129 Times Landlords Acted Like Total Jerks And People Just Had To Document It (New Pics)

Finding a reasonably priced and comfortable rental place that feels like home has become a challenge nowadays. Rent prices are rising due to a shortage of available rentals, very high home sale prices, costly construction expenses, and a demand for homes with numerous amenities.

Aside from the price, having a good relationship with the landlord is important for you to really feel comfortable in your new home. Just like with anyone else, some landlords can be jerks and can make your life a living hell. We have gathered examples of situations where renting apartments turned into terrible experiences because of landlords. So, scroll down and discover these terrible experiences that we wouldn’t wish even upon our worst enemies.

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#1 Been Asking The Landlord To Investigate The Sagging Roof In My Kitchen For Months Now, Came Home To Find This Tonight

Image credits: ZombieAbeVigoda

Many people have chosen to rent out their lovely homes. According to the market data at ‘Statista’, around 44 million homes were rented out, making up about 34% of all U.S. households. And diving into U.S. Census stats, the average household usually has around 2.6 people. We find that a whopping 114.4 million people, or roughly 35% of the whole U.S. population, were renting homes in 2021.

#2 My Landlord Told Me He’d Pressure Wash My Deck

Image credits: TimeIsAnEllipsis

#3 Landlord Thought I Was A Government Agent And Decided To Lock Me Out To Do This. RIP 3080 FE

Image credits: _FedoraTipperBot_

While renting provides flexibility and less responsibility compared to homeownership, there are definitely challenges. It costs a lot, landlords make the rules, leases might be shorter than you’d like, you can’t change much, you don’t own it, some landlords are horrible, and over time it might get too expensive. Plus, you miss out on homeowner perks.

#4 This Is How The Landlord Fixed The Leaky Ceiling

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 Our Landlord Keeps Saying There’s Nothing Wrong With Our Shower

Image credits: Cheddar18

#6 Mummified Roommate

Image credits: chelseadotgov

You should always sign a lease or rental agreement, as verbal agreements aren’t as reliable in disputes. According to marketing manager Abhishek Singh, “The terms and conditions regarding the stay, the rules to be obeyed by the tenants, the guidelines for the landlords and the charges included/excluded from the rent should be clearly laid down in the agreement. This protects both the landlords and tenants as well.”

#7 I Found A Camera, That A Landlord Tried Hiding In The Laundry Room Of A Rental, That Faces A Mirror In My Entryway Where I Sometimes Change Clothes In Front Of

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 We Call This One “The Landlord Supremo”

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Image credits: marblesbykeys

#9 A Lovely Paint Job

Image credits: Scaulbylausis

But let’s say you’ve got everything sorted. You discovered a comfy rental at a fair cost, sealed the deal with a lease, and were all set to enjoy a peaceful couple of years there. Then, enter the nightmare landlord. Suddenly, you stumble upon a hidden camera, silently capturing every move you make. You’re hit with absurd house rules, the rent shoots up, or pesky roaches start appearing, with the landlord showing no interest in addressing the issue. Landlords can also be lazy and greedy, these issues can result in uncomfortable living situations and potential legal complications for renters.

#10 Our Toilet Seat Broke So The Landlady Sent Us A New One And Ignored Our Request For It To Be Square

Image credits: Cwawaf

#11 Landlord Said The Screws Weren’t Holding

Image credits: blu3str

#12 Landlord Suggests We Move Instead Of Repairing Leaky Ceilings

Image credits: No_Tension8376

People who are generally happy and well-adjusted usually act kindly. But we also need to deal with unkind behavior in society to stop it from getting worse. We looked into human psychology to understand why people can be mean to each other sometimes.

