111 Times Doctors And Vets Took Care Of Not Only The Health But Also The Comfort And Mood Of Their Patients

A doctor’s appointment is probably not the most awaited thing on your schedule. Trust me, your four-legged friend is likely equally unimpressed. And “unimpressed” is a soft word to refer to many people’s experience of feeling anxious, nauseated and simply in fear before knocking on a GP’s or a vet’s door.

Some of us fear that the doctor will find something seriously wrong with us or our pets, others dread the “uncertainty” of whatever it is they are going to find out in their office.

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And while we fight our demons armed with “what if” scenarios, some doctors and veterinarians take an extra step to make sure not just our health but also our state of being is in a good place.

So as a tribute to them, Bored Panda compiled this list with heartwarming examples of doctors and vets making us feel less miserable and way brighter. Whether it’s a simple comforting gesture or some cute decor in their office that makes you smile, little things work wonders!

#1 My Local Vet Has A Sign And Candle For When Someone’s Saying Goodbye To Their Pet

Image credits: trojanknight

#2 In Spanish-Speaking Countries, The Tooth Fairy Is A Mouse (Ratoncito Pérez). This Is My Dentist Office

Image credits: ZurgTS

#3 Dropped Her Off At The Vet As A Dog. Picked Her Up From The Vet As A Taco

Image credits: TranceMakesMeDance

#4 I Saw This At The Doctor’s Office Today

Image credits: DoodlingDaughter

#5 A Doctor Made A “Special Prescription” For An Illiterate Patient

Image credits: vampirobrasileiro

#6 Found In My Doctor’s Office

Image credits: slimshady9395

#7 Saw This Next To The Weighting Scale At The Hospital

Image credits: bassibanezacura

#8 We Really Take Post-Op Care Seriously At My Job. Cuddles Is The Best Medicine

Image credits: Blumkinpunkin

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#9 Vet’s Mew Surgical Assistant

Image credits: MissyTheSnake

#10 A moving “Thank You” To a vet

Image credits: 8outof10cats

#11 This Coffee Mug In My Doctor’s Office Telling It Like It Is

Image credits: nthensome

#12 My Wife Took Our Cat To The Vet’s, And My Son Told The Vet His Toy Dinosaur Was Feeling Poorly So The Vet Gave It An X-Ray

Image credits: DonutNinjaa

#13 The Teddy Bear Is Taken Care Of

Image credits: pdmcneely

#14 Had To Get My Blood Drawn Today. This Was On The Wall At The Lab

Image credits: lizzistardust

#15 Friend’s Daughter Is Afraid Of Monsters In Her Closet. The Doctor Had The Pharmacy Fill This For Her

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 Babies Born In The Festive Period Are Wrapped Up In Christmas Stockings

Image credits: abcnews.go.com

#17 This Vet With A Kitty In Her Pocket

Image credits: shyabang

#18 Back At The Very Start Of The Pandemic, I Had To Take My Mom To Urgent Care For A Non-Covid Issue, And This Was The Doctor That Entered The Room

I still can’t get it out of my head.

Image credits: SixteenSeveredHands

#19 This May Not Seem Like Much, But After 10 Years, I Am Stepping Down As A Practicing Veterinarian. This Is Every Thank You Card And Picture That I’ve Received Over The Last Decade

Image credits: sab340

#20 This Was In My Dentist’s Waiting Room

Image credits: kiffmeizter

#21 This Veterinarian

Image credits: Dr. Evan Antin

#22 My Cousin’s Costume. He’s A Dentist. And Yes, He’s At Work

Image credits: imgur.com

#23 IV Bag Plant Watering Thing I Saw At My Doctor’s Office

Image credits: Hyperi0us

#24 My Coworker Got His Wisdom Teeth Removed The Other Day, The Doctor Said He Would Take A Funny Picture While He Was Under Anesthesia

Image credits: snowcommander

#25 Girlfriend’s Eye Doctor Hit Her With A Good Ol’ Dad Joke Today

Image credits: Slicktcklr

#26 My Doctor Has Kept All The Pictures Kids Have Drawn Of Him

Image credits: Drewskie888

#27 My Vet Has An Empty Cabinet In The Exam Rooms Specifically For Cats To Hide In When They’re Not Being Examined

Image credits: Beckandrews

#28 Hospital T-Rex Has A Reminder For You

Image credits: thatsimsgirl

#29 Doctor’s Office Got Jokes… But Seriously, Vaccinate

Image credits: Ruby_Radiant

#30 My Doctor’s Office Has A Legitimate Stool Sample

Image credits: jake_aldoroty

#31 So My Dad Got His Hip Replaced And Had The Doctor Save It So He Could Turn It Into A Cane

