129 Pictures That Tell A Story

Some photographs are like storybooks — at first, they seem simple, but as your eyes are drawn deeper and deeper into them, you start noticing little details that when put together, make up a compelling narrative.

The composition of the shot, the facial expressions of the subject, everything can contribute to the plot that the image is trying to tell.

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So we at Bored Panda decided to put together a collection of such images and invite you to get lost in them. Think of it as an exercise for your imagination.

#1 Back Home After Morning Walk

Image credits: TheRoyalDon

#2 Found This Old Picture Of My Dad From Back In 1976. I Feel Like The Picture Captures An Awful Lot And Tells A Story

Image credits: ventface

#3 Burning Their Russian Passports As A Form Of Protest For Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Image credits: wrapityup

#4 Some Pictures Tell The Story For Itself

Image credits: BadiiiiDea

#5 One Picture, One Story

Image credits: Azabach

#6 A Short Story

Image credits: limehelmet

#7 What A Monday

Image credits: leewd

#8 You Did Your Best, Chef

Image credits: CrystalProtocol

#9 When You Live In Svalbard, Norway, And Forgot To Close The Window To The Home Office

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Image credits: Kjakan

#10 Jonah Hill Dropping His Coffee

Image credits: im_wabbit_hunting

#11 We’re Off To A Great Start With The New Puppies

Image credits: rotflolosaurus

#12 The Moment I Lost My Glasses

Image credits: YourMomsNext

#13 Sign Was Necessary

Image credits: makinmuffins

#14 My Dog Hurt His Foot While Swimming. He Is Fine But He Was Pouting So My Cat Decided To Comfort Him

Image credits: yournewbestestfriend

#15 Photo Says It All

Image credits: augustinay

#16 He’s Done It! Finally The Last Day And Cancer Free. I Couldn’t Be Prouder

Image credits: PanduhCake

#17 A Story Of Confusion

Image credits: Tittiesandtacos87

#18 That Looks Like It Hurt

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 My Puppy Ate My Passport

Image credits: FucksGuysWithAccents

#20 This Ornamental Hand At My Local IKEA With The Middle Finger Ziptied Down

Image credits: OranguPanda

#21 My City Has Begun To Change Any Russian-Related Public Road Names To Reference Ukraine Instead

Image credits: Pricey182

#22 Turns Out I’m Not Very Good At Online Shopping

Image credits: garbagecannot8

#23 The Picture Tells The Whole Story, Really

Image credits: toupee

#24 One Picture Has Never Encapsulated My Life As A Parent More

Image credits: Captain_Davey

#25 My Dog Fell Asleep In The Rain And The “Shadow” Looks Like A Cartoon Dog

Image credits: parothed28

#26 Looks Like The Taxi Braked Too Hard While The Previous Passenger Was Doing Her Make-Up

Image credits: ryanyang

#27 Found At The Airport Arrival Gate. There’s A Story Here

Image credits: tayrich90

#28 We Found My Wife’s Phone In The Toilet Yesterday. We Weren’t Sure Which Of Our Three Kids Put It There. Until My Wife Scrolled Through Her Pictures Today

Image credits: footeperu

#29 One Of Those Days

Image credits: Kyanita

#30 The Kid Was Desperately Trying To Tie Up A Tie And Failing To Do It Himself. Fellow Passenger Asked If He Needed Help

Image credits: Loozar

#31 These Coins Stopped A Bullet And Saved My Great-Grandfather’s Life During World War I

Image credits: Fadawah

#32 A Surprise. But An Unwelcome One, To Be Sure

Image credits: Inimici

#33 The One Time The Toner Exploded At Work While Switching It Out. You Can See Where I Was At That Exact Moment

Image credits: paochow

#34 My Friend Had Her Daughters At A Zoo When She Heard, “Ma’am, There’s A Lemur On Your Baby”

Image credits: Musicats78

#35 This Is What Defeat Looks Like

Image credits: spklovestheusa

#36 I Got A Sandwich Stuck In Vending Machine, So I Bought A Drink To Push The Sandwich Out

Image credits: ioxenus

#37 Well

Image credits: imgur.com

#38 Guy’s Neighbors Left Their Car Windows Open Overnight

Image credits: Shouldaville

#39 Their Flight Left 2 Hours Ago

Image credits: czmax

#40 I Had To Cut Down A Tree In My Yard And Now I Feel Bad

Image credits: wer190

#41 I Think I Left A Window Open Last Night, Not Sure

Image credits: ValueMaverick

#42 When It’s Your Stop, And The Door Opens To This

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#43 Photograph From 1946, When There Was No Ultrasound And Everything Was A Surprise

#44 No Explanation Needed

Image credits: jaime0007

#45 This Is Why You Need To Put Your Cart Back In The Corral When You’re Finished With It

Image credits: SchuminWeb

#46 Pricey Chew Toy

Image credits: vo_xv

#47 Moments After Santa Got Kicked In The Balls. Santa Had A Vasectomy Last Week. I’m Santa

