 Informative And Clever Charts For Anyone Trying To Travel Smarter

No matter how travel-savvy you think you are, taking a trip usually comes with a fair bit of chaos. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter who’s hit up many corners of the world or a travel novice who’s never explored beyond the comfort of your own country, something can always go wrong. No one is immune to little mishaps on the road, but if you want to improve your travel know-how, we’ve got you covered.

After all, the pleasure you get from your vacation generally depends on the amount of preparation you put into it. So our adventure-loving team here at Bored Panda has scoured the web for some of the most clever charts, maps, and infographics about traveling to help you prepare for your next journey.

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From packing tips and flying tricks to tourist scams to be on the lookout for, we’ve put together this informative list to make sure you leave your home stress-free and ready to enjoy a phenomenal vacation. So take out your notebooks, get ready to pack your bag, and enjoy scrolling through these guides. Upvote the ones you found most handy, and be sure to let us know what you think of them in the comments!

Psst! If you’re looking for even more insight to take your traveling to the next level, check out our earlier piece about the biggest mistakes most tourists make.

#1 Different Electrical Outlets Per Countries

Image credits: jeff_tatum

#2 The Worst (And Safest) Countries For Solo Female Travel Based On The 50 Most Visited Destinations Around The World (2019)

Image credits: asherfergusson

#3 Most Popular Tourist Scams To Avoid When Traveling

Image credits: sproggs44

#4 How To Fold A Suit Jacket For Travel

Image credits: StylishMike

#5 Guide To Metric System For U.S. Travelers

Image credits: surfvivalist

#6 For Your Next Trip: How To Order Coffee In 8 Different Languages

Image credits: rdgabino

#7 A Guide For Parents: How To Keep Your Sanity And A Clean Car Traveling With Kids

Image credits: SandyMoore99

#8 Power Socket Type Guide

Image credits: informationtiger

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#9 Pre-Trip Checklist

Image credits: Bonboniru

#10 For Couchsurfers And Vagabonds In Europe, Here’s An Interesting Map Showing Which Countries Are Most Likely To Offer You Food As A Guest In Their House

Image credits: loverofgeography

#11 Found This While Researching Possible Routes For A Road Trip

Image credits: roadtripusa.com

#12 Cool Little Guide I Found

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Packing A Backpack

Image credits: ghostshelltaken

#14 Countries Where You Can Drink Tap Water

Image credits: itchyfeat

#15 Backpacking Tip

Image credits: zodman

#16 The Safest And Worst Destinations For LGBT Travelers (Updated March 2021)

Image credits: asherfergusson.com

#17 Travel Etiquette Tips Around The World

Image credits: James_Korbyn

#18 How To Travel Green

Image credits: Longjumping_Power_85

#19 How To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Image credits: big_macaroons

#20 This Is So Useful For Road Trips

Image credits: alec_sg

#21 A Guide To Pet Travel

Image credits: jpc4stro

#22 Map Showing Safest To Worst Countries For LGBTQ+ Travel

Image credits: IshiKawae

#23 Traveling To The US From European Countries (Visa Requirement And Refusal Rate)

Image credits: PepperBlues

#24 The Best Time To Buy Plane Tickets

Image credits: davegoldblatt

#25 Pack Your Case Like A Case Pro. Packing Techniques

Image credits: MarkyBoyAce

#26 Safe Hiking Checklist

Image credits: AuroreDml

#27 A Backpacker’s Guide To Packing

Image credits: petitkraken

#28 Just A Cool Guide

Image credits: Al_Controls

#29 Places Where Birthright Citizenship Is Based On Land And Places Where It Is Based On Blood

Image credits: india.in.pixels

#30 Airplane Etiquette

Image credits: ndorokakung

#31 Calling Codes Of Asian Countries

Image credits: geo.facts_

#32 Guide. Essential Items For Your Hiking Backpack

Image credits: LIS1050010

#33 Great For Traveling. This Chart Tells You What Type Of Power Socket You’ll Encounter

Image credits: TheAlphaCheese

#34 A Guide To Off Season Travel In Countries Around The World

Image credits: jy31

#35 How To Fly Like A Pro

Image credits: silvers944

#36 Traveling Guide

Image credits: hippochili

#37 The Ultimate Guide To Travel Plugs: What You Need And Where

Image credits: spylockhellswig

#38 Useful Business Travel Apps

Image credits: MaxSch

#39 A Brief Introduction To Travel Insurance

Image credits: sbraithwaite

#40 How Smart Luggage Will Change Travel

Image credits: ivyplant

#41 Essential Winter RV Travel Tips

Image credits: mattfrain

#42 Travel Packing Do’s And Don’ts

Image credits: CTRL_ALT_DELTRON3030

#43 U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level For U.S. Nationals By Country (As Of May 1, 2022)

Image credits: p3nnyroyaltea

#44 Canadian Travel Advisory Country Safety Ratings

Image credits: ReaylOfficial

#45 The Eurovelo Is A Net Of Cycleways With More Than 70000 Kilometres Of Extension Which Crosses The Whole European Continent

The Eurovelo is made by 15 routes that go through 42 counties, making traveling Europe by bike not only possible but quite easy as well.

Image credits: stefphotoo

#46 Gay Travel Index Across The EU And The US. The Index Takes Into Account Matters Like Law, Rights, And Locals’ Friendliness Toward The LGBTQ+ Community

Image credits: maps_us_eu

#47 International Travel Checklist

Image credits: AuroreDml

#48 An American’s Guide To European Capitals Pronunciation

Image credits: jakubmarian

#49 Visa Requirements For US Citizens

Image credits: thealoof

#50 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

Image credits: CrackerCrazy

#51 My Travel Cheat Sheet For Taiwan

Image credits: ceoltravels

#52 The Essential Travel Guide To Rome

Image credits: theculturetrip

#53 The Essential Travel Guide To Paris

Image credits: theculturetrip

#54 Travel Safe, From Start To Finish

Image credits: cwt

#55 Backpack Guide

Image credits: whataguyboiswag

#56 Which Side Of The Road Should You Drive On In Each Country?

