122 Of The Most Interesting Things People Found On The Beach (New Pics)

Summer is an excellent time for taking a vacation and the beach is a great place to go. It has much more to offer than just sand and water. If you keep your eyes open and get a little lucky, you’ll discover all sorts of treasures.

To show that you really can expect the unexpected, we at Bored Panda put together a new list of modern-day pirates’ most interesting finds. Sure, things like dental and flat Earth posters might not score you big bucks at the pawnshop, but they will definitely give you a good laugh.

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Continue scrolling to enjoy the collection and when you’re done, feel free to check out part I and part II of this fun little series.

#1 We Went To The Beach To Find Shark Teeth, So When My Daughter Yelled “I Found Teeth!” This Was The Last Thing I Was Expecting

Image credits: ProbablyNotDrew

#2 These Sand Sculptures Formed By Strong Winds Eroding Frozen Sand

Image credits: Mike_ZzZzZ

#3 Beach Has Baskets For People To Help Clean Up

Image credits: MusicGoose

#4 This Beach In Canada Is Filled With Crystal Blue Tide Pools And It’s So Magical

Image credits: unaviable

#5 I Just Tried To Chill My Beer In The Sea, When An Octopus Stole It From Me

Image credits: waswerte

#6 This Twisted Driftwood I Found On The Beach

Image credits: roccobaroco

#7 Was At The Beach And Found A Shell With Barnacles On It That Makes It Look Like An Anatomically Correct Heart

Image credits: Cascading-hearts98

#8 These Clouds At The Beach Look Like Waves

Image credits: 99999999

#9 The Town Next To Mine Just Installed An Accessibility Matt On The Beach For Wheelchairs And Strollers

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Image credits: canadianvintage

#10 Unbelievable Batman Sand Sculpture In Parksville, British Columbia

Image credits: agtmikescarn

#11 My Friend Found A Bottle Post On The Beach From A 5-Year-Old Boy, And Sends This To Him

“”Hi Mathias,

Thank you for your letter! We are two girls who got very happy when we found your bottle on the beach in Løkken, where we are currently on vacation. If you look on the map which we drew you can see how far your bottle traveled. It is about 277 km in a straight line. We found the bottle on the 25th of june. So it must have taken it 12 days to reach Denmark. That is about 1 km/h which is the same speed as a land turtle walking. Our names are Mischa and Rowan. Rowan is 26 from Bristol in England and Mischa is 21 and lives in Århus in Denmark. If you look on the map you can see an arrow that points towards England. Rowan is working in the British army. Mischa wants to be an architecht and draw big houses. What do you wanna become when you grow up?. You can answer us if you want on email xxxxxx.


Best regards Rowan and Mischa.

P.S. The sweets are for you and your friends in the kindergarten. Can you guess what flag is on them?”

Image credits: Aimhof

#12 My Brother Found A Bunch Of Vertebrae Bones On The Beach And Put Them Back Together Like A Puzzle

Image credits: mus3man42

#13 These Clouds Look Like A Giant Wave About To Wipe Out The Beach

Image credits: yungleaf

#14 This Beach In Germany Has A Free Public Library

Image credits: AusJonny

#15 My Nephew Found A Sea Shell With Squid Eggs Inside

Image credits: rockyroo529

#16 This Fellow Came Up To Me On The Beach Today

Image credits: Delosisland

#17 Stingray Bag

Image credits: kyleayers

#18 Sometimes You Just Need To Sit In The Sun And Look Fabulous. This Sea Lion Gets It

Image credits: melodylee515

#19 The Cafe At My Closest Beach Gives Free Drinks To People Who Collect A Bucket Of Litter From The Beach

Image credits: Chazster567

#20 Someone Made This Amazing Eagle Out Of Stones On A Beach In Devon, UK

Image credits: greengiantsbaby

#21 My Bracelet Started Picking Up All Of The Iron From The Sand

Image credits: DragonFawns

#22 Went To The Beach And Saw People Walking Their Duck

Image credits: Fero_Zucks

#23 Found On The Shores Of Lake Michigan. Fluorescent Under UV Light

Image credits: Qu33nMe

#24 The Snowfall Mixing With The Sand At The Beach, At My Cottage, Looks Like Coffee

Image credits: ty6557

#25 While Walking On The Beach In Hawaii My Wife And I Found This Glass Ball That Had Become The Home Of A Small Marine Ecosystem

Image credits: Tio76

#26 Giant Squid Washed Up In Wellington New Zealand

Image credits: Petaaa

#27 This Mobile Beach Vendor Has Tank Treads On His Cart

Image credits: DannyB1aze

#28 A Beach Inside A Cave

Image credits: Palana

#29 Found This Fossil On A Beach In Dorset Today

Image credits: Jamobinks

#30 A Rock I Found On The Beach Has A Tiny Starfish Fossil In It

Image credits: plwplw

#31 Perfectly Round Rock I Found At The Beach

Image credits: Fudgemnky

#32 Warning Sign On Singapore Beach. “This Isn’t Jersey Shore”

