121 Incredibly British Pics That Show The Hilarious And Casual Side Of Life In The UK (New Pics)

From the London skyline to skipping the “t’s” in a bunch of words (think “bottle of water” in an English accent,) the UK has cemented itself in our collective psyche, one way or another. But actually living in Britain isn’t just Harry Potter-esque castles and endless crumpets with tea, as we can now learn through the magic of the internet. 

The “Casual UK” group is a place for Brits to share those little moments that can only be found in the UK. English streets, mug comparisons, and complaints about eccentric neighbors all make an appearance. We also reached out to British comedy writer and stand-up comedian Davina Bentley to learn more. So get comfortable, maybe get a cup of tea and be sure to upvote your favorite posts. 

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#1 Beware, Horses May Bite

Image credits: BigBeanMarketing

#2 Old Skool UK Graffiti

Image credits: iklegemma

#3 Do Not Disturb The Garden Centre Sleepy Cat

Image credits: redditguy1298

Bored Panda got in touch with UK comedy writer and stand-up comedian Davina Bentley to ask some questions about humor and comedy in Britain compared to the rest of the English-speaking world. After all, despite similarities in language, everything from media to stand-up has its own nuances from place to place. 

“English humor is bleaker. It’s less earnest than say American humor and it’s weirder. Because British people are particularly idiosyncratic and English humor reflects that. We like things a bit gritty and unpolished.”

#4 It’s Kicking Off At Co-Op This Morning

Image credits: glazerout99

#5 Hard Hitting Questions On Loose Women Today

Image credits: TheHenryHoover

#6 You Must Pay For Your Crimes

Image credits: Meowface_the_cat

We also wanted to hear what she thought were some of the most visible differences between how Brits approach “funny” characters, in comparison to, say, Americans. “The characters. English culture doesn’t always celebrate “winners” or jocks, it sometimes celebrates “losers” and I think that could be a struggle. To make sense to a US audience, Tim from the office had to be “glowed up” from Martin Freeman to John Krasinski.”

#7 Went To The Tropical Butterfly House Yesterday And This Fella Was Mocking Me

Image credits: Playful_Ad_2911

#8 My Girlfriend Has Just Moved From Birmingham And Says My Village Is “Weird” For Having An Egg Vending Machine. She’s Wrong, Right..?

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Image credits: TescoAlfresco

#9 British Weather Summed Up In 2 Images

Image credits: nomaddd79

Finally, we wanted to know what Davina’s quintessential UK experience was. “Dancing to Girls Aloud at a wedding, Smirnoff Ice from the corner shop, and crying in Topshop,” she told us, so perhaps add it to your to-do list when you are planning your next trip to Britain. You can find Davina’s comedy videos and sketches on Instagram here and on TikTok here

#10 Preparing The Golden Balls Of Disappointment For Halloween

Image credits: kopsy

#11 Bit Harsh From The Bbc

Image credits: danl-uk

#12 This Comment On Someone’s Breakfast

Image credits: welshie123

#13 I Made What The World Wasn’t Waiting For… Big Bean

Image credits: Erratic_Professional

#14 A Guy Asked His Mate To Take His Bin Out As He Wouldn’t Be Home. He Went Above And Beyond

Image credits: welshie123

#15 Northern Train Having An Existential Crisis

Image credits: kaiserjose1993

#16 Not Much Sympathy From The Boss

Image credits: renegaderis

#17 Bench Memorial At Stanmer Park, Brighton

Image credits: yungwhiteclaudia

#18 Peak Pettiness Or Justifiable Security In The Office Kitchen?

Image credits: Vented55

#19 My Mates New Pet – Lamborghini

Image credits: Exemplar1968

#20 Oh Dear

Image credits: spicerldn

#21 Received From My Landlady This Morning, They Aren’t All Bad :d

Image credits: Daz-Gregory1337

#22 Today I Visited A Model Village That Had A Model Of The Model Village That Itself Also Had A Model Of The Model Of The Model Village

Image credits: thecustardgannet

#23 Saw This And Instantly Thought Of Casual UK!

