126 Petty Things People Did When They Felt Like Revenge Was The Only Option

Generally speaking, fantasizing about taking an eye for an eye—getting revenge on someone who was being a jerk—is human nature. But often acting vengefully remains just that, a scenario in our mind. Our moral compass combined with the fear of further escalation keeps most of us in check. Most, but not all.

Revenge is a powerful emotional trigger that can actually mobilize some people into action. So we at Bored Panda decided to take a look at the ways it manifests in our everyday lives. Digging around the internet, we found many petty acts that people resort to in an attempt to restore justice. Like pouring water in front of the dishwasher to make your husband try to fix it even though the thing is perfectly fine. Continue scrolling to check out what we’ve gathered and fire up our older publications on the topic here and here. Enjoy!

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#1 Oh, This Is Gold

Image credits: sehnaoui

#2 I Really Hope It Was Her Name In Comic Sans

Image credits: _breyonnn

#3 What Could Go Wrong Blocking A Farmer’s Gate To Save A Parking Fee?

#4 Employees In A Supermarket React To A Customer That Left The Car In The Middle Of The Parking Lot, Blocking The Way

Image credits: velocifasor

#5 Getting My Roommate To Clean

Image credits: austinlockedup

#6 Awesome Mom

Image credits: ArtIsMyPorn

#7 High Five Grandma, That’s Awesome

Image credits: boomboombetty

#8 Outstanding Move

Image credits: rachel_speigel7

#9 Evil. Brilliant… But Evil

Image credits: 3sunzzz

#10 What A Power Move

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Image credits: clarinetnerd17

#11 The Power Of Mums

Image credits: Charalanahzard

#12 Petty Betty

Image credits: roastmalone_

#13 Justice Is Served

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#14 After Years Of This Guy Using My Email As A Spam Account, I Got My Revenge. He Signed My Email. Up For Siriusxm Which Also Gives Me The Ability To Beep His Horn

Image credits: F3nman

#15 And The Winner Is

Image credits: broadwaysweetie

#16 Revenge Is A Dish Best Not Served

Image credits: facebook.com

#17 To Everyone At Work That Has Been Eating My Jellybeans. Now The Fun Begins

Image credits: slimjimi09

#18 My Two Older Children Were Trying To Lay Out All Of Their Pokémon Cards, But The Youngest Kept Intervening, So They Duct-Taped Him To A Chair

Image credits: SavetheUnicornssss

#19 Turns Out We Have Ghosts

Image credits: MarketingBully_

#20 Well, I’d Do The Same

Image credits: Paul_Hawkins83

#21 Genius

Image credits: rnaryah

#22 Banana Revenge

Image credits: victorpopejr

#23 What A Legend

Image credits: audrocur

#24 Petty Times Call For Petty Measures

Image credits: iamnotanothermachine

#25 A Days-Worth Of Dirty Diapers For Whoever Keeps Stealing Packages Off Our Porch

Image credits: TheLastDeBarge

#26 Someone At Work Kept Stealing My Sister’s Cherry Cokes Out Of The Fridge. So She Rubbed The Top Of The Can With A Habanero Pepper. Hope This Will Prevent Them From Stealing

Image credits: topherella

#27 Never Forget Those Ribs

Image credits: tayloranthonyj

#28 Inspiring Moment

Image credits: littleredsays

#29 This Is How You End Up In Hell

Image credits: PoolSharkPete

#30 I Applaud This Level Of Petty

Image credits: londonbreedann

#31 My Neighbor “Allegedly” Refused To Pay The Guy Who Cleared His Back Yard. He’ll Be Coming Home To This Gift Left In His Driveway

Image credits: CalbertCorpse

#32 Did He Even Remember?

Image credits: gen3stang

#33 Ethan Isn’t Playing Around This Semester

Image credits: jojomarshalll

#34 My Sister And I Had An Argument And She’s Chopped The Bristles Off Of My Toothbrush. Why?

Image credits: samclaflln

#35 Karen’s “Revenge”

Image credits: imBrittJones

#36 I Would Have Done The Same

Image credits: da_drought_3

#37 This Is My Level Of Petty

Image credits: twitter.com

#38 Thought My Mom Was Sending Me A Care Package… But Instead She Sent Me A Box Of Trash I Was Supposed To Take Out

Image credits: thedeal_5

#39 My Neighbor Keeps Vacuuming His Floor When I’m Sleeping At Night. I Started Vacuuming The Ceiling As He Sleeps At 3AM

Image credits: directormaxx

#40 I Like Her Style

Image credits: Megatronic13

#41 Drink Up

Image credits: imgur.com

#42 Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Image credits: l10barge

#43 Thwaites Brewery In England Told Workers It Was Cutting 60 Staff. My Dad’s Mates Worked As Electricians There And Shorted The Lights In Retaliation

