116 Beautiful And Creative Arts And Crafts Celebrated In This Online Community

The world is filled to the brim with incredibly talented individuals. No matter how much time passes and how much technology advances, we can always count on one thing: human beings being drawn to art.

The ‘Craft It’ subreddit is a niche online community that invites creatives from all over the globe to share photos of their latest arts and crafts projects. From painting and embroidery to crochet and resin DIY, there’s a bit of everything to wow everyone. We’ve collected the most impressive images to share with you, Pandas. Scroll down for some wholesome inspiration!

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#1 Made This Octopus String Art For My Mom For Mother’s Day. She’d Been Wanting It For Years. I’m So Excited To Give It To Her!

Image credits: sabrinawho2

#2 Some Needle Felted Pet Replicas I’ve Made Throughout The Year ?

Image credits: TwoFeltedFox

#3 Made A Wood Resin Comb

Image credits: emily3289

The r/craftit subreddit describes itself as a hub for ‘Open Source Crafting.’ At the time of writing, the community stood at 27k members.

At first glance, this might not sound like many people. After all, many of us are used to seeing influencers and social media projects with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. However, 27k actual artists and creatives is actually a very impressive number. Case in point, the r/craftit sub ranks among the top 4% of Reddit communities in size. And many members are proud to share their newest creations with the other redditors.

#4 Hyperbole And A Half Embroidery

Image credits: skooo

#5 I Have A Friend Who Told Me She Hated Christmas Wreaths, And Well, I Couldn’t Let That Go Unchallenged. She Happens To Have A Great Affection For Valais Black-Nosed Sheep, So Last Night I Presented Her With This. Safe To Say She No Longer Hates All Wreaths!

Image credits: DaisyDee13

#6 Aurora Fox – Acrylic Painting On Wood Slice, What Do You Think?

Image credits: KAndy91

Most of us feel drawn to create something, beyond our jobs and studies. This calling can take a different form for different people.

Some folks feel drawn to architecture, woodworking, home design, gardening, construction, or cooking. Others embrace dance, music, or filmmaking. Still, others find the most purpose when drawing, writing, painting, embroidering, or… doing anything else.

#7 Vincent Van Gogh And Girl With A Pearl Earning String Art Portraits

Image credits: polemos0108

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#8 Hand Embroidery I Made For My Family

Image credits: Violently_Happy

#9 Sea Glass Cacti I Made In Tiffany Stained Glass Technique. Round Ones Are Also Candle Holders. Flowers Are Removable

Image credits: seastainedglass

There’s no single ‘right’ way to be creative because there’s creativity to be found in most activities. (Well, possibly not drearily boring paperwork, though even that can be fun if someone looks for meaning in between the dullness.) What activities you choose to embrace is entirely up to you.

None of us should feel pressured by our social circles to pick one popular thing over something else that we enjoy more.

#10 Made These Pendants Recently

Image credits: ElinorCrystal

#11 Butterfly Brooch Embroidered By My Hands ??

Image credits: Elit_brooch7

#12 Bassaba Flower Pot Basket

Image credits: BlissGhanaMade

If you do not feel passion for a particular style of art, crafting, or DIY, you won’t be able to fake it for long. At the end of the day, we have to enjoy the creative process itself, not just the end result. Sure, a lot of people dream about being novelists of world renown, celebrated architects, and artists who start a new movement. However, all of those paths require huge amounts of emotional investment, time, effort, and dedication.

#13 Big Wave. My Oil Painting On Canvas

Image credits: PrusRuslan

#14 I Hand Stitched These Collars; My Dog Was Nice Enough To Model Them For Me!

Image credits: mooersy

#15 I’m A Bee-Enthusiast Who Learned To Crochet Last Week. I’ve Crocheted About 20 Of These In 5 Days And My Wife Is About To Hide My Hook

Image credits: Yo7454

If you fundamentally do not like writing, designing, or painting, you won’t be able to keep up these activities for long enough to get good at them. The upside is that there’s a very wide range of creative hobbies and pursuits to choose from. Creating music, taking up embroidery, dancing your heart out, or becoming the world’s best chef might be up your alley instead.

Or it might be something extremely niche or even unheard of. It’s up to us to figure out what we enjoy, what we’re good at, and what we don’t mind suffering for, and then showcase those talents.

#16 Classic Baby Monster Who Can’t Swim Just Yet

Image credits: tabloach

#17 “Sunset Embrace” – Acrylic Painting On A4 Canvas, Isn’t There Too Much Texture?

