112 Tragic Hair Accidents, As Shared In This Online Community (New Pics)

If you’ve had one once, the chances are it stayed with you, whether as a cringeworthy moment carved in your memory, a hilarious pic you’d much rather not have to see ever again, or a comment a friend made which then turned into a whole new nickname for you. Yep, I am talking a bad haircut.

While the pandemic was a notorious era for DIY haircuts gone wrong, blunder years and your usual hairstylist going on vacation raise the chances of giving you a hilarious hairdo times ten, if not a hundred. But while we can suffer a haircut fail in silence until it grows back, we’d rather have a good laugh at it, because why be so serious?

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And there’s a whole corner of Reddit known as the ‘Just [Fudge] My [Stuff] Up’ subreddit, whose original name we cannot utter as it’s just as spicy as you suspect, dedicated to precisely such instances. From mullets, aka business in the front, party in the back, to bowl cuts, the community is dedicated to “jacked up haircuts from all walks of life.”

Below we selected some of the most original, weird and plain hysterical ones, so enjoy! Psst! More bad, worse and the worst haircuts await in our previous posts here, here and here.

#1 This Moustache/Soul Patch Combo

Image credits: ramdom-ink

#2 Do You Like My Bangs?

Image credits: buttersilva

#3 Family Matters

Image credits: theepussygrabber

You may wonder what’s the difference between an avant-garde haircut and a tacky one. After all, they both should stand out and have some unusual touch to them. But according to Giuliano Dore, the cofounder of Get Groomed, whom Bored Panda contacted some time ago, it all comes down to the focus on details and the key idea behind the haircut.

“You would think that haircuts like the bowl cut are never gonna be trendy. Wrong. It’s happening and thanks to extremely talented hairstylists, we see a lot of hipsters rocking a very fashionable bowl. It’s all about pattern, symmetry, and (sometimes) controlled asymmetry. If I see patchy haircuts, holes or broken hairlines, I am gonna assume the worst,” he told us.

#4 This One Needs No Introduction, Give My That Fresh Tarmac Look

Image credits: PatonBMX

#5 Helmet

Image credits: sjkbacon

#6 I Can Smell It From Here

Image credits: Bogbrushh

But we have to admit that on some occasions, we cannot blame anything else for a bad haircut but ourselves. Yep, we’re talking about you, pandemic hair! If you also like to save money and cut your hair at home, you may want to go with a safe option, Giuliano argues. All those crazy haircuts are better left for professionals.

For example, “same-level buzz cuts are a safe choice. Home is not the place for challenging haircuts. For example, attempting a 0 to 2 high skin fade by yourself is not gonna work. Even professional barbers don’t do it themselves. I know this because they book each other on our app,” Giuliano said. He also suggested avoiding sharp tools like razor blades, and while cutting your hair at home, clippers are your best friends.

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#7 Back In The Day Man, My Mom Was Hot!

Image credits: CalbertCorpse

#8 Iraqi TV Hairstyles Rock

Image credits: SonaSierra19

#9 +10 Speed

Image credits: SimplyJustZach

Another good way to make sure you won’t end up in this list of haircut fails is to speak up with your stylist before AND during a haircut. It’s crazy how much miscommunication happens simply because we don’t utter our thoughts, doubts and fears. Also, if you feel like your stylist is doing something you’re not comfortable with, it’s better to address it as soon as possible.

#10 Never Too Old To Rock The Johnny Bravo

Image credits: Jsalz

#11 My Local Senate Candidate’s Beard Is Trying To Escape His Face

Image credits: ConsumerOfFood

#12 Just Like The Photo Please

Image credits: He11scythe

Think of politely saying something like, “I don’t think I want all those layers. Can you please soften them so they’re not so noticeable?” Also, try giving a more detailed explanation including how much length to take off and pointing to places where you want layers or fades. And… let them know what you don’t like! This can make a huge difference in saving your hair from a bad haircut in the first place.

#13 That’s Some F**ky Hair

Image credits: Dunwich_Horror_

#14 F I ? R C ?

