125 Obsolete Things To Show Just How Much The World Has Changed (New Pics)

Nostalgia, a sentimental longing for the past, is a very common and highly social-emotional experience. It is centered around the self, important social connections, and meaningful life events. In other words, when our mind drowns itself in these sentimental memories, it makes us revisit the precious moments we shared with friends and loved ones.

So to invite you on a new trip down memory lane, we at Bored Panda are continuing our series on the popular subreddit r/Nostalgia, and have once again compiled its best recent posts. Continue scrolling to check them out, and if you missed our earlier publications, catch up here, here, and here.

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#1 Leather Phone Cases Used By Some Dads In The Early 2000s

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#2 Different Decade, Same Spooky Family

Image credits: Supercosplaylover

#3 Erasers That Never Erased Anything

Image credits: OmicronGR

#4 A Top 10 Gift If You Were A Kid In The 90’s, I Present To You, The Ultimate Surround Sound Audio, Complete With The Option To Extend The Speakers 2 Feet While Simultaneously Having A Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System On Your Ceiling

Image credits: fugazi-stugotz

#5 The Clear Craze Of The 90s When Almost Everything Was Clear

Image credits: BrightSummerDays

#6 Who Remembers Making Textbook Covers From Grocery Bags In The Late 1970s And 80s?

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#7 The Most Relatable Rugrats Quote: “It’s Four O’clock In The Morning! Why On Earth Are You Making Chocolate Pudding?” “Because I’ve Lost Control Of My Life” 1993

Image credits: Dayetison

#8 The Original Facebook

Image credits: artem_nyan

#9 Manual Credit Card Machine. You Know The Sounds It Makes

Image credits: James_Bong

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#10 Back When I Was Growing Up, Ice Cream Came In A Box!

Image credits: Radizelyo

#11 Who Remembers The Parachute Guy. Would Always Get Stuck Up A Tree Or On A Roof

Image credits: thatissubpar

#12 Rear Door Ashtrays; Playing With These As A Kid On Car Rides

Image credits: Brozalx

#13 Apple Computers In Late90s/Early2000s

Image credits: Djf47021

#14 Brittney Spears & Christina Aguilera At The 2000 Mtv Vma’s

Image credits: Otherwise_Basis_6328

#15 Getting To Play With The Parachute In The 90s Was Peak “Life Is Good”

Image credits: Popular_Echo4882

#16 Cd-Rom Games

Image credits: loopie35

#17 Eating Mac N’ Cheese By Arranging A Single Noodle On Each Fork Tine

Image credits: ikmf2569xf

#18 Gameboy, American Girl Dolls, Blockbuster, Beanie Babies, Longaberger Baskets, Boom Box, And A Bowl Cut. The Dream Of 1998z

Image credits: crunchygroovez

#19 The Original Mouse Trap

Image credits: In-Jail-Out-Soon

#20 Whistle Pops (1970’s)

Image credits: Full-Mulberry5018

#21 Weekend Nights At The Skating Rink Were As Close To A Nightclub Scene As Us Pre-High Schoolers Got Back In The Day

Image credits: Spalding_Smails

#22 Wendy’s Sunrooms

Image credits: CormacZissou

#23 For My First Father’s Day My Incredible Wife Bought Me My Favourite Toy From My Childhood So My Son And I Can Play Together. She Even Re-Did All The Stickering

Image credits: QueanbeyanPride

#24 Aim (1997-2017)

Image credits: T1m3Wizard

#25 A Favorite Show From Childhood. Anybody Remember Muppet Babies?

Image credits: APdabs503

#26 Image Transferring With Silly Putty

Image credits: noconnostalgia

#27 Coke Machines With A Huge Coke Button

Image credits: dunnkw

#28 Pizza Hut Glasses

Image credits: Teelk3007

#29 Inflatable Furniture

Image credits: peter-s

#30 The 64 Pack Of Crayons With A Built In Sharpener

Image credits: esloishatpc

#31 Found Stashed Inside The Dash Of My 90’s Camaro While Doing Some Wiring , Motley Crue Live, Folded In A 90’s Dairy Queen Napkin

Image credits: JohnM187

#32 Malcolm In The Middle

Image credits: xwing1212

#33 Came Across My Game Boy Earlier Today While Cleaning Out Some Old Boxes

Image credits: HeyChason

#34 Anybody Else Have Parents Who Saved National Geographics And Included Them On The Family Bookshelf?