Image credits: KAndy91

#18 Just Got Into Paper Flower Art. This Is One Of My First Projects

Image credits: rmjs0509

If you’re completely new to an artistic hobby, you’re in for a fun, albeit challenging time. There’s going to be a lot of frustration, self-questioning, and mistakes down the line. So before you even start, you need to be in the right mindset. Accept that you will make errors (and lots of them!).

However, that’s part of the learning process. We cannot get better if we don’t mess up over and over again, and then learn from those same mistakes.

#19 Miniature Oceanscapes

Image credits: emily3289

#20 Handmade Golden Bee Brooch

Image credits: NachatovaIA

#21 I Have A Seriously Pointless Talent In Making Extremely Intricate Friendship Bracelets. Here Are The 4 Most Recent

Image credits: Elizerdbeth

The type of habit you want to form is going to heavily affect how long it’ll take for the behavior to be automatic. Going on a new diet, brushing your teeth more often, starting a new exercise regimen, or drinking just one extra glass of water each day is going to take very different amounts of time.

Not to mention that the effort required is going to vary from habit to habit, and getting in the groove of learning one new skill daily to another. Apply that same thinking to different artistic pursuits.

#22 Anyone Want Free Bird Earrings? I’m Autistic And Make Them For Fun (Will Accept Donations For Materials And Shipping Tho.)

Image credits: AutisticUnit2

#23 Captured A Bit Of Sunrise Inside Resin

Image credits: emily3289

#24 Wybie Rad Doll . Handmade

Image credits: MotherTomato1772

Healthline states that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for someone to form a new habit. The average amount of time for a behavior to become automatic is around 66 days. You might be naturally gifted in some areas. Meanwhile, you might struggle with other activities far more than the average person. It’s hard to say how easy or hard you’ll find learning a new skill before you actually get your feet wet.

#25 Mini Capsule Shape Resin Pendant

Image credits: emily3289

#26 Cat Painting By Me. Acrylic And Ink On 4×6″ Paper

Image credits: KristjanaArts

#27 My Free Little Art Gallery To Give, Adopt Or View Art/Crafts

Image credits: starrgarita

There are tons of resources all over the internet that can help you learn those new skills. You can also apply for online or in-person courses, or ask professionals whom you respect in the field for advice. Most creatives are very friendly and happy to pass on at least some of their wisdom (so long as you ask politely). It’s also a great feeling when you can mentor someone who’s new to the field.

Theory, however, is far easier than practice. It’s best to start painting, crocheting, and doing stuff with resin ASAP! We learn best by doing things, not just hyping ourselves up with online tutorials and motivational articles.

#28 Was Looking For Some Honest Opinions On My Newest Mermaid. I’m Unsure If I’m Finished With Her Or Not

Image credits: DestinySurreal

#29 My New Baby Turtle With A Peek-A-Boo Surprise!

Image credits: tabloach

#30 I Hand Sewed My Halloween Costume This Year (1st Timer); How Did I Do Craftit?

Image credits: mooersy

We would love to hear which of the projects featured in this list you liked the most, dear Pandas! Which ones stood out to you the most and why? Were there any that you’d be proud to have at home? What arts and crafts projects are you working on at the moment?

Scroll down to the comment section to tell us all about it!

#31 All That Cross Stitch And All I Got Was A Lousy Letter From The Princess

Image credits: stiltbreaker

#32 Harry Potter’s Patronus

Image credits: emily3289

#33 My Wife Made Totoro Mittens For Her Adopted Sister

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 I Made Some Dollhouse Tim Hortons Pieces From Polymer Clay And Card Stock!?

Image credits: Cyphice

#35 Loving My Crafting

Image credits: frankieandsidney

#36 I Hand Sew These Little Animal Dolls!

Image credits: Vvnt3065

#37 I Crocheted A Set Of Handbags For Mom And Daughter Or Two Sisters (Girlfriends). These Cute Owls Are Looking For Their Masters

Image credits: Top_Lifeguard_5408

#38 Birch Trees, Watercolor By Me, 2021

Image credits: sternyk

#39 This Is The First Suncatcher I Made. One More Is On The Way!

Image credits: VitrolenaArt

#40 First Painting Of 2024, What Do You Think?

Image credits: KAndy91

#41 Damn… My Latest Needlepoint Project

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 I Make Jewelry Inspired By Sound Waves. Here’s The Word “Believe”

Image credits: littlewonder

#43 After Ruffling 90 Yards Of Chiffon

Image credits: susanreneewa

#44 Live Life In Full Colour!

