116 Times Lizards Were Caught Being Unbearably Cute

Cold-blooded, cold-hearted. It’s a common misconception that lizards are cold, distant creatures who would rather stay in their nests and hide from the world than have anything to do with us. While it’s safe to say that they aren’t as sentimental or affectionate as dogs and cats, some types of lizards are social butterflies and can get quite attached to their human keepers. It takes patience, but it works.

And despite what some may say, like that they’re weird or ugly, they’re incredibly fascinating reptiles. I can’t be the only one who was obsessed with them at a young age! They’re basically tiny dinosaurs, so the perfect combination of cute and badass, if I do say so myself.

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Add that they show a range of interesting behaviors, and pet lizards can easily become a photographer’s favorite subject. So here we are, changing all the preconceived notions about them with this collection of cute lizards! From big-eyed geckos to armadillo lizards that might remind you of baby dragons, these cuties are sure to make you a lizard lover!

#1 Handsome Lizard With His Hand To The Glass

Image credits: dreamshoes

#2 I Put A Strawberry Leaf On A Lizard And It Became Very Regal

Image credits: _is_this_name_taken

#3 My Friend’s Cat Playing With The Lizards

Image credits: Meowsondeck

#4 Apologies If You’ve Already Seen A Lizard Balancing Berries On Its Head Today

Image credits: recklessrodent

#5 Fear Me Human! I Will Eat Your Goats And Burn You Crops

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 Not What All People Think Is Cute But I Do

Image credits: Hbsilver1027

#7 The Happiest Lizard I Have Ever Seen

Image credits: Rualsum

#8 Just Hatched Chameleon

Image credits: NSFW_PORN_ONLY

#9 Presenting Teacup Noodle

Smaug was bought from a pet store (yes I know it’s bad to support them, but at the time I didn’t know it) where she was kept in a 10 gal with another aggressive leopard gecko, in the back room. Her living conditions were not too good (not proper hearing, cohabbing, crickets literally everywhere biting them) and I believe it to be a deformity caused by an untreated case of mouth rot she got at the store. It was a stressful environment and she was kept on dirty urate stained reptile carpet, so I believe she got mouth rot there. It wasn’t treated but by the time I bought her, it was healed on its own, but it did leave a bit of a ripple in her mouth. She’s still my beautiful spaghetti and it doesn’t cause her any trouble.

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Image credits: spichy

#10 My Colleague Made This Photo. Crouching Cat, Hidden Lizard

Image credits: giottomkd

#11 Wesker Is So Talented He Can Balance A Candy Corn Kernel On His Head

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 My Friend’s Bearded Dragon Likes To Cuddle With Her Two Cats

Image credits: titankingz

#13 This Idiot Ate 10 Mealworms And 4 Roaches At 11pm Last Night And Yet Here She Is Begging Me For Food

Image credits: boopsthesnoots

#14 My Friends Lizard Had Babies

Image credits: amoosewithnoname

#15 Two Unlikely Best Friends

Image credits: charles_the_dragon

#16 Lounge Lizard

Image credits: JiveMonkey

#17 Seri “Is It Going To Be Dinner Soon?

Image credits: leopa_seri

#18 Fred Went To The Vet Today. We Found Out, After Four Years, That Fred Is Actually A Lady. Fred Is Fabulous

Image credits: kmac51190

#19 Here Are Some Pictures Of Gogo To Boost Your Serotonin

Image credits: gogothegecko

#20 My Cat Pretty Much Adopted My Rescue Lizard As Her Weird Scaly Kitten And The Two Are Inseparable

They have naps together, spy on the neighbors through the window together, and just generally hang out together every chance they get.