Image credits: nsulbu

#33 This Guy On A Beach In Barcelona Was Carving A Dragon Out Of Sand, And Put A Fire In Its Mouth To Look Like It’s Breathing Fire

Image credits: jonitfcfan

#34 Someone Made A Raptor Out Of Driftwood On A Local Beach

Image credits: tyeranitar

#35 This Thing That My Friend Found In The Water

Image credits: Saaintt

#36 Beach Day

Image credits: coronaboi78

#37 Went To A Beach In Iceland And Took A Full-Color Picture That Looks Entirely Grayscale

Image credits: AcerRubrum

#38 A Tree That Washed Up On A Beach In La Push, Washington

Image credits: MDL_Reddit

#39 This Piece Of Wall That Got Rounded By The Sea

Image credits: TheCorpseOfMarx

#40 Someone Brought Their Goat To The Beach Today

Image credits: TheMaliciousEggplant

#41 Seashells Beach In Slovenia

Image credits: Knedl87

#42 My Dog Found A Huge Bone At The Beach Today

Image credits: stellar6388

#43 This Corona Ad Regarding The Massive Garbage Problem In Our Beaches/Ocean. Waves Are Made Out Of Plastic Bottles

Image credits: moisesoneofmany

#44 My Son Found Sea Shells On His First Trip To The Beach. I Didn’t Have The Heart To Tell Him

Image credits: ShadyDingo

#45 What Kind Of Bone Is This? Found On Beach, San Francisco Area, CA USA

Image credits: worldstronaut

#46 Sand Carving On The Beach. I Created Tools To Cut Into The Sand And Remove The Excess In One Motion. Orange County, California

Image credits: zalansz

#47 My Mom And Uncle Found A USAF Target Drone On The Beach

Image credits: coolmanjack

#48 This Round Sea Glass That I Found At The Beach

Image credits: mindlessmarbles

#49 This Beach Has A Waiting Spot For Your Dog When You Need To Use The Washroom

Image credits: tapesided

#50 NC Coastal Residents Dispose Of Their Christmas Trees Where The Beach Meets The Dunes. These Get Covered With Sand And Help To Prevent Erosion

Image credits: Mofomania

#51 Hidden Beach In Mexico

Image credits: psychedtom

#52 Beach Wheelchairs

Image credits: Dane_Gleessak

#53 I Saw The End Of A Rainbow At The Beach Today

Image credits: SomeoneFromGalar

#54 Barnacle Croc Found On The Beach

Image credits: llamabeanbags

#55 Someone Made A Sand Hippo At The Beach

Image credits: Carp3l

#56 I Found A Blowfish Skeleton On The Beach In Mexico. I Think It’s Cool

Image credits: Wolfbater

#57 I Found A Fossil At The Beach Today

Image credits: rejectedtuna

#58 A Live Starfish On The Beach

Image credits: Flucks

#59 Changing Sands Of Ocean Beach From January To April At The Same Spot

Image credits: westboundbrooke

#60 Who No Longer Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea

Image credits: christoe2468

#61 I Asked My Mom If She Could Get A Picture Of Me Mid-Air Jumping Off A Sand Dune. She Assured Me She Could. These Are The Two Pics She Got

Image credits: emzieees

#62 Me And My Mates Found A Couch And Some Wooden Poles On The Beach

Image credits: L33tmagePK

#63 This Beach Bar Has A Dog Bar

Image credits: Heikousen_

#64 Found Some Kind Of Water Plant At The Beach With Little Stones Attached To Its Roots

Image credits: dascasi

#65 Today I Met A Seal On The Beach Of North Carolina

Image credits: RuXpin69

#66 Driftwood Beach Ent

Image credits: Oolican

#67 I Found A Brightly Colored Sea Slug At The Beach Today

Image credits: Evaleenora

#68 Someone Forgot His Leg On The Beach

Image credits: zerotarma

#69 In 27 Years Of Life, Today Is The First Time I’ve Seen A Sand Dollar At The Beach. Bodega Bay

Image credits: eatshitanddie1121

#70 The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Found On Oregon Beaches: Agatized Fossil Shell

Image credits: tyler_tloc

#71 He Didn’t Want His Shoes To Get Wet, So He Put Paper Bags On His Feet And Waded Into The Ocean

Image credits: WhoIsTheUnPerson

#72 A Piano Washed Up On A Beach Near Santa Cruz, CA – Largely Intact And Strings Still Strung

Image credits: SurferinaNecktie

#73 Saw These Guys At The Beach Today

Image credits: tuttosbagliatotuttodarifare

#74 This Perfectly Square Rock I Found At The Beach

Image credits: kharingin

#75 Wall Of Rain On The Beach

Image credits: Frodocoolnan

#76 Arranged Shells On Beach Look Like A Group Of Butterflies

Image credits: Jinora888

#77 There’s A Beach On Fuerteventura That Looks Like It’s Made Out Of Popcorn

Image credits: JonathanRune

#78 I Found Portuguese Man O’ War Washed Up On The Beach In Clovelly, UK

Image credits: Sirnando138

#79 Lightning Strikes Sand

Image credits: _GeorgeGunn

#80 My 8-Year-Old Came Running Up The Beach Yelling “I Found $100”. I Ran To See. I Was Disappointed, He Was Super Happy