Image credits: Jimothy_Riggins

#48 Our Neighbor Betty Just Turned 100 Years Old. We Got Her Balloons

Image credits: mreastvillage

#49 San Francisco 2021. An Interesting Photo Of A Homeless Man Playing With A VR Set. Not To Mention It’s Relevant With The Metaverse Being Talked About In The News Right Now

Image credits: avantti

#50 We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

Image credits: mynameisktb

#51 Loads Of Fingernail Marks On The Chair At My Dentists

Image credits: Spiritual-Life-7519

#52 My Very Favorite Picture Of My Father. He’s The One That Set The Camera’s Timer

Image credits: LovelySweet1789

#53 My Wife Wanted To Make Sure That Someone Took A Picture Of The Expression On Our Faces When Our Daughter Was Born Today. So I Took One

Image credits: gilsolano12

#54 Have You Ever Seen One Of These Pictures And Wondered “What The Hell Was The Driver Thinking?” Well, This Is My Sister, And I’ll Ask Her The Next Time I See Her

Image credits: admiraljohn

#55 This Picture Tells A Story

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#56 Short Story

Image credits: thekakomei

#57 A Squirrel Fell Into Some Wet Concrete And Left This Imprint

Image credits: jerrycasto

#58 Got A New Printer. The Old One Didn’t Go Out Without A Fight

Image credits: jamesfn7

#59 I Have 4 Exams In The Next 2 Weeks. I Have To Buy A Replacement Online As Shops Don’t Have It

Soonest I can receive one without selling a kidney for shipping is 15 days from now

Image credits: beanie_laddie

#60 Well This Just Happened

Image credits: Dover21

#61 My Father’s Chair Falling At A Coast Guard Change Of Command

Image credits: jonbees

#62 We Had A Project In Our Class Where We Were Supposed To Build Chairs Out Of Cardboard. This Was The Result Of The First Test Of One Of The Groups

Image credits: TheGoogolplex

#63 My Dad Bought A Cactus To Discourage Mingus From Getting On The Counter. Here’s Mingus With The Cactus

Image credits: mristre

#64 This Is One Of My Favorite Posts. I Can Finally Contribute Something Of Value. Enjoy

Image credits: _codythecreator_

#65 Someone Placed A Small Stick On Each Of The Dog Graves In This Cemetery

Image credits: zherper

#66 I Tried To Take A Photo Of My Ice Cream. Greedy Seagull Photobombed It

Image credits: Se7enOne

#67 Why You Shouldn’t Agree To Dogsit When You Have A Robot Vacuum

Image credits: Zammonster

#68 Stuck His Head In A Hole In A Tree To Take A Look, Guess What He Found

#69 Guess I’ll Order Out Tonight

Image credits: panicsatdiscos

#70 Why I’m Not Allowed To Cook Dinner Anymore

Image credits: NineteenSeventyFour

#71 Turned My Back For A Minute, And She Peed In 20 Cups Of Uncooked Rice

Image credits: TheLoxFox

#72 I Remembered That Yesterday I Wanted A Cold Soda

Image credits: dim-pap

#73 My Grandma Got Into A Fight With Our Mixer. The Mixer Won

Image credits: Bungalowbeast

#74 This Boy Is Upset Because He Is Not Tall Enough To Get On The Carousel In The Park

Image credits: eugenekoledov

#75 Our Firstborn Just Came Home From The Vet With A Probable Cancer Diagnosis. Came Into The Living Room To Find My SO Watching Her While She Sleeps

Image credits: bunzarelli

#76 Took My Autistic Brother Out For Ice Cream Today For The First Time In Months

Image credits: AminAcer

#77 This One Picture Has So Much Raw Emotion

Image credits: TastyTurtleDick

#78 My Stepson Is A Minimalist With The Crayon, But The Story He Tells Is Very Grand

Image credits: SummonWurm

#79 A Lizard Fell From The Ceiling And Left This Dusty Imprint On My Wireless Charger

Image credits: Njvdwesth

#80 Unexpected Coffee Mug Failure Mode

Image credits: imgur.com

#81 The Story Of A Cat That Thought She Wanted To Go Outside This Morning

Image credits: BarneyRubble3

#82 Lizard Fell Off My Ceiling, Hit My Dusty Lawnmower

Image credits: Monterrey3680

#83 A Squirrel Fell Out Of A Tree Right In Front My Dog

Image credits: HotdogStyleChicago

#84 Camera Captured Exact Moment When My Friend Lost His Phone

Image credits: luckylag

#85 My Best Friend Proposed To His Girlfriend Last Week In A 10-Story College Dormitory

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 The Company Owner Decided To Stop Paying His Drivers So One Of Them Parked Their Semi On The Owner’s Ferrari And Just Left It There

Image credits: FantasyFlyer3

#87 Made A Trip For Some Chips For My Salsa Then This Happened

Image credits: DOG-GR33N

#88 This Woman Adopted This 20-Year-Old Cat From A Shelter Because She Didn’t Want Him To Spend The End Of His Life Alone In A Cage

