120 People Who Took Woodworking To Another Level And Shared The Results In This Online Group (New Pics)

While woodworking is not the easiest or cheapest hobby out there, it’s surprisingly gratifying and fulfilling. Many are starting to take it up as a way to reconnect with themselves, put their hands to work and create something tangible along the way. Being able to take a meaningless piece of wood and turn it into something beautiful is a perfect combination of skill, creativity and patience.

Just take a look at the subreddit called r/Woodworking. With over 3.5M members, it’s a home “for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession.”

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Bored Panda has collected some of the most unique hand-made projects from this page. Check them out below, upvote your favorites and don’t forget to check out more “things made from trees” right here, here and here.

#1 Made This Rocking Chair In ‘97 Wood Shop Class When I Was 14. Had No Idea Why I’ve Kept It For 24 Years. 38 Now And I Have Finally Realized It Belongs To My Son. Might Be A Dumb Post, Sorry, But His Face Makes All Those Years Worth It

Image credits: coffeelushed

#2 I’m Not A Carpenter, But I Am Proud Of How This Turned Out

Image credits: _Adamgoodtime_

#3 I Carved This Hellboy Pipe Out Of Briar Wood For Ron Perlman And He Sent Me A Photo

Image credits: RadonLab

#4 Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster. Trying My Hand At Carving Lime Wood

Image credits: Hot_Bluejay_8738

#5 I Was Told By The Fellas In Daddit That Y’all Would Appreciate This Bed I Made For My Son

Image credits: Havarti_Rick

#6 My Wife Wanted New Cabinets For The Laundry Room. Instead Of Going To IKEA, I Spent 6 Months And Double The Money Building These

Image credits: Ginger-Engineer

#7 I Built This Crib For My Son. The Most Meaningful Project I’ve Made

Image credits: builtknotbought

#8 Custom Hand Made Catscape / Catwall By Happy Happy James

Image credits: happy2james

#9 Me – Carving Nezuko Out Of Wood – The First Female Character I Ever Made

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Image credits: DWoodartstudio

#10 Is This A Good Design Of Dog House?

Image credits: Gieneusz

#11 Custom Made Bed For My Son. He Is Beyond Excited

Image credits: Schmxdt

#12 Custom Kitchen By My Husband And I – From Rendering To Real Life

Image credits: lucybear123

#13 An 80 Drawer Apothecary Cabinet I Recently Finished. Solid Oak, Mahogany, And Maple

Image credits: PillPod

#14 Here Is A Very Classy Looking Keyboard Build That I Made! Case Is Made From Walnut

Image credits: BarrettCreative

#15 Made My 3 Year Old Her First Big Girl Bed, Just Needs Paint Now

Image credits: Thecobs

#16 I Started Woodworking Two Years Ago Today. Here Some Of My Projects And Joinery

Image credits: kdannen

#17 Latest Creation

Image credits: troutmaster69

#18 I Carved My Forearm!

Image credits: uniqueperson22

#19 My Stepdad Asked Me To Make Him A Gavel For When He Becomes Worshipful Master Of His Lodge Next Year. I Know Nothing About Freemasonry, But I Tried My Best

Image credits: Pr1zonMike

#20 Solid Maple Bedside Table. All Cut By Hand. Definitely Over 100 Hours Of Work. Really Wish We Had A Cnc

Image credits: MayestDesign

#21 I Built This Shield From Ply Wood, Inspired From The Legend Of Zelda. I Tried To Go For Realism. This Is My First Wood Working Project, Criticism Is Welcome!

Image credits: RickTrilogy

#22 Louis Xiv Style Barrel Top Desk. Walnut And Walnut Burl With Kingwood

Image credits: woodenheadache

#23 I Was Asked To Make A Memorial Chest For One Of The Soldiers Killed At Kabul Airpot

Image credits: NorthMtnStudios

#24 Bear,raccoon, And Fox Bench

Image credits: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#25 My Proudest Project So Far. I Built A Canoe For My Father In Law

Image credits: Vercauteren

#26 Made A Tension Table As My Last Project In 9th Grade And Would Like To Share It

