130 “That’s Not How Women Work” Moments Shared In This Online Group

Apparently, some men think if a woman wears an ankle bracelet, she is either a lesbian or a prostitute. And don’t even ask them about those who carry around their stuff in a backpack instead of a purse!

These things sound unbelievable, but just take a look at the subreddit r/NotHowGirlsWork and you’ll discover that some guys have such wild misconceptions about females, it’s like they’re talking about an alien race.

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I honestly don’t know how they come up with such… theories. Maybe their ego couldn’t handle a breakup, so they invented an explanation on why it was their partner’s fault. Or maybe they’re just following the wrong people on social media.

Either way, continue scrolling to check out the latest posts from r/NotHowGirlsWork and if you want more after you’re done, fire up Bored Panda’s earlier piece on the subreddit. Enjoy.

#1 He Got Called Out On His “Women Don’t Like Sex” Bulls**t. Welp, I Think They Just Don’t Want To Have It With You

Image credits: DamonSanders_9_9

#2 Adele’s Weight Loss Under The Spotlight Again

Image credits: RohitaKadambi

#3 I’ve Seen This Expression Alot Whilst Browsing This Sub, So I Thought I’d Share This Meme

Image credits: TockLoxx

#4 What?

Image credits: terrible_Khonie

#5 Hide Your Ankles, Lest You Be Found Out!

Image credits: amerix

#6 Hmmm Yes, Pants Are Only For Men

Image credits: KaKrake

#7 I Uhm- Don’t Think That’s Right Chief

Image credits: Gh1ll1e

#8 Single Moms = Leftovers

Image credits: Loose_Style

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#9 The Girl Hive

Image credits: bluish-velvet

#10 Very Confident For A Man With No Grasp Of Grammar Or Science

Image credits: leesey_lemon

#11 Uh. No

Image credits: BambiKittens666

#12 Incels: We’re Just Lonely Virgins! Also Incels:

Image credits: Plants2003

#13 Found Under A Thread Asking “What Would Female The Equivalent Of No Nut November Be?”

Image credits: I_am_catcus

#14 Legend Says That To This Day No One Responded

Image credits: Aergia0_0

#15 Wtf I Just Read?

Image credits: Unfair_Assumption_23

#16 The Way Ppl Assumed Her Grandpa Is Her Sugar Daddy

Image credits: hoesomeslut

#17 In Simpler Terms: “I Straight Up Can Not Please A Woman”

Image credits: rode__16

#18 Is He Looking For A Mother?

Image credits: Unfair_Assumption_23

#19 Yikes

Image credits: davisgid

#20 I Think This Belongs Here..

Image credits: TheRevTholomeuPlague

#21 Logic Not Found

Image credits: nicole10484929

#22 Youtuber Asking The Real Hard Hitting Questions

Image credits: The2ndHank

#23 Breast Milk Is Now Pee

Image credits: nz7373

#24 Who Does He Think He Is?

Image credits: Plants2003

#25 “Itself”

Image credits: averageclicheofagirl

#26 Found On A Forum

Image credits: Character_Cricket688

#27 Not Sure What’s Worse, The Joke Itself Or The Fact So Many People Like This Kind Of Humor

Image credits: Scorpia_CyberBunny

#28 Girls Don’t Have Ankles

Image credits: Bwheat0674

#29 Who Made This…

Image credits: lobotomized_turnip

#30 Don’t Know If This Is A Repost. Got Sent This By My Mom Lmao

Image credits: DarkCreatorOfficial

#31 First Of All Women Don’t Decide Their Hobbies And Careers Based On Whether People Find Them Attractive

Image credits: ima_smol_bean

#32 This Was Under A Post Of A Girl Saying She’s Scared Of Pain During The Intercourse….

Image credits: Lincesaaa

#33 One Giant Leap For Mankind, One Small Step (Backwards) For Chad

Image credits: Hour_Row_9697

#34 Just Keep It Clean Ig

Image credits: Aergia0_0

#35 Period Assumption Is My (Least) Favourite

Image credits: wildwestwolves

#36 I Wish This Was Satire

Image credits: bahknee9

#37 You Gave It To Chad, So Give It To Me

Image credits: Rowan-the-Girlfriend

#38 How’re You Going To Use The Exacr Same Face For Different Asian Women

Image credits: _u_whats_this

#39 ” Women = Hen” – Peta

Image credits: Ok_Swan_7760

#40 So Apparently Majority Of The Girls Don’t Know How To Download Songs… Are You One Of Them Ladies?