#13 Landlord Wants To Increase My Rent 1 Month After I Just Moved In If I Stay Home During The Weekends

Image credits: potatosalad-_-

#14 My Friend Just Received Some Questionably Specific House Rules From Her Landlord After Signing

Image credits: QuantumAnti

#15 No “Spices And Oils” In All Cooking

Image credits: nicface

Ignorance often plays a bigger role than we realize. We might underestimate its impact on various unfortunate situations. Imagine this: if I were to withhold part of your rent due to a misunderstanding, would it be genuinely disrespectful or even a breach of contract? Could it be a simple case of confusion that needs clarifying?

#16 Landlord Said He Was Installing Shower Doors

Image credits: royallokii

#17 My Landlord Entered My Apartment Without Notice (Illegal) To Tell Me To Clean My Lint Trap

Image credits: kiddo-l

#18 Moved Into This Apartment With My Girlfriend Less Than A Month Ago. Last Night, The Sky Started Falling

Landlord claims the ceiling collapse was an “Act of god” and they’re not liable for negligent damages; maintenance confirmed that negligence by throwing electronics already possibly damaged in a pile underneath wet towels. The infuriation continues.

Image credits: andrewm_99

Many times, we unintentionally hurt others due to ignorance. We would make better choices if we were better informed. But what about those who understand right from wrong and still make poor decisions?

#19 After A Grueling Day At Work Without Food Where I Had To Wait 4 Hours For A Sample To Arrive Which Got Canceled, I Come Home At 7pm To Find All My Stuff In Garbage Bags

Because the cleaners my landlord sent cleared the wrong apartment.

Image credits: km1180

#20 This Landlord Tried Using The Bible To Raise The Wrong Person’s Rent

Image credits: rachelbelllll

#21 Landlord Hasn’t Fixed The Hole In The Wall For 6 Months So Turning It Into An Art Piece

Image credits: likethecolour

The most harmful types of “othering” come from a mix of ignorance (lack of familiarity with different races, religions, or social groups) and damaged self-esteem due to emotional hurt from relationships. Studies show that people displaying racist or hateful actions often have low self-esteem and experience feelings of isolation.

#22 Apparently, A Friend’s Landlord Fixed Their Fire Sprinkler

Image credits: arbyyyyh

#23 Has Anyone Ever Seen This? Just Moved Into A New Build And The Landlord Straight Up Just Painted Over A Couple Of Wasp Nests In My Closet

Image credits: bbentley4698

#24 Landlord “Didn’t Know” He Wasn’t Paying A Water Bill, A Water Company Guy Came, Reported Fraud And Took The Water Pipe With Him

Image credits: uBeatch

Let’s aim to be kinder to each other, starting with ourselves. Who knows, maybe in a long run it might help us avoid difficult landlords. Keep reading to discover rental nightmares and explore our previous stories on this topic (here and here) that will surely raise your eyebrows.

#25 “Don’t Cook A Big Meal In The Kitchen”

Image credits: FensterDJ

#26 Landlord Goes The Extra Mile For Rent Money

They tell you wich unit didn’t pay.

Image credits: davie_dave

#27 Told Our Landlord To Replace Our Gas Fireplace Because It Was Leaking CO, Came Back To This Monstrosity In Our Living Room

Image credits: darbooka

#28 Why Cut The Door When You Can Cut The Carpet Instead (Found In The New House Basement)

Image credits: mattrowskayaks

#29 Landlord Wants To Evict Tenants For Having A/C Set To Under 75 Degrees

Image credits: SmashNDash23

#30 I Am Getting My Own Internet Set Up Today And My Landlord Texted This To Me

Image credits: PrisonerNumberOne

#31 Landlord Said There Wasn’t An Issue. I Hired A Private Plumber To Check And This Is What I Come Back Too

It’s been smelling like poop in my room and outside for months so I contacted my landlord about it. He said there wasn’t an issue and so I went and got a plumber to come to take a look at it. The main sewer line has rusted out and looks like clogged from toilet paper and most likely paper towels. Now I’m staying in a hotel paid by the landlord.