Image credits: Exemplar1968

#24 Saw This For The First Time In The Mens. I Always Thought It Was A Myth. (Coventry, Battle Bar)

Image credits: Alco_god

#25 Brits Queuing Without Barriers At An Ed Sheeran Gig

Image credits: GrapeyGuy1

#26 So There’s A Fox In My Upstairs Bedroom. Not Entirely Sure How It Got In

Image credits: kurtis_f

#27 A Facebook Post From My Local Pub Last Night

Image credits: JAllen281

#28 So Over The Last Few Days I’ve Watched This Evolve From Just A Traffic Cone, To A Traffic Cone And A Bin, To A Traffic Cone, A Bin And A Full Patio Set. I’m Impressed

Image credits: gmox15

#29 A True Neighbourly British Complaint

Image credits: JHXVE

#30 Your Fridge Has Been Delivered To Your Safe Place

Image credits: Games_sans_frontiers

#31 ‘Full English Breakfast’ Costume For A British Themed Party. Apparently I Didn’t Quite Understand The Assignment

Image credits: h57max

#32 Curry House Of The Dead

Image credits: MellotronSymphony

#33 My Son Tells Me (An Hour Before Bed) That He Needs A Cardboard Model Of His Favourite Book For School Tomorrow. Think We Can All Agree I Nailed It, Especially Hedwig

Image credits: English_Joe

#34 Heard A Noise In The Kitchen Whilst Sat Reading. I Don’t Own A Cat

Image credits: Exemplar1968

#35 All Is Well In The World

Image credits: NoIrnBru4U

#36 Disco Steve Is In Da House!

Image credits: orangebob999

#37 Happy Birthday To That One Kid From Hot Fuzz

Image credits: meteoritee

#38 When Your Mum Watches Good Morning Britain So Much It Gets Permanently Burned Into Your TV

Image credits: MikeyGaming64

#39 I Miss Liverpool

Image credits: Bojack85

#40 Missus Wants Me To Pull Out All The Stops When I Eventually Propose. I’ve Kept This Bad Boy For Two Years

Image credits: Neat-Anxiety4213

#41 Flying To Dublin Tomorrow So I Made My Own Carry-On Bag

Image credits: loudribs

#42 Local Supermarket Has Started To Put A Protective Barrier Around The Employees Whilst They Put The Reduced Food Out On The Shelves. Out Of Shot Is A Horde Of Eager Pensioners Ready To Pounce

Image credits: Infinite_Surround

#43 I Can’t Be The Only One

Image credits: nomaddd79

#44 “King Charles’ Coronation Service Will Be Four Hours Longer Than His Mother, Due To His Limited Mobility.”

Image credits: TheDorgesh68

#45 On A Conference Call…my 14yr Old Daughter Presented Me With This Note To Avoid Disturbing Me

Image credits: Pestish

#46 Tesco Delivered The Wrong Wine. I Complained, And Another Delivery Driver Turned Up 2 Hours Later With £31 In Cash In An Envelope!

Image credits: tourettes69

#47 Certainly Wasn’t Expecting This Message From My Dad Last Night

Image credits: bubsy200

#48 Mum Always Gets Annoyed When We Mess With Her Nativity Scene. This Year We Took Baby Jesus Out For Beers And A Curry

Image credits: gloopy_flipflop

#49 Found This Monstrosity While Walking In London

Image credits: Markel_Kermit

#50 Mental How I Can’t Smoke In This Shop, But Guide Dogs Can

Image credits: DJOrangeJoe

#51 Just An Average Customer At My Local Co-Op

Image credits: Philbur1976

#52 Well Now, That’s Not A Very Nice Thing To Say About Someone, Bbc News

Image credits: screenshotofdispair

#53 Casually Saw A Walrus At Scarborough Harbour Last Night Taking A Nap

Image credits: PootNoodlez

#54 It Explains So Much

Image credits: vipassana-newbie

#55 First Day Back In The Office At Work. Printed Off Some Faqs To Stick On The Door To Avoid The Post-Christmas Small Talk Barrage. Genius Or Peak Antisocial Grump?