Image credits: Kinix_2

#41 This Is Just Sad

Image credits: annettedillon

#42 I’m So Glad We Have People Like This Dude To Explain Periods To Us

Image credits: Arkady2009

#43 Idk If This Fits Here But I Found It In The Wild And Needed Someone Else To Call It Ridiculous With

Image credits: ImogenCrusader

#44 Some People Really Don’t Like Seeing A Room Full Of Women…

Image credits: noahleeann

#45 Pea Shooter vs. An Atom Bomb

Image credits: exhausted_cat

#46 He Wants His Wife To R-Xxx With Him

Image credits: Cola206

#47 Breast Size Is A Direct Result Of One’s Health

Image credits: dirtyhippie62

#48 Nicole Kidman Is A Man. Obviously

Image credits: dirtyhippie62

#49 Bruh…

Image credits: Drag0nK1ng123

#50 What

Image credits: magicsloth13

#51 All This Mental Gymnastics Just To Say: I Don’t Accept “No” From A Woman Unless It Comes From A Man

Image credits: AdRepresentative2604

#52 Welcome To The 1950s

Image credits: _gschaftlhuaba

#53 In Response To Men Ignoring Their Partners For Gaming

Image credits: AviliaMusic

#54 Unfortunately Stumbled Across This…felt Like It Belonged Here

Image credits: lilfruitmami

#55 In A Real Self Help Book My Friend Found At The Grocery Store About How To Please A Husband. What Even..?

Image credits: stawbymilk

#56 Right, I Remember The Part Where Women Don’t Work 48 Hrs A Week…

Image credits: ByteMe80

#57 Her Uncle Does Not Understand How Sexism Works…

Image credits: Charming-Jacket-4548

#58 Umm…source Please?

Image credits: ahnjong

#59 What’s The Secret Formula To Get In Bed With As Many Women As Possible!? Smh

Image credits: uniqaa

#60 Do Guys Think This Will Mean Women Will Sleep With Them?

Image credits: lizzy_withall

#61 Why Do Ppl Think Women Are Constantly Out To Exploit Men?

Image credits: Hi_El_Pu_Ba

#62 That’s Not How This Work

Image credits: aammbbiiee

#63 A Full Grown Adult Woman Can’t Possibly Weigh More Than 80 Lbs

Image credits: squirrels-on-parade

#64 Just Confusing…

Image credits: goldensunray

#65 With Nearly 7000 Up Votes On Reddit Too

Image credits: _u_whats_this

#66 What The…

Image credits: QueenOfBurgundyRealm

#67 A Bit Unconventional Post But I Think It Perfectly Fits Here

Image credits: Concerned-gay-guy

#68 They Ruin Life

Image credits: takkytea

#69 This Guy Has A Weird Opinion

Image credits: ThrowClose773

#70 A Year Of Hardcore Training, Ladies!

Image credits: Ok_Cut4131

#71 This Pee Pee Maestro

Image credits: Sprmodelcitizen

#72 Least Bigoted Incel

Image credits: xxxSexMan69xxx

#73 Ummm

Image credits: Aergia0_0

#74 I Found One!

Image credits: NoNeedToMope

#75 Cs Joseph Says 15 Years Old “Is When A Woman Should Be Educated On How Best To Please A Man”

Image credits: justice4juicy2020

#76 Just An Average Day In The Life Of An Average Female…

Image credits: OrchidGuilty7105

#77 Sorry If This Was Already Posted

Image credits: unabenjaminson

#78 I Just Don’t Get These Types Of Memes

Image credits: SomethingMoreFunnyMe

#79 Jesus…this Is Honestly Disgusting

Image credits: uglyloafofbread

#80 Another Take From The “Manosphere” Intellectual Powerhouse

Image credits: Hannah_352

#81 Tell Me You’re Insecure Without Telling Me You’re Insecure

Image credits: Throwaway-0364

#82 This Is All I’ve Learned From Tiktok Comment Sections

Image credits: Oppar68

#83 Yikes

Image credits: Nemuigakusei

#84 Found On Tinder. Never Seen So Much Blatant Misogyny In One Profile

Image credits: exhausted_cat

#85 Sorry Gals But A Cook- *ahem* I Mean A Wife For A Man Is More Important Than Pursuing Your Own Dreams

Image credits: TockLoxx

#86 Girls Over 125 Are Obese I Guess

Image credits: asstrologyho

#87 Housework Is My Kink, My Only Fantasies Are To Serve My Husband Faithfully…

Image credits: MisandristMarxist

#88 Smh

Image credits: nibbadvcky

#89 Found This On Instagram, Thought It Belonged Here

Image credits: arachnihomie

#90 Seriously ???

