137 Times Cats Made Their Owners Wonder “What’s Wrong With My Cat” (New Pics)

Even healthy, happy cats can be unpredictable and idiosyncratic in many ways. One moment your beloved feline is chilling and purring on your lap, the next it’s stealing your neighbors’ belongings.

But don’t just take my word for it. There’s a whole subreddit dedicated to the surprisingly funny ways of these creatures, proving just how random and adventurous they can be.

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It’s called ‘What’s Wrong With Your Cat?‘ and the online community has 583,000 members who are constantly sharing moments from their pet’s “malfunctions.” Continue scrolling to check out the latest ones, and for older (but equally good) subreddit content, fire up our previous publications on it here, here, and here.

#1 He’s Just Standing There… Menacingly

Image credits: sablasagna

#2 Whenever We Turn A Fan Or Air Filter On Our Little Girl Goes And Sits Right In Front Of It And Makes Her ‘Fan Face’

Image credits: Turbulent_Swan_64

#3 90 Degree Kitty

Image credits: Stellanboll

#4 Cosmo (Office Cat). Spent Days Only In The Sink. Took Him To The Vet. Vet Said He’s In The Sink Constantly “Because He’s A Cat”

Image credits: saintphoenixxx

#5 Fred Having An Existential Crisis

Image credits: gilbertsmith

#6 Am Cat. But Sometimes Wonder… Why Am Cat?

Image credits: Delicious-Talk2128

#7 If I Fits… Aw, S**ts

Image credits: Thryloz

#8 Instant Regret

Image credits: imported_solemnity

#9 She’s A Scarf

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Image credits: CoveDwell

#10 Cat So Lazy A Spider Built A Web Between Her Ears

Image credits: worldiscubik

#11 My Cat Likes To Sleep In A Perfectly Straight Line

Image credits: cannydooper

#12 I Don’t Even Know What To Say

Image credits: qwer1627

#13 More Food !!!

Image credits: Flirty_arya

#14 He Got Long Leggies

Image credits: Christof_P

#15 He Yells At Grass Before He Eats It

Image credits: coxonroach

#16 No One Taught Her How To Use The Chair

Image credits: Brozo08

#17 Every Single Day I Think I Can’t Possibly Get A Funnier Picture Of Her. Every Single Day She Proves Me Wrong

Image credits: minminminnow

#18 Not Only Did He Steal The Vet’s Chair, He Had To Make A Face As Well

Image credits: External-Pilot-2207

#19 My Cats Have Chosen Violence

Image credits: Voxit

#20 He Likes To Lay On Legos

Image credits: dark_iiii

#21 She Found The Catnip Plant, Ate Dirt And Didn‘T Stop There

Image credits: EstaLisa

#22 Searched The Whole House For Her, Found This

Image credits: ______________u

#23 He Threw His Socks On The Floor Again

Image credits: JuiceJuddy

#24 My Cat Staring At A Piece Of Rice

Image credits: asakiwaki

#25 GF’s Cat Is Having Some… Thoughts?

Image credits: tim3lymann3r

#26 I Think My Mom’s Cat Might Need An Exorcism

Image credits: yourzebrasready

#27 An Image Of Boredom; This Can’t Be Comfortable

Image credits: GearDawg

#28 An Interesting Pair

Image credits: BritishFoSho

#29 Sometimes My Lips Get Stuck On My Teefs

Image credits: DisgruntledPelican

#30 The Way My Cat Prefers To Be Carried Around The House Is A Bit Off

Image credits: aveannie

#31 I’m Not Sure If I Got A Kitten Or A Demon

Image credits: Kurdidurdi

#32 Imagine Trying To Poop In Peace And You Look Down To See This

Image credits: nootnewtt

#33 I Feel Like I Interrupted Something

Image credits: richestotheconjurer

#34 Always Wanted To Post This Here. One Night When She Forgot That She Have A Neck!

Image credits: virgin_boi69

#35 Cat Is Rebooting

Image credits: anallover1220

#36 Enemy Tail Detected

Image credits: Promist

#37 We Can’t Stop Here. This Is Bat Country

Image credits: FlyingCrowbarMusic

#38 Prayers

Image credits: CryptidSamoyed

#39 Sometimes She Just Looks Lost

Image credits: Ifette

#40 This Is Dennis. He Sits Like This 60% Of The Time

Image credits: justingilltattoos

#41 How Did This Pic End Up On My Phone. Cat, What Have You Done?

