114 People Who Went All Out On Valentine’s Day With Fab Decorations (New Pics)

Whether you go all out on Valentine’s Day or celebrate it only (semi) ironically, there are lots of different ways to make February 14 special for your loved ones. It’s not just thoughtful gifts that you can win them over with all over again!

Bored Panda has collected some of the most creative and romantic Valentine’s Day decoration ideas from all around the internet to inspire you to do things slightly differently this year. Scroll down for some fab ideas about how to raise the bar and wow everyone. 

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#1 We’re Working In The Booth! Come On Down For Smooches

Image credits: mytigerjojo

#2 Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: CollieflowersBark

#3 The Perfect Classroom Door Leading Up To Valentine’s Day

Image credits: rise.over.run

Many of us feel pressure to do something special, romantic, or even grand for our partners on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, that pressure can get so intense that we start to panic because we can’t come up with any unique ideas to show our affection.

However, you shouldn’t feel forced to do anything over the top if that’s not something you usually do. What matters the most is that you show your partner that you understand, value, respect, and see them. 

#4 My Grandma Kept And Framed Her Valentine’s Cards She Got In Second Grade, Around 1924

Image credits: type-username_here

#5 My Living Room For Valentine’s Day This Year

Image credits: letsgotopoppys

#6 I’m In Love With These Valentine’s Decorations

Image credits: thisisjennwith2ns

Demonstrating that fierce love and passion of yours can take any form. Even something as simple as a super cheesy Valentine’s Day card can be special if your partner enjoys humor.

Meanwhile, a home-cooked dinner can be just as good as a meal out at a fancy and hip new restaurant. And tickets to a beloved band’s concert can have the same impact as diamond earrings. It all depends on what you and your partner enjoy the most. 

#7 My Decorations For Love Day

Image credits: babamwreaths

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#8 Wellington Arch Giving Off St. Valentine’s Vibe Today

Image credits: DarthVarn

#9 I Decorated My Little Table In The Workshop. It’s Full Of Red, Pink And Hearts. Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: ljuvadrommar

It’s the effort and thoughtfulness that count, not the actual gifts, experiences, or decorations, whatever they might be. They’re simply ways of expressing our emotions. Talk to your partner to get a feel for what kind of gifts or experiences they’d appreciate the most. 

#10 Celebrating Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day

Image credits: philawalks

#11 I Love Vintage Valentines And Finding Creative Ways To Display Them

Image credits: ittybittycottage

#12 Minimal, Simple, Easy And Beautiful Decorations For Love Day

Image credits: chloerose.design

Bored Panda recently spoke about gift-giving in relationships, as well as the power of creating together with your partner, with Glenn Geher, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the State University of New York at New Paltz and a published author

“We can think of two basic psychological factors at play when it comes to gift giving. On one hand, giving to others does make the ‘giver’ feel good—and this fact is largely rooted in our evolved psychology. Humans have evolved to form close bonds with others with strong (if implicit) norms regarding reciprocity,” he told us during an earlier interview. 

#13 Such A Cute Valentine’s Mantel

Image credits: trendytreesanddecorations

#14 Happy Sweet Valentine’s Day

Image credits: myhappytables

#15 Pinkalicious Valentine’s Day. I Hope You Will Have A Fabulous Celebration Of Love

Image credits: decoratordiva1

“So when you give someone whom you love a gift, it helps you feel good partly because this act unconsciously informs you that an important social connection is being cultivated—and that you might get something good in return!” Dr. Geher told Bored Panda.

“Put simply, gift-giving feels good partly because humans thrive on strong, authentic, and often-loving social connections.”

#16 I’m So Obsessed With All The Cute Teddy Bear Valentine’s Day Decorations This Year

Image credits: mrsaguon

#17 My Kitchen Decor For Valentine’s. I Love It So Much

Image credits: tylacoch.home

#18 Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: willowrosecoggins

Dr. Geher explained to us that human beings have evolved to present themselves in a positive way to others, especially their mates or potential mates. “From this perspective, conspicuous gift-giving (like surprising a mate with an Audi sitting in the driveway—adorned with a large red bow) partly evolved for show-related purposes,” he said.

