128 Informative Maps People Shared On This Group That Might Change Your Perspective On Things (New Pics)

While most of us use Google Maps and GPS on a daily basis, it’s pretty rare to find real fans of cartography, the study and practice of making and using maps. If you were ever into geography or history as a kid, the chances are you’re not much of a map person.

But today, we’re going to turn this around. Combining science, aesthetics and technique, cartography builds on the premise that reality can be modeled in ways that communicate spatial information effectively. And below we collected some of the most unusual, intriguing and informative examples of maps that will put our reality in a whole new realm.

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Thanks to this awesome corner of Reddit (whose name we cannot mention thanks to the notorious internet police), there’s a LOT to uncover! Get ready to boost that inner adventurer of yours since we’re about to go places you’ve never even known existed. Psst! More awesome maps can be found in our previous posts here, here and here.

#1 The New Longest Possible Train Journey In The World

Image credits: htGoSEVe

#2 Atheists Are Prohibited From Holding Public Office In 8 Us States

Image credits: clayagds99

#3 Is Escape A Crime?

Image credits: Mmaps_interlude

#4 This Map Of All Of The Sunken Japanese Ships Of Wwii Is Mind Blowing!

Image credits: Disastrous_Ratio7510

#5 Innocent Opinions That Divide Nations

Image credits: atlasova

#6 Most Common Means Of Transportation To Work By County. [usa] Acs Survey

Image credits: railrod7

#7 Countries That Have Had Female Heads Of State Or Government In The Last Century

Image credits: marrow_monkey

#8 The World If The Sea Level Decreased By 1000 Meters

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#9 European Cultural Superiority

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Image credits: SpartanKing76

#10 “Lgbtq+ Free” Zones In Poland

Image credits: roiaumedejherusalem

#11 The World’s Longest Non-Stop Flights

Image credits: behrkon

#12 Each Star Represents A Capital City Of A Country

Image credits: XtremeBurrito

#13 A Map Centered On Antarctica

Image credits: TeroLife

#14 The Topography Of Russia

Image credits: boytutoy

#15 A Map Visualizing The Armenian Genocide – Started 106 Years Ago

Image credits: roiaumedejherusalem

#16 This Road Trip Will Be The Same Temperature Year-Round

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#17 Countries Where More Than 50% Of The Population Is Vaccinated With Two Doses Of Covid-19 Vaccine

Image credits: theworldmaps

#18 Europe: Protests: 2020-2021

Image credits: i_make_maps_0

#19 15th October 2019 – 1st November 2021: Indian Households With A Tap Water Connection (Data: Jal Jeevan Mission)

Image credits: FrozenJalapeno

#20 Government Request To Remove Content (Google) Since 2011

Image credits: latecomer11

#21 Made An Ink Map Of The Grand Canyon!

Image credits: _Triangulum

#22 Biden’s Approval In Each State On Inauguration Day vs. Today

Image credits: Unitron07

#23 Date Formats Worldwide

Image credits: sarnobat

#24 Europe And North America At The Same Latitude

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#25 Olympus Mons Compared To France

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#26 Interesting Map Made In 1996; One Square Equals 1% Of The World’s Population

Image credits: WenlockOlympics

#27 Eu Countries Pushing To Label Nuclear Power As Green Energy

Image credits: PepperBlues

#28 Beavers In Europe, 1900 And 2021

Image credits: Mackelowsky

#29 Comparative Size Of Australia And The Mediterranean

Image credits: totally-suspicious

#30 This Was Up In The Bathroom Of A Canadian Company I Was Doing Some Work At

Image credits: loki2002

#31 A Phone-Map Of Ireland

Image credits: GriffinFTW

#32 Some Really Strange Political Parties

Image credits: atlasova

#33 1987 The World According To Ronald Reagan (Version #2)

