130 Terrifying, Crazy And Unlucky Pics Of Mother Nature Showing Its Wild Side

We humans like to think that we’re in charge of the planet we live on. Without being able to collectively decide how it should be done, we’re at the controls. But are we in control?

The scientific community is, in fact, converging on the idea that we have entered a new phase of Earth’s history — one in which our activity has become a powerful agent of geological change, equal to the other great forces of nature that build mountains and shape continents and species. The proposed name for this emerging period is the “Anthropocene” or the age of humanity.

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But nature doesn’t care about that. It’s not conceding anything and reminds us about its power whenever it has the chance. From droughts and wildfires to earthquakes and floods, it has plenty of tools to do so as well.

So we at Bored Panda decided to put together a list of pictures, showing just how chaotic our surroundings can get. Continue scrolling to check them out and upvote the most memorable ones!

#1 So There’s Been A Bit Of Rain In Ireland Recently

Image credits: epicmoe

#2 Heavy Rain Turns Stairway Into A Waterfall

Image credits: pdidyking

To learn more about the weather, we contacted Bob McDavitt, a weather guru who uses //etBoB to provide weather information for cruising sailors, primarily for those in the South Pacific.

McDavitt was born in Marton, New Zealand, and was schooled in Wellington. He graduated with B.Sc (hons) degrees in Maths and Computer Science from Victoria University, and has been a meteorologist since 1975.

For twenty years, McDavitt was the MetService Weather Ambassador, and focused on promoting friendly relations with weather users. This involved communicating awareness about any incoming nasty weather, keeping an eye on the impact of the weather on the coming season and any special events, and arranging MetService promotions, displays, and exhibitions.

#3 Over 4 Meters (13 Ft.) Of Snow At Riksgränsen Skii Resort In Northen Sweden

Image credits: Riksgränsen

#4 My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas. This Is Her View

Image credits: maggipedia

#5 Dedication On Display For Buffalo Bills Fans

Image credits: TooShiftyForYou

“The meteorological way of making a weather prediction is based on the scientific method,” McDavitt told Bored Panda.

“1) Data is gathered to measure what is happening now; 2) This data is turned into a grid of numbers; 3) Computer programs that mimic known physics extrapolate these numbers into a future state/time; 4)These numbers are then converted into text and graphics to send off to users who are warned when defined thresholds are exceeded,” the weather guru explained.

#6 This Tree Was Struck By Lightning 3 Hours Ago

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Image credits: zuki500

#7 Lightning Hit Sidewalk

Image credits: Hyppocryte

#8 Hurricane Mattew Was A Sod Of A Beach In Daytona

Image credits: thisisnotmyfault

#9 Hail Through Sunroof

Image credits: flashtone

It is said that a five-day forecast can accurately predict the weather approximately 90 percent of the time, a seven-day forecast is right about 80 percent of the time, and a 10-day—or longer—forecast will live up to its words only about half the time.

Models have to use estimates and assumptions to predict the weather. But the atmosphere is constantly changing and those estimates are less reliable the further you get into the future.

“Weather is a mix of pattern and chaos,” McDavitt pointed out. “We can only follow the pattern and attempt to work out the bounds of the chaos.”

#10 Summers In England

Image credits: Naggers123

#11 This Is What Happens In My Hometown When You Don’t Leave The Faucet Trickling In The Winter. Pipes Bursting In Watertown, NY

Image credits: mynameisadrean

#12 Welcome To Narnia: Two Days Of Gale Force Winds Along Lake Erie Have Iced Over Many Of The Homes Along The Beach In Hamburg, NY

Image credits: john_kucko

#13 Tornado-Driven Branch Impales My House Directly Above My Kid’s Bed

Image credits: Endarius

#14 Went To Go See The Golden Gate Bridge

Image credits: thebeardedteach

#15 This Tree Collapsed In A Very Strange Way From The Weight Of The Snow

Image credits: SilveradoSurfer16

#16 Cedar Tree Explosion

A storm blew through central Kansas this evening and exploded this cedar tree near my house. Someone speculated it was a microburst. I just thought it was neat.

Image credits: iamyourmomletmefeedyou

#17 When It’s Your Stop And The Doors Open To This

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#18 The Sky In Murcia, Spain, Turned Orange Because Of Dust From The Sahara

Image credits: Nightrach

#19 Thickness Of Ice On My Windshield In Romania

Image credits: AndrewwwG

#20 I Hate Freezing Rain

Image credits: DoMi8910

#21 Found This In My Yard After Strong Winds. I Guess You Would Call It A Tumble Weave?