Image credits: steamviking

#32 Best Pain Scale Ever. Found At My Wife’s Doctor’s Office

Image credits: toastermonkey02

#33 Kitty Got A Boo Boo And The Vet Made His Body Cast Look Like A Little Shirt And Tie

Image credits: jennthemermaid

#34 Had To Take My Cat To The Vet. Ridiculously Handsome

Image credits: taoofdavid

#35 My Local Dentist Has A Ceiling “Where’s Wally?” For Patients During Appointments

Image credits: mtmannion

#36 My Childhood Doctor’s Office Has A Mini Door Installed For Younger Patients

Image credits: 23×3

#37 This Was Outside My Local Vet’s Office. It Made My Day And I Hope It Makes Yours

Image credits: NotactuallySimba

#38 My Outdoor Cat Is So Fat The Vet Added A New Category In The Diagram Just For Charlie

Image credits: gyoonyoo

#39 Always Choose The Doctor With A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: PiusThicknesse

#40 My 2-Year-Old Niece Who Has Been Hospitalized Was Playing Operation With Her Doctor And Dora The Explorer. All Scrubbed Up And Ready For Surgery

Image credits: daddyphatsacks

#41 The Ceiling At My Vet Had Paws On It

Image credits: Bitman2816

#42 Fish Tank At My Doctor’s Office Has All Of The Fish From Finding Nemo In It

Image credits: Inelphram

#43 The Was On The Whiteboard Outside Of Radiology At My Vet Hospital

Image credits: anonymouswriter9

#44 Doctors Paint The MRI Machine In The Children’s Clinic To Look Like A Submarine

Image credits: Klinika za dječje bolesti Zagreb – “Klaićeva”

#45 Saw This At My Doctor’s Office, Definitely Neat With The New Covid Vaccine Coming Out

Image credits: MayaMuffin

#46 Toilet Lid At The Eye Doctor’s Office

Image credits: waffleshavenocrust

#47 My Doctor’s Office Has A Grown-Up’s Version Of A Halloween “Trick-Or-Treat” Basket

Image credits: _Mulva_

#48 At My Doctor’s Office

Image credits: bugdog

#49 This Vets Office Put Windows In The Bottom Of Its Doors So Pets Could See Out Into The Hallway

Image credits: HarvardCock

#50 At The Doctor’s Today, My 3-Year-Old Daughter Pulled Her Debit Card Out And Asked To Pay

They played along and even made her a receipt to “sign” and gave her candy. Above and beyond front desk service, my daughter was thrilled.

Image credits: AmandaKathleen

#51 Went To My Local Vet Clinic To Drop Off My Dog For Surgery And Was Surprised To See This Awesome Fish Tank/Dog House

Image credits: dogeaterr

#52 I Noticed A New Sign At My Doctor’s Office

Image credits: mynameisntsavannah

#53 Cousin Gave Birth On Halloween Night. This Was The Doc During The Delivery

Image credits: imgur.com

#54 At My Local Vet’s Office

Image credits: Psijudge13

#55 The Asthma Ward Of My Local Medical Center Has Koffing And Weezing Pokémon Cards Framed

Image credits: dat_homie_colten

#56 The Vet Gave My Boy Simon A Certificate Of Bravery After His Neutering Surgery Today

Image credits: ReReMac17

#57 A Client At My Friend’s Vet Clinic Told Them It Was Their Dogs B-Day Today So Post-Op They Did This

Image credits: Sirhcnihc

#58 My Eye Doctor’s Office Has A Kids’ Area Only Accessable By Kids

Image credits: KaptanKrops

#59 Successful Fat Scoring System For Your Cat At The Vet Clinic

Image credits: AsianUrination

#60 Absolutely Adorable

Image credits: TheAJMendez

#61 Dogtor Is Ready To Perform Surgery. The Doctor On Surgery Today Felt Like Dressing My Sweet Clara Up Who Was Happy To Sit There For It

Image credits: Cimeronrider

#62 My Friend’s Work Requires A Doctor’s Note If You Call In Sick

Image credits: eaglel66

#63 This Vet Has Got Separate Entrances For Cat And Dog Patients

Image credits: sundayhungover

#64 This Sign At My Doctor’s Office

Image credits: l34u05

#65 My Bone Doctor Has A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: sarcastagirly

