137 Times People Encountered A ‘Perfect Fit’ In Real Life And Just Had To Document It

A coffee machine filling a cup exactly to the brim. People’s belongings stacked neatly like Tetris bricks in a mover’s truck. Even the mundane can be beautiful.

As you might’ve understood from our previous articles (one and two), the subreddit ‘Perfect Fit’ has plenty of examples to prove it. And we at Bored Panda loved them so much, we decided to dig around the internet to see what else we can find.

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So I guess the (oddly) satisfying pictures you’ll see below can be viewed as a joint effort between the subreddit’s 2.4 million members and our team to calm down your inner OCD tendencies. Hope they help!

#1 The Sun Shining Through My Fish Tank Aligned Perfectly On Each Knob

Image credits: kjh4087

#2 This Stacked Wood

Image credits: muckbertkraus

#3 My Wife Did The Toblerone Thing At The Matterhorn Today. Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Weather

Image credits: cah875

#4 Watching “Big” At A Hotel, And Josh’s Mom Is Talking To The Microwave

Image credits: rastroboy

#5 When You Have A Huge Monitor And A Nice View At The Same Time

Image credits: wetdirtkurt

#6 The Reflection Of An Identical Car From Window Perfectly Matches

Image credits: reddit.com

#7 I Thought I Lost My Wedding Ring On A Road Trip. I Called Gas Stations, Pawn Shops, Searched Lost And Found Post. I Gave Up And Then Found It Under My Husband’s Deodorant

Image credits: roseazom

#8 How Well Our Movers Tetris’d Our Stuff

Image credits: Chrenen

#9 A Perfect Fit

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: thiswildidea

#10 BirdPerson

Image credits: Chingelmarie

#11 I Sold My Sofa Over Facebook. Buyer Sent Me This Photo

Image credits: feridunferman

#12 Perfect Fit Coffee

Image credits: eddyburback

#13 The London Eye Fitting Almost Perfectly In The Toilet Window

Image credits: Jezep

#14 Just Why

Image credits: rhochicristaldo

#15 The Way All The Veins In The Rocks Line Up

Image credits: UnusuallyMyself

#16 Taken At Royal University Of Phnom Penh

Image credits: b2utynthebeast

#17 Perfect Parking Space

Image credits: DrBillyWayneRuddock

#18 This Rattlesnake Was Found Bathing In The Puddle Created From A Cow Hoofprint

Image credits: zherper

#19 Does This Count?

Image credits: J-sullied

#20 We’ve Been Needing A Little Countertop For The Space Between The Fridge And The Stove And I Got This One Today By Eyeballing It And Hoping It Will Fit When I Got It Home

Image credits: maxxhock

#21 My Neighbor’s Tree Fits Perfectly In My Window

Image credits: Reallynoreallyno

#22 Estonian Javelin Thrower Magnus Kirt. The Shadow Lined Up Perfectly With The Camera Angle

Image credits: oldlilpeep

#23 My Friend Found This Snail Chilling In Her Halloween Decoration

Image credits: TheNiffles

#24 How Perfectly Our Cereal Boxes Fit In This Shelf In Our Dorm

Image credits: kiddiben

#25 Accidentally Dropped Tuna Can In My Sink

Image credits: catl2333

#26 I Wonder What He Is Looking At

Image credits: Do660

#27 Took A Picture Of My Cousin At Their Wedding Table And It Caught The Groom’s Nose

Image credits: Jarteast

#28 Chai In A Beaker! Our Science Classroom’s Hedgehog Went Missing And This Is How We Found Her

Image credits: karmacist

#29 The Way The Eyes On My Driver’s License Perfectly Fit Through The Hole Of My Lifetime Card

Image credits: namebrandrew

#30 A Perfect Fit

Image credits: stupidpetface

#31 Turns Out LEGO Bricks Have A Perfect Fit On My Keyboard

Image credits: ty6557

#32 Got This Pasta Wheel Stuck In My Spatula While Making Lunch

Image credits: salamandees-

#33 The McDonald’s “Sausage” Sticker Fits Perfectly Over My Air Conditioning Knob