Image credits: MartialWuxia

#15 Me In Highschool

Image credits: abcdef_godthaab

However, sometimes it’s simply too late. You walk out of the salon and realize this is it, that’s how you’re gonna look for months. Which is not exactly true. Right after a haircut, your hair may indeed look very unusual, because the cuticles have been exposed and they need time to settle. The final look may only appear after a couple of days, and up to three shampoos later that week, so patience is key.

#16 She Just Got Out The Paint Booth

Image credits: charlieboyx

#17 Whoever Did It To Em Bogus

Image credits: SnooAvocados2656

#18 My Co-Worker Says It’s Real

Image credits: Shirtless_Shane

Even if you still feel like hiding yourself under a blanket for however long it takes, remember that a bad haircut is just a haircut. Hair has magic power to grow back, so whatever you feel like today, tomorrow you’ll have something to laugh about!

#19 Richest Man On Earth Ladies And Gentlemen

Image credits: Im-Real-Human

#20 Does This Count?

Image credits: Hootie-Hoo-For-Jesus

#21 Jfmsu 1960s Edition

Image credits: nudecalebsforfree

#22 Younger Putin Has His S**t F**ked Up: Not Much Changing Over The Years

Image credits: ramdom-ink

#23 You’d Survive A 500 Feet Fall If You Landed In His Hair

Image credits: BlackDragonDCR

#24 Who Let Them Leave The House Like This

Image credits: comradetoad

#25 Michael Fabricant – A British Mp. “Give Me That Spaghetti Look”

Image credits: probably420stoned

#26 She Looks Like Someone…but I’m Drawing A Blanka On Who

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Full Scorpion

Image credits: BagelsRTheHoleTruth

#28 Watched Blade 2 Last Night And Saw Ron Perlman Rocking This Insane Wrap Around Goatee

Image credits: -Polyphony-

#29 Found A Hairstyles Book From 1998 At The Thrift Store

Image credits: DaBaddestB

#30 Who Are These Clowns?

Image credits: SublimeSunshine217

#31 Ummm

Image credits: GetChecked__

#32 I’m Speechless

Image credits: bsnakas

#33 Dude Really Picked This Haircut To Promote On Instagram

Image credits: babycatslayer

#34 Saw This In The Dmv

Image credits: jon0509

#35 Fresh Cut Spotted On Bbc Sunday Morning

Image credits: Nenies3110

#36 Kill It With Fire

Image credits: bartopcryer

#37 What The Actual F**k

Image credits: JusDax

#38 1970s Barbershop Haircutting Guide

Image credits: Colonelkittn

#39 This Alumnus Of The Lollipop Guild On Divorce Court

Image credits: Glandular_Trichome

#40 The Back View Of Elon Musk’s New Haircut Is Even Worse

Image credits: breezytunawilly

#41 Gotta Learn To Share

Image credits: JeznyBezny

#42 Dj Khaled Legit Looks Like A Completely Hairless Dude In Costume On His Way To A 70s-Themed Halloween Party

Image credits: IndividualGrabsd

#43 Googled “Mullet Black Man” And This Came Up, What Is This ?

Image credits: YoYo_ismael

#44 Toothbrush

Image credits: this-is-plaridel

#45 Jfmsu Victorian Edition

Image credits: nudecalebsforfree

#46 This Vertical Half-Bald Cut

Image credits: dukorider

#47 Just Give Me The Most Jacked Up Karen Look Possible

Image credits: Heather2k10

#48 Maisie Williams At The Met Gala 2022

Image credits: AlbertZhuFG

#49 Oh My

Image credits: Cbac2133

#50 This Lady On An Hbo Documentary I Was Watching

Image credits: Fella_in_Paris_

#51 What The Actual F**k

Image credits: dcakes94

#52 Johnny Bravo

Image credits: Random_Average_Human

#53 It’s Called ‘Layering’, No?

Image credits: Noback68

#54 Does This Count?

Image credits: LividJellyfisher

#55 Capitol Riot Defense Attorney

Image credits: Bkben84

#56 Damn

Image credits: thaKid_2

#57 The Gronch

Image credits: thombutler

#58 Just Give Me That Vampire Mullet Look

Image credits: NeighborhoodNo8586

#59 Simon Cowell In The 80s

Image credits: [deleted]

#60 It Was The 80’s… We Stood No Chance

Image credits: funkytownarama

#61 Hold My Brush While My Genes F**k My S**t Up

Image credits: bawledannephat

#62 Local Politician

Image credits: canandk

#63 These Are Actual Facial Tattoos With Brow Implants

Image credits: KellySummerlin

#64 Does This Count?