Image credits: smartgoose78

#27 We Did A Best-Chair-In-An-Hour-Out-Of-A-Single-2×4 Challenge

Image credits: KingofCandlesticks

#28 New Set Of Comfort Birds. Made From Various Scrap Wood And Epoxy Giving New Life To Material Destined For The Trash Bin

Image credits: YouKnowWho2016

#29 A Few Months Of Pattern Work. Mainly Just Playing Around, Trying To Find What Style I Want To Stick With

Image credits: simon5678

#30 Honeycomb Shelf With A Twist

Image credits: EricEichstaedt

#31 I’ve Been Working With Some Wood This Summer

Image credits: its-too-oicy

#32 Stuck In The Shed During Covid Lockdown. Another Project

Image credits: randomword66

#33 My Wife Found This Console Table For $1,200 I Told Her I Could Make It For Less…saved A Little Money (Not Much) And 13ish Hours. She Picked The Curly Maple…how’d I Do?

Image credits: gov618

#34 My Daughter Wasn’t So Happy About The Bike, But I Turned That $60 Bike Into A $900 Commission

Image credits: chadscustomcreations

#35 Although An Instrument, This Is My First Guitar I’ve Ever Built. This Was Built With Almost All Hand Tools. Used A Router For The Electronic Cavities And A Drill Press For Any Holes That Needed To Be That Perfect. Thank You For Stopping To Look At It

Image credits: itstophhh

#36 New To The Forum. Wanted To Show My Graduate Project. Palladian Roman Doric Colonnade

Image credits: JSquared-Designs

#37 My Daughter Wanted An Entertainment Stand. I Wouldn’t Let Her Buy Particle Board Crap

Image credits: mechanic38

#38 As Requested, A Picture Of The Entire Side Of The NYC Chess Set I’ve Been Working On!

Image credits: davejopen

#39 Just Finished! Working On An 8 Foot Live Edge Piece Of Walnut Now!

Image credits: houseoffloravana

#40 Mohican Scout

Image credits: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#41 Built A Custom Bookshelf For My Wife In Our Living Room! Biggest Project I’ve Done So Far

Image credits: YeOldeBilk

#42 Backyard Bridge 6’ X 50’

Image credits: Michael5700

#43 My First Work Out Of Birch With Dremel Since I Got Paralysed, Im Actualy Quite Proud With The Results

Image credits: Rolingmaniac

#44 Massive Bookmatched Sliding Door I Built For Our House

Image credits: builtknotbought

#45 Last Year His Big Brother Got A Jeep Bed, So This Year Little Man Gets A Bulldozer Bed For His 3rd Birthday! Far From My Best Work, But He’s Gonna Happy

Image credits: i_playoutdoors

#46 I Made This Table Out Of Old Skateboards, I Started Almost A Year Ago And This Week I Finally Finished It! Wdyt?

Image credits: BiloWaegons

#47 Sometimes Small Projects Are The Most Important

Image credits: yuccaknifeandtool

#48 I Made 90 Bottle Openers Out Of Recycled Skateboards For Our Wedding Favors…yes, There Was Quite A Bit Of Sanding

Image credits: jetpream

#49 Redid Our Entire Living Room Last Christmas. Learned A Hell Of A Lot And We Just Love This Room Now! Entire Wall Was About $300

Image credits: JimmyFu2U

#50 Built My Deck This Summer

Image credits: abk48

#51 11′ X 6′ Teak Headboard Carving V2

Image credits: CutestNudistBuddhist

#52 TV Cabinet

Image credits: jfarrell468

#53 Pretty Much Every Portion Of This Build Was A First For Me. So Happy To Finally Be Done And Proud Of The Final Results

Image credits: mattad0rk

#54 Spalted Maple Bench

Image credits: tger800

#55 Rocket Ship Bookcase I Built For My New Son

Image credits: FirthFabrications

#56 I Made A Ramp For My 13 Year Old Dog To Get On My Bed

Image credits: nickertot

#57 There’s A Dragon Hiding In Here, And He’s Guarding Something Silly

Image credits: ajcpullcom

#58 Christmas Present For My Two Boys

Image credits: mw33212

#59 Beer Advent Calendar! Nice Little Gift Everyday Leading Up To The Big Day. Just Need To Paint/Decorate It And It’s Good To Go

Image credits: tyryan7

#60 My First Public Sculpture!