Image credits: lorenzothecat

#89 Left My 1-Month-Old Bike For One Night On The Street

Image credits: hamstermajszter

#90 My Cab Driver Tonight Was So Excited To Share With Me That He’d Made The Cover Of The Calendar. I Told Him I’d Help The World See

Image credits: the_Diva

#91 Fail

Image credits: Brooke2469

#92 I Should Probably Read The Labels On Things

Image credits: grunyonz

#93 When You Want The Luxury But Can’t Afford The Extra 100 Dollars For The Safety Feature

Image credits: BA3K3N

#94 Everything You Need To Know About My Cat In 1 Image

Image credits: jeswise

#95 Been Waiting 6 Weeks For A Rather Expensive Toilet So We Can Fit It At A Client’s House, It Has Finally Arrived

Image credits: tommygun1234567890

#96 Me, Absolutely Wrecked On PS1 By My Dad

Image credits: pedestrianpigeon

#97 A Proud Look Of A Mother

Image credits: Mark Bonnie Salado Wata

#98 Paid Extra For This “Window” Seat

Image credits: Zadsta

#99 Currently Stuck In An Elevator In My Apartment Building, Was Told About 40 Minutes Until The Tech Arrives And I Have To Pee

Image credits: c4boos3

#100 Crying Because He’s Not Allowed To Eat Our Food

Image credits: JustHalfling

#101 My Dog Son Not Impressed With My Human Son’s Stamina After Herding Him For An Hour

Image credits: JohnOfA

#102 This Dog Ate My Neighbor’s Food Delivery

Image credits: Gumpyyy

#103 Man’s Best Friend

Image credits: Hf8uz

#104 The Poo-Tin At My Local Park

Image credits: someawfulbitch

#105 Why Do I Have To Repeatedly Tell Myself No, It Won’t Work

Image credits: stripdchev

#106 USA’s Response To The Covid-19 Global Pandemic All Boiled Down To One Picture

Image credits: UltimateDonny

#107 These Pictures Tell A Very Clear Story

Image credits: SoodSood44

#108 The Definition Of Sworn Enemies In One Picture

Image credits: Tuplad

#109 The Most Me Thing Of All The Me Things I’ve Ever Done In My Life. Airpod Pros Were In My Front Pocket. Went To Pee

Pulled pants up. AirPods fall out of pocket & onto floor. The left one bounced right into the toilet, which immediately flushed from a motion sensor. What are the odds? Story of my life.

Image credits: getthisoutofmyhouse

#110 My Grandpa Is a 93-year-old WWII Vet Surrounded by Vets From Different Generations Telling Them His War Stories. He Was So Happy They Wanted to Listen It Made His Week

Image credits: caitlind136

#111 Rethinking Life In A Picture

Image credits: otterpark

#112 Wife Sent Me To The Store For Sugar On My Way Home And I Didn’t Realize What Happened Until I Went To Put It In The Trunk

Image credits: felinebarbecue

#113 Tells Kind Of A Sad Story

Image credits: medhop

#114 A Sad Story About Me And My Bike In One Picture

Image credits: ElPazerino

#115 Well, Buying The One Behind It Didn’t Work, And Buying The One Behind That One Didn’t Work, And I’m Out Of Change

Image credits: shotukan

#116 Ever Since My Niece Saw Toy Story, She Shouts, “I’m Leaving!” And Then Peeks At Her Room Like This

Image credits: finestjun

#117 Most People Think Japan Is A Relatively Trash-Free Country, But That’s Not Always The Case. Today, Me And My Friends Tried To Clean Out The Forest. All This Only Took 4 Hours

Image credits: mrskyekun

#118 Tried To Retrieve My Basketball With The One Thing I Brought With Me

Image credits: SarcasticSeagull

#119 My Robot Vacuum Tried To Take Out The Competition Today

Image credits: goodluck_canuck

#120 So This Just Happened

Image credits: noathings

#121 My Boy, Sitting Alone, Kinda Sad Because His Favorite Swimming Teacher Didn’t Show Up

Image credits: Vlada1911

#122 It Seems Directions Were Needed

Image credits: Scanning_Darkly

#123 He Stole Some Carrot

Image credits: officialcara

#124 Every Day Has Its Dog

Image credits: Caopanheirolabra

#125 Day 1 Of Replacing All Of The Photos In My Parents’ Home With Jar Jar Binks

Image credits: ScykedelicHobo

#126 Lost My Wedding Ring A Month Ago, Bought A New One Today, Also Today

Image credits: StillwaterLodge

#127 Happy Thanksgiving From My Little Sister’s First-Ever Turkey

Image credits: Lovethe3beatles

#128 Newly Adopted Rabbits Figured Out How To Escape From Their Pen

Image credits: allthecoffee21

#129 Two Cats And A Christmas Tree. A One Picture Story

Image credits: angelaachan

Source: boredpanda.com

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