Image credits: Spalding_Smails

#35 Windows 95 Themes

Image credits: redditburner2112

#36 McDonald’s Packaging From The Early 90s

Image credits: GaffersB

#37 Taking Flintstones Vitamins Growing Up

Image credits: Djf47021

#38 Tale Spin (1990-1991)

Image credits: T1m3Wizard

#39 Og Goosebumps (1992-1997)

Image credits: ReadMeAStoryPlease

#40 I Found These McDonald’s Transformer Toys In My Parents’ Attic Recently

Image credits: starrgarita

#41 My McDonald’s Halloween Buckets From 1986

Image credits: TheRealOcsiban

#42 Rollercoaster Tycoon ?

Image credits: CeaseFireForever

#43 Hybrid Theory And Meteora Were Big Parts Of My High School Years. Linkin Park

Image credits: styder11

#44 “The Hologram Store” That Sold Beauties Like These At The Mall

Image credits: wiltony

#45 An Array Of Retro Cherry Coke Can Designs

Image credits: EMF911

#46 McDonald’s Old Hot Apple Pie Paper Packaging

Image credits: ItchyFlyer

#47 Bath And Body Works Cucumber Melon

Image credits: AndiFoxxx

#48 The Way The Sanford King Size Permanent Marker Smelled

Image credits: lawyersgunznmoney90

#49 Who Remembers Ecco The Dolphin?

Image credits: SupremoZanne

#50 Styrofoam Airplanes

Image credits: w1n5t0nM1k3y

#51 Cosmic Brownie

Image credits: thehandyinsurer

#52 Who Remembers Bubble Beeper?

Image credits: In-Jail-Out-Soon

#53 Honeywell Thermostat

Image credits: CartersPlain

#54 Kit Kat With Tinfoil Wrapping

Image credits: UnsupportedDevice

#55 I Never Realized That Starbursts Changed The Wrappers Until I Saw These Sitting On Display In The Store And Got Hit With So Much Nostalgia

Image credits: surfwax99

#56 Pre 9/11 When A Kid Was Able To Visit The Cockpit Of An Airplane

Image credits: Mylaptopisburningme

#57 Plastic Juice Containers That Taisted Horrible But We Drank Them Anyway

Image credits: SamWinchester79

#58 Me & My Mum In My First School Photo 2004 ?

Image credits: billmad2509

#59 Smashing Pumpkins Before Billy Corgan Started His 3 Decade “Uncle Fester Cosplay“ Phase

Image credits: DMcuteboobs

#60 The Big Comfy Couch (1992-2007)

Image credits: ReadMeAStoryPlease

#61 Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Nightmares For A Kid In The 90’s

Image credits: xcomegetsomex

#62 Night At The Roxbury (1998)

Image credits: Otherwise_Basis_6328

#63 Picture Viewers

Image credits: hotbowlsofjustice

#64 Bread Sampler At The Grocery Store

Image credits: _khanrad

#65 Who Watched “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” Growing Up? What A 90s Masterpiece

Image credits: Filmband06

#66 Highlights Magazine

Image credits: caughtyoulookinn

#67 Lost (2004)

Image credits: Otherwise_Basis_6328

#68 Speaking Of Foil, Who Remembers Corn Pops In That Foil Bag?

Image credits: Clownbaby43

#69 Crunch Bar With The Foil

Image credits: illlsmith

#70 Who Remembers The Old School Foil Wrapped Ding Dongs?

Image credits: LifeIsDeBubbles

#71 An Ancient Memory. Busytown Mysteries

Image credits: BrightSummerDays

#72 Kellogg’s Star Wars Spoon

Image credits: Majorpain2006

#73 The 90s Was The Wild West Of Candies. None More Egregious Than Ooze Tubes

Image credits: Popular_Echo4882

#74 Who Remembers Schwans?