Image credits: stiggle13

#44 Talk About Revenge

Image credits: ceejoyner

#45 This Is So Me

Image credits: monschleichs

#46 You Know How Mad You Got To Be To Carry A Refrigerator

Image credits: karlousm

#47 Pizza Sponsored By This Drunk Creep

Image credits: RickSoBreezy

#48 “Screw Your Time I’ll Exercise In The Street” Is An Entire Mood

Image credits: kristen_arnett

#49 I Bet There’s A Dude Sitting With Just Salt And Pepper In His Cubbard Right Now Wishing He Had That Old Bay I Snatched Back

Image credits: deelalz

#50 Oh Wow, This Is Next Level

Image credits: lv_eventing

#51 My Mate Told The Driver Of The Black Corsa Not To Park In The Company’s Parking Space. He Gave My Mate Attitude And Ignorance. So My Mate Put Scaffold Up Around His Car

Image credits: Chris Luke

#52 Joe Mode

Image credits: snazzyq

#53 Madlad Strikes At His Mom

Image credits: sageoftheend

#54 Dad Waits 28 Years To Return Birthday Card To Son

Image credits: robwitts

#55 It Never Ends Baby

Image credits: InternetHippo

#56 My Coworker Decided To Prank Us, So We Exacted Our Revenge

Image credits: Practical-Try9582

#57 A Japanese Woman Discovered Her Boyfriend Was Cheating, So She Gathered All His Apple Devices And Dumped Them Into A Tub Full Of Water

Image credits: potetosarada000

#58 My Friend’s Girlfriend Moved Out And Took Everything, Including The Drawer Handles

Image credits: whatcanieattoday

#59 Let’s Review

Image credits: sheecoulee

#60 Woke Up To My Coffee Jar Like This After A Petty Argument With My Partner

Image credits: suspicious_sushi

#61 If I’m The Only One In My Building Who Shovels The Sidewalk, Then I Will Have My Revenge

Image credits: defartknight

#62 Neighbor’s Car Hasn’t Moved After He Cheated Because This Was Her Revenge

Image credits: Hsduncan

#63 Petty? Yes. Satisfying? Definitely. Handwriting? Horrible

The note says: “Hey buddy, it looks like you don’t understand how to operate a motor vehicle. This will help you practice staying inside the lines like the toddler you are.”

Image credits: CommanderApparent

#64 This Is What I Get For Nicely Telling Two German Campers To Leave From My Property

Image credits: Smeask

#65 That’s Comedy Gold, Right There

Image credits: georgeresch

#66 I’d Say This Is Chaotic Good

Image credits: exssardonyx

#67 Blocking Her Out Of Your Life

Image credits: masterxchiller

#68 Complaint About Delivery Of The Wrong Grade Of Copper

Image credits: IHLaking

#69 The Height Of Pettiness Seen In A UK Car Park Today

Image credits: en2ropy

#70 Roommate Came Back To 400 Balloons In His Room. He Got His Revenge When The Other One Left For A Week. Everything In His Room Was Wrapped And Put Back In The Same Place

Image credits: justthetip13

#71 This Is The Pettiness You Love To See

Image credits: Chialton

#72 Bad Parking Like This Doesn’t Go Unpunished Where I Work

Image credits: lodoyun

#73 No Parking

Image credits: kaeedo

#74 If You Park Like This I Will Find You And Make Sure You Have To Climb Through The Passengers Side

Image credits: texastech14

#75 My Sons Accidentally Lost Their Football Over The Neighbors’ Fence Yesterday. This Is How It Was Found Back In Our Yard Today

Image credits: buddahsumo

#76 Evil Act Of Revenge

Image credits: blakkat99

#77 Revenge Of A Weaboo

Image credits: gergobergo69

#78 Madlad Revenge

Image credits: sauceddie

#79 How To Get Revenge 101

Image credits: pm_me_your_severum

#80 I’d Say It’s A Revenge Between Generations

Image credits: drewtoothpaste

#81 Crazy Ex

Image credits: insommilly

#82 Epic Man

Image credits: andyyrose__

#83 That’s The Definition Of Petty

Image credits: ilovepie84

#84 Every Time The Bread Gets Used, The Twist Disappears. I Started Collecting Them And Today I Got My Revenge

Image credits: muddog7998

#85 My Daughter Yelled At Me To Make Her A “Surprise Snack”