Image credits: frankieandsidney

#45 I Made Some Tiny Ham Sandwich Earrings From Polymer Clay And Liquid Clay

Image credits: Cyphice

#46 We Built Falling Shelves Over The Toilet In Our Guest Bathroom To Show Off Our Tourist Souvenirs. We Thought Regular Shelves Would Be Boring So We Went For A More Dangerous Design Where Everything Is Falling Down. It Looks Great And Was Cheap And Easy To Build

Image credits: AtomicDairy

#47 I Made My Boyfriend This Pikachu Cross Stitch For His Birthday

Image credits: hipsterpieceofshit

#48 I Finished Making A New Hairpin. This Is A Carved Deer Antler

Image credits: Top_Lifeguard_5408

#49 My Latest Felt Pins Created ❤

Image credits: ReiCreazioni

#50 Homemade ‘Alien UFO Abduction’ Costume – How To Guide

Image credits: motherofgrom

#51 Made A Pen Resin Holder

Image credits: emily3289

#52 Saw This Online And My Daughter Really Liked It, This Is The One I Made For Her Bedroom

Image credits: electricmama4life

#53 Stargazer Lily Earrings. Made Of Baked Polymer Clay

Image credits: Any_Wash_6310

#54 Decided To Paint In My Garden Today

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 Here Is A Thimble-Flower Necklace I Made For My Sis

Image credits: wwjad

#56 I Crocheted With Copper Wire To Make This Labradorite Necklace

Image credits: Buffyferry

#57 My Wife Made A Reading Tent For Christmas

Image credits: jclemson4

#58 I Made Some Tiny Wafer Cookie Earrings With Polymer Clay?

Image credits: Cyphice

#59 Learnt To Eco Print! Using The Natural Ink In Leaves. Super Stoked With The Outcome 😮

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 I Placed A Squeaker In Him And Now He’s My Daily Stress Ball.? (Desert Rain Frog)

Image credits: tabloach

#61 Really Enjoy Making Miniature Things. I Recently Started Making Miniature Vinyl Records As Well As Some Furniture For Them To Sit On

Image credits: seonadancing

#62 Some Ceramic Face Cats I Make. They Will Be Magnets, Pins And Earrings

Image credits: Hannahporcelain

#63 My Boyfriend Made These…very Intricate And Clean Wire Wrap Hat Pins

Image credits: AHeadySeamstress

#64 Handmade Polymer Clay Flower Earrings

Image credits: PennyChong

#65 My GF Makes Reversible Hoodies Out Of Sleeping Bag Liner. Any Love? She Thinks They Suck

Image credits: caerhayes

#66 I Tried My Hand At Upcycling. I Turned A Skirt From The Good Will Into A Dress For My Daughter

Image credits: FizzyPops

#67 New Pink Strawberry Crochet Pouch!

Image credits: u/PuzzleheadedChip7844

#68 Something Different To Top My Tree This Year. I Wonder If My Relatives Will Notice.?

Image credits: tabloach

#69 My First Crown, Inspired By Fantasy Photography, I Decided To Try My Hand At A Head Piece

Image credits: shesellseashells99

#70 Holy Cr*p. This Took Much Longer Than Anticipated

Image credits: hanimilly

#71 I Made Some Tiny Peep Earrings From Polymer Clay?

Image credits: Cyphice

#72 I Made Another Necklace

Image credits: ilovetoragedump

#73 I’m Uber Obsessed With Food Earrings So I Decided To Just Try Making Miniature Foodz. Not Too Shabby For First Attempts?

Image credits: brundleflied

#74 I Made A Labradorite Leaf Arm Ring

Image credits: Buffyferry

#75 Finally Got My Cross Stitch Framed

Image credits: Liz4tin

#76 Crochet Blanket I Made For My Son Who Likes To Wrap Up In Blankets And Then Toot

Image credits: lissybear4

#77 I Couldn’t Find A Spyro Crochet Pattern Online So Decided To Mae My Own!

Image credits: keksters

#78 I Made This Leather Spider Headband For My Wife’s Halloween Outfit. What Do You Think Of It?

