134 Unexpected Things People Found Sitting Out On The Curb And Took Home, As Shared By This Online Group

On the sidewalk, mid-century end tables share space with old Chinese medicine cabinets. Down the street, antique chests patiently wait with vintage vinyls, paintings, and — oh yes — gorgeous motorcycles for new owners to come and pick them up. Because all of them are, surprisingly, free. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, anyway, and strolling among streetside castoffs can sometimes lead to wonderful hidden gems.

Over recent years, stooping or curb mining — spotting discarded goods sitting out on the curbsides — has really taken off with scavenging enthusiasts looking for cheap and environmentally friendly ways to fill their homes with exciting treasures. And here’s where the online group called ‘Curbfinds’ comes in. A community dedicated to sharing dwellers’ best discoveries and giving bonus points to anyone if they “fix something that was broken, upcycle it, or recycle it.”

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Below, we’ve wrapped up a collection of some of their best posts, and it’s hard to believe what friendly strangers leave lying on the sidewalk! So continue scrolling, hit upvote on your favorite ones, and be sure to let us know if you’ve ever scouted out a great find in the comments.

#1 Cutest Curbfind: IKEA Doll Bed For My Cat. I Think He Approves

Image credits: Plastic_Restaurant38

#2 Got A Motorcycle For Free Today. Clean Title And Runs

Image credits: Pm_me_ur_dealbreaker

#3 Some Mom Stepped On Her Last LEGO…

Image credits: MakeItHomemade

#4 1922 Sewing Machine

Image credits: dearwikipedia

#5 Found This Bad Boy Sticking Out Of A Trashcan. Stopped To Look And The Homeowner Came Out And Gave Me A Box To Move It

Image credits: smutketeer

#6 Curb Alert. Someone Posted A Curb Alert Near Me And I Saw Two Mid Century Looking Dressers In The Corner. I Am Still In Awe

Image credits: Deep_Maintenance5307

#7 My Wife Called Me Today Saying There Was A Grill On The Side Of The Road. Not A Thing Wrong With It, And Lighted On First Click

Image credits: Woodsmanswhiskey

#8 Curb Find Of The Century? Kitchen Aid Professional 5 Plus Stand Mixer With Attachments, And It Works!

Image credits: sfitz11

#9 Found This Leather Chesterfield On The Curb This Morning!

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Image credits: Reasonable_Bar8868

#10 We Needed A New Dishwasher And The Neighbor’s Curb Provided! Installed It Yesterday. Works Beautifully

Image credits: OOmama

#11 I Don’t Watch Much TV, But When I Do, It Comes From The Curb. Fully Functional Sony 4k TV. Thank You Curb Gods

Image credits: relativelyben

#12 A Week Ago I Was Talking About How I Wished I’d Find A Snowboard In The Trash Because I’m A Broke Beginner Who Always Has To Borrow From Friends

 The other night I found three on the curb! Thanks, trash day!

Image credits: essplodes

#13 I Whipped My Car Around So Fast. If There Wasn’t A Sign That Said “Free” I’d Have Felt Like It Was Stealing

Image credits: TacoTornado311

#14 Got This Beaut For Free! Outside A Thrift Store Where They Didn’t Think They Could Sell It!

Image credits: Lamesauceapplesauce

#15 This Luxury Dog Crate Was Being Thrown Out By Someone In My Building Who Couldn’t Keep Their Puppy

Image credits: GKrollin

#16 Before And After Of An Old Chinese Medicine Cabinet I Found In The Trash In Shanghai

Image credits: ShanghaiLou

#17 Coffee Table Rehab. About $20 In Supplies

Image credits: MLMsstealyoursoul

#18 Brand New Christmas Ornaments

Image credits: Ativan2

#19 A Curbfind Dresser… With A New Bit Of Paint!

Image credits: empressche

#20 Theater Quality Projector Found On Curb

Image credits: ArisThotHole

#21 It’s Been 20 Years Since If Found A Curb Box This Good. All Records In Immaculate Condition. Mostly Australian Imports

Image credits: noiseinart

#22 Curb Find Turned Into Fancy Cat Outhouse

Image credits: IglooThomas

#23 Before And After Of A Cabinet I Found In The Trash

Image credits: ShanghaiLou

#24 Before And After Of An Abandoned Cabinet I Found Here In Shanghai… It’s Now A Wine Bar/Liquor Cabinet

Image credits: ShanghaiLou

#25 I Spent The Day Making Memories With My Daughter And Her Curb Find. Was Quoted Over $1000 To Repair The Broken Side And Reupholster. For The Price Of Our Time, Some Glue, Screws, Staples, And Fabric, She Now Has Something In Her Bedroom She Absolutely Loves

Image credits: PumilioTat

#26 Found A Washer/Dryer Set (Knocked On Door To Make Sure They Worked) Days After Ours Went Out. So Happy!

