134 Seriously Confusing Pics That Need To Be Looked At Twice To Understand What’s Happening (New Pics)

Sometimes, when we watch a psychological movie or visit an illusion museum, we may feel like our mind is playing tricks on us. But when we finally solve the puzzle behind the illusion, it brings us an amusing “a-ha!” moment that makes us feel good about ourselves.

It’s fascinating to see something, think it’s one thing, and then discover what it actually is. The subreddit ‘Confusing Perspectives‘ is all about that experience. Here, members share mind-boggling photos and artwork that play with angles, scale, and composition, creating stunning illusions that can deceive even the most perceptive eye. We welcome you to dive into this surreal realm and have your mind pleasantly bewildered as we’ve gathered our favorite posts from the group. Be sure to upvote the ones that made you look twice… or thrice!

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#1 Blankat

Image credits: 3vts

Seeing is believing, right? Well… not exactly, what you see may not be what you think you see. “Your senses gather information and send it to your brain. But your brain does not simply receive this information – it creates your perception of the world”, the American Museum of Natural History defines optical illusions on their page. This goes to show that your brain can fill in gaps or create images that aren’t really there. And the reason for that is evolution: “survival depends on fast reactions. Your brain has evolved to work quickly to piece together whatever bits and fragments it can get – and to do its best to figure out the rest.”

#2 Flintstone Jet?

Image credits: duncan_D_sorderly

#3 The Moon Looks Like Saturn

Image credits: Ok_Board_4331

Our brain is like a brilliant, blind supercomputer – it’s highly intelligent but cannot see. It’s just a clever blob! When we see things, our eyes send information to our brains for interpretation. The brain takes shortcuts and edits images before we consciously become aware of them. Optical illusions use these shortcuts to deceive or trick our brains.

#4 This Colorado Farmland Is Flat But Looks 3D After The Snow Was Blown Around

Image credits: ceday94

#5 The Perfect Pick Pocket

Image credits: TheMoInside

#6 No This Is Not Cannibalism

Image credits: Snoo76971

There are many different kinds of illusions, like figure-ground illusion or depth perception illusion. Figure-ground illusion is when an image with an unclear distinction between the figure and the background can cause our minds to switch back and forth while trying to comprehend it.

#7 They’re Really Good Friends

Image credits: Lanoi

#8 Why My Building Is Not Playing

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Image credits: Pr1stine69

#9 A Photo Of Cemetery Looks Like 2 Images Stitched Together

Image credits: yourSAS

One of the most well-known examples is the Rubin vase illusion, where you may see either two black faces or a white vase. Another instance is the Canadian flag illusion, where you may perceive a red maple leaf or two faces arguing head to head in white. These illusions play with our perception, creating captivating visual effects that challenge our understanding of reality.

#10 B2 Bomber Makes It Look Like The Sky Didn’t Load Properly

Image credits: ParnsipPeartree

#11 Obama Using His Powers

Image credits: Frthras

#12 Centaur

Image credits: IAmJenkings

Another kind of illusion is the depth perception one. Our brains are used to perceiving a three-dimensional world, where objects higher in our visual field appear larger and farther away. The Ponzo illusion takes advantage of this by placing two parallel lines over converging lines on a two-dimensional surface. This creates a sense of depth, making it seem like the higher yellow line is larger. However, both yellow lines are the same size. It’s a fascinating trick that shows how our brain interprets visual information and can be deceived by certain visual cues.

#13 Dog In The Clouds

Image credits: cryssbrock

#14 This Cat Emerging From A TV

Image credits: farts_tickle_my_nuts

#15 Sky And Paint Same In Colors

Image credits: -Jude

If you want to create optical illusions and make objects in photos appear larger, smaller, farther, or closer than they actually are, you should explore the technique called ‘Forced Perspective.’ It’s commonly used in photography, filmmaking, and architecture. It tricks our eyes into seeing something that seems impossible, but with creativity, we can make it look real.

#16 This Crane Looks Like Its Wearing My Sneakers

Image credits: kardashevy

#17 Trippy

Image credits: Garlic_Overload

#18 Hiker Got Tired And Needed A Ride

Image credits: tamman2000

You have to make a plan for how you will take a photo, prepare an interesting pose, and most importantly – practice the composition you want to achieve. Place objects in the right locations, move the camera slowly to connect them, avoid using a tripod to have more flexibility and position the subject you want to appear larger closer to the camera, and the one you want to appear smaller farther away. Lastly, use a high zoom, opt for a higher aperture (essential for depth of field), and experiment with focus and various angles to capture the best Forced Perspective shots.