#19 I’ll Be Working On A Valentine’s Tablescape This Weekend, With A Bunch Of Friends, And I Might Pull Out These Jute Trees And Felt Ornaments, Again

Image credits: theoldhouseonmain

#20 Pretty In Pink Today With My Vintage Hearts Quilt

Image credits: helen.philipps

#21 Love Is In The Air

Image credits: peggyporschenofficial

“In fact, behavioral scientists often use the term ‘costly signaling’ for such acts. Conspicuous giving seems to be much more about telling the world about oneself rather than solidifying a bond or showing a partner or friend that you really care,” Dr. Geher told us.

“This is partly why my amazing wife might not find an Audi with a bow on the driveway this Valentine’s Day (but, of course, anything’s possible!).”

#22 Valentine’s Day Glow-Up Complete

Image credits: ambusheedwithboys

#23 Valentine’s Bucket List. The Countdown Is On For February

Image credits: opalplusolive

#24 My Valentine’s Mantel

Image credits: lilbitof_berti

According to the psychology professor, love and trust are two of the foundational elements of healthy relationships. “That said, creativity, often accompanied by humor, is a major player when it comes to all stages of intimate relationships—from initial attraction all the way to maintaining a truly loving relationship,” Dr. Geher said.

The professor pointed out that creative activities, when done together, can be very powerful. This can be anything that both partners enjoy doing, from writing songs together to collaborating on paintings!

#25 I’m Really Happy With The Valentine’s Wreath I Just Finished

Image credits: Heatmiser1256

#26 Decorating For Valentine’s Day Always Helps To Make It Less Bare And Boring When All The Christmas Decor Comes Down

Image credits: cottageonwynn

#27 Happy Love Day Everyone! Here’s My This Year’s Valentine’s Day Decorations

Image credits: seasonalcottagehome

“We tend to like creative and funny people. And creating with one’s partner is a wonderful way to maintain a loving bond,” he said.

“Without creativity and humor, I suppose a relationship might not necessarily fail, but, on the flip side, the most loving of relationships often include healthy doses of creativity and humor. My wife Shannon and I make a point to create art—in some form or another—together every single day—and I have to say that I wouldn’t trade that part of our relationship for anything,” Dr. Geher told Bored Panda.

#28 Valentine’s Decor

Image credits: home_n_tidy_with_heidi_

#29 Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: 113memorylane

#30 Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Home

Image credits: s.b.y._creative_living

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, Pandas? What surprises do you have planned for your loved ones? Tell us all about it in the comments! In the meantime, for some more February 14 deco inspo, check out Bored Panda’s earlier post.

#31 I Decorated This Room For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: theoldhouseonmain

#32 Wishing You All The Love This Week And Every Week. You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Image credits: happiestohana

#33 Looking Forward For This Galentine’s Party. Love The Decor

Image credits: laurenjparry

#34 My Valentine’s Living Room

Image credits: corbelcottage

#35 Slowly Finishing Decorating A Playroom. Loving How It Looks So Far

Image credits: magic4cora

#36 “So This Is Love, So This Is What Makes Life Divine”. Tomorrow Is The Day Of Love And I Wanted To Share My Disney/Valentine Mantel And Tree

Image credits: the_huntysaurus

#37 Loving My Valentine’s Vanity Decor

Image credits: justsimply_fatima

#38 Love Tree

Image credits: mrsaguon

#39 I’m Sharing My Living Room Shelves That I Decorated For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: perkinspartyof5

#40 My Valentine’s Table

Image credits: addictedtochina

#41 Counting Down To The Big Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 Are You Team Neutral Or Team Red For Valentine’s Day?