#66 Veterinarian’s Halloween Display Is On Point

Image credits: mike_pants

#67 My GF Saw This At The Local Vet

Image credits: dusk27

#68 At The Local Vet’s

Image credits: 180311-Fresh

#69 Found This In A Bathroom At My Doctor’s Office. Critics Give It 5 Stars

Image credits: Seashoreshellseller

#70 You Know You Work In A Hospital When The Christmas Decorations Look Like This

Image credits: jacks_human

#71 Privacy Curtain At My Doctor’s Office

Image credits: Arthro

#72 Slushee Machine In Urgent Care Waiting Room

Image credits: FluffyFurryBuddy

#73 My Wife Is Pregnant And Today Was Her First Ultrasound, This Was The Doctor’s Pen

Image credits: robert_issac

#74 Took Me Too Long To Figure Out Why My Vet Had An Eye Chart

Image credits: hollywoodbob

#75 Opened My Dog’s Prescription And Discovered The Vet Tech Broke The Pills In Half For Us To Make Sure We Didn’t Accidentally Overdose Him

Image credits: kmdash

#76 The Chairs At The Vet Office

Image credits: DinoTherapy411

#77 My Gynecologist Just Asked If I Wanted The Blinds Left Open

Image credits: IfYouChooseNotToDecideYouStiIIHaveMadeAChoice

#78 Found This In My Doctor’s Office. Seemed Accurate

Image credits: sleepypaladin

#79 This Hospital Knows How To Be Festive

Image credits: SirJukesALot

#80 This Nose Lamp At My Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor’s Office

Image credits: DeliciousConfections

#81 Saw This At The Doctor’s Office This Morning

Image credits: MRT-91

#82 Saw This In My Kid’s Doctor’s Office

Image credits: thatbirdwithloudfeet

#83 My Vet Has Treats For All Of Their Patrons

Image credits: LionBrassiere

#84 The Thermostat In My Veterinarian’s Office

Image credits: gutenworgen

#85 How My Local Vet Labels Their Catnip

Image credits: baumbach19

#86 My Doctor’s Office Has A Room 9 3/4

Image credits: bolthead88

#87 Today At The Doctor’s Office

Image credits: Lucid_Nights

#88 A Pediatric Doctor Renovated His Office

Image credits: fetus-wearing-a-suit

#89 Our Vet Office Got A New Doctor. I’d Say The Kitties Are In Good Hands (And Pockets)

Image credits: walterpeck1

#90 Light At The Vet’s Office

Image credits: krs10007

#91 My Doctor’s Office Has These As Stress Balls

Image credits: sbrow117

#92 Famous Eyewear Chart In My Doctor’s Office

Image credits: mikkkaeee

#93 The Vet We Went To Today Has A Hay Cafe For All The Bunnies To Snack On If They Wish

Image credits: Phyierpickle

#94 Found This At The Doctor’s Office

#95 Just Got A Vasectomy. Doctor Gives You A Complimentary Bag Of Nuts Afterwards

Image credits: reddit.com

#96 Had To Wait At The Doctor With These People Today

Image credits: das_soup_nazi

#97 My Doctor Drew A Smiley Face On My Foot Bandages After Surgery

Image credits: astrodnd

#98 Vet Illustrates Top Holiday Pet Injuries With Prices

Image credits: UnaccommodatingOwl

#99 A Sign At The Vet’s Office

Image credits: uuuuuurt

#100 Floor At My Clinic Has This Interesting Pattern That Looks Like Doctors’ Signatures

Image credits: skinny_pete12

#101 This Sign At My Daughter’s ENT Doctor

Image credits: STELLAWASADlVER

#102 Our Vet Has These Little Tabletops To Put Your Cats On So They Don’t Have To Be On The Floor And The Dogs Can’t Reach Them As Easily

Image credits: SLvdK

#103 These Removed Fish Hooks At My Local ER

Image credits: LargeMeatball

#104 Saw This While In The Doctor’s Office Today

Image credits: xCELTICx

#105 The Doctor Gave Me This For Being A Brave Boy

Image credits: csbaron

#106 Spotted At My Dr’s Office

Image credits: HoleSailor

#107 My Client’s Son Asked If His Dog’s Cast Could Be Superman Themed… I Didn’t Think Using Red And Blue Vet Wrap Was Enough

Image credits: salpalxx

#108 My New Veterinarian And I Will Get Along Great

Image credits: wifesaysnoporn

#109 So I Had My Prostate Examined (By A Doctor) And At The End Of The Appointment He Hands Me This (I Am 31 Years Old)

Image credits: pinderson

#110 This Is The Office Of My Kid’s Doctor. He Is Special

Image credits: helayaka

#111 Saw This In My Vet’s Office… Thought You Guys Would Appreciate It

Image credits: here_iam11

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