Image credits: Vegetable-Document-4

#32 Landlord Ordered A New Gas Oven To Replace The Old Broken One. He Only Paid To Have It Dropped Off. He Is Very Shocked That I’m Not Happy

Image credits: Kandiblu

#33 Hmm, Landlords Don’t Want Tenants That Know Their Rights?

Image credits: hasharin

#34 Landlord Says The Home We’re Renting Doesn’t Have Hard Water. This Is After Boiling Water One Time

Image credits: JohnnySniper3

#35 That’s Incredibly Nice, Incredibly Invasive, And Incredibly Passive-Aggressive, All In One… Wow

Image credits: emily_hillstrom

#36 “I’m Waiting For My Guy To Come, I Want A Nice Job” My Landlord

Image credits: stevierv1

#37 The Freezer Apparently Caught On Fire Last Night And The Landlord Said It’s Not An Emergency And Nothing Can Be Done Until Wednesday

Image credits: colbone669

#38 We All Know “The Landlord Special” But This Is Overkill. Like Why?

Image credits: Cookedpizzas

#39 Just Moved Into My New Apartment And Saw This

Image credits: anderscandor

#40 Landlord Renovation Special, Mosquito Sealed Under Countertop Epoxy

Image credits: hickom14

#41 My Landlord: Is It Ok If The Replacement Tile Is Not An Exact Match? Me: Yeah That’s Fine. The Tile:

Image credits: Sophisticated_Slurp

#42 Just Moved Into A New Home And Found Where The Landlord Patched The Carpet

Image credits: bzzzimabee

#43 Landlord Fixed My Wobbly Clothes Rail, No Handyman Needed Here

Image credits: p00pingp00ches

#44 The Paint On My Apartment Window Sill Is Peeling. Turns Out It’s Marble That They Whitewashed

Image credits: Grabatreetron

#45 Waited 4 Years, Through 2 Rent Spikes, To Have One Of My Broken Windows “Fixed”

Image credits: unnecessary_teamwork

#46 The Text From My Landlord vs. What Actually Happened

Image credits: BitterHealthcareHero

#47 How The Landlord Fixed The Tiles Falling Out Of The Shower And The Water Leaking Into The Unit Downstairs. “It’s Fine, You Can Use It Now”

Image credits: kalitarios

#48 My Landlord, While Painting The Apartment I Am Moving Out Of, Drank My Limited-Release MF Doom Beer That Came Out After The News Of His Passing

I’ve had this beer for about a year.

Image credits: holographiclife

#49 Landlord Didn’t Listen To My Concerns About Water Damage, Now I’m Without A Ceiling And He’s Out

I’ve been here for almost 6 years and have constantly had water issues with my roof. The ceiling really started cracking 7ish months ago. Finally got his ceiling guy out who determined that spacking to appease the borough wouldn’t work and the whole thing needed to be replaced. 6 hours today and now there is dust/grit everywhere (including inside my fridge).

Image credits: saintphoenixxx

#50 Rent Went Up So High, My Mother’s Gonna Have To Move For The First Time In A Decade. Meanwhile, The Landlord Got A New Toy Today

Image credits: skyeyemx

#51 If Karen Was Your Landlord

Image credits: thiscassgirl

#52 My Landlord (Shared House) Told Me To Take Down My Flag Or I Would Be Evicted. I’m Austrian. I Don’t Know If I Should Be Offended Or Astonished By His Stupidity

He went mental! He legitimately thought this was a WW2 Nazi flag. His face when he looked it up was priceless though.

Image credits: TheFeistyBiscuit

#53 Landlord “Fixed” Nice Hardwood Floors

How the floors looked when I signed my lease and how they looked on move-in day because the landlord fixed some “scratches” from the previous tenant.

