115 Times People Posted Unnerving Pics Of Great Heights That Made Others Say “Hell No”

When it comes to heights, having a healthy dose of fear is completely natural. It is also linked to the fear of falling, which serves as a protective mechanism for most of us. However, some people seem to be fearless, pushing the boundaries of safety and even risking their lives by climbing to the edges of rooftops, rocky mountains, or even on a windowsill to reach a dirty spot on the ninth floor.

Today, we would like to present you with some of the craziest images from all over the internet that Bored Panda collected of adrenaline enthusiasts reaching unnerving heights. These experiences, which have either been photographed by others or documented by the daredevils themselves, can seem like an unattainable adventure for regular people, not to mention people with acrophobia (the fear of heights). So whether you are actually afraid of heights or simply are not a fan of putting your life at risk, these images will serve you as an adventure you would never take but could enjoy from the safety of solid ground.

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#1 Cleaning The Blinds

Image credits: Manuel Ruiz

#2 On The Edge 1400 Feet Above Central Park

Image credits: Driftershoots

#3 Getting Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed Is Not An Option

Image credits: arnaudpetit_climb

#4 In Brazil, There’s An Apartment Building With A 40-Store Spiral Staircase Attached To The Outside Meant As A Fire Escape. What Scares You More? Fire Or Falling?

Image credits: malgoya

#5 If My SO Suggested This Photo Idea, I’d Rather Be Single

Image credits: angela_nikolau

#6 Say Cheese

Image credits: My_Shitty_Alter_Ego

#7 Conquered My Fear Of Heights

Image credits: demhagul

#8 A Moment I’ll Never Forget. Sometimes The Timing Is Perfect And All The Elements Line Up For You. This Was One Of Those Times

Image credits: shortstache

#9 Harihar Fort – A Moist, Steep Staircase In India

Image credits: Discover India

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#10 I Love Roof-Topping Photos. Does Anyone Have Any Good Ones?

Image credits: bbeelzebubb

#11 Hanging Out 3,000 Feet Above The Golden Gate Bridge

Image credits: jacob

#12 Risky Shot

Image credits: yaro_pancenko

#13 Not Afraid Of Heights

Image credits: CharlieDarwin2

#14 As A Person Who Is Afraid Of Heights I’m Not Sure If This Would Make It Easier Or More Difficult To Do Your Business In This Toilet

Image credits: hernandezsilva.com.mx

#15 Sunbathing On A Roof, What Could Go Wrong?

Image credits: angela_nikolau

#16 The Game Is On

Image credits: angela_nikolau

#17 How? And Why?

Image credits: angela_nikolau

#18 Looking Down A Mine Shaft

Image credits: britishcolumbiaguy

#19 This Would Scare The Hell Outta Me

Image credits: dontcalmdown

#20 1.4-Mile Highline Walk

WORLD RECORD Highline with Nathan Paulin at Mont-Saint-Michel.

Image credits: Insta360

#21 On Top Of The Stairs In Pico Tijuca, Brazil

Image credits: 4reddityo

#22 Fixing An AC Compressor On A Level 28 Ledge

Image credits: torosalmon

#23 The Most Picturesque Climb In The Country

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 I’ve Been Trying To Tackle My Fear Of Heights. Needless To Say, I Freaked My Mom Out When I Showed This

Image credits: MrChopVG

#25 Just Hanging Around

Image credits: rooftopkingss

#26 Strong Performance

Image credits: dailaojeda

#27 Taking The Selfie Game To New Heights

Image credits: kirill_oreshkin_

#28 How To Climb On Roof

Image credits: kirill_oreshkin_

#29 Pulpit Rock From Above With A Growing Crack. Not A Safety Rail In Sight

Image credits: AndreVonDrei

#30 Château Frontenac, Quebec City

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 Ancient Arts – First Outdoor Climb, First Multi-Pitch Climb, First Climb On Ropes (I Do Indoor Bouldering)

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Victory Over Fear Of Heights, 1000m

Image credits: MuffeJones

#33 This Is 400 Feet Up On An Antenna Tower

Image credits: crazycajun660

#34 Extremely High

Image credits: beerkus

#35 This Makes Me Dizzy

Image credits: jingo.files

#36 Observing The Landscape Of Yosemite

Image credits: alexhonnold

#37 Kyiv, 2013

Image credits: kirill_oreshkin_

#38 Good Photo But Now I Got Anxiety

Image credits: angela_nikolau

#39 The First Rule Of Height Club Is… Don’t Look Down

Image credits: angela_nikolau

#40 Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope

Image credits: roof_topper

#41 Freeclimb On The Tallest Cathedral In France (151m)

Image credits: Raskalov

#42 Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park. I’m Afraid Of Heights, But My Friend Isn’t

Image credits: ladyxhyper

#43 Afraid Of Heights? I Remember The Fear I Felt Every Time I Look At This Photo

Image credits: snuffletrout

#44 Love The Perspective On This One

Image credits: roof_topper

#45 Another Time On A Abandoned Chimney. Almost 1000 Feet Tall. Germany

Image credits: borntoclimbtowers

#46 555 Meters Above The Streets Of Seoul

Image credits: kevint_berlin

#47 High Above The Smoke-Filled City. Shot During The 2022 Wildfire Season In Seattle

Image credits: andvalanzzz

#48 Views From A 302-Meters-Tall Tower, Germany

Image credits: borntoclimbtowers

#49 The View From High Rock Lookout, Washington State. Will Someone Please Close The Door?

