71 Spine-Chilling Photos Of The Creepiest Things People Have Witnessed (New Pics)

The comfort zone is that cozy place where we feel the most safe and at ease. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and what brings peace to one person doesn’t always have the same effect on another. Finding the willingness to leave can be just as hard, but it has to be done in order to grow and improve as a person.

Today, we’re kickstarting the journey out of the comfort zone by sharing the most uneasy and strange-looking photos people have posted on the subreddit r/Weird. From creepy ransom notes to real human skull necklaces, these eerie experiences are guaranteed to make you uncomfortable.

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While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out a conversation with licensed clinical psychologist Aimee Daramus, Psy.D., and psychologist and author Ashley J. Smith, PhD, who kindly agreed to tell us more about the comfort zone.

#1 When I Come Home After Spending The Night Away, The First Thing I Saw Was My Loft Hatch Half Open

Image credits: b0ggydepot

#2 Seen In Oak Harbor Ohio

Image credits: Nickyluvs2cum

#3 The Weird Way The Light Hits My Face. I Have A Moon Face

Image credits: sid_not_vicious

The British Heart Foundation has revealed that over half of its nation doesn’t venture outside of their comfort zones, with 45% saying they might regret it in the future. Every second British person admits sticking to the same routine every day, and almost a third can’t remember the last time they tried something challenging or new. 

To learn more about our habits and leaving our comfort zones, we reached out to licensed clinical psychologist Aimee Daramus, Psy.D., and psychologist and author Ashley J. Smith, PhD.

#4 I Was Sent An Anonymous ‘Gift’ To My Home Address (I Just Moved And Didn’t Tell Anyone) With My Last Name That I Only Use Privately (I Recently Got Married And Haven’t Announced It Yet). The Contents Of This Book Are Opposite To My Views. Amazon Says The Sender Is Fully Anonymous. I’m Creeped Out

Image credits: dontbeadickmrfisher

#5 If You’re Cat Falls In To Flour (Face First), Do You Think It Is A Good Idea To Call The Local Pastor?

Image credits: Stephen_Is_handsome

#6 Window Suction Cups Acted As Magnifying Glass And Melted My Pillows

Image credits: Capn_Cooke

According to both psychologists, avoiding leaving our safe space can have negative effects on our mental health. “Staying inside your comfort zone reinforces anxiety,” said Smith. “By that, I mean that the more you stay inside your comfort zone, the more you will want to. Stepping or stretching outside your comfort zone will make you feel anxious and uncomfortable.”

#7 These Characters Appeared On My Arm Under A Blacklight

Image credits: justthekip_

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#8 My Kid Made A Luncheon Mask And I Don’t Like It

Image credits: Beetlejuice2013

#9 Damn, I Hope This Guy Is Alright

Image credits: FraternityMan

Smith also mentions, “Over time, you’ll likely find that your comfort zone shrinks and that more things will make you feel uncomfortable. Conversely, stepping outside of your comfort zone helps expand it—you’ll get more comfortable with more things, anxiety will go down, and your confidence tends to increase.”

#10 Man With Radiation Poisoning, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia

Image credits: TheOddityCollector

#11 Letter In The Mail My Mom Received Today

Image credits: The-Real-Iggy

#12 Found In A House I Was Cleaning Out

Image credits: StamplerStache

Meanwhile, Daramus further explains that many stay in it because leaving often brings up fear, anger, disgust, and other uneasy emotions. In order to make breaking out of their comfort zone easier, she encourages people to keep in mind that “feelings are usually opinions, not facts.” So if doing something makes a person nervous, it’s worth asking if there’s actually any danger in a situation before reacting.

#13 Come, Sit. Maybe We Can Chit Chat…

Image credits: ObjectiveAd6551

#14 Well, Women’s Bodies Are Made For Strains During Pregnancy That Might Surprise Those “Experts”

Image credits: SiteTall

#15 I Woke Up With This On My Leg

Image credits: batusao4

If an individual has particular things they’re uncomfortable with, Smith says that looking at pictures from this list related to them can help expand their comfort zone. “It’s a technique psychologists call exposure, which is essentially facing your fear until you learn that you can handle it. Over time, the fear itself tends to decrease as you get used to it.”

#16 A Mask Found At A Yard Sale

Image credits: meeshyquinn

#17 When The Guy You Paid To Renovate Does A Bunch Of Shrooms Before Starting

Image credits: Barsidious_White

#18 This New LEGO Duplo Ad Has A Kid That Looks And Is Dressed Exactly Like Me In The Early 90s Playing With My Duplo Blocks…

Image credits: schants

According to Daramus, for some, these pictures can be a little intense. Therefore, she recommends they try something less acute. “For example, if you’re uncomfortable with dating, try something safer, like a group date with trusted friends, and then ease into more high-pressure situations. When you can, ease into a new situation,” she said.

#19 High Schoolers In The 70s Looked 30

Image credits: Robloxianxs

#20 Two Ticks On A Tick, Which Was On My Cat

Image credits: bitch_let_me_live

#21 This Onion Didn’t Have Any Rings

Image credits: VivariuM_007

Those who find the strength to leave their comfort zone often reap its benefits. “Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable builds confidence and courage, and is a key to living a bold life,” said Smith.