Image credits: Yosemite_Scott

#34 America’s Beautiful Weather Zones By Mattie Lubchansky

Image credits: Yosemite_Scott

#35 Paper Sizes Around The World

Image credits: adorn_mapper

#36 The Topography Of Ukraine

Image credits: boytutoy

#37 Countries That Have, Or Have Had, Openly Gay Heads Of Government

Image credits: Porodicnostablo

#38 Canada, But Its Just Roads

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#39 How People Call Their Homeland

Image credits: atlasova

#40 Safety Walking Alone At Night Europe

Image credits: micigela45

#41 Countries That Drive On The Left Side Of The Road (Orange) vs. Countries That Drive On The Right Side Of The Road (Blue). (Map From Statista)

Image credits: biifinbeedinbooding

#42 My Grandpa Was A Radar Operator During World War Two, Here’s One Of His Maps

Image credits: patrickmcgranaghan

#43 Homicide Rate By Country

Image credits: Cantthinkofname1245

#44 Flights Within One Country

Image credits: phaj19

#45 Canada, But Its Just Trees

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#46 The 38 States Of America, Proposed By George Etzel Pearcy In 1973 Based On Cultural And Economic Relation Of Existing Regions

Image credits: Safebox

#47 20 Years Of Deforestation In The Amazon

Image credits: crossground

#48 Newest Republic In The World

Image credits: firefly_in_red

#49 Cousin Marriage Rates In Nations With Significant Muslim Populations

Image credits: BLAZENIOSZ

#50 Tomorrow Night, We Will Have Aurora Borealis At This Time Of Year, At This Time Of Day, In This Part Of The Country, Localized Entirely Within The Area In Green On This Map. Whether You Can See It Depends On How Far North You Are As Well As Cloudiness

Image credits: kernals12

#51 Cat Map

Image credits: mehdimj_ir

#52 The U.S.’ Google Searches Of European Countries

Image credits: xDeserterr

#53 Average Color Of Each Country

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#54 Map Of The World From Its Flight Routes

Image credits: Onion_Leaf

#55 I Found A 1958 World Map While Tearing Out A Basement Interior Wall In My House

Image credits: Stratiform

#56 Most Common European Ancestry In The Americas. Now With Subdivitions!

Image credits: _neokolasoX69

#57 The Search Querys For “How Do I…” In Europe

Image credits: theybeillin

#58 How Many Billionaires Live In Each Country?

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#59 An Small Riminder That This Country Exist(Im From Czechia)

Image credits: Certain-Status-8963

#60 Amazon Basin

Image credits: Raplord_28

#61 This Is The Farthest Place On Earth From Any Ocean

Image credits: MeronDC

#62 Which States In The US Are Actually City States?

Image credits: SerperiorFox

#63 If The US Was Split Into Two Halves With Equal Population

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#64 Countries Where Covid-19 Vaccinations Are Mandatory For Everyone

Image credits: Successful-Grab2760

#65 Map For Halloween – Every Castle In Europe

Image credits: Spatial_Overlay

#66 Where People Still Practice Open Defecation

Image credits: topcat5

#67 Manhattan Is Less Dense Today Then It Was In 1910

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#68 The Scariest Thing In Every European Country

Image credits: atlasova

#69 Piracy In The 21st Century

Image credits: shashsainik

#70 The World According To Bhutan

Image credits: stupid_guy_2007

#71 Uncontacted Tribes In The Deep Amazon

Image credits: HerrFalkenhayn

#72 Countries With The Most Islands

Image credits: magontklas

#73 The Minimum Ages In Which Children In Each Country Can Be Sent To Prison

Image credits: Ancient_Might_5820

#74 Us 1956 Nuclear War Plan Targets

Image credits: kernals12

#75 Percentage Of Population Increase From 1960 To 2020 By Country In Europe (Source: World Bank)

Image credits: Lambda301

#76 Origin Of Immigrants In Europe

Image credits: Ok_University8781

#77 Odd Places In The UK

Image credits: behrkon

#78 A Map Of Italy Made Out Of Pizza. By Modernist Cuisine (2018)

Image credits: SteO153

#79 Share Of Europeans Who Have Travelled At Least Once Outside The Eu (2014)