Image credits: Baby-Aragorn

#61 Last Day Of Trade School Today And My *final* Project Is Nearly Done! I Doubted Myself The Whole Time, But I’m Super Proud Of How It Turned Out

Image credits: thenakedgymgirl

#62 Saw It On Amazon, Decided I Could Do It Better

Image credits: imgur.com

#63 Jewelry Box For My Girlfriend, Made Completely With Non Electrical Tools. Birch, Walnut Burl And Ebony Details. Hope You Guys Like It

Image credits: entrque

#64 I Built A Porch On To My House! Used Trex Boards And Hidden Fasteners

Image credits: CrowCreations

#65 Making Drunk Lumber

Image credits: LehighValleyWorkshop

#66 Walnut Bookcase I Finished

Image credits: TheFlying-Dutchman

#67 Me – Carving Venom Out Of Wood In A Month

Image credits: DWoodartstudio

#68 Made A Slim Version Of My Mechanical Iris Ring Box

Image credits: kezalo

#69 Walnut Dining Table And Chairs Finished In Rubio Just In Time For The Holidays

Image credits: abasu11

#70 Struggling To Sell These For £300. Does That Seem Too Much?

Image credits: zodkfn

#71 I’m Going To Be A Dad! Still Needs A Finish And Some Closet Rods In The Chimney, But I Hope My Daughter Is As Proud Of It As I Am

Image credits: twaldofs

#72 My Daughter’s Pens Are Done. Thank You All So Much For All Of The Positive Comments On The Lathe Post. She Was Ecstatic About Your Feedback

Image credits: jtrick18

#73 Wife Wanted A Study/Hobby Table And I Wanted To Experiment With Epoxy Resin. This Is My First Epoxy Resin Table And There Are Lots Of Mistakes Up Close, But All In All Not A Bad Build

Image credits: jomski85

#74 Took A Stab At A Making A Miter Saw Station

Image credits: PharmPhrenzy

#75 Just Finished! I Moved Recently And This Is The First Piece To Come Out Of My New Shop

Image credits: schluterboye6969

#76 Black Walnut And Bolivian Rosewood Desk

Image credits: JohnGault-

#77 The “Aquatainment” Center I Built Over The Last Several Weeks

Image credits: rlmaster01

#78 My Dad Needed A Pipe For A Murder Mystery Dinner Prop. I Made Him One That Burns Incense To Appear Smoking

Image credits: claydonut

#79 Finished Just In Time For The Turkey!

Image credits: Hedylamar

#80 I Made A Workshop

Image credits: _ratboy_

#81 I Often Drop Eggs. So I Made This For Eggs

Image credits: brown_nuts

#82 My First Real Attempt At Wood Carving! Basswood With A Tung Oil And Renaissance Wax Finish

Image credits: UncleMillski

#83 Some Years Ago Made A Hub-Less Wooden Geodesic Dome For My Son’s Kindergarten

Image credits: AmarantArtStudio

#84 Hotwheels Display For My Grandson

Image credits: FoldDowntown

#85 Little Lamp I Made For Some Good Friends As Their Wedding Gift. Made Out Of Oak And Beech Stripes. Cast With Green Resin

Image credits: Nicop0l

#86 I Made Minimalist Christmas Trees To Celebrate The Holidays (Early) !

Image credits: OyymoF

#87 5 Year Anniversary Is Wood, So I Made A Gift For My Wife To Use While She Bakes

Image credits: omgwtfbbqcrew

#88 After Some Very Appreciated Angle Math From Another Redditer I Final Finished The Curved Path!

Image credits: Perryk1000

#89 Really Pleased With My Dovetails For This Cabinet

Image credits: kdannen

#90 My Wife Said Absolutely No To The Slabs When I Was Picking Them, I Present The Georgia O’keefe Spalted Maple Dining Table

Image credits: srslylookatmywood

#91 Made A Fashion Mirror For My Daughter… Critiques Welcome!