Image credits: RonSwaffle

#56 An Egyptian Woman Is Unimpressed By Stonehenge

Image credits: MellotronSymphony

#57 Love What Asda Called Their New Knock Off Dr Pepper

Image credits: yoru

#58 First Time Ever: Finished A Bottle Of Worcestershire Sauce, Before It Expires!

Image credits: SeeJayThinks

#59 Hmm

Image credits: HelloArchy

#60 Birds Eye View Of The UK

Image credits: ImGreatAtNothing

#61 Looks Like Henry’s Had A 21st Century Makeover

Image credits: helpful__explorer

#62 We Love Our Fellow Brits Really. Honest

Image credits: MrClaretandBlue

#63 Who Controls The Tide?

Image credits: falconpnnch

#64 Is There A More British Sight Than A Postie In Shorts In The Snow?

Image credits: __PeachIcedTea

#65 At Least It’s Not Shut For The Foreskinable Future

Image credits: BigBeanMarketing

#66 My Technophobic Wife Accidentally Locked Down Her Entire School

Apparently she was ‘just typing’.

My wife is the most gifted teacher I’ve ever met. She works in an incredibly deprived school and has turned her department into one of the best performing in her local authority.

She accidentally pressed a combination of keys that set off the alert by default.

Everything is fine. Put down your pitchforks.

Image credits: midtrovert

#67 My Daughter Being So Casually British About Coming Out

Image credits: PrestigiousTest6700

#68 Wtf? The Rental Agent Said This Is A Great Bathroom. Wtf Is Wrong With These Morons? I’m Average Height By The Way

Image credits: No_Yak_3436

#69 Borrowed Wife’s Car This Morning And Found This. Should I Seek Professional Help For Her?

Image credits: MrBozzie

#70 I’m Here In The UK On A Work Trip. I Love How Us Yanks Think You Guys Are “Too Polite”!

Image credits: PriyaKhalifaX

#71 Queen Elizabeth II Corgis Waiting Outside The Procession For Her Coffin To Arrive

Image credits: bendubberley_

#72 Not My Car But It Is My Neighbour

Image credits: Mugiwara_Uzumaki

#73 A Proper Christmas Start

Image credits: 3616920

#74 This Is Not My Cat

Image credits: S_T_A_L_K_E_R

#75 Council Just Left Stacks Of New Bins For Us To Fight Over And Buggered Off

Image credits: scream_schleam

#76 Happy Halloween Guys God Save The Queen

Image credits: XIMasterNateIX

#77 Looks Like Someone Didn’t Pay Their Builder

Image credits: eskay233

#78 London To Edinburgh Train Today… Let’s Hope No One Needs To Pee

Image credits: Zucchini_Poet

#79 Found This On The Work Printer

Image credits: risingpostsupporter

#80 This Is Ridiculous

Image credits: Svaertis

#81 Every UK Household’s Secret Shame

Image credits: VeryOftenWrong

#82 Spotted In My Local Sainsbury’s – Not Sure This Quite Adds Up

Image credits: Catsandveg

#83 I’m In A Bad Place At The Moment… Not Mentally, I’m Just In

Image credits: BisonLoose6266

#84 I Don’t Even Know Where To Post This

Image credits: Wonderful-Fishing857

#85 Found Sealed In My Nans Kitchen Cupboard

Image credits: MorningToast

#86 I’m Back Home For Christmas In Bedfordshire After 8 Years Of Being Away And I Have 2 Questions! When The Frick Did This Haircut Happen And Why Wasn’t It Stopped?

Image credits: Stevenlonghorn

#87 My Local Pubs Cheese And Onion Rolls

Image credits: rem0tely

#88 On This Day 25 Years Ago We Lost Princess Diana. Forever In Are Hearts

Image credits: StunnedMoose

#89 Technically True

Image credits: JamWasp

#90 The Opening Ceremnony For… Lidl?

Image credits: tomhoodie

#91 Watching The England V France Match And Searched Up The Referee On Google

Image credits: GoTS8IsTheWorst

#92 Top Tier Dad Joke From My Dad

Image credits: DaveBlathis

#93 I Have A Sick Dog So I Ordered £70 Worth Of Groceries From Morrisons Via Deliveroo. Morrisons Accepted The Order But Cancelled Almost Every Item. I Paid £5 Delivery And £5 Tip. And I Got An Onion. Deliveroo Refused To Cancel. Behold, The World’s Most Expensive Onion

Image credits: f3361eb076bea

#94 Step Aside Chatgpt!