Image credits: birchlanebyjennifer

#43 When Styling For Valentine’s Day, A Little Love Can Go A Long Way

Image credits: cozycrazing

#44 I Carved Some Valentine’s Gnomes. The Colors Are Inspired By Those Little Candy Hearts From My Youth

Image credits: VyWhittler

#45 I Decorated My Kid’s Room For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: opalplusolive

#46 Love Bugs Made With Cardboard, Packaging Mesh, Pipe Cleaners, Buttons, And Googly Eyes

Image credits: artandcraftmom

#47 Happy Valentine’s Day From Christopher

Image credits: Gina__Colada

#48 I Flipped The Script And Made Valentine’s Dinner For My Husband This Year

Image credits: Next-Trust-9390

#49 Valentine’s Dining Table Inspiration

Image credits: roseartanddecor

#50 Love Is Sweet And Pink This Valentine’s Day

Image credits: babamwreaths

#51 The Front Door This Year Is All About Hearts

Image credits: babamwreaths

#52 I’ve Never Decorated For Valentine’s Day Before. I Don’t Even Like Valentine’s Day. But My Christmas Decorations Brought Me So Much Joy, So I Decided To Go For It

Image credits: shelovesteacherhumor

#53 Valentine’s Cuteness

Image credits: themindsetmumma

#54 Stay Warm Friends

Image credits: home_by_flareonesix

#55 For Now This Is Our Favorite Spot In The House

Image credits: oaktreehome

#56 Shelves, Decor, Books And More. That’s What Our Valentine’s Day Inspiration Is Made Of

Image credits: magic4cora

#57 A Still Shot Of Cupid’s Favorite Books. My Son’s Favorite Book Is Hug Machine, Which We Read On Repeat Even When It’s Not On The Theme

Also, I knew I loved the envelope garland when I bought it but it’s even more of a favorite on the bookshelves! You can slide the envelopes on the string to make it as long or short as you want, which makes it easy to gather them on the edges so they look like piles of love!

Image credits: kelleydigioia

#58 Handmade Hearts Made From Old Quilts For Valentine’s Day. You Can Hang Them As A Garland

Image credits: thehalseyhomestead

#59 Love Our “Forever And Always” Sign In This Space

Image credits: opalplusolive

#60 Stripes, Prints, Checks, And Plates That Look Like Lace

Image credits: suzannezinggstyle

#61 My Valentine’s Day Decor

Image credits: blissfulhomedecor

#62 I Won’t Be Putting The Valentine’s Decor Away Anytime Soon Because Love Month Is The Best

Image credits: ___theamandashow

#63 My Cozy And Lovely Living Room Is Ready For Heart Day

Image credits: courtneyfitzp01

#64 This Is One Of My Valentine’s Table Designs. Hope It Gives You Some Ideas For Your Future Tablescape Designs

Image credits: decoratordiva1

#65 Disco Heart Candlesticks Are Looking Lovely In My Dining Room

Image credits: lalasaks

#66 My Valentine’s Day Tree. I Think It’s One Of My Best

Image credits: blessednesting

#67 Happy Heart Day

Image credits: suzannezinggstyle

#68 Valentine’s At Night-Time

Image credits: anne_marie_cahill

#69 I’m Getting Ready For Galentine’s Day At Home. Beauty Talk And Girl Cuddles

Image credits: mliandrea

#70 I’m Sending Valentine’s Vibes Your Way. Let’s All Spread The Love This Week

Image credits: dumpsterdiverdana

#71 My Porch Transitioned Nicely From A Pink Christmas Right Into Valentine’s

Image credits: sami_riccioli

#72 One Of The Views Of My Valentine’s Kitchen For This Year

Image credits: dawnsdiary

#73 Setting Up Seasonal Decorations Earlier Than Normal Allows You To Enjoy It For So Much Longer

Image credits: decoratordiva1

#74 It’s Officially The Week Of Valentine’s Day

Image credits: fancythingsblog

#75 Will You Be My Valentine?