Image credits: jacktwo37

#34 Packing Material In A Doorway

Image credits: EggheadDash

#35 Got A New Armrest At Work, Which Happen To Fit Perfectly Around My Pregnant Belly

Image credits: AiloSLiv

#36 I Didn’t Properly Measure This 150″ Screen’s Dimensions Before Buying It, Just Estimated The Width By Walking Heel To Toe Across The Room

Didn’t take into account the black frame. So it fits into place with less than a pinky width on each side. So satisfying… And I’m a lucky sob.

Image credits: welle417

#37 Just Build Raised Garden Beds. Figured I’d Lay Rock Between Them Instead Of Grass Maintenance. Got A Surprise Unplanned Perfect Fit With The Lawn Mower

Image credits: NeurochickB

#38 The Way My Fiancé’s Toes Line Up

Image credits: TimpaniSymphony

#39 This Hair Tie Stuck In My Shoe Tread

Image credits: Hglucky13

#40 I’m Not Sure They Entirely Thought This Through

Image credits: PawneePorpoise

#41 The Way The Lines Match Up

Image credits: spctaz

#42 I Finally Got A Picture Of My Cat Looking At The Camera

Image credits: maddiegcfh

#43 A Truck Built For That TV Specifically

Image credits: oxy_bg

#44 A Tiny Plastic Bead Has Somehow Wedged Into My Laptop Charger. It Is A Perfect Fit And Impossible To Remove, We’ve Tried Many Techniques

Image credits: claire303

#45 I Glanced Down At My Notes And Saw That This Punch Hole Just Happened To Be Perfectly Aligned

Image credits: ZZMazinger

#46 I’ve Been Informed That My Little Cozy Little Couch Corner Would Make A Good Fit

Image credits: Ghosttropics

#47 Majestic Fit

Image credits: imbugss

#48 This Shadow On My Walk

Image credits: veganinsight

#49 Parked My Car Perfectly In The Morning So That It Would Still Be 100% In The Shade By The Afternoon. This Is Peak Arizona Parking

Image credits: Theycallmemrmoose

#50 I Found A Diamond In My Shoe While Working Out

Image credits: Fassbenderr

#51 It Looks Like A Perfect Fit

Image credits: idrum4days

#52 I Thought I Lost My Phone In My Disc Golf Bag

Image credits: -Always_Looking-

#53 Water From The Faucet In My Office’s Bathroom Goes Straight Through The Middle Of The Sink Drain

Image credits: Alihumi91

#54 My Umbrella On This Wire Protector On The Wall

Image credits: OneTonneWantenWonton

#55 This Restaurant Figured Out That Face Masks Fit In The Napkin Dispenser

Image credits: ThexGreatxBeyondx

#56 The Way This Toilet Paper Fits In The Vanity Drawer

Image credits: MzMegs

#57 Our Doormat Fits Perfectly Into Our New Place’s Entrance

Image credits: spiicynooodle

#58 My Younger, 20-Year-Old Brother Is Training To Be A Driver For Our Moving Company. He Wants To Hear How You’d Rate His Tetris Skills

Image credits: Pallyhow

#59 Ellipsis Line Up With Her Teeth

Image credits: S_martianson

#60 I Know It’s Not The Usual Fare But I Was Oddly Satisfied By How The Dino Nuggies Fit

Image credits: Wet_Sasquatch_Smell

#61 I Fit A Window

Image credits: Lookin4blusky

#62 How These Clam Shells Fit Together

Image credits: gap343

#63 The Ice Completely Stopped My Coke From Getting To The Bottom With A Water Tight Fit