Image credits: Spider8ait

#21 Really Important That I Posted This Of Julian

Image credits: jaeger-bombastard

#22 Fat Eli & Ron The Dragon

Image credits: Villaggio_idiota

#23 I Know Lizards Aren’t Traditionally Cute, But Heres Mine Being A Burrito After After A Bath

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky

Image credits: robswampthing

#25 Cute Lizard Doing A Little Blep

Image credits: The_Rose_And_Stag

#26 Hey There

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Smug Lizard

Image credits: jaycrew

#28 A Bearded Dragon

Image credits: lexsi04

#29 Banana Coma!! Happy Boy

Image credits: Bowhuntress77

#30 Took My Bearded Dragon To A Clinic I’m Interning At

Image credits: OMGitszilla

#31 My Lizard Sleeps On Her Own Little Bed

Image credits: 20127010603170562316

#32 Put On My Robe And Lizard Hat

Image credits: 8jac0b88

#33 This Lil Pudgy Lizard

Image credits: AlpineCorbett

#34 Made Me Smile

Image credits: snakelady2012

#35 This Cute Little Lizard Named Ricardo

Image credits: PotatoChips23415

#36 When That Watermelon Mango Smoothie Hits

Image credits: MonicaTrollinski

#37 What If I Say Lizards Are Cute

Image credits: moody_bastard

#38 Suzushiro: “Is That My Meal?”

Image credits: leopa_seri

#39 The Lizard Was Intended To Decrease Her Screen Time

Image credits: nmhendricks

#40 I Think He’s Cute

Image credits: Xpsnickerz

#41 Dragon

Image credits: love-mew

#42 Photogenic Lizard

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 One Cute Gummy Lizard

Image credits: AddictedToFire17

#44 Lizards Are Cute, Uther Gets A Pat

Image credits: utherpendragon88

#45 Just My Grandma And My Lizard Being Cute

Image credits: Valgg

#46 Goliath Says Hello

Image credits: gogothegecko

#47 My Science Teacher Has A Cute Lizard Named Gizmo

Image credits: Stenik0522

#48 Cute Lizard

Image credits: pigdog37

#49 Nazuna: “Will We Eat Soon?”

Image credits: leopa_seri

#50 So Cute

Image credits: leopa_seri

#51 Sexy Pose For The Camera Treeco

Image credits: Aggressive-Leg3113

#52 Howdy

Image credits: gogothegecko

#53 A Tiny Lizard! So Cute

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 This Cute Little Sleepy Lizard

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 I Found A Baby Lizard

Image credits: cheekylovebirds

#56 Found This Little Lizard/Gecko In My Hotel Room (It Has Been Released Outside) In Chandler AZ. Hoping For Species Identification

Image credits: MysteryManBank

#57 Here Is A Baby Horned Lizzard

Image credits: syndragon1

#58 Proof Lizards Can Be Cute

Image credits: movvv

#59 A Cute Lizard Saying Hi

Image credits: PHRADAIC

#60 Lizards Are Cute Too

Image credits: pbr_and_dragons

#61 I’ve Always Thought Lizards And Reptiles Were Cute

Image credits: Jonboywelsh

#62 Cute Hats

I bought a cute crescent hat. Small leopard-sized hat. Isn’t it too cute!! ️Except for Shii-kun, he gave me a hat! The light blue hat with a ribbon on it. I received it as a celebration of Suzuna’s discharge and recovery! Thank you Mon-chan mom.

Image credits: leopa_seri

#63 Hopping On The Cute Lizard Bandwagon. Here’s Gimli

Image credits: uterus_not_uteryou

#64 Damascus Was A Bad Man At The Vet And Was Very Bitey So He Got Put In The Lizard Straight Jacket For His X-Rays

Image credits: fireysaje

#65 I Have Seen A Lack Of Big Lizards Here So I’m Here To Prove They Can Be Cute As Well

Image credits: ermac2300

#66 Armadillo Lizard. It’s No Puppy, But It’s My Kinda Cute

Image credits: l3roly

#67 Who Said Lizards Can’t Be Cute

Image credits: ChuckRingslinger

#68 I Now Understand What The Term Lounge Lizard Means. 4′ Of Cute Concentrate

Image credits: Dbjs100

#69 Cute Little Hawaiian Street Lizard

Image credits: hateonhater

#70 My Dog Is Missing And I Think The Lizard Is Trying To Make Me Feel Better With Weird Lizard Cuteness

Image credits: reddit.com

#71 Can’t Tell If He’s Dancing Or Dodging Bullets

Image credits: dragon_igking

#72 Little Lizard

Image credits: unknown

#73 Lizard Wizard

Image credits: ErrantWhimsy

#74 I Made A Cowboy Hat For My Lizard

Image credits: Mourning_Gecko

#75 Peekaboo

Image credits: p1x3l-h3arts

#76 Hi I’m Bumble! How May I Help You

Image credits: houseofreptilia

#77 Who Says That Lizards Can’t Cute

Image credits: BigLaw__

#78 This Random Lizard Came To Watch And Chill With Us! I Thought It Was Pretty Cute