Image credits: wicklifferocks

#22 My Friend Was Flying Out Of Phoenix Last Night. He Just Missed The Dust Storm

Image credits: suburbanite

#23 This Photo Was Taken At 9 AM On August 17, 2018, In Prince George, British Columbia. The Smoke From The Wildfires Is So Thick It’s Blocking Out The Sun

Image credits: TheCanadianGuy08

#24 Got A Call Earlier That A Tree Fell On My House

Image credits: bven

#25 This Is The Road I’m Supposed To Drive On My Final Driving Test This Morning. Fog My Life

Image credits: lovely_carrot

#26 This Poor Lambo I Towed In Calgary Ab After Hail And Flooding

Image credits: Arsenicrenegade

#27 When You Are Flooded, And Don’t Wanna Get Electrocuted, But Hopeful

Image credits: OyVeyzMeir

#28 Lightning Blew Up My Mailbox Last Night, Of All The Things

Image credits: bytorthesnowdog

#29 Lightning Strikes A Golf Practice Green In Iowa

Image credits: Tuff_spuff

#30 Our Beloved Hotdog Stand Got Damaged During Hurricane Irma

Image credits: bucciamane

#31 Tree In My Town Burning From A Lightning Strike

Image credits: Thunderbolt505T

#32 Took This Pic When The Sandstorm Was About To Hit

Image credits: nawelasg

#33 The Roof In My Apartment Collapsed Due To Rain, But The Latex Paint Caught The Drywall

Image credits: CadeVision

#34 After Flood, Fire And Rescue Departments Going Door To Door To Check The Safety Of Structures

Image credits: jemillerbalt

#35 It’s Been So Cold, I Snapped My Welcome Mat

Image credits: garthanthimum

#36 My Trip To Mount Rushmore Last Year

Image credits: parkourgamer

#37 Not As Bad As The Guy Who Traveled To See The Golden Gate Bridge, But This Is My Wife And I At The Highest Point On Skyline Drive, Overlooking The Majestic Shenandoah Valley

Image credits: anarchistchiken

#38 Hurricane Damaged Boardwalk

Image credits: aryeh95

#39 Algeria, Les Fusillés Metro Station This Evening. After The Torrential Rains

Image credits: khaleddrareni

#40 Mother Nature Decided That This BMW Should Be A Convertible

Massive storm with high winds uprooted a bunch of trees yesterday.

Image credits: Deej-OP

#41 In Iceland – Restaurant Had A Broken Door During A Severe Snow Storm

Image credits: North West Hotel & Restaurant

#42 What Happens In Southern Utah After A Wind Storm

Image credits: funnybunnyhunny

#43 There Was A Blizzard Last Night So We Decided To Check On Our Car

Image credits: justinmillerco

#44 Record-Breaking Snowfall From Canadian Blizzard. 30 Inches Fell On Friday Alone

Image credits: Davidcfmo

#45 I Guess I’m Not Driving Anywhere Today

Image credits: thishasntbeeneasy

#46 Damaging Winds And Severe Storms Just Blew Through Indiana. Patio Table Stuck Into A Wall

Image credits: austin9269

#47 A Bit Windy Today

Image credits: redbeanman

#48 Iowa Corn Flattened By 100mph Winds

Image credits: Gambler_001

#49 Nearly One Month After Finally Repairing My House From Hurricane Laura, One Of The Worst Rainstorms In 50 Years Hit My Town And Filled My House With Water

Image credits: Balphazzar

#50 An Australian Man Goes Shopping For Essential Groceries (Beer) During Flooding And Severe Storms

Image credits: LukeTheBaws

#51 Drove Across Half Of The US To Witness The Majesty Of The Grand Canyon

Image credits: sigmmakappa

#52 Traveled To Norway From Florida, Spent 4 Hours Climbing Pulpit Rock In 40-Degree Weather With Rain To Be Blessed With This

Image credits: JShiner

#53 Hurricane Irma Eroded Away The Dune This Pine Tree Was Growing On. Talbot Island State Park, Nassau Co., Florida

Image credits: I_am_Jo_Pitt

#54 Colorado Got Hit By A Mild Hail Storm

Image credits: catkinson19

#55 The Glass In My Lizard’s Tank Randomly Exploded In The Middle Of A Thunderstorm

Image credits: Andy_The_Punk

#56 I (Left) Was Excited To See The Tip Of Africa From Gibraltar But… Fog. Still The Closest I’ve Ever Been

Image credits: WhatAJSaid

#57 My Dad Planted This Palm When I Was 3. I’m 33 Now. Two Days Of -2° Temperatures In Texas Broke It And Every Other Palm We Had

To add insult to injury, one of the -2° days was my dad’s birthday.