#19 Skiers Looking Like Music Notes

Image credits: vVgimmefronchgooseVv

#20 Don’t Worry, It’s Just A Sunset Reflection

Image credits: NotAn0reo

#21 Log Dog

Image credits: reddit.com

So, whether you’re an illusion enthusiast, an artist seeking inspiration, or simply someone eager to explore the realm of visual trickery, we hope some of these posts got you intrigued and inspired. Witness the world through a whole new lens by continuing to scroll through the rest of the ‘Confusing Perspectives’ posts. Continue the adventure of perception by checking out our previous post about the online community here.

#22 Tall Building Without Window

Image credits: DKxDK

#23 Charge Your Electric Cat Here

Image credits: roygbiv1000

#24 It Looks Like A Mockup Or A Giant, But It’s Just Me On The Second Floor Of The College

Image credits: joalllucas

#25 These Cows Are Small, But Those Cows Are Far Away . . . (Ikyk)

Image credits: fatmand00

#26 I Guess She Must Have A Cold Hand?

Image credits: Here_Just_Browsing

#27 This Dog

Image credits: Ok_University8781

#28 Couple Kidnap Lady In A Sports Direct Bag!!

Image credits: QuisnamSum

#29 Bird Person

Image credits: angrilygamble

#30 Cat

Image credits: sertex45

#31 Two Women With An Extra Arm

Image credits: dschwanh

#32 Napping Comfortably

Image credits: MissingTheSun

#33 What The Hell?

Image credits: Proof_Elderberry4726

#34 Babey

Image credits: mledonne

#35 Sea Disk

Image credits: Vishwasm123

#36 Man Playing Billiards On My Car

Image credits: nobodynowherex86

#37 Cat Impaled

Image credits: aectu

#38 It’s A Mud Bath

Image credits: majorwtf

#39 Cat Beheaded

Image credits: Planet6EQUJ5

#40 Image I Took 3 Years Ago While Helping My Dad With Roofing Work

Image credits: hombrebonito

#41 Petrol Head Goldie

Image credits: nincsvicc420

#42 A Man Walking His Gigantic Cat

Image credits: argon118

#43 Baby Face

Image credits: g_h_97

#44 Waving Hello

Image credits: braddamit

#45 This Is Not What You Are Thinking It Is

Image credits: icecreamkiller1

#46 Skipped Leg Day

Image credits: brunnlake

#47 Didn’t Know My Leg Had Been Amputated

Image credits: JustBrowsingActually

#48 Fleshball, Smells Great

Image credits: crabwiseOpening63

#49 “Crossing Over”, Photographed By Kenichi Ohno. Yes, This Is Not Photoshopped

Image credits: dongnp196

#50 Hovering Bride

Image credits: SoVeryBored2024

#51 Victorious Kneeling Giant

Image credits: velocijaymz

#52 This Is Not A Little Person Ice Skating

Image credits: JustGiraffable

#53 Which One Is The Correct One?

Image credits: Musickness_1129

#54 Not Two Separate Pictures

Image credits: kostaGoku

#55 This Concrete Pad

Image credits: X3FBrian

#56 Birds Are Drones. Confirmed

Image credits: Representative_Still

#57 Kick Back And Relax

Image credits: 1lordtroy

#58 Sexy Legs (And Also, Cute Dog)

Image credits: schmalve

#59 Surreal Puddle In A Parking Garage

Image credits: TheTempestOwll

#60 Four Eyed Deer

Image credits: mrmysteryguest69

#61 A Photo I Took In Atlanta

Image credits: Roverprimus

#62 Swimsuit

Image credits: deathcaster228

#63 A Hulking Praying Mantis

Image credits: Sycoraxis

#64 Estonian Javelin Thrower Magnus Kirt Impaling Himself

Image credits: oldlilpeep

#65 Hen With To Many Legs

Image credits: CrisperKoleslaw

#66 That Kid Is Going Places

Image credits: P0rnDudeLovesBJs

#67 A Deformity

Image credits: bastard_vampire

#68 Just A Ship Passing By (Xpost Pics)

Image credits: airtightChopin96

#69 Explanation: The Rock Is Just Reflecting In Some Water That You Can’t See Because Of Fog

Image credits: Legal-Adhesiveness33

#70 The Ice On The Trees Looks Like A Reflection In The Water Or Clouds

Image credits: iwontcomeback30

#71 Wow These Costumes Are Getting So Realistic

Image credits: SlamDunkCactus

#72 Cat Or Bird?


#73 For A Split Second, I Thought Derek Truck’s Guitar Cable Was Coming Out Of My TV And I Was Very Confused

Image credits: skaternewt

#74 An Awkward Prom Pose…?

Image credits: tfeller1126

#75 Reflection Of A Water Tower

Image credits: luftwaffles1337

#76 Two Cats On The Street

Image credits: xxxdelusional

#77 Ouch

Image credits: Individual_Tooth1736

#78 Relaxing On Waterside

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#79 Announcer’s Cuff Gives Dustin A Full Head Of Hair

Image credits: WIbigdog

#80 Longest Finger?