Image credits: CoreyConundrum

#79 Who Says Lizards Aren’t Cute

Image credits: YeetLordTheOne

#80 A Cute Blue Belly Lizard I Found That Became My Friend! I Had To Let Her Go Because I Couldn’t Keep Her

Image credits: moldyapples222

#81 Cute Lil Lizard

Image credits: ooga_booga56

#82 Cute Lizard

Image credits: turtlelover16

#83 Lizard Yawn Is Very Cute

Image credits: 90percentimperfect

#84 Cute Little Lizard Invaded My House (Nickel For Scale)

Image credits: HighOnGoofballs

#85 Aaaaaw

Image credits: sopadebombillas

#86 I Have A Friend That Won’t Come Over Because I Let My “Ugly Lizard” Out

Image credits: alldogsgetbabyvoice

#87 I Know It’s Not That Cute, But Look At This Baby Lizard I Found

Image credits: iPollux

#88 Cute Baby Lizard

Image credits: Pamcakes8686

#89 A Cute Lil Lizard Baby

Image credits: GolfisGudGolfisGreat

#90 Can Baby Lizards Be Cute Too? I Certainly Think So

Image credits: jyotshak

#91 Super Cute Lizard

Image credits: goldthea

#92 To Anyone Who Said, A Lizard Can’t Be Cute

Image credits: yeahitsjesse

#93 Lizard Friend That Is Always Sleeping On Plants Around My Porch

Image credits: Juddle-Pumper

#94 Does Shoulder Lizard Belong Here As Well

Image credits: DaSwedishPie

#95 Our Little Wizard Lizard

Image credits: thatchallengerguy

#96 Another One Of Zion From The Other Day

Image credits: houseofreptilia

#97 Dinner Was Tasty

Image credits: houseofreptilia

#98 I Found A Little Lizard Outside My House. He’s Cute But He Bites

Image credits: lb_greater_than_rb

#99 Big Lizard

Image credits: Fourhand

#100 Baby Lizard On The Hand

Image credits: banya__bori

#101 Hi! Does This Lizard Look Like A Mediterranean House Gecko? Or Does Anyone Have Any Ideas What It Might Be

Found in our hallway in New Smyrna beach, FL.

Image credits: lexizaloo

#102 Juvenile Short-Tailed Horned Lizard

Image credits: dabcrab

#103 Meet Nobu

Image credits: houseofreptilia

#104 Whenever Someone Tells Me Lizards Are Not Cute, I Show Them This Picture Of My Girl, Dohva

Image credits: lyssakitteh

#105 My Mom Sent Me This Photo A Couple Of Days Ago. I Was Too Busy Looking At Our Cute, Sleeping Kitty To Notice That She Was Trying To Show The Lizard On Our Couch

Image credits: kubadallie

#106 Was In Hawaii When This Guy Fell On Me. Even Lizards Are Cute If They’re Tiny, Right

Image credits: Oddly_Specific

#107 Had A Heart Attacking Coming Home Lizard Tank Was Open And He Was Gone. Found Him Hiding On My Boots. He Was Too Cute To Be Mad At

Image credits: Kirsty-Jean24

#108 Lizards Can Be Cute, Too!

Image credits: reddit.com

#109 Cute Baby Lizard My BF Caught Today. I’m In Love

Image credits: 3sp00py5me

#110 My Baby Bearded Dragon Thor Sleeping On My Hand. Who Says Lizards Aren’t Cute

Image credits: lisaawesomesauce

#111 Guess I’ll Clean His Tank Later

Image credits: BradyH4

#112 A Cute Baby Lizard To Brighten Your Day

Image credits: meltingspark

#113 I Caught An Anole Today In Florida

Image credits: baja1116

#114 Lick Lick

Image credits: crested.cuties

#115 Geckos Can Be Cute Too!! Meet Blizzard The Lizard Our New Family Member (Crested Gecko)

Image credits: picumurse

#116 Sleepy Lizards

Image credits: Theonewiththequiff

Source: boredpanda.com

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