Image credits: Plane-Jain

#42 Cabbage Leaves Can Help Reduce Pain In Swollen Nipples After Nursing. A Local Rescue Posted This Photo Of One Of Their Mama Cats Getting The Cabbage Treatment

Image credits: KiltedLady

#43 He Likes To Huff The Wrapper From My Mint Chocolate Candy (There Is No Actual Chocolate Left In There, He Just Likes Anything That Smells Like Mint)

Image credits: paintingcatlady

#44 *casually Sleeps For Hours Like This*

Image credits: sleepwhenimdead-

#45 You Tell Me

Image credits: InternalEssayz

#46 This Is Gus. He’s… Special

Image credits: Becky87

#47 No. Only Cat Can Be Baby

Image credits: mikaselm

#48 It’s Hard Being A Cat

Image credits: Xaevia

#49 Why Does My Cat Like To Sleep In My Shoes? Like.. Not On The Shoes, But Head Fully In The Opening Of The Shoe

Image credits: ValiumCupcakes

#50 I Let Her Smell An Oreo

Image credits: Deep_Delivery_6447

#51 What’s This Penguin Called?

Image credits: Ghost_157

#52 Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

Image credits: TheBrilliantDiscover

#53 The Line To Bathroom Is Long

Image credits: LegatusDux

#54 Do I Need The Ghost Busters Or A Priest?

Image credits: MoveQuicklier

#55 Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire

Image credits: Gimblejay

#56 I Was About To Sleep Until I Saw This

Image credits: Queasy-Masterpiece98

#57 Pov When Making Food

Image credits: mabg123

#58 She Sits Like This A Lot And It Looks Like She Has No Arms

Image credits: orchats

#59 Comfort, I Guess?

Image credits: PM_ME_YOUR_REPO

#60 Look At This Man’s Teeth. His Name Is Alex

Image credits: Cow_Agitated

#61 This Face

Image credits: JubeJup3s

#62 Interesting Sitting Position

Image credits: RealTshStudios

#63 Literally Don’t Know What She Was Doing

Image credits: Eva_wuuuw

#64 I Heard Pawing And Complaining, Turns Out He Got Himself Stuck In The Bath

Image credits: pm_me_cute_sloths_

#65 I Think My Cat Has Picked Up On My Gay Limp Wrist

Image credits: overdue_panic

#66 I Have A Weird Cat

Image credits: Amag140696

#67 Boy Am I Glad I Found This Sub. Fat Frankie, Everyone

Image credits: hotdogs-r-sandwiches

#68 I Guess The Platform Belongs To Him Now

Image credits: StarsInTheCity-

#69 Guys Help He’s Been Stuck On A Loading Screen For 10 Minutes

Image credits: mushroomcows

#70 Little Moses (Cat) Broken After Playtime

Image credits: Popotamus

#71 He Likes To Watch Me While I Poo

Image credits: Transnana

#72 “Hey Mom Look I’m Shoes Now”

Image credits: ChainsofAssery

#73 My Cat Likes Jumping In Shopping Bags

Image credits: onebigchickennugget

#74 Pov: Going To The Toilet

Image credits: CrazyCatLady9777

#75 Bun Flips Her Ear Over Every Time She Grooms Herself. Leaves It Like That For Hours

Image credits: dreamer0303

#76 I Derp… I Cody

Image credits: RCOkey

#77 The Way He Likes To Sleep In His Cat Tree

Image credits: eaten_by_chocobos

#78 So My Cat Just Sits On The Couch Like This Now

Image credits: Dwums

#79 Mouse Likes To “Sit” Like This At The Table

Image credits: northernCan81

#80 He Will Lay On Random Things Like This

Image credits: voodoochick05

#81 I Think The Batteries Died

Image credits: BetterAngel7

#82 She Bends Weirdly

Image credits: MoniHaavi

#83 Caught Her Sneezing At The Right Time

Image credits: Baelish2016

#84 Why Does He Keep Doing This?