Image credits: 0Morning_Wood0

#92 My First Big Project With The Help Of My Dad. Might Not Be Perfect But Learned A Lot And It Is Up To Code

Image credits: terror_zone

#93 I Was Lacking Some Shelves So I Designed A Pair

Image credits: -MidnightGarden-

#94 Selling My Home And The Inspector Said My 240 Receptacle Had To Have A Cover… So I Made A Cover

Image credits: themooseinabox

#95 1st Cutting Board For Wife, But She Wants Me To Sell It

Image credits: Flaghunting

#96 Laundry Room Folding Shelf And Cabinetry

Image credits: BigmacSasquatch

#97 My Client Said She Wanted An Accent Wall, And It Spiraled From There. Here’s A 9’ By 20’ Reclaimed Chevron

Image credits: mfharr

#98 Wife Was Mad With My Maps Being Everywhere So I Made A Map “Tool Box” Antique White Oak , With Some Reclaimed Iron Railing As The Handle.. I Love A Map!

Image credits: Pirate-Pierre

#99 Wrap-Around Breakfast Nook Slatted Bench With Half-Lap Joints

Image credits: Extra_Cartographer93

#100 Walnut Sideboard With Brass Pulls. Mid Century Modern Feel To It

Image credits: awoloshyn

#101 A Client Came To Us With This Monstrosity Of A Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity That Their Contractor Supplied. We Modified The Design And Remade It Using The Same Wood. Before And After Photos

Image credits: Dangnamit

#102 Hidden Extension For An Island I Designed And Built!

Image credits: MattBuilds

#103 We Make This Where I Work

Image credits: Ryantalope

#104 Made My Girlfriend A Custom Desk To Fit In Her Tiny Apartment So She Can Stop Working At The Counter. First All Hand Tool Project

Image credits: Dueling_Rainbows

#105 Just Finished Building The Body For My Model A Speedster Project

Image credits: Chris-Powell

#106 24″×48″ Kumiko Panel With Cherry Frame. 790 Pieces Of Hand Fitted Basswood. 1st In A Series Of 3

Image credits: JmFnG

#107 We Became First-Time Homeowners During The Pandemic, So I Picked Up Woodworking And Have Done Some Projects Around The House. Just Finished Building This Bookshelf/Cabinet Combo

Image credits: haydterade

#108 Little Pokémon Shelf For My Nephew

Image credits: Panthro6

#109 Butcher Block Restoration

Image credits: SheepherderSalt7506

#110 My Wife.saw A $30 One At The Store. I Spent 10 Min Picking Up Sticks

Image credits: ipsomatic

#111 Little Bit Different Type Of Wood Working. 100% Custom Dodge Ram Sub Box I Built And Covered Today. What Ya Think!

Image credits: thomasisnotmyname

#112 All Done!!! My First Accent Wall.. It Was Pretty Simple For The Most Part But The Archway Was A Nice Challenge What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: SrJebuss

#113 I Made A Trash Can For My First Woodworking Project So I Could Have Somewhere To Put All My Future Projects

Image credits: QuixotesHorse

#114 Made A Larger Pliers Wall Rack To Accommodate Newly Acquired Pliers

Image credits: xxxxHawk1969xxxx

#115 Shaun Boyd – Glenn Lounge Chairs

Image credits: SafeLanding

#116 First Attempt At A Honeycomb, I Will Be Adding A Little Handcarved Bee To It Very Soon. I Used A 3/16 Downcut And Only Went In About A 1/4″. Metallic Pineapple Epoxy Sanded Flush To 500g With Black Walnut

Image credits: FlowEmbarrassed8807

#117 Was Told To Share My Latest Christmas Decor I Made Myself

Image credits: IamMeldon

#118 Today I Made A Watch From A Broken Skateboard! Job Was Entirely Done With Jigsaw And A Dremel. Let Me Know What You Guys Think

Image credits: DaRealOr

#119 It’s Nothing Close To The Amazing Projects People Post On Here, But I’m A Total Newbie And I Made This, And I’m Thrilled With It!

Image credits: Danakadanimal

#120 Wanted A Desk For Myself. Made From Recycled Pallets And Poured 4 Different Colors Of Epoxy

Image credits: JarrodTocci

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