Image credits: SideStreetLeather

#79 A Chicken And Cat Painting By Me. Watercolor And Ink On 4×5.5″ Paper

Image credits: KristjanaArts

#80 Check It Out! Miniature Pepperoni Pizza I Made Out Of Polymer Clay! Trying To Get Better With Miniatures

Image credits: claudio_FaintofHeart

#81 I Made This Little Felt Sheep Pin ? , Pattern Made By Me, Sewing By Hand

Image credits: ReiCreazioni

#82 Omg! This Thing Took Days! Cross Stitch Nes Controller Bookmark

Image credits: FizzyPops

#83 Headband For A Roaring 20s Nye Party. It Was My First Time Sewing Beads And Sequins. How Did I Do?

Image credits: KatieRaine

#84 Bouquet Of Forget-Me-Nots, Acrylic, Stretch Canvas, 8 X 6 Inches

Image credits: Artpaintingdecor

#85 The It Crowd Cross-Stitch I Made For A Friend. Thanks To The Lovely Weelittlestitches Patterns On Etsy

Image credits: groceries

#86 My New Bag Is Crocheted From Cotton Yarn. I Took The Idea On Pinterest, Developed The Pattern And Design Myself

Image credits: Top_Lifeguard_5408

#87 Relaxing Little Wire Project For A Saturday

Image credits: aS1MS

#88 Electroformed Pendants I Made

Image credits: unidentifiedchimera

#89 Macrame Earrings I Made For Friends This Past Christmas

Image credits: DaisyDee13

#90 A Top And Leggings I Created From Men’s Band Tees, Remnants Fabric, Elastic, And Rivets/Eyelets

Image credits: ilovetoragedump

#91 I Made A Giant Tampon Body Pillow With Optional Bloody Cover, For A 3D Design Assignment On Size

Image credits: fwarrr

#92 My Homemade Halloweentown Mayor

Image credits: pancakecat

#93 Spent 3 Months, I Finally Completed This One-Eyed Monster Earring Inspired By Mike Wazowski

Image credits: YOUPOPU1

#94 Just Finished This Commission Of Han Solo & Princess Leia Embroidery ? ??

Image credits: akudinkum

#95 I Made Some Polymer Clay Donuts, What Do The Lovely People Of Craftit Think? 🙂

Image credits: steamed-flowers

#96 My Ron Swanson Embroidery

Image credits: ktburrr

#97 Felt Llama Ornament Sewn By Hand. I Can Also Make Keychains

Image credits: ReiCreazioni

#98 Wedding Cross Stitch I Just Did For My Friends’ Wedding

Image credits: cocodeez

#99 Galaxy Inspired Resin Art

Image credits: emily3289

#100 Modern Spin On The Personalized Pillowcase. Bit Of A Late Submission Of A Christmas Gift I Made Last Year For The BF

Fully scannable QR code pillow case.

Image credits: plin

#101 Super Happy With My First Bobble Hat And Scarf Combo ? Love Chunky Knits And You Can Never Have Too Much Purple

Image credits: Diverightin81

#102 First Time In 10 Years Working With Polymer Clay And Decided To Make Our Wedding Cake Topper. It’s Not Perfect But I Love It

Image credits: moofyboof

#103 I Love Barn Owls…so I Crocheted One

Image credits: owlesque5

#104 Finished My First Dress…es In 1 Week Ppg

Image credits: reddit.com

#105 Sunset On The Lake, Acrylic On Canvas Board, 8 * 6 Inches

Image credits: colorfulpainting

#106 Ooak Two Headed Frankenstein Deer – Made From Wool Felt, Hand Stitched

Image credits: suieartisticmayhem

#107 Rain, By Me Using Charcoal, 2022

Image credits: nobrakes1975

#108 What Is An Avocado’s Favorite Kind Of Exercise? Avo-Cardio.?

Image credits: tabloach

#109 An Album Of Wood Burnings (Pyrography) That I’ve Done So Far This Year

Image credits: jthen

#110 Loved Making These Trivets! So Fun! Coated With Enamel So It Can Withstand Up To 500°f

Image credits: elexidesigns

#111 I Made All Of These Patches Myself On A Sewing Machine

Image credits: AHeadySeamstress

#112 (Fo) Mermaids Of The Deep

Image credits: Liz4tin

#113 My Mom Made This Indian Woman Out Of Paper Mache

Image credits: 2lazy2DIY

#114 I Make These Fun Ceramic Magnets! Hope This Litter Of Buns Can Bring You A Smile!?

Image credits: rollingdesigns

#115 Distressed Wood Coat Rack I Made

Image credits: cactus_rape

#116 Sunflower Harvest, Acrylic, Epoxy Resin On Canvas, 39 X 31 Inches, 2023 Year

Image credits: Tanbelia

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