Image credits: Creative_Gur_4159

#80 The Pakistan-India Border Can Be Seen From Space

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#81 Us States To Entire Countries Gdp

Image credits: behrkon

#82 Average Fixed Internet Speed In European Subcontinent As It Was In September 2021

Image credits: srpskicrv

#83 Topography Of Africa

Image credits: leonmully

#84 A Map Relating To When Counties Will Achieve Net Zero Emissions

Image credits: myfriendohs__

#85 The Probability Of A White Christmas In The United States

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#86 A Peculiar World Map From 1581

Image credits: skan76

#87 How Much Longer Women Live Compared To Men

Image credits: latecomer11

#88 South Asia Is More Populated Than North America, South America, Europe And Oceania Combined (South Asia Is Roughly Half The Size Of USA)

Image credits: syclozend

#89 The Soviet Union For 4 Days

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#90 Map Of India According To (Un, Pakistan, China And India Itself)

Image credits: adorn_mapper

#91 ”snow” In European Languages

Image credits: vladgrinch

#92 A Globe Without The British Isles In Sarawak State Library (Former British Colony Until 1963)

Image credits: drunkturtlelord

#93 Every Country Invaded By France

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#94 Political Positions 2021

Image credits: No-Ad7595

#95 Civilian Gun Ownership Per Capita In 2017. Data From Small Arms Survey

Image credits: HerrFalkenhayn

#96 Paid Leave For New Mothers (Nyt)

Image credits: megachaise

#97 On Blacks, Asians, Muslims And Jews Across Europe, 2017

Image credits: Homesanto

#98 Europe In China View

Image credits: No-Ad7595

#99 The World At War In 2021

Image credits: No-Ad7595

#100 New York State Stereotype Maps

Image credits: Live-Error98

#101 A Man Made Of Countries

Image credits: BLIZZARDr7

#102 Dalai Lama’s Escape Route From Tibet (1959)

Image credits: Petrarch1603

#103 Referendum To Join The Eu

Image credits: JoeFalchetto

#104 Gay Marriages

Image credits: No-Ad7595

#105 Countries Where Military Service Is Mandatory

Image credits: shashworthy

#106 Abortion Law In Europe

Image credits: geo_global

#107 Europe’s Railroads

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#108 Laws Against Animal Cruelty

Image credits: shashsanyal

#109 Percentage Of The Population Fully Vaccinated (Dec 2021)

Image credits: Peakay100

#110 Life Expectancy By Country In 1965 vs. 2020

Image credits: Cantthinkofname1245

#111 What Gasoline Is Called Around The World

Image credits: King_Lunis

#112 Runic Map Of The Vikings

Image credits: CartographyCraft

#113 The South — According To Self-Identified Southerners

Image credits: Hstrike

#114 Channel Tunnel Between France And The UK

Image credits: stc420

#115 Relief Map Of Western Europe And Northeastern Africa

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#116 Countries That Once Hosted The Largest City In The World

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#117 Africa, But It’s Just Roads

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#118 What Is The Game ‘Red Light, Green Light’ Called In Various Languages?

Image credits: atlasova

#119 Alaska And Its Territorial Waters Compared To The Contiguous Us

Image credits: oglach

#120 Poisonous So₂ In Atmosphere Over Northern Africa And Europe Due To Vulcanic Erruption On La Palma

Image credits: kuzyn123

#121 European Languages By Grammatical Gender Treatment

Image credits: MauricioGalvis

#122 Each U.S. State Split In Half By Population

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#123 Ethnic Map Of Yugoslavia If It Would Reunite Today

Image credits: Dull_Care5303

#124 What Greenland Would Look Like Without Its Ice Sheets

Image credits: skan76

#125 What Is Your Religion?

Image credits: Saptadvipamaps

#126 The Greatest Walk

Image credits: Homesanto

#127 How Much Money You Need To Retire Comfortably Around The World

Image credits: Karansakharelia96

#128 Texas – Hand-Drawn Fantasy-Style Map

Image credits: HandDrawnFantasyMaps

Source: boredpanda.com

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