Image credits: etymologynerd

#57 I Wanted To Put This Up After Spending The Past Two Days On The Road And Seeing More Accidents Then I Ever Have! Wishing You All Safe Travels And A Happy And Safe Holiday

Image credits: Racing_in_the_street

#58 Top Travel Safety Tips

Image credits: spylockhellswig

#59 Cyber Safety Tips For Travelers

Image credits: -YmymY-

#60 Greenest Forms Of Travel Based On Distance And Number Of People

Image credits: Devz0r

#61 Visa Free Traveling Guide

Image credits: drbechols

#62 16 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For You

Image credits: ivyplant

#63 Traveling Abroad With Pets

Image credits: TomSharp808

#64 Travel On The Cheap In The World’s Most Expensive Cities

Image credits: leeanders

#65 How To Save Money When Traveling

Image credits: sbraithwaite

#66 5 Useful And Handy Travel Safety Tips

Image credits: gistinmypants

#67 Minimum Travel Time From Paris By Train & Bike And Comparison To Car

Image credits: gmilloue

#68 I’ve Pulled Together A Simple Infographic Chart Outlining Some Of The Options How Sustainably Travel When Visiting Greenwich

Image credits: RichardT135

#69 Mexico Danger Map

Image credits: babe_ruthless3

#70 Interesting Map Showing The Quality Of Railroads In Europe

Image credits: Fazecunte

#71 A Map Showing Which States Are Legal To Hitchhike, And Which Ones Are Not

Image credits: huckstah

#72 What Countries And Other Areas Would You Reach If You Traveled In A Straight Line From Iceland?

Image credits: AJgloe

#73 Regions Considered Safe To Travel To By The French Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Image credits: iscreamcoke

#74 10 Important Things For All Travelers

Image credits: lokendra15

#75 10 Truths About Travel Therapy

Image credits: CleverUsername503

#76 Traveling Uninsured… Are You Brave Enough To Take The Risk?

Image credits: Holidaysafe1

#77 Travel Trends USA

Image credits: tripbeamtravels

#78 A Traveler’s Guide To Tap Water

Image credits: dozerman94

#79 Travel Advice From France (Pre Covid)

Image credits: mapsgrey

#80 The Distances You Can Travel On A European Train In Less Than A Day

Image credits: phillybdizzle

#81 Carbon Footprint Of Travel

Image credits: Z3ttrick

#82 Visualising How Far You Can Travel From Cambridge, Massachusetts In 4 Hours

Image credits: TravelTime_VA

#83 How To Pack

Image credits: AuroreDml

#84 Here Is A Safe Travel Infographic Based On World Travel And Tourism Council. If You Are Planning Any Trip This Summer, You Would Want To Take A Look At This Infographic Again

Image credits: GlobaLuminary

#85 Travel Hacks To Have A Better Trip

Image credits: cogofly

#86 See The Updated Infographic That Includes Ski Resorts And Overnight Travel

Image credits: USForcesKorea

#87 Is It A Crime To Knock On A Door And Run Away?

Image credits: geo.facts_

#88 Nasi Lemak Rated As Ok By European Travel Guide Tasteatlas

Image credits: UsernameGenerik

#89 Foreign Travel Advice From The Australian Government. Before Covid

Image credits: mapsgrey

#90 National Parks Off-Season Travel Guide

Image credits: possiblymyrealname

#91 What Do Business Travelers Value The Most In A Hotel?

Image credits: MaxSch

#92 Railway Travel Time Between A Few European Cities

Image credits: Massimo24ore

#93 Minimum Travel Time From London By Car

Image credits: gmilloue

#94 US Air Travel Passengers In 2019 And 2020

Image credits: ewand

#95 Top 10 Beaches For Every Type Of Traveler

Image credits: cheapair

#96 How To Order A Beer In Spain. This Is Just A Size Guide. The “Type” Of Beer Also Would Require Another Map

Image credits: kondenado

#97 The Longest Distances You Can Travel On Earth In A Straight Line Without Crossing Land Or Water

Image credits: 208327

#98 The Longest Possible Train Travel In The World

Image credits: matias90

#99 Longest Non-Stop Airplane Flights

Image credits: Dragogo12

#100 Traveling Safe During A Pandemic

Image credits: vswhiz

#101 If You’re Traveling To Brazil, Learn How To Make Long Distance And Collect Calls In The Country

Image credits: afmachado

#102 For The Upcoming Summer Travel Months

Image credits: sik_dik

#103 Foreign Travel Advice Of The French Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Image credits: afrofagne

#104 Travel Time From Paris By Car

Image credits: AJgloe

#105 How Far Can You Travel Via Public Transport In X Minutes, In London Or LA

Image credits: pargeterw

#106 Canadian’s Favorite Travel Destinations

Image credits: NaturalBlogarithm

#107 The Longest Continuous Walk On Earth Would Be Between Cape Town, South Africa To Magadan, Russia, A Distance Of 22,387km (13,910 Miles)

It would take 187 days of continuous walking and you would travel through 16 different countries and you would ascend and descend 117,693m (386,132ft)

Image credits: exoduscv

#108 Map Indicating Which States Are The Easiest For Hitchhiking, And Which States Are The Most Difficult

Image credits: huckstah

#109 Get Ready To Discover Magic Of Travel With A True Insight Experience

Image credits: flydealfareus

#110 Passport Power: How The Wealth Of Your Country Determines Your Travel Freedom

Image credits: ziyi_ewe

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