Image credits: cquinn32

#54 I Asked The Landlord To Fix The Entryway. She Actually Paid A Guy And Fabio Was Super Proud Of His Work. He Said It Was Temporary

Image credits: Sci-Phi

#55 Downstairs Landlord Came Round To Fix Some Stuff A Week Ago. He Left The Shared Front Door Like This

Image credits: Bi0-D

#56 My Friend Just Moved Into A New Apartment. Landlord Claims It Was “Professionally Cleaned”

Image credits: source4mini

#57 My Neighbour Has Bright Lights That They Leave On All Night. This Was Taken At 2 Am From My Bed. My Landlord Doesn’t Allow Any Changes To The House, Including Curtains

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 I Tried Opening The Vent At The Airbnb I’m Staying At On Vacation. It Seems That The Wife And I Are The Victims Of This

Image credits: getindoe69

#59 Landlords Doing What They Do The Best

Image credits: mydiversion

#60 Pretty Nice Of This Landlord To Incentivize His Tenants To Exercise

Image credits: Faolin_

#61 Our Oven Broke Just Before Thanksgiving, And We Spent The Week Without It. We Got The Replacement From Our Landlord Today, And Now The Dishwasher Won’t Open All The Way

Our landlord said we should’ve measured correctly. That was not the responsibility of their maintenance man.

Image credits: BotchJobb

#62 The Old Toilet Seat Broke From Wear & Tear, So The Landlord Replaced It With This

Image credits: jinswoon_

#63 This Landlord Special

Not sure I could paint that many hairs into a wall if I tried.

Image credits: L84cake

#64 Landlord “Fixes” My Rotten Gate

Image credits: thepunalwaysrises

#65 Landlord Says We Have “Too Many Plants” And Wants Us To Get Rid Of Them. This Is Our Only Personal Yard And I’m Growing Mostly Vegetables

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 Several Very Large Tree Branches Fell On House During The Storm. Landlord Refuses To Do Anything

Image credits: newbie_2022Foxy

#67 Landlord Changed The Locks On My Apartment Without Informing Me. I Work Late Hours, So All The Leasing Employees Have Left And Maintenance Isn’t Picking Up The Phone

Image credits: sponyta2

#68 How My Landlord Fixed The Address

Image credits: Aubrera

#69 My Landlord Refuses To Get Over Here And Turn Down My Water Heater

Image credits: Crustacean2B

#70 My Landlord Painted Over The Tape

Image credits: Doodleseatingdoodles

#71 Landlord May Have Broken A Sweat If He Moved That Penny Before Painting

Image credits: reddit.com

#72 Leaving This Without A Comment

Image credits: DYMAXIONman

#73 Landlords Are Out Of Control

Image credits: JeongPark52

#74 My Landlord Suggesting A Rent Increase Beyond What He Legally Can

Image credits: TheRev15

#75 Where Do We Submit For The Landlord Of The Year? Got An Early Contender

Image credits: whatmakesthemonkey

#76 My Landlord Texted Me This After He Kicked My Sweet Elderly Neighbor Out Of Our Duplex So He Could Move In

Image credits: MitziVinyl

#77 Landlords Started A Vlog

Image credits: elbomacaroni1

#78 My A/C Went Out, The Landlord Says It Won’t Be Fixed Until The End Of June. Texas Is In A Heat Advisory. It Was 95 Inside My House Today

Oh, and I work from home, so no escaping it either.

Image credits: Avengelina254

#79 My Landlord Cut My 50-Year-Old Bonsai Too Short And Now It Won’t Grow

Image credits: azulur

#80 One Of My Neighbors Has Had It With The Landlord

Image credits: CammysComicCorner

#81 “My Guy Can Do It Cheaper” – My Landlord

Image credits: 561skim

#82 I Noted A Tear In My Porch Screen When Moving Into My New Apartment. This Is How They Fixed It

Image credits: AlannaReborn

#83 New Landlord Stopped By To Check Out My Apartment That He Already Bought. He Was Super Nice, Shook My Hand, And Left. After 5 Minutes, He Slid By And Put This On My Door

Image credits: PeaceMaster2869

#84 We’re Moving Out Of The House We’re Renting, So We Agreed With Our Landlord That They Would Give Us A 24-Hour Notice Before She Did A Walkthrough With New Tenants

This just happened. Technically this was Friday, but the landlord said that they would do walkthroughs on Saturdays probably. So I texted her Friday evening because I haven’t heard from them all day, so I decided to text them to confirm that no one was coming by on Saturday. They show up 7 minutes later with possible new tenants.