Image credits: Justme-again

#27 I Guess Someone Is Getting A New One For Christmas

Image credits: IHCollector

#28 Update On My Hot Roasted Nuts Cart Curbfind

Image credits: robjp4453

#29 Found A Bag Of Art Supplies In A Big Pile Of Junk Outside An Apartment

Most was too bad to be salvaged. But still scored a nearly complete set of watercolor pencils, acrylic paints, brushes, and bonus Louis Vuitton sunglasses

Image credits: TeaSipperStripper

#30 Don’t Mind If I Do

Image credits: kittycatpuppydog

#31 Found This Airplane Rocker Down Our Street!

I am going to take it sand it down and stain it as a present for my godsons first birthday!

Image credits: brinhartman

#32 Got Some Gorgeous New Coffee Tables The Other Day

Image credits: dramforadamn

#33 I Ran Through Traffic When I Saw It!

Image credits: athenianmermaid

#34 I Run Down An Old Dirt Road. Trash Is Dumped There. One Day I Stopped And Found A Box Of Money

All the envelopes are different countries all over the world. Mostly date from the 1700s-1900s. The oldest is a coin from 1621. I’ve got some from countries that no longer exist. I’m still researching

Image credits: arbivark

#35 Found This Dyson V6 In The Dumpster

 It was on the top of all the trash and had the charging bay sitting right next to it. Cleaned the hair and plastic off the roller and it’s good as new

Image credits: alfred_holloway

#36 Leather Donghia Armchair A Buddy And I Hauled Off Of The Curb In The Middle Of The Night. Almost Perfect Condition!

Image credits: svedishgypsy

#37 Not Exactly The Curb, But This Was Left In My Building’s Disposal Room

Image credits: PortugueseCheese

#38 Found This Nordictrac Along Side A Dumpster. A Couple Of Magnets Started It Up And It Works Like A Dream. Goodbye Extra Pandemic Pounds!

Image credits: KellyNtay

#39 Cleaned Up A Curb Find For My Plants

Image credits: amason549

#40 China Cabinet – From Buy Nothing Curb Alert

Image credits: krissyface

#41 Freecycle Dining Table With 2 Leaves And 10 Chairs! Just In Time To Host Thanksgiving!

Image credits: meliebel7

#42 Found This Propped Up Against A Trash Can!

Image credits: nwjudge

#43 Merry Christmas To Me From The Curb Gods! Complete In Box Fibre Optic Tree!

Image credits: sonicsink

#44 I Was Thinking About Purchasing A New Bench For My Keyboard, Then I Found This Gorgeous Bench On The Curb, Just A Few Blocks From My Apartment. It Needed A Few Minor Fixes That Took < 10 Minutes, And Now It's As Good As New!

Image credits: koareng

#45 Before/After Of A Vintage Mirror I Found On The Road And Turned Into A Coffee Table

Image credits: ShanghaiLou

#46 Removed Layers Of Old Paint And Rust From This Mid-Century End Table

Image credits: ceeparx7

#47 I Had Put These In R/Thriftstorehauls A Bit Ago But Didn’t Realize This Subreddit Existed. My Boss Was Getting Rid Of Some Things From His Mother’s Estate And Brought A Bunch Of Stuff In With An Up For Grabs Sign In Our Conference Room. It Was Mostly Junk, Except For These Original Dalí Etchings

Image credits: Thefreshestproduce

#48 Found An Old Patio Table On The Curb Today. Spent 20 Minutes Carrying It Back To My Apartment. Worth It

Image credits: FrrriskyWhiskey

#49 Hand-Carved Vintage Liquor Cabinet!

Image credits: chauncyyy

#50 Betsy Johnson Luggage In Great Condition… Okkkkkkkkkkaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!! ?

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 I Love Living In A Private Apartment Community. All Of These Items And More Were Left At The Recycling Bins

Image credits: dukesinatra

#52 Another Awesome Weekend At My Apartment Building. All Of This And More Was Left At The Curb. I Love It When People Move Out

Image credits: dukesinatra

#53 I’ve Gotten A Ton Of Stuff Off The Curb Over The Years, But This Is My Best Find Ever

Image credits: homolicious

#54 Found These Sweet Dresser Ends That Make Great Bedside Tables!

Image credits: Mr_Wy

#55 Super Lucky To Find This Literally Across The Street From My House Behind A Business

 I’m obsessed with color so this fits right in – I love that they painted all the shelves inside – at first glance I thought it had stained glass

Image credits: leahb216

#56 Found This Old Trunk In My Neighborhood On Garbage Day. Excited To Have A Cool New Coffee Table/Extra Storage!

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Found This Free Chair!