Image credits: ActiasLunacorn

#58 This Tree Fell And Pulled The Whole Lawn Up With It

Image credits: eroback

#59 Oregon Coast During The Wildfires, Raining Ash

Image credits: Malikalikimakkah

#60 Made It Out – Eastern Canadian Winter

Image credits: iTakeBaths

#61 We Had A Little Wind Yesterday. Time To Dig Out

Image credits: I_AM_MEAT15

#62 Record Flooding In Seoul, South Korea. 336 Mm/13 In Of Rain In A Day

#63 St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. 75+ Cm Of Snow In Less Than 24 Hours. We Can Barely See The Top Of Our Honda Civic To The Right Of Our Truck

Image credits: TinOfPop

#64 Chilling In The Bathroom With My Parents And Cat During A Tornado Warning

Image credits: scootervigilante

#65 The Wind Is Pretty Strong In Texas Today

Image credits: ShimadaKambei

#66 Coworker’s Kids Left The Van Door Open Before A Storm

Image credits: zeldadorf

#67 It Was Supposed To Be My Income For The Next 2 Months. All Were Destroyed Last Night After A Storm. Before vs. After

Image credits: kwhugh

#68 16 Years Of Ivy Growth Destroyed In A Single Night Of High Winds. The Entire Brick Wall Was Covered To The Top

Image credits: ComradeVISIXVI

#69 Hurricane Irma Sucked All Of The Water Out Of My Canal In Naples, FL

Image credits: gdimeweather

#70 Wind Was A Little High In Colorado

Image credits: kbbn1

#71 Atlasjet A320 Radom And Windshield Seriously Damaged By Hail At Istanbul

Image credits: airlivenet

#72 Crazy Weather Golfball Size Hail Storm

Image credits: tadnbre

#73 My Brother With His Mouth Open In A Dust Storm. I Never Told Him, But He’s My Hero

Image credits: whereswilkie

#74 Flood Continues In The North Of Yakutia, Russia’s Largest And Coldest Territory. Several Villages Are Now Completely Under Water

Image credits: siberian_times

#75 Car Parked In Underground Parking (P3) Covered In Snow Overnight

Image credits: suyuzhou

#76 My Dad Just Finished Remodeling His House Last Month From The Last Major Hurricane. Woke Up At 2 This Morning To 7 Inches Of Water Through The House

Image credits: DatRawDough

#77 Blizzard Peeled The Roof Of My Friend’s Work

Image credits: slayez06

#78 Storms Damaged Helicopters In Norfolk Base

Image credits: Son0FAthens

#79 My Friend’s Car After It Randomly Hailed, With Baseball-Sized Hails, While It Was +20 Degrees, In The Middle Of June

Image credits: twitchmemer89164

#80 Going To Need A Bigger Snowblower

Image credits: bulldoggordon

#81 Insane Storms In Australia. Everything Is Flooding After Millions Of Hectares Were Burned Last Year

Image credits: Cloquelatte

#82 “I Know You’re Not Feeling Well, Let Me Move Your Car For You.” The Next Morning

Image credits: razorburnoncrotch

#83 First Day Of Spring Break And The Weather Is Looking Great

Image credits: XxX_22marc_XxX

#84 Pizza Hut Sign Blown Over Onto Truck In Bad Weather

Image credits: trickman01

#85 My Ceiling Is Leaking And The Storm That Is Causing It Isn’t Stopping Any Time Soon

Image credits: cutereddithing

#86 My Cousin Is A Long-Distance Truck Driver. He Underestimated The Winds In Arizona

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#87 April On The East Coast. Sunday: Got My Car Out, Ready For Summer vs. Monday: Just Kidding

Image credits: HoggZero

#88 Wind Did This

Image credits: jedzwik24

#89 This Is What It Looks Like In New Mexico, Extremely High Winds And Drought. This Was Around Noon

Image credits: rfergie82

#90 I Sure Do Love Springtime

Image credits: SpideyMGAV

#91 Photo From The North Dakota, An Underpass On I94 Near Mapleton After The Plows Were Pulled