Image credits: BoogerDrawers

#65 What Would You Call This Haircut? Damn!

Image credits: olly993

#66 This Hairstyle Just Really Rubs Me The Wrong Way

Image credits: Skud_NZ

#67 I Know This Is A Beard, But Still

Image credits: DzoniMakaroni99

#68 Been Rocking This Haircut For Awhile Now, I Never Really Think About How Insane It Is

Image credits: SexySratos

#69 Paul Rudd, Someone Did You Dirty

Image credits: reddit.com

#70 Sister Sent Me This Lol

Image credits: theowertjah

#71 It’s Not Even Straight Lol

Image credits: strmichal

#72 A Local Gem

Image credits: dayman79

#73 What Would You Call This Haircut ?

Image credits: moodmarch

#74 Ken Burns Picked A Style And Ran With It. Respect

Image credits: daveythababy

#75 The Haircut My Groomer Gave My Dog

Image credits: Inevitable_Ice1040

#76 Worst ‘Fade’ I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Financial_Face_4772

#77 Argentinian Economist And Politician Javier Milei

Image credits: mozzzzyyy

#78 This Man Does Not Give Up

Image credits: lamb_passanda

#79 Just Do It

Image credits: Gorillla

#80 Gimme That Stuffed Crust Look

Image credits: Polcon

#81 Found In Apple Music. Christ Almighty

Image credits: Ohhher

#82 The Horsemen Of The “Billie Eilish Shouldn’t Be Playing Glastonbury” Apocalypse

Image credits: Whaleears

#83 Heard We Were Making Fun Of Mullets, Here’s An Aussie Classic

Image credits: pizza_is_fun

#84 There’s So Much Happening Here

Image credits: svmelogic-teeth

#85 A Guy From Slovenian Reality Show

Image credits: calibrafo

#86 Some Kind Of Modern Mullet Thing

Image credits: Theageofpisces

#87 He Got That Bowl Cut

Image credits: koala60

#88 So My Roommate Tried To Perm His Hair At Home And This Is What Happened

Image credits: OtherwiseVanilla222

#89 German Journalist

Image credits: FunQuit

#90 In A German Talkshow

Image credits: h4gen

#91 Trends

Image credits: reymunky

#92 Fade Me Up Scotty

Image credits: snowhyde

#93 The Spock Cut

Image credits: spockthrowaway

#94 Mannequin At A Local Shop. Her Face Says It All

Image credits: QwikLike

#95 Gimme Dat Bloomin Onion

Image credits: flynik4

#96 Give Me That Cartoon Villian Look – Say No More Fam

Image credits: Tronski

#97 How Many Bump Its You Think She Has Up In There??

Image credits: dat_dope

#98 Straight Dookie

Image credits: Akuzetsunaomi

#99 “Beauty Influencer” With A Layered Mushroom Cut Hybrid

Image credits: Pantone186

#100 Happy 2022

Image credits: scot816

#101 What I Wanted (Top) vs. What I Got…. I’m Sad Now

Image credits: salllleh

#102 My Childhood Friend Thinks He’s “Glowed Up”

Image credits: SexOffenderCERTIFIED

#103 Murderer Accused Of Being Mentally Ill Represents Himself At His Own Murder Trial And Shows Up Like This

Image credits: MacReady031

#104 My Friend Came Into School Very Upset Today

Image credits: Yung_Toe_Munch

#105 Matrix 4 Director Lana Wachowski

Image credits: Cozmoz365

#106 Saw This On My Daily Walk

Image credits: oi-nani

#107 Just Saw This On My Feed And I Can’t. I Really Can’t

Image credits: SoManyDumbWaysToLive

#108 What Do You Think He Asked For At The Barbershop?

Image credits: somecatgirl

#109 Remember Coal Chamber?

Image credits: metalmaniac1991

#110 What Would You Do?

Image credits: Ozg1408

#111 Straight On Top, Dreads At The Back

Image credits: aidspersonified

#112 Welcome To Costco. I Love You

Image credits: Glass-Juice

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