Image credits: Ros1031

#50 I Live At The Top Floor

Image credits: bratzbabe9

#51 Looking Down A Long Shaft

Image credits: andvalanzzz

#52 Exploring Some Of The Newer Crags On Kalymnos, Still Got The Goods After All These Years Of Development

Image credits: Kieran_J_Duncan

#53 Looking Down A Crane Above NYC

Image credits: Driftershoots

#54 One Good Sneeze And Everyone Is Going Home Early

Image credits: BanginBananas

#55 Hanging Out On A Plank, 2000-Feet-High On The Edge Of A Cliff In China

Image credits: NOMADasaurus

#56 Standing Atop The Legacy Tower In Chicago

Image credits: Mind_Virus

#57 Climbing Up High

Image credits: thechase_to

#58 Ragged Edge 5.7, Vesper Peak, WA

Image credits: avotoddo

#59 Devil’s Golf Ball

Image credits: ParkourPickle

#60 Me Facing My Immense Fear Of Heights 103 Floors Up On The Willis Tower In Chicago! I Did It

Image credits: manwilaugh

#61 As You Know, I Often Visit Such Places. Would You Like To See Moscow From A Bird’s-Eye View?

Image credits: angela_nikolau

#62 With The City, Sea And Bungee

Image credits: osuha79

#63 Shiey, Lattice Climbing On Duga Radar

Image credits: According_South_2500

#64 The Unparalleled Freedom Of Mallorcan

Image credits: chris_sharma

#65 A Photo Of My Friends 1400 Feet Above With A View Of Central Park

Image credits: Driftershoots

#66 Only Up

Image credits: beerkus

#67 Climbing Is A Way To Overcome Ourselves And Our Abilities

Image credits: beerkus

#68 I Randomly Drove Past This Building In Vietnam And Decided To Snap A Picture. Found This Sketchy Ledge On The Roof

Image credits: night.scape

#69 Rest Day

Image credits: night.scape

#70 One Of My All-Time Favorite New York Photos

Image credits: jacob

#71 Such A Mega Place To Shoot

Image credits: jacob

#72 Warning: Potential For Feeling Nauseous

Image credits: jacob

#73 Exploring Abandoned Skyscrapers At Sunrise In Dubai

Image credits: jacob

#74 1,353 Feet Above The Ground

Image credits: dad_and_a_dog

#75 Mauvoisin Near Verbier, Switzerland

Image credits: lcdchase

#76 Exploring New Places

Image credits: holosann

#77 Elevator

Image credits: holosann

#78 Almost At The Top

Image credits: holosann

#79 Dropping Into New York City

Image credits: jacob

#80 Enjoy The Views From A Height Of Approximately 843 Feet

Image credits: kzrv__

#81 A Crazy Place For Skydiving

Image credits: lcdchase

#82 Big Drop Romance

Image credits: isaacgautschi

#83 I Wasn’t Afraid Of Heights Until This Moment In Toronto

Image credits: hrdrockdrummer

#84 I’m Afraid Of Heights. I Still Get Chills When I Think About Taking This Picture

Image credits: ZLBuddha

#85 Sending Peace And Love To Everyone

Image credits: angela_nikolau

#86 Nobody Could Ever Force Me To Climb Up There

Image credits: Youted

#87 It’s Amazing How A Picture Can Evoke So Much Fear In A Person Who Fears Heights

Image credits: roof_topper

#88 The Cure For The Fear Of Heights

Image credits: daroon

#89 When We Saw Our Hotel From A New Vantage Point

Image credits: gochicoachtravels

#90 Sitting On A 282-Meters-Tall Chimney

Image credits: borntoclimbtowers

#91 Don’t Slip

Image credits: E-Bum

#92 When I Did The “Edge Walk” At The CN Tower In Toronto

Image credits: pinkturnsblue69

#93 Glass Floor? Sure, Not Like As If I Was Scared Or Anything

Image credits: m1chael_r82

#94 Lattice Climber In Berlin, Guy Climbs Without Gear, 220-Meters-High

Image credits: According_South_2500

#95 Hanging Out About ~130 Feet Up Above Deck On A Tall Ship

Image credits: fender8421

#96 That Feeling Of Vertigo When You Learn To Trust Your Handjam Technique

Image credits: arduouspaths

#97 The Maiden

Image credits: BrianLikesOutside

#98 Recent Love Obsession – Chimneys

Image credits: cammel44

#99 Views At Work, 610 Meters Above The Ground For Maintenance Of The Light System

Image credits: According_South_2500

#100 Out Here In Nowhere 300′ Up

Image credits: somnifacientsawyer

#101 Faced My Fear Of Heights In A Big Way

Image credits: amber714

#102 Stairwell At Pittsburgh Tower

Image credits: FBI_Agent_845

#103 When You Can’t Get A Room, So You End Up Sleeping On The Sign Instead

Image credits: night.scape

#104 Heads In The Sky

Image credits: night.scape

#105 You Should Definitely Look Down

Image credits: night.scape

#106 That’s A Really Nice Rooftop To Climb

Image credits: lifesoextra

#107 Height – 150 Meters, Chernobyl

Image credits: tryohgranka

#108 Sauvagerie

Image credits: holosann

#109 Hanging In Warsaw, Poland

Image credits: remnigma

#110 Glass Floor On 340th Floor

Image credits: Skvora

#111 Overlooking San Francisco Bay. Good Thing I’m Not Afraid Of Heights

Image credits: Asaaj

#112 Thought I Looked Kinda Cool Standing On Top Of A Conifer I Was Reducing In Height

Image credits: Ads21

#113 My Husband Faced His Fear Of Heights And It Was Worth The View (Angels’ Landing, Zion National Park)

Image credits: yellowcrayons1234

#114 I’m Afraid Of Heights, But This Walk Through The Vancouver Treetops Was Actually Relaxing

Image credits: sweeetgenius

#115 Sweaty Palms. Maybe For People With Extreme Fear Of Heights

Image credits: derTechs

Source: boredpanda.com

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