Image credits: TrueSpins

#95 Thank You For Your 44 Years At Asda

Image credits: Substantial-Gate-777

#96 Just Got This Email From My Boy’s School. There Was A Swift Follow Up To Say Teacher Should Be Replaced With Cheetah

Image credits: ic3chill34

#97 Staying At My Parents Tonight. My Boyfriend Just Looked In Their Fridge And Said ‘I’ve Never Seen A Fridge Have So Much Yet So Little At The Same Time’

Image credits: Fluffy-Survey4036

#98 It’s Just A Hole In The Wall I Don’t Get It, What’s So Special? ? Why Is It A Tourist Attraction? Why Are The Reviews Like This?

Image credits: sploinkyy

#99 Had These Internationally Shipped To The U.S.. I Appreciated The Mini Lesson On How To Correctly Read The Date

Image credits: DamnItDarin

#100 Finally Found A Job Worse Than Mine – Playground Inspector. I Watched Him Test Every Piece Of Kids Playground Equipment In The Rain

Image credits: Grownuppieceofjizz

#101 Friend Is Studying For Their Citizenship Test And I Have To Say We Both Thoroughly Disagree With This Answer

Image credits: EhAhKen

#102 Coworker Keeps Joking About Me Being ‘Precious’ Because I Never Accept When He Offers To Make Me A Cuppa. This Is How He Makes His Tea

Image credits: SpikeVonLipwig

#103 I Got A Life Size (6’5) Jeremy Clarkson Cardboard Cut Out For Christmas, What Should I Do With It?

Image credits: The-Holy-Sheep-14

#104 Over A Year Ago I Bought A Kettle That Had A Short Plug Lead, Today I Found This

Image credits: TheWeirdDude-247

#105 It Takes Roughly 30 Creme Eggs To Fill A Fullsized Easter Egg. Presenting…the Megga Creme

Image credits: Milefox_

#106 A Greggs Just Opened Up Next To Another Greggs In Norwich

Image credits: reddit.com

#107 First Time Living On My Own, I Put These Here Over A Week Ago And They’re Still There. How Do I Get Them To Go To The Bathroom?

Image credits: Knillish

#108 Microsoft Has Mistranslated Zip Files As “Postcode” In The Gb Insider Version Of Windows 11

Image credits: waffenwolf

#109 It’s Lovely Being Back In The UK And Getting Proper TV Journalism

Image credits: istara

#110 I’ve Been Stood Here For Hours And Nothing Has Even Happened

Image credits: Internal_Job_5597

#111 Note Left In The Kitchen By My Housemate Because Her Oven Glove Has Disappeared

Image credits: Electrical-Risk586

#112 New Girl At Greggs Doesn’t Know The Bacon To Bap Ratio Yet 🙂

Image credits: death-in-tipton

#113 Ai Can Generate British Streets With Alarming Accuracy

Image credits: hoverside

#114 Pics From Our Old Letting Agent’s Check Out Report. Still Baffles Me

Image credits: Dukeofthumbs

#115 Used An Ai To Bring Henry Viii Into 2022- Thoughts?

Image credits: Lord_o_the_North

#116 Wish Me Luck, Guys!

Image credits: 26326312

#117 Cheers Eon, Glad I Sat In The Dark For An Hour

Image credits: TomAND1

#118 Someone On Facebook Posted This Breakfast Served At Alton Towers Hotel And It Keeps Me Up At Night

Image credits: JerosScotland

#119 Whose Stuff Does The British Museum Have?

Image credits: Iliketurterls

#120 I Kinda Wanna Know If I Have The Most Owned Copies Of Flushed Away, Like Maybe Not In The World But In The UK? I Have 9 So Far. Any Of You Have More?

Image credits: BL1FFORD

#121 I Don’t Know Where To Start

Image credits: KannyDay88

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