Image credits: Strange_An0maly

#91 My First Find In The Wild

Image credits: Anothermanicfriday

#92 Ouch

Image credits: emaaaaaaaaaaa

#93 These Kind Of “Memes” Are Just Really Triggering

Image credits: SHEdevilBY_morning

#94 No But Okay…

Image credits: ssmitty09

#95 Dressing Skimpy = Sexual Invitation, Obviously..

Image credits: DoggyLuv21

#96 I Don’t Think That’s How It Works

Image credits: Amazing-Shape-2930

#97 Yes I Know Thinking For Yourself Seems Too Much Work

Image credits: ButterscotchOk4483

#98 How Dare She Have Her Own Identity!!

Image credits: Whisky_in_maggi

#99 Not Sure Where To Post, But Feel This Is The Right Sub

Image credits: scuczu

#100 Sometimes I Get Kinda Lonely Being Single But This Sub Cures That Shit Quick Lol

Image credits: Dimethylchloride

#101 I’m At The “Throw Away Stage”

Image credits: megacat11

#102 I’ll Let The Picture Explain Itself

Image credits: lifeless_chicken

#103 Good News Everyone! All The Pain From Childbirth Solely Comes From Your Vagina. Also, There Is Not Pain Its All In Your Head

Image credits: DoctorTurkelton

#104 Thoughts On This Comic?

Image credits: rotter111

#105 Csi Hymen Trace Edition

Image credits: Rude_Possibility_438

#106 I Propose Don’t Be An Assumer

Image credits: 4reddityo

#107 Girls, There’s Nothing We Won’t Do For A Free Holiday!

Image credits: pangolinsinpartyhats

#108 These Pointless Memes Dont Make Any Sense

Image credits: No-Willow176

#109 “Women Need To Be Scared Of You Leaving Them”

Image credits: Hi_El_Pu_Ba

#110 My Guess Is That They Smell Your Period Blood, Since This Always Happens To Me When I’m On My Period

Image credits: GinsengFlavouring

#111 Mhm..

Image credits: BlueTexBird

#112 Apparently The Only Reason To Get Breast Reduction Surgery Is To Anger Men

Image credits: Lmao_staph

#113 “Freak Of Nature” Or “Work Of Art” … Racism, Objectification And Misogyny From Psychiatrist

Image credits: ghostzombie3

#114 Ma’am…thats Not How Lesbians Work

Image credits: Mission_Battle_4304

#115 Betrayal Is Hot

Image credits: nachobeesknees

#116 Bro, How Stupid Are You?

Image credits: graywolt

#117 On Today’s Episode Of Pointless And Vaguely Offensive Gendering

Image credits: Optimal-Marsupial-92

#118 Instagram Gem

Image credits: sadk92

#119 Bruh. Honest Girls Just Randomly Disappeared In Those People’s Lives?

Image credits: Lil_CHAYNIK

#120 This Absolute Gem… It Has To Be A Joke…

Image credits: Arivainosani

#121 Ah Yes, Nothing Like A Felon To Turn Someone On

Image credits: treyyert3

#122 Please Big Strong Candy Crush Man, Beat This Hard Level For Me

Image credits: saltykitty84

#123 Average Touch-Starved Reddit User

Image credits: Fuck_If_I_Know_b

#124 I Love Cats, But Wtf Is This?

Image credits: stacanel

#125 Til That Women Can’t Have Male Friends…

Image credits: Boring_Psycho

#126 Ok Bestie

Image credits: Mission_Battle_4304

#127 Hear That Ladies? If You’re Heterosexual You Should Appreciate Getting Sent Dick Picks By Strangers

Image credits: Longjumping-Idea8552

#128 Another Gem

Image credits: banjocatto

#129 Not How Disagreements Work

Image credits: sarahjayn

#130 I Hate It Because It’s Painful As Hell…

Image credits: Charming-Jacket-4548

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