Image credits: Harry_driver_

#64 My New Phone Satisfyingly Fits In My Car’s Wireless Charging Pad

Image credits: robbiekhan

#65 My New Home Office Fits My Desk And Rug Like It Was Custom Made

Image credits: justxkyle

#66 Birth Control Pill In The Headphone Slot

Image credits: DeHayala

#67 The Shadow On My Brother’s Glass Lines Up Perfectly With The Coaster

Image credits: MattChap

#68 This LEGO Head Fits Perfectly On This Bath And Body Works Candle Holder

Image credits: DoctorPaulGregory

#69 My Three-Year-Old Did This. And I Can’t Get It Out

Image credits: OldManMarc88

#70 The Hand Mirror Managed To Line Up Perfectly On Its Own

Image credits: FexMab

#71 This Dog Between The Fridge And The Oven

Image credits: Jordan311R

#72 My Egg Ended Up In The Perfect Shape For The Croissant

Image credits: CarissaAnn88

#73 My Crib Delivery

Image credits: stupidgames_prizes

#74 Allegra Tablets In A Pez Dispenser

Image credits: Kid_Fla5h

#75 Cheech And Chong Would Be Proud

Image credits: MasterofmydomainWSB

#76 The Perfect Fit

Image credits: oubelin

#77 Couldn’t Find My Sunglasses In The Car

Image credits: USS_Phlebas

#78 The Way This Bonsai Tree Fits In My Car

Image credits: Steven_Ray20

#79 Turns Out The Kid Seat In A Walmart Cart Is Exactly 4 Gallons Wide

Image credits: JephriB

#80 Perfect Fit

Image credits: touchedbyachainsaw

#81 This Wallpaper Fits My Desk Lamp Perfectly

Image credits: goodstuffcomming

#82 The Moon In My iPhone And My Head In Today’s iOS Photo Widget Selection

Image credits: jsearls

#83 Wrapped A Gift And Accidentally Lined Up The Cut-Off Edge Perfectly

Image credits: dreamsweetism

#84 Nice Italian Restaurant’s Takeout Containers Fit Perfectly Inside The Bag. They Have No Idea How Much This Delights Me

Image credits: toddhenderson

#85 The Two Ends Of My Banana Fit Together To Make A Baby Boy

Image credits: bingbongmalakaman

#86 The Way These Boxes Fit Perfectly In My Coworker’s Truck

Image credits: AlwaysFianchetto

#87 My Wedding Ring Perfectly Fits Into Dell Logo On My Keyboard

Image credits: Jemiide

#88 Well, Would You Look At The Time

Image credits: Aysientor

#89 The Way Ice Sits In My Coffee Flask

Image credits: atoothlessfairy

#90 Was Informed This Was A “Perfect Fit” Place For This Picture

Image credits: RNBWSherbet

#91 I Have Bought More Skittles And Filled All The Holes In My Chair With Them. Top And Bottom View

Image credits: gem_badger

#92 The Way My Son’s iPhone 11 Fits Into This Compartment In Her 20-Year-Old Nissan Micra

Image credits: 8thTimeLucky

#93 Didn’t Stop Meowing Until He Was In The Cup

Image credits: VickeyBaran

#94 The Way This Dog Face Pillow Lined Up With My Dog Napping On It

Image credits: tripldee

#95 Metal Grommet Fell Onto A Floor Mat At My Work

Image credits: 0spinchy0

#96 The Way It Rains On Our Balcony

Image credits: HoratioMarburgo

#97 Saw My Son’s Flip Flops And Decided To Try Them On. Perfect Fit For My Toes

Image credits: BeezAweez

#98 This Ham Fit Exactly On My Bread

Image credits: SomeonesDrunkNephew

#99 $500 Costco Run Fits Like A Glove

Image credits: Jasonrj

#100 I Can Easily Fit Two Of My Fingers In My Husband’s Wedding Ring

Image credits: APileOfKittens

#101 Aldi Stroopwafel And Starbucks Mug – I Had A Religious Experience This Morning And My Family Thought I Was Nuts