Image credits: VeryHappyTrumpet

#85 My Landlord/Roommate Won’t Let Me Peel Off The Protective Plastic On The Microwave Panel. It’s Been This Way For At Least A Year

Image credits: Synthetic-Dreamer44

#86 Landlords Installed A Wall Between Laundry Machines So You Can’t Easily Transfer Your Clothes From One To The Other

Image credits: itsalizzard

#87 Moldly Infuriating, The Landlord Finally Took Responsibility For This After 6 Months

We’ve got 2 other toilets, a big house. Been avoiding this for a long while.

Image credits: Little-Mongoose-8680

#88 Got The Keys To My New Apartment Today. Walked In To Find That The Unit Has Not Been Cleaned, Even Though The New Landlord Says It Has

Image credits: TalouseLee

#89 Came Home To This With No Warning From Landlord

Image credits: ThickyBigDumps

#90 Landlord Raised My Rent By $260/Month But Left Me A Tiny Bag Of Candy

Image credits: bjscotdm

#91 This Is Our Tap Water That We’ve Contacted Our Landlord Multiple Times About

It’s not the city’s water, it’s just our side of the house. We live in a duplex and the neighbors’ water doesn’t look anything like this.

Image credits: 1heknpeachy3

#92 Landlord Won’t Fix Ceiling Or Floor

Image credits: gungadinbub

#93 Landlord Painted Over Mold. Does Anybody Know How To Clean This? Mold Remover Doesn’t Work

Image credits: IJM92

#94 In The Box Is The Key To The Locked Door. Just Landlord Things

Image credits: UnitedGunnit

#95 My Landlord Installed A New Light Fixture

Image credits: Canonconstructor

#96 The Landlord Special

Mentioned that the hole around this pipe in the wall might be a place bugs are coming through and asked if they could caulk it or seal it off. They obliged, and this was their solution. I couldn’t do much but laugh. Will just flex seal it myself.

Image credits: frenchfrysupremacy

#97 I Got That Landlord Special (They Painted Over A Small Pot Someone Left Behind At My New Place)

Image credits: PresentBison3489

#98 Landlord Mowed My Garden

Image credits: RedTiger013

#99 Please, Do Not Cover Your Bathroom Counter In Cement. This Has Homeowner Written All Over It

Image credits: starvetheplatypus

#100 When Your Landlord Responds After Almost Three Weeks

Image credits: tipsy_jana

#101 Airbnb/Landlord On Twitter, Replies Just Got Worse And Worse

Image credits: aptcomplex

#102 Final Report Back, After Moving Out, This Was Apparently Our Fault And Will Result In Loss Of Some Of The Deposit Because “It Isn’t Clean”

Image credits: ml2711

#103 My Landlord Intentionally Cashed My Rent Check Three Days Before The Agreed-Upon Out Of Spite Because I Wouldn’t Help Pay To Remove Someone Else’s Trash

He knew I was barely getting by and intentionally made me poorer. I’ve never met anyone so miserable.