Image credits: tkaase1

#81 That’s Not Her Arm

Image credits: Shalynhuetter

#82 Unintentionally Seductive…

Image credits: objectivequalia

#83 Hidden By Tattoo

Image credits: CenkHocA12

#84 Soulless Being Or…

Image credits: childish__slambino

#85 Just A Kiddo In The Bubble

Image credits: _Abnormalia

#86 The Rock Taking A Selfie Of Himself Gleefully Backhanding A Fan

Image credits: Reddituser0346

#87 The Clouds Shadows Make It Look Like They’re Floating Islands

Image credits: WantedVenue639

#88 Building Caused A Shadow To Line Up Perfectly With A Light Pole

Image credits: darklyHustle

#89 It Shouldn’t Bend Like That

Image credits: kendall-mintcake

#90 I Opened Up A Secret Door Behind A Book Case And It LED Me To This (Oc)

Image credits: Dozzer_22

#91 What The Guard Doin?

Image credits: Prithvi2k6

#92 The Invasion Has Already Begun

Image credits: kobrakaan

#93 Velociraptor, Double Jointed Or Broken

Image credits: FantasyMaster85

#94 The Cat Is Quite Tall, Like An At-At Walker From Star Wars

Image credits: Blonde-Tabby

#95 This Picture If A Friend Hiking Makes Him Look Like A Giant Sitting Amongst Mountains

Image credits: ProteanHog85

#96 What Real Love Looks Like

Image credits: uno_sir_clan

#97 A Furniture Delivery Truck Parked Behind Me On Lunch Break


#98 Took This Pic Yesterday The Sides Of The Buildings Were The Exact Same Colour Of The Sky

Image credits: MrHamburger08

#99 Get Ready For A Tiny Guy Way Up High

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#100 Thought It Was A Stuffed Animal

Image credits: Storae

#101 Fishing Trip

Image credits: SwimmerDJ

#102 This Picture Of My Cousins Looks Like Two Pictures Pieced Together

Image credits: mordecaiparnassus

#103 A Woman Stuck To A Man

Image credits: Kruzat

#104 Set Up This Beautiful Miniature Living Room For My Cat And She Chooses To Sit On The Rug

Image credits: waterfae

#105 Everything Starts To Look Like Food When I Skip Lunch

Image credits: yamamushi

#106 I’m Confused

Image credits: Petenne08

#107 Two Giants Standing Over Tiny Fields

Image credits: sonal1988

#108 My Dog’s Legs

Image credits: finaldi

#109 Banana Flower…i Think?

Image credits: tom_yacht

#110 Fancy Turban

Image credits: Captain-Oblivious-00

#111 This Building Having Trouble Loading Textures

Image credits: shmoopidy

#112 Shrunken Head

Image credits: jquest303

#113 Is The Chair Facing The Water Or The Grass? Can You See It Both Ways?

Image credits: Aldi8241

#114 Belgian Soldier Caked Up

Image credits: TheYoungLung

#115 This Shot From Breaking Bad That Looks Like Two Separate Images

Image credits: reddit.com

#116 City In The Sky

Image credits: gitakaren

#117 Can Anyone Explain This? Lol … So Creepy … (I Was Not The Shadow) …

Image credits: Skilax06md

#118 The Man With 4 Arms

Image credits: Triple23

#119 Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan – Actually Just 6.1% Gradient

Image credits: lemonoid1870

#120 My Boyfriend Is Installing New Wood Floors On His Stairs, And Sent Me This Picture To Show Off His Progress

Image credits: mdalin

#121 Thought These Dividers Were See Through

Image credits: themileboy

#122 A Huge Hole In The Ocean?

Image credits: qvaxy

#123 Floating Ship

Image credits: KAPH86

#124 The Shine On This Filing Cabinet Makes It Look Like It’s Fading Away

Image credits: UnderUnfasten

#125 Which Way Is Up

Image credits: Greeky03

#126 Pillars Casting Their Own Shadows Looking Like They Are Hollowed Out

Image credits: reddit.com

#127 We Visited Craters Of The Moon And Took A Photo In The Cave. It Looks Like We Are Standing In Front Of A Green Screen…

Image credits: Bancer705

#128 Cutting Open An Apalca

Image credits: Dio-V

#129 I Thought She Was Wearing Toe Socks

Image credits: BlondeRed

#130 Mirror Taken To The Curb On Trash Day

Image credits: Comprehensive_Permit

#131 Billionaires Sure Give Tiny Glasses Of Champagne

Image credits: lurkawaynow

#132 Cate Blanchett Leans On Tiny Photographer

Image credits: hellabeardy

#133 Continuing The Trend Of Pics That Look Badly Photoshopped, Here’s Mine From Cerocahui Mexico

Image credits: ChicoPacoPancho

#134 Her Waist Isn’t That Tiny

Image credits: ya-boi-Dan

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