Image credits: agrainofsandubeach

#75 The Red Roof Design Of The McDonald’s

Image credits: gamerguy287

#76 My First Dog

Image credits: jkatlanta

#77 Flintstones Push UPS

Image credits: joetophat

#78 My Street Shark Costume From Around 1994

Image credits: apaloosafire

#79 U.S. Mail Delivery Jeeps

Image credits: Full-Mulberry5018

#80 Olden Days Hot Topic

Image credits: Lavendar_Cinnamoroll

#81 Nintendo Dust Covers

Image credits: Teelk3007

#82 My Wallet From Elementary School

Image credits: rdis

#83 The Old Taco Bell Packaging (Also The Easy Button)

Image credits: Uncommon_sharpie

#84 When Nutri Grain Wrappers Used To Be A Single Shiny Color Matching Their Flavor

Image credits: rationalvillian

#85 Pert Plus, It’s All You Need

Image credits: FAX_ME_YOUR_BOTTOM

#86 Sobe: Who Else Remembers These Fantastic Drinks

Image credits: Proof_Procedure9665

#87 Short Circuit

Image credits: Timerez

#88 Nothing That Wasn’t Candy Ever Tasted More Like Candy That Ludens Cough Drops

Image credits: Popular_Echo4882

#89 L’oreal No Tear Shampoo

Image credits: zhawnsi

#90 Just Found A Rain Forest Cafe

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Did Anyone Ever Get Bored And Pretend That Ordinary Objects Were Spaceships?

Image credits: Smoke_Me_When_i_Die

#92 Reebok Pumps

Image credits: Nubadopolis

#93 Your Halloween Was Legit If You Ever Had The Blood Pumping Scream Mask

Image credits: NJS1993

#94 Anybody Else Have The Talkboy When They Were Younger?

Image credits: WizardWell

#95 The Short Lived Eddie Murphy Claymation, The Pjs

Image credits: heyyyohermanooo

#96 Og Fruit Gushers – Why Did They Ditch The Classic Paper Packaging For Foil???

Image credits: rojotri

#97 What Doritos Used To Look Like

Image credits: rwdxr4ti

#98 Charlie The Unicorn

Image credits: CrikeyMikeyLikey

#99 Saving Silverman (2001) Such A Wildly Underrated Movie

Image credits: Popular_Echo4882

#100 Remember Penny? From The Early 90’s Anti-Drug Psas Between Saturday Morning Cartoons?

Image credits: AGlassDarkley

#101 The Simpsons Hit & Run (2003)!

Image credits: gamerguy287

#102 I Was Wondering What Happened To Snackwell’s Cookies Since I Haven’t Seen Them In A While… Turns Out They Were Discontinued A Few Months Ago

Image credits: YukiHase

#103 Sim City 2000

Image credits: J_D2345

#104 Who Remembers The Story Of Tikki Tikki Tembo-No Sa Rembo-Chari Bari Ruchi-Pip Peri Pembo And His Little Bro Chang?

Image credits: monolake78

#105 Love You Forever


#106 K-Marts Video Game Section In 2001

Image credits: rick1991nl

#107 Old Design Of The Sprite Soda Can

Image credits: GreatMetal5

#108 Windows 95 – Ski Free

Image credits: HenryEck

#109 Those Old School Vo5 Shampoo Bottles

Image credits: micahtex

#110 Old Propel Bottles

Image credits: geminisyndrome

#111 Red Wendy’s Doesn’t Taste As Good As Yellow Used To

Image credits: Max_Stoned

#112 McDonald’s In The Early 2000’s

Image credits: Djf47021

#113 Fisher Price Castle Set

Image credits: aaperiod

#114 Fruit Roll UPS Peel N Build Pizza Snack

Image credits: Psyteq

#115 They Live | 1988

Image credits: quantumized

#116 Philadelphia Snack Bars – Strawberry Cheese Cake – Please Bring These Back!

Image credits: CriticalHitGaming

#117 Found My Old D.a.r.e Mug I Got Back In The 90s

Image credits: kenistod

#118 This Classic Taco Bell Hot Sauce Design

Image credits: ajamesmccarthy

#119 Country Apple Body Splash From Bath & Body Works

Image credits: GaffersB

#120 Who Else Remembers The Rumor That If You Found A Star On The Tootsie Pop Wrapper It Meant Good Luck?

Image credits: aSaltyFriendd

#121 Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire – Nintendo 64 (1996)

Image credits: Otherwise_Basis_6328

#122 Sega Dreamcast (9/9/99)

Image credits: T1m3Wizard

#123 TV Displays In The 2000s

Image credits: Djf47021

#124 P.b. Crisps Are The G.o.a.t. Of Snack Foods

Image credits: lablondi3

#125 The Last Of The Mohicans (1992)

Image credits: Otherwise_Basis_6328

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