Image credits: Icansecretlyfly

#104 Notice From My Landlord. “We Could Enter Your Home At Any Point This Week, So Make Sure Your Pets Are Confined During Business Hours”

Image credits: Capatillar

#105 25 Bees Since I Woke Up At 8 And They Don’t Stop Coming. My House Is Fully Closed And They Still Find A Way In, My Landlord Said “Learn To Live With Them”

Image credits: shaybra

#106 Landlord Still Refuses To Turn On The Heating In Our Apartment

Image credits: thriveth

#107 My Landlord Sprayed Painted This Tree Guard And The Wind Blew The Paint Onto This Person’s Dodge

Image credits: IJustFartedOnMyGF

#108 That Time When My Landlord’s Crummy Shelving Collapsed

Image credits: D4RTHV3DA

#109 “I’ll Have The Landlords’ Special, Please”. Guess Who Tried To Ninja Paint Our Door Without Telling Us First

Image credits: Its-a-magical-place

#110 So My Landlord Sucks

Image credits: jbj591

#111 My Landlord Cheaped Out And Hired A Friend To Rebuild Our Back Fence. I Don’t Think This Is His Area Of The Expertise

Image credits: DontTripas

#112 I Informed My Landlord That The Law States I’m Required To Give 20 Days’ Notice To Move Out In A Month To Month Lease, Not 30. She Was Not Happy

Image credits: Dreadwalker

#113 Landlord Says My Lawn Doesn’t Pass Inspection

Image credits: toughfeet

#114 I Woke Up This Morning To This, Resulting From All The Rain In LA And Landlord Says He Will Fix It After It Stops Raining

Image credits: cat_in_the_sun

#115 The Physical State Of The Air Conditioner Unit My Landlord Flat Out Refuses To Replace. It’s 93°F In My Place, And It’s Not Even Noon Yet

Image credits: reddit.com

#116 Asked Our Landlord For Some Tread On Our Stairs

Image credits: PM_Me_Ur_Plumbus

#117 Kitchen Floor Needs To Be Repaired. Landlord Suggests An Area Rug Instead

So, the kitchen floor definitely doesn’t have a subfloor. The laminate sinks in when stepping in certain areas and is damn well raised (like a bump in the floor) where a support beam is in the basement below it. I’ve waited weeks for my landlord to send someone. They no-showed the other day and finally showed up today. Just to say they couldn’t do anything about it. They told the landlord it’d need to be ripped up and replaced in order to fix the issue. Makes sense. It wasn’t installed properly in the first place. Duh. But landlords love their bandaids, right? In response to the floor needs to be torn up, this is what my landlord suggests. Rugs. In the kitchen. No plan to resolve the issue.

Image credits: Anonymous_Zombie96

#118 I Without A Doubt Have The Most Diabolical (And Gross) Landlord Special

Image credits: vjenkinsgo

#119 Landlord Special – Deck Painted. End Of November In Ontario

Image credits: but-I-dontunderstand

#120 Why Did My Landlord Text Me This To Inform Me He Ate Four Of My Chip Ahoy Cookies Without Permission While I Am Not Home

Image credits: buryafriend

#121 Discovered Tonight That The Carbon Monoxide Alarm In Our Apartment Hasn’t Had A Battery For The Entire Time We’ve Lived Here

And that it was “plugged in” to two slits my landlord had covered in the wall.

Image credits: safrazie

#122 My Landlord Gave Us A New Oven

Image credits: pleep-plop-pathetic

#123 The Reason My Landlord Is Raising Rent For 3rd Time In 18 Months

Image credits: Odd_Manufacturer_328

#124 People With “Excessive” Tattoos And Piercings Need Not Apply

Image credits: TheRealTayler

#125 Greedy Landlord Making Up Charges For Normal Wear And Tear To Keep The Full Security Deposit

Image credits: will2dye4

#126 Moved Into A New House. Landlord Said To Water The Lawn, We Left You A Hose

Image credits: BigBeagleEars

#127 My Landlord Refuses To Give Me Hot Water. 7.5 Months Like This. Landlord Blames HOA, HOA Blames Landlord. Now My Landlord Is Selling The Place

And forcing me out of my lease. Texas, baby!

Image credits: The-Technology-Dude

#128 Instead Of Lowering Rent To Be More Affordable, My Apartment Management Sent Out An Email For Food Stamps/Banks

Image credits: AcrobaticSlip3258

#129 The Landlord Special

Image credits: mimi_pantalones

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