Image credits: rosenengel

#85 Angle Matters

Image credits: annewolfy

#86 My Potato Princess Has Stolen Some Of The Free Produce I Won At The Farmer’s Market Today

Image credits: paintingcatlady

#87 Someone Was Really Looking Forward To His Birthday

Image credits: Both_Comfortable_298

#88 I Think Bruno Is Happy With His New Bed

Image credits: Aromatic_Afternoon_6

#89 Mega Blepp

Image credits: gabillion

#90 She Always Sits On My Notebooks

Image credits: lillestmargie

#91 My Cat Keeping Watch

Image credits: Lanceheaven

#92 He Was Dead Tired And That’s How He Slept After Playing Fetch. Yes My Cat Is Actually A Dog

Image credits: leelooayabie

#93 He Just Ate Some Of My Mac And Cheese I Left On The Table For One Second. That Was My Dinner

Image credits: schywalker

#94 This Is How Fredward Likes To Take Naps

Image credits: redditnoob2021

#95 She Sleeps Like This To Keep Her Nose Warm

Image credits: ChrispyBowtie

#96 Starscream Sits Like This All The Time, I’ve Never Known A Cat To Sit Like This

Image credits: Give_me_a_slap

#97 Seymour Fell Asleep On My Daughter After She Took Him For A Leash Walk. He Needs The Exercise

Image credits: KingSofaOfTheSlugs

#98 Sun Has Melted My Cat. Forever A Goon

Image credits: aaaninjaaaa

#99 He Gets Dribbly When He Is Happy

Image credits: ItsMeMichelle

#100 Two Steps Are Apparently More Comfy Than One Of The Many Cat Walk Beds

Image credits: tusabrat

#101 He Always Relaxes On The Couch Like This

Image credits: Likatiger

#102 My Already Extremely Unphotogenic Cat With Bad Lighting After Crawling Out From Under The Bed

Image credits: SussyVent

#103 She Meowed For 10 Minutes To Go On The Porch Even Though It Was Raining. Then Glared At Me Because She Got Wet When I Finally Let Her Out

Image credits: keschaller89

#104 If Enjoying A View While Taking A Dump Is Wrong, He Don’t Wanna Be Right

Image credits: hername_bubbles

#105 Pondering

Image credits: Kristofferrm00

#106 So He’s Been Standing There For Over 10 Minutes Now

Image credits: idontreallygohere

#107 Just Chilling

Image credits: Emptydata_Enzo

#108 His Paws….i Think He’s Half-Noodle

Image credits: SweetTaterette

#109 The Way He Likes To ¿sit?

Image credits: Valadhiel2

#110 He Brought Me His Toy, Dropped It At My Feet, And Gave Me This Look

Image credits: plantmorecats

#111 I Too Have A Weird Cat

Image credits: combs171

#112 He Would Have Made An Excellent Tightrope Walker

Image credits: Dr-Bern-hard

#113 This Was Not Merely A Stretch – Hypatia Sat Like That For A Minute Or Two

Image credits: scoutsadie

#114 Hi

Image credits: Wiawix

#115 Wink Wink

Image credits: I_just_like_to_smile

#116 “Went To A Dentist. What Do You Mean I Look Drowsy?”

Image credits: ansupuu

#117 Need To Fit? Just Relocate Your Head

Image credits: franklinator2000

#118 No Cats Here, Only Boats In The Sunshine

Image credits: KetoPixie

#119 The Most Comfortable Spot In The House, Apparently

Image credits: _plot-twist_

#120 His Weird Tail And Funny Sploot Get Me Every Time

Image credits: anukis90

#121 The Slightest Touch Activates This Pose

Image credits: Lisabuki

#122 She’s Not Stretching, She Is Asleep

Image credits: freezings

#123 He Sits Like This Every Single Day

Image credits: julsprev8

#124 Random Neighbourhood Cat Staring Into My Living Room

Image credits: nankatmar

#125 My Momo Loves To Sleep All Stretched

Image credits: mora-morae

#126 She Has Strong Feelings About Ranch Dressing

Image credits: lillestmargie

#127 His Signature Posture… No Worries He Is Perfectly Fine In Jumping And Running

Image credits: awandingwildgoose

#128 When Cats Get A Little Too Curious And Decides To Sniff A Flower

Image credits: _Can_u_dont

#129 Gizmo Slowly Dozing Off For His Afternoon Nap Like This Is Normal Or Something

Image credits: GreeneBean64

#130 Every Time I Go To Take A Leak, She Wants To Play Goalie

Image credits: BeefaloSlim

#131 He Was Rustling Around In The Shopping Bag. Had To Forcefully Remove The Chilli From Him

Image credits: cpw77

#132 Thinks She’s A Noodle

Image credits: yknipstibub

#133 Oliver Has Lost His Head In This Heat Wave

Image credits: cascel9498

#134 I Just Don’t See How This Can Be Comfortable

Image credits: AccurateEnvironment4

#135 Kitten Hasn’t Mastered Sleeping Normally

Image credits: ChuckysBuddi

#136 She Sit

Image credits: honestly___idk

#137 I Dont Know How To Caption This One

Image credits: RainbwJHHyde

Source: boredpanda.com

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