Image credits: marenbaxter

#76 My Mom’s At It Again. Here Is Her Valentine’s Day Display. She Has Been An Avid Thrifter My Whole Life And Loves To Collect

Image credits: kendrazabrina

#77 Decorating For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: nileskaye

#78 Happy Valentine’s Day! May Your Day Be As Sweet As Your Favorite Candy

Image credits: jlovingandliving

#79 Sharing Some Stills Of My Valentine’s DIY Centerpiece

Image credits: our.cozy.little.home

#80 DIY Valentine’s Toile Hearts. Easy And So Pretty

Image credits: thecraftessa

#81 Valentine’s Decor

Image credits: thehalseyhomestead

#82 Happy Saint Valentine’s Day

Image credits: decor_home_by_xiomy

#83 Starting To Slowly Decorate For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: grimgrinninggoodies

#84 I Decorated The Guest Room For Valentine’s Day. It’s Always Fun Changing The Rooms Up

Image credits: glendashulleetastudio

#85 My Coffee Bar Was Inspired By Paris, The City Of Love

Image credits: roseartanddecor

#86 Happy Valentine’s

Image credits: pink_rose_home

#87 Just In Time To Enjoy These Decorations

Image credits: cherishedvintage

#88 I’m Sharing My Valentine’s Day Mantel With You All Tonight. Nothing Better Than Lots Of Milk Glasses With Some Plaids And Candles

Image credits: bostonroadjunk

#89 My Front Porch Is Feeling A Little Love

Image credits: eulaneutralstyle

#90 Love Is In The Air. I’ve Been Patiently Waiting To Put Up My Valentine’s Day Decorations. January Just Seemed Too Early, But I’m All In For February

Image credits: angiecnorris

#91 Every Girl Deserves Flowers And Strawberries For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: dumpsterdiverdana

#92 A Little Valentine’s Day Inspiration For Tonight

Image credits: fidlinaroundhome

#93 I Hope You’re Inspired To Put Out A Few Valentine Touches

Image credits: windowboxcottage

#94 View Of Our Cute Dining Room

Image credits: magentamodern

#95 Romantic Big Heart On My Work Table Today

Image credits: helen.philipps

#96 This Will Be The Perfect Monitor Cover For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: zeriano

#97 Valentine’s Day Hutch

Image credits: thevettelfarm

#98 There’s Nothing Like A Little Last-Minute Decorating. With Three Days To Spare, I Finished My Mantel

Image credits: birchlanebyjennifer

#99 Have You Ever Tried My Faux Latch Hook Technique?

Image credits: kailochic

#100 I Created This Design From Beginning To End In My Holiday Decorating School. Many Of These Handmade Products Were From My Students

Image credits: wreathsbywaldo

#101 Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: amandamhamman

#102 We Decorated Our Farmhouse With A Full Valentine’s Day Tablescape And Some Of Our Favorite Patterns

Image credits: mackenziechilds

#103 I Love Christmas, But There’s Something About Valentine’s Day Decorations And The Colors

Image credits: corrie9

#104 Transformed My Tree Into Valentine Tree

Image credits: BananazHead8542

#105 Valentine’s Day Mantel

Image credits: farmheartincity

#106 First Ever Valentine’s Day-Themed Tree

Image credits: loloalu

#107 Dollar Tree DIY. Valentine’s Vintage Hearts

Image credits: thecraftessa

#108 Sprinkling A Little Valentine’s Decor In The Kitchen Today

Image credits: hellosweethome

#109 My Home All Decorated For Love Day. I Just Started Doing A Valentine’s Tree Last Year, And I’m So Glad I Did

Image credits: cherish.larsen

#110 I Decorated For Valentine’s Day With Pops Of Pink And Red

Image credits: corbelcottage

#111 Front Porch Is Feeling The Love

Image credits: erin_sunnysideup

#112 Passing The Mantel. It’s Certainly A Lot More Festive Than It’s Looked In A While

Image credits: rosieloveswilki

#113 Subtle Valentine’s Day Decor. Dark Reds And Neutrals

Image credits: myweatheredhome

#114 My Valentine’s Mantel. I Really Love The Way It Turned Out

Image credits: eulaneutralstyle

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