Image credits: AffinityGauntlet

#102 The Way These Signs Line Up

Image credits: redharvest

#103 Didn’t Realize How Perfectly My Bag Lines Up With My Poster

Image credits: IllWearPantsIfIWant

#104 My Gameboy SP In An AirPod Box

Image credits: Zillapede

#105 Butter Fit Into This Dish So Nicely

Image credits: CalliopeKB

#106 My Girlfriend’s Bed

Image credits: runandrepeat

#107 My Friend Bought A Fridge Online For A House He Never Visited

Image credits: critterjg

#108 Koarp IKEA Chair In My BMW I3 Is Too Good To Be True

Image credits: KFAndroid

#109 This 2-Pack Of Cupcakes Fits Perfectly In Center Cubby In My Truck

Image credits: Mercurydriver

#110 My Step Dad’s Shirt Lines Up With His Glasses Inside The Pocket

Image credits: kaylaerin

#111 Got A New Xbox And Was A Little Worried It Wouldn’t Fit

Image credits: brriann

#112 Ben And Jerry’s Pints Fit Perfectly Into Starbucks “Been There” Mugs, Do With This Information What You Will

Image credits: twocentspence

#113 When You Get An Amazon Package That Fits In The Box Perfectly

Image credits: xarvox

#114 My Dog Perfectly Fits Her Bed

Image credits: vendoggo

#115 I Love How The Majority Of My Videogame Collection Fits Neatly In A Drawer

Image credits: joost013

#116 This Moth That Lined Up Perfectly With The Bottom Of This Photo

Image credits: aj_sheps

#117 This Allergy Pill Perfectly Fits In This Part At Work

Image credits: mansell324

#118 The Lime In My Drink Stopped The Rum Mixing With The Coke

Image credits: sinffull

#119 Historic House Built For My Friend

Image credits: Orangejoy

#120 Making Stew And Realized I Didn’t Have A Lid To Cover My Wok. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Image credits: zach2115

#121 I Fit Inside This Rock

Image credits: amokforpeace

#122 My Flatmate Used Two Capsicums In Her Dinner But Finished Neither – The Remainder Of Each Fit Perfectly Together

Image credits: AristocratesSR

#123 The Heads Of A Gibson Guitar And A Schecter Guitar Perfectly Fitting Together

Image credits: JustJustin631

#124 These Little Coconut Waters Fit Perfectly In My Beer Fridge

Image credits: haringtiti

#125 My Saltines Are The Same Size As The Tile On My Kitchen Counter

Image credits: cycleneer23

#126 Penny Fell Into My Car Charging Port And I Can’t Get It Out

Image credits: Caitlyn_Jennerlolz

#127 Secret Gift. Xbox In Chips Box

Image credits: tjoryk

#128 The Way These Conduits All Fit Within This Structural Column

Image credits: eldersveld

#129 Cut My Nanny Kids’ Quesadilla Into Quarters Only To Make A Delightful Discovery

Image credits: malallory1

#130 The Way These Chairs Fit The Table

Image credits: SisterPixie

#131 My Sandwich Fits Perfectly In This Lunch Box

Image credits: zyklan

#132 Toasting Rye Bread In My Panini Maker

Image credits: Lurking_in_the_darkk

#133 The Way These Different-Sized Tissue Boxes Fit Almost Perfectly In My Cabinet At Work

Image credits: DennaDelgado

#134 These Two Smart Cars Fitting In One Spot

Image credits: Careful-Increase-773

#135 Was Making A Sandwich And Found This Perfect Cheese-To-Bread Ratio

Image credits: HeySquirrelFriends

#136 Mini Toasts All Fit Perfectly In My Toaster

Image credits: Earione

#137 Thanks To A Lucky Sidewalk Find, I Can Now Confirm That The Rear Hatch Of A 2016 Toyota Prius V Is Precisely One RCA 32V420T Tall

Image credits: wowbobwow

Source: boredpanda.com

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