Image credits: squishchef

#58 Found By Our Apartment Dumpster! Almost Perfect Condition

Image credits: tiffanyt123

#59 My Ultimate Find- A Vintage Eames-Style Lounge Chair!

Image credits: robertturtles

#60 College Moveout Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Image credits: KingOfCranes

#61 Trash Pile Rescue From The Lane We Live In In Shanghai, China. She Scrubbed Up Well!

Image credits: ShanghaiLou

#62 Today’s Lil Find

Image credits: cassafrass__

#63 From Neighbors Bulk Pick Up To My Front Porch

Image credits: OOmama

#64 So I Says To Myself, “I’m A Good Home!”

Image credits: smutketeer

#65 Just Need To Find Some Cushions Now

Image credits: TriangleJaune

#66 Older Lady Across The Street Puts Stuff Out Occasionally, This Is My First Had To Have

Image credits: A2326P

#67 Found My White Whale On The Curb. How Anyone Could Throw One Of These Lamps Out Is Beyond Me!!

Image credits: alli_lags

#68 Watched Multiple Cars Drive Over This Saw Blade. Still In The Package Tho!

Image credits: West_Fee9144

#69 All Of These Pots Were About Two Stops From Being In The Trash Truck. I Just Barely Got To Them In Time!

Image credits: hricanna

#70 Found A 65″ 4k Smart TV On The Curb

Image credits: ArisThotHole

#71 Real Wood Chair

Image credits: IHCollector

#72 Found A Rupaul Mug On The Street – Now The Tea Can Be Served!

Image credits: KingOfCranes

#73 Found This 9 Litre (Roughly 2.3 Gallon) Dutch Oven, Not Even Any Rust. Worth The Back Pain To Get It Home!

Image credits: EveningMusic0

#74 Excited To Discover This Sub! Found This Gem Yesterday

Image credits: infinitechopin

#75 This Morning’s Haul!

Image credits: reddit.com

#76 If Ever Come Across Smashed Tech- Always Check For A Memory Cards

Image credits: einat162

#77 Found This Credenza On Roadside A Few Weeks Ago. Mid 60’s!

Image credits: 88evergreen88

#78 Collection Of Prints And Artwork From Store Closing!

Image credits: KingOfCranes

#79 Found This 1940 – 41 Stromberg Carlson Radio On The Side Of The Road

Image credits: Sam5559

#80 Scavenging Always Comes Through On Clutch – Gold Sequin Clutch

Image credits: KingOfCranes

#81 BF Broke Our One Piece Bathroom Sink A Few Weeks Ago. Came Across This On The Side Of The Road Last Weekend! Perfect Timing

Image credits: Boose81

#82 Found Both Of These On Separate Occasions

Image credits: matta31

#83 Was In Desperate Need For A Side Table Due To My Plant Addiction And Was About To Spend $40+ On A Side Table When This Beaut Appeared Before Me On My Walk!

Image credits: Existir

#84 Romper, Scarves, Belt, Pants, Boots, And Sunglasses – Pulled From Moveout Season Around Greek Row

Image credits: KingOfCranes

#85 Was So Thrilled To Find This Sweet Old Desk Waiting On The Curb For A New Home. Rarely Find Things This Old That Were Never Painted!

Image credits: Mr_Wy

#86 I Found This Small Danish Credenza On My Walk To Work This Morning. Couldn’t Believe It. It Made Me Late For Work But That’s Ok. Oakland, Ca

Image credits: Chlover

#87 Old Wooden Tripod My Husband Found That I Felt Was Calling To Be A Lamp

Image credits: ShanghaiLou

#88 Kid’s Poang IKEA Chair To Dog Throne

Image credits: greenbushgreenery

#89 Fixed Up This Curb Find

Image credits: StardustStuffing

#90 A House Near Us Has Been Putting Stuff Out Like Crazy Lately. The Records Are Probably The Best Thing I’ll Ever Find On The Curb

Image credits: Whole-Arm

#91 Curb Trash To Home Treasure

Image credits: dieselpuma

#92 After Having No Table For 2 Weeks, This Lovely Vintage Find Was Amazing. The Drop Leaf Table Is Perfect For Our Small Space

Image credits: hornyformugs

#93 I’m An Amazon Driver And Get Cool Stuff Out Of The Trash/Off The Curb Pretty Often. These Are A Pair Of Vintage Russel Woodard Spun Fiberglass Patio Chairs From The 70s! So Exciting!

Image credits: homolicious

#94 Nasty, Free Curbside Trash = My Treasure

Image credits: splattertaint

#95 1963 Lane Acclaim Extra Long!!!!