Image credits: NDHighwayPatrol

#92 Side Of House Impaled By Trampoline After Severe Weather

Image credits: Morocco_Llama

#93 A Little Windy In Phoenix

Image credits: pocodarkness

#94 A Christmas Morning Avalanche Left Four Foot Of Snow Inside Of The Belleayre Mountain Ski Lodge In NY

Image credits: licecrispies

#95 What Could Go Wrong With Not Tying Down Your Trampoline During A Storm

Image credits: RuRahRulabulah

#96 Storm Doris Had Winds Of Up To 94 Mph

Image credits: mayallrob_

#97 My Front Yard 12 Hours Ago

Image credits: KaerMorhen

#98 So It Rained A Little At My Grandparents’

Image credits: larsnation

#99 A Bit Of Light Rain At The Office

Image credits: randomsubrepost

#100 New Orleans Is Flooding At The Moment

Image credits: Launchbay07

#101 Drove 4 Hours Round Trip To See An Active Volcano, While On Vacation

Image credits: marinefuc86ed

#102 There Was A Hailstorm At My Cousin’s House, They Have No Power So They Can’t Vacuum Up The Broken Glass In Their House Yet

Image credits: SpicyHashbrowns

#103 My Neighbor’s Tree Went Through My House Yesterday. Really Bad Storm Ripped Through Central North Carolina

Image credits: SN2Chainz

#104 My Cousin Picked The Best Spot To Park During The Hurricane

Image credits: rodfermain

#105 We Are Having A Very Stormy Weather Over Here In Limerick, Ireland. Friend’s Van Got Crushed Under A Tree, But Thankfully He Wasn’t Injured

Image credits: Luke123halley

#106 Bought These Binoculars Specifically To Go To The Grand Canyon

Image credits: Ericalva91

#107 Left My Truck Parked Next To A Lamp Post Before A Storm

Image credits: PotatoSkans

#108 Guy Parks On The Stripes Thinking He Can Avoid The Freezing Rain Only To Be Under A Leaky Pipe

Image credits: tnick771

#109 My Ping Pong Table After Being Left Out In The Rain

Image credits: TheRealLegitCuck

#110 Some Apartments At My Old University Flooded Due To Rain On The First Day Of Classes

Image credits: joshua.a.parker

#111 The Weather In Houston Made My House Underwater

Image credits: Tobokie121

#112 We Had A Storm That Lasted 6 Days. On The Last Hour Of The Last Day, It Destroyed Our Wall

Image credits: DGS_Cass3636

#113 So The Wind Is Pretty Strong Here In Wales

Image credits: SealionOfNeutrality

#114 A Gas Station Is Unable To Hold Up Due To Severe Snow Weight

Image credits: Nina_Greenleaf

#115 Here In Amarillo, Winds Got Up To Around 80 Mph And Knocked Down The Sign At The Local Sonic

Image credits: TheMadcapLaughter

#116 Within 2 Days In Texas A Hail Storm And Hurricane Destroyed My Car

Image credits: randomvegasposts

#117 Snowed In

Image credits: RagnaTheRed

#118 So There Were “High Wind” Warnings In Oregon. Didn’t Expect This To Happen Though

Image credits: eMF_DOOM

#119 “I Think I’ll Install The Gutters Today. The Weather Is Supposed To Be Clear.” It Wasn’t Clear

Image credits: leatherplates42069

#120 It Got Pretty Western With The Wind

Image credits: Church369

#121 “Boat Will Be Fine” They Said. “Hurricane Moved East” They Said

Image credits: pnbgaff

#122 On Our Honeymoon In Hallstatt, Austria

Image credits: Lady-Charb

#123 Drove Three Hours To Go To The Grand Canyon

Image credits: Hey_Its_Me_23_

#124 5 Minutes Ago We Were About To Start Graduation On Our Football Field. Nature Had Other Plans

Image credits: themuffinmann67

#125 My Apartment After Hurricane Isaias (Philadelphia)

Image credits: intelligentquote0

#126 My Friend’s Garage The Day After Hurricane Sally

Image credits: lovelyloafers

#127 My Backyard After 2 Inches Of Rain Fell In 5 Hours One Week Ago

Image credits: XROOR

#128 Heavy Rains Last Night Made My Wall 3D

Image credits: CarlosDanger1212

#129 My Shed Caved In From The Weight Of The Snow

Image credits: Sodafizz_126

#130 This Tree Has Been Through 3 Hurricanes, And Now Because Of Some Flooding Has Gone Through My Pool Cage And Broken A Big Part Of My Roof

Image credits: Accio_sanity

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