Image credits: Skunkdrunkpunk

#86 Dumping My Roommate’s Trash At His Door Because He Won’t Take It Out

Image credits: balls_deep69_

#87 Son’s Revenge

Image credits: bizmeddit01

#88 Some Sweet Revenge. I Was Still Within The Lines Too

Image credits: 2001_xj

#89 My Petty Neighbors

Image credits: 220221WhatevrItTakes

#90 Careful Not To Step In The Retribution

Image credits: blahprath

#91 This Is What Happens When You Take Up 3 Spots At Walmart In My Town

Image credits: luwe00

#92 Classics Never Get Old

Image credits: nicspectre

#93 My Flatmate Pissed Me Off So I Froze Their Cutlery Into An Ice Block

Image credits: CakeLikeBeth

#94 My Mom Told Me She Would Buy Me Grapes But She Lied To Me

Image credits: fivemuskaqueers

#95 A Friend Toilet-Papered Our Car So We Decided To Up The Level A Bit For Revenge

Image credits: Ryman_Teaa

#96 Spotted Today In Muswell Hill – A Level Of Petty Revenge To Which I Can Only Aspire

Image credits: totteridgewhetstone

#97 I Call This OCD Cornbread. My Wife Ate My Last Apple, This Is My Revenge

Image credits: HiHo-Silver

#98 A Really Expensive Revenge

Image credits: Talerock_Studio

#99 My Friend Got His Door Stolen By His Neighbor, So He Stole His Neighbor’s Back In Revenge

Image credits: Adventurer32

#100 My Friend’s Parents Force Her And Her Siblings To Have A Picture With Santa Every Year. This Year They Got Revenge And Took This Beauty Home

Image credits: silentscope87

#101 This Is How To Handle The Parking Problem

Image credits: j0be

#102 Sweet Revenge

Image credits: highoffwicks

#103 That’s Pretty Petty Revenge

Image credits: MoorThanAQueen

#104 Hit Where It Hurts

Image credits: Vjmoyo

#105 Petty Misbehavior

Image credits: JewelStaite

#106 No Burgers And Biscuits For Her

Image credits: realukquotes4

#107 He Tried To Start A Full On War

Image credits: simoncholland

#108 This Guy Parked Well Over The Line So I Parked In A Way That Blocked His Driver Side Door

Image credits: KVirello

#109 I Get A Little Petty When My Dad Likes To Mess Up The Laundry Room And Blame It On Me

Image credits: DustyStarr18

#110 My Ex-Boyfriend Encrypted My External Hard Drive To Get Revenge On Me

Image credits: sara-fawx

#111 Neighbors Are Slamming Their Cabinets So Hard They Opened Mine. They’re Having A Fight, So Now I’m Blasting Shrek As Revenge

Image credits: Busy_Apple9797

#112 After 30 Years Of Being In A Wheelchair, I’ve Finally Started Getting Sweet Revenge By Parking In Your Non-Disabled Spots

Image credits: dubious_alliance

#113 This Is Why You Shouldn’t Steal Food At Work

Image credits: diarrhedditor

#114 Revenge Of The Mildly Infuriated – Bike Race Ended 2 Months Ago

Image credits: PennaMass

#115 Someone Got A Little Petty With A Price Gun

Image credits: OrgasMcMuffin

#116 The Office Staff Where I Work Had A Meeting About My Hand Mirror (Which I Allegedly Used Too Much) So I Turned My Desk Into A Mirror

Image credits: reddit.com

#117 Saw This Bit Of Revenge In A Parking Lot

Image credits: mattinjp

#118 Few Weeks Ago Wife Served Me Miniature Pancakes With Some Berries On A Paper Plate Saying I Need To Lose Weight. Today, She Gets A Gourmet Breakfast. Revenge Best Served

Image credits: just45un

#119 Easy Solution

Image credits: brown__hijabii

#120 The Future Is Now Old Man

Image credits: markhoppus

#121 My Sister Spoiled The Ending Of A Book I Was Reading So I Spoiled The End Of Every DVD She Had. This Was The Notebook

Image credits: Eddy1050

#122 Park In The Way Of A Snowplow? Taste Pettiness

Image credits: Sphericalism

#123 Restaurant’s Being Super Petty About Minimum Wage Increases

Image credits: lookinatdirtystuff69

#124 I Waited For Her To Finish Parking And Get Out Of The Car. After I Parked And Got Out She Came Running Up To Me And Said “Sir, That Is Not A Parking Spot”

Image credits: meatybone

#125 Slightly Petty, But My Wife Said I Couldn’t Take The Trash Out In One Go. I Went To A DIY Shop For A Trolley Just To Prove Her Wrong

Image credits: councilmantate

#126 Unloaded My Laundry Before The Load Has Even Finished? Enjoy Your 30 Minute Wait For Zero Progress

Image credits: Ukt_

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