Image credits: sarebot18

#81 Beaches In Thailand Don’t Usually Have Purple And Stretchy Things. About 75-80 Cm From Wet Sand To Rock Face Above. My Best Guess Is A Sea Anemone At Low Tide

Image credits: oneweirdglobe

#82 Surf Beaches In Queensland, Australia That Are In Isolated Locations And Not Patrolled By Lifeguards Include Automated Heart Defibrillators

Image credits: CapnFancyPants

#83 What’s That Green Colored Eel That Has Choked On Its Meal? That’s A-Moray

Image credits: MrBonelessPizza24

#84 My Friend Created A Rainbow Of Stones She Found On The Beach

Image credits: DoktorFreud

#85 At My Local Beach, They Let People Take Litter Pickers As They Walk As ‘Payment’ For Using The Beach

Image credits: DarraghTheWalsh

#86 This Shoe We Found Washed Up On The Beach Covered In Live Pipis

Image credits: catnappedgathy

#87 I Found This In The Sand At Lewes Beach, Delaware. It Looks Like It’s Part Of A Mandible, But Unsure About That

Image credits: SirHermiOdle

#88 Found This Fossil Moving On The Beach Today

Image credits: Golaso93

#89 Well I’m Not Going Back To That Beach Anymore

Image credits: sadan666

#90 Does Anyone Know What This Is? I Found It During Low Tide On Muir Beach In California. They Are Soft, And When Touched, They Close Up

Answer: Sea anemones just curled up until the water comes back up.

Image credits: SamMcGroovy

#91 The Boardwalk In Ocean City, New Jersey Has Separate Trash Cans Just For Pizza Boxes

Image credits: Lucius_Magus

#92 The Sand In Tahoe Is Magnetic And Stuck To My Phone

Image credits: bopete1313

#93 This Deteriorating Combination Lock I Found At The Beach

Image credits: SweetTaterette

#94 Sea Urchin Skeleton I Found At The Beach

Image credits: RevMeCar

#95 This Bridge To Nowhere. When The Tide Is Out, It Allows Beachgoers To Cross A Stream That Cuts Across The Beach

Image credits: camtarn

#96 The Water On The Beach Turned White After Hurricane Irma

Image credits: Pacetrapper

#97 I Found This Partially Weathered Lava Rock On The Beach

Image credits: Matador808

#98 This Rock I Found At The Beach That Looks Like The Beach

Image credits: TheSpaceship

#99 Found A Live Sand Dollar At The Beach

Image credits: chelsealrp

#100 The Sand At This Beach Is So Fine, It Stuck To My Arm Hair When I Touched It

Image credits: lapinsk

#101 Armless Fun At The Beach

Image credits: left-shoulder-closed

#102 This Transparent Changing Room At The Beach

Image credits: soadsophia

#103 Ice Cream Truck Stuck In The Ocean Today At Daytona Beach

Image credits: TempusFugit314

#104 On The Beaches Of Australia, Where I Always Feel Safe

Image credits: Cblann

#105 Found This While Beach Combing In The Olympic Peninsula. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It

Image credits: Fishtails

#106 My Step-Dad Got Bitten By A Pelican This Morning At Imperial Beach

Image credits: thelateoctober

#107 Masked Thief Steals Bag Off The Beach In Costa Rica

Image credits: DigitalUFX

#108 Ball Of Salt That I Took Out Of The Dead Sea

Image credits: afunnywold

#109 There’s An Exposed Coal Seam In The Cliff At My Local Beach

Image credits: tim—mit

#110 Sand Sculpture Of Millennium Falcon Found On The Beach This Morning

Image credits: Sweatyrando

#111 Found This Beast Of A Lobster Claw On The Beach

Image credits: Imatographer

#112 This Beach Has Jet-Black Sand

Image credits: KarmannosaurusRex

#113 I Found Three Covids At The Beach Today

Image credits: BigVariation3

#114 My Son And I Walked Past A Washed Up Skull Of A Humpback Whale Today At Ocean Beach In San Francisco

Image credits: sharkyhunt

#115 Sand Sculpture Of A Girl That I Found On The Beach

Image credits: IAccidentallyBuiltIt

#116 A Round Piece Of Wood I Found At The Beach

Image credits: Blu_Mun1212

#117 Weirdly Hollow Lens Shaped Things Stuck Together With No Pattern. Found On A Beach, On The West Coast Of The Scottish Highlands

Image credits: satiredun

#118 A Bloom Of Jellyfish Was Beached Near My Home In Southern Japan This Weekend

Image credits: Japesthetank

#119 Found This Thing On The Beach. It’s Solid And Smells Like Seaweed. What Is It?

Answer: Codium bursa is a green marine algae of medium size.

Image credits: Oromandi

#120 Heart Shaped Rock With Coral Arteries Found At The Beach

Image credits: Grvs78

#121 Wake Up Beach People

Image credits: JoeinJapan

#122 This Diamond-Shaped Stone I Found At The Beach

Image credits: Joliver00776

Source: boredpanda.com

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