Image credits: metrolododo

#96 I’m From Melbourne Australia. Have Had Great Luck With Kerbside Furniture This Year

Image credits: chrizman2001

#97 Found This Bench Seat On The Side Of The Road And I Had To Grab It! I Sanded The Legs And Stained It To A More Neutral Wood Color

Image credits: ky-la

#98 Free On The Curb. Can’t Believe She Shined Up So Beautifully!

Image credits: dumdidddly

#99 Finally Done Refinishing The Best Curb Find Of My Life! Please Ignore The Rest Of The Room, Now I Have To Get The Rest Of The Room Done

Image credits: mims_the_word

#100 Rescued From The Dumpster

Image credits: cmg022609

#101 Someone Mentioned You Guys Might Like This, Found Her On The Side Of The Road. Been Informed It’s A Designer IKEA Piece From 2004, In Pretty Good Condition. No Bed Bugs Lol

Image credits: 0099999999900

#102 Found By My Communal Rubbish Bins When Taking Rubbish Out

Image credits: sarahACA

#103 Found A Rusty Cabinet With A Free Sign On It Down The Road. Cleaned It Up, Painted, Put A Top On It, And Now It’ll Be My Kitchen Island For My New House

Image credits: ggottagofaster

#104 Six Foot Tall And Everything Was There! Had A Price Tag Of $149 Marked Down. Took A Half And Hour And Two Of Us To Get It Together, But Happy I Went Back For It

Image credits: hartmanjunk

#105 My Wife Spotted This Sunday Night On The Way Home Just Sitting Next To A Garbage Can On The Curb. It’s Practically Brand New Without A Cord. Ampeg B108 And I’ve Been Wanting To Get An Ampeg For Years Now!!! Thank The Curb Find Gods For This Extraordinary Luck!!! It Actually Rained A Few Hours Later

Image credits: Defiantcaveman

#106 Desk Bike In Fantastic Condition- Yes Please!

Image credits: 42dftba

#107 Hampton Bay Trash Find

Image credits: IHCollector

#108 New Life For A Little Lady Found By My Friend In An Old Shanghai Alley

Image credits: ShanghaiLou

#109 Was Literally On My Way To Lowe’s To Buy A Trellis For Our Clematis When I Found These Guys Free On The Side Of The Road

Image credits: CleverNameHere13

#110 Mid-Century Looking Chair That I Found Out With Someone’s Trash

Image credits: nnp1989

#111 I’ve Been Wanting One Of These For A While. Stoked To Get One For Free!

Image credits: WhateverIlldoit

#112 I’ve Had This Exact Print In My Cart On Society6 For Weeks. Today I Found It On Nextdoor For Free. Frame And Everything. Cannot Believe My Luck

Image credits: reddit.com

#113 Stand And White Pot On Curb Today! Cleaned And In My House

Image credits: thewinberry713

#114 Today’s Groundscore

Image credits: flow_n_tall

#115 I Found These By My Driveway This Morning. Cutco Model 77

Image credits: IHCollector

#116 Found This Free Painting On The Sidewalk The Other Day

Image credits: RisingThread

#117 This Was On Its Way To The Dump! I’m Going To Party Like It’s 1979

Image credits: oldfartswife

#118 Just Found This Subreddit, I Present To You This Coat Rack

Image credits: jclint0n

#119 Scored This Great Moon And Stars Mirror

Image credits: lo-key-glass

#120 This Glass Is Stained But It Will Still Work

Image credits: lumpytrout

#121 Small Parts Storage Bins For The Garage!

Image credits: smokerjoker2020

#122 Cleaned Up The Desk And Put It In My Office

Image credits: reddit.com

#123 First Post In This Sub:)! I Acquired These Beautiful Bamboo Chairs On The Curb Today, As Well As Some Other Fun Stuff, Score!!

Image credits: SummerLee729

#124 Rescued This Beauty From The Curb Today. Can’t Wait To Clean And Reweb!

Image credits: KittenFace25

#125 Lugged Home This Lovely, Few Doors Down! Mcm?

Image credits: reddit.com

#126 Found On My Walk This Morning! A Few Scratches, But No Chips!

Image credits: meep4

#127 Before And After. Just Need To Make A Cushion

Image credits: BobShrunkle

#128 This Absolutely Ridiculous Set Of Cabbage Themed Bowls

Image credits: km14

#129 Found This Cedar Chest A Few Days Ago

Image credits: Sam5559

#130 Still Can’t Believe I Found This Beauty On The Curb

Image credits: RisingThread

#131 Officially Resuscitated!

Image credits: dieselpuma

#132 Found This Chest On The Curb And Decided To Pick It Up And Give It A Little Tlc

Image credits: Sal_T-Gnuts

#133 Found A Trunk In My Lane In Old Shanghai

Image credits: ShanghaiLou

#134 Found Two Of These Cool Chairs

Image credits: westfieldnc

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