#22 Found A Single, Chewed-Up Woman’s Shoe In The Middle Of The Desert

Image credits: Jadeyeux

#23 Mark On Leg After Snorkeling In The Caribbean

Image credits: ionyx

#24 Someones Car

Image credits: Guilty-Table123

Meanwhile, Daramus believes that leaving it can open so many new opportunities. “There are so many interesting places to go, and interesting people to meet. New skills that you might want to try out. You can’t usually be good at something until you go through the phase where you’re bad at it, so don’t worry if getting out of your comfort zone is difficult at first.”

#25 This Guy Messaged Me And I Happened To Look At His Bio Gives Me Creeps

Image credits: randomgirlnamedkat

#26 Found On Facebook

Image credits: ShadowsGirl9

#27 Any Idea What This Symbolizes? Discovered On Deceased Sibling’s Camera Roll

Image credits: SneakerHead_Sean

#28 What Is Happening To This Egg?

Image credits: nala_beans

#29 How Did A Crawfish End Up On My Driveway? I Don’t Live Near Any Rivers

Image credits: sandyflopflip

#30 Not Sure What Their Message Is

Image credits: Jcaseykcsee

#31 Are You From The Future?

Image credits: _Triangulum

#32 I Only Get Goosebumps On One Side Of My Body Ever Since I Had Spine Surgery

Image credits: crownedPom

#33 I Found This Stuck In My Apartment Door This Afternoon, No Note Or Anything With It

Image credits: guru2764

#34 This Happens Every Time I Come In Contact With Hot Water

Image credits: LittleSausageLinks

#35 I Found This Notecard On The Box To Buzz People In To My Apartment

Image credits: slicehyperfunk

#36 Two Items From My “Stuff” Drawer Chemically Bonded

Image credits: silver64js

#37 Saw This On A Cottage Property I Surveyed

Image credits: SageAMunster

#38 Got This Weird Text From A Unknown Number

Image credits: z0mbieshift

#39 Woke Up And Found Two Patches Of Dried Blood On My Arm With No Cuts Anywhere

Image credits: Extension_Bit4323

#40 Developed At A 1-Hour Photo In The 90’s

Image credits: Slow-Painting-8112

#41 Weird “Free” Sock Appears In My Clean Laundry

Image credits: dogengu

#42 I Found A Bunch Of Dandelions Combined Into One 🙂

Image credits: loonicorn12

#43 Saw A Post About Goose Bumps After Surgery, Here’s The Spot They Temporarily Paralyzed My Nerve For A Lower Leg Surgery. No Hair For Years

Image credits: Zenmetsu-

#44 This Bathtub I Found In The Middle Of The Woods. It Constantly Leaks Water

Image credits: ghostwilliz

#45 My Mom Called Me, She’s Been Dead For 6 Months And Her Phone Number Is No Longer In Use On Her Old Phone

Image credits: Uninspired_Human_

#46 I’ve Been Finding These Tiny Shards Of Glass In My Bedroom For Two Weeks

Image credits: HorrorGamer26

#47 Weird Flight Experience

Image credits: dvrooster

#48 Found This In My Mail

Image credits: diede12345

#49 White Handprints On My Car

Image credits: Motor-Ad6898

#50 What Does The Hh Stand For? Spotted In Ohiopyle State Park, Pa

Image credits: Pooltoy-Fox-2

#51 Creepy Doll At An Estate Sale

Image credits: jldolan

#52 Bought This On A Whim

Image credits: Lanky-Peak-2222

#53 What Kind Of Nest Is This?

Image credits: Mindless_Cook_9388

#54 Found This Thing

Image credits: AnimeYumi

#55 Random Dark Blotches Appeared On My Hand

Image credits: warmsidewalk

#56 Found On Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: KneemaToad

#57 Toy Story Perfume At Ross

Image credits: ChadsJuul

#58 Blue Milk

Image credits: Lacy_Laplante89

#59 I Ordered A $10 Waste Bin On Amazon And This $47 Makeup Was In The Box. Never Ordered This Before

Image credits: Babsthewonderful

#60 What The Hell Is This? My Phone Never Did This Before? Should I Be Worried?

Image credits: LasagnaIsItalianCake

#61 Has Anyone Ever Done This Before?

Image credits: KCousins4President

#62 Tried Boiling Some Eggs

Image credits: AnitaKK

#63 This Sticker On The Parking Lot Ticket Machine

Image credits: Balunzo23

#64 I’m Sure Nothing Nefarious Has Happened On This Mattress

Image credits: HappyEffort8000

#65 A Mask We Found In The Basement Of A Family Member

Image credits: TrinitySins

#66 Idk What Possessed Someone To Make This…

Image credits: Unknownnoname_

#67 Going Into The Grocery Store And Either Someone Had A Breakthrough, Or A Breakdown

Image credits: StillLearning12358

#68 My Friend Saw “Flat Earth Guy” Again

Image credits: Itsashx3

#69 This Weird Bus Stop Graffiti That I Can’t Decipher. Anyone Have Any Ideas?

Image credits: lemme_try_again

#70 Found These Ramblings Written On The Bus. Anyone Know What They Are?

Image credits: dnb_ocd

#71 Found This On The Street. Weird?

Image credits: justuranium

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