137 Times People Were So Proud Of Their Embroidery Projects, They Shared The Results Online (New Pics)

We humans have the unique ability to take something ordinary and add a little extra to it. While this interest of ours has culminated in a myriad of decorative art forms, embroidery is one of those that we’ve invested most of our time and effort in.

You’re already familiar with it even if the name sounds foreign. In simple terms, embroidery is the process of applying decorative designs onto fabric using a needle—these motifs are traditionally rendered in thread and are composed of different kinds of stitches.

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Embroidery has existed, in some form, in virtually every population. Whether they’ve displayed it on clothing, home goods, or as an artwork, this is a timeless craft that has become an integral part of our material world. And the subreddit r/Embroidery has the pics to prove it.

This online community has 628K members, constantly showing off their best works, and many are so good, we think they deserve your attention as well. Continue scrolling to check out some of their latest projects and fire up our earlier publications on the subreddit here and here for more.

#1 Loving How This Fishnet Piece Came Out !

Image credits: Stitchasoldastime

#2 Made By Nikki Mcmullen

Image credits: abaganoush

#3 Finished My Most Ambitious Project To This Day. I Present To You My True To Size 3D Atlas Moth

Image credits: Anna8264

#4 My Most Ambitious Embroidery Project Yet!

Image credits: catherine237

#5 “Knit 1 Purl 2. Knit 1 Purl 2. That’s Right!”

Image credits: Jobelleeeee

#6 My Covid 19 Candid Internet Photo Inspired Embroidery

Image credits: Iheartbobross

#7 Tried My Hand At Monochrome Embroidery! I Used Dmc Étoile Floss For A Bit Of Added Dimension And Sparkle

Image credits: colormuse

#8 A Couple Thousand French Knots & Endless Hours Later, I Finished This 22″ Star Chart! Really Pleased With How It Came Out

Image credits: pm_me_lots_of_birds

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#9 Llama Kuzco Is Finished! I’m So Thrilled With How This Turned Out!

Image credits: embroideredeyesores

#10 Anybody Like Red Pandas? How About Fuchsia Ones?

Image credits: a_warm_garlic_yurt

#11 All Finished! Forgot To Post It Earlier But It Took Me A Week To Finish. I Think It Looks Nice For Spring

Image credits: hello_berrie

#12 Astronomer Here! I’ve Embroidered The Night Sky!

Image credits: Andromeda321

#13 Newest 3” Hoop

Image credits: etuaembroidery

#14 First Design Of My Own With Embroidery. It’s Imperfect, But It’s My Favorite Piece Of Art I Now Own

Image credits: ellechan89

#15 My First Stab At Embroidery. Any Tips To Make It Look Less Like A Paint By Number?

Image credits: hydrangea_vibe

#16 New Embroidery Book Has A “Wrong Side” On Back Of Cover

Image credits: Garage_Woman

#17 Gift To Myself For My 28th Birthday (Self-Portrait)

Image credits: ispiho

#18 Tried To Use Fabric To Represent The Bush- Does It Work?

Image credits: clure04

#19 Silly Rabbit

Image credits: notyourcheeese

#20 Happy World Tapir Day!

Image credits: a_warm_garlic_yurt

#21 Some Of My Adventure Time Embroideries

Image credits: Aggravating-Minute74

#22 Made A Little Hobbit Hole For My Sister In Law For Christmas!

Image credits: sailorsaturn42069

#23 Hand Embroidered Self Portrait

Image credits: laptitecaliss

#24 Bird On A Wire

Image credits: Bethcarrollart

#25 My Non Embroidering Boyfriend Got A Kit And Made Me This Cross Stitch Pendant And It Really Blew Me Away. Happy Valentines Day

Image credits: me0wsofur

#26 Made This For My Father, Who Loves To Make Ship Replicas And Paper Folding Geometric Crafts

Image credits: pocketsies

#27 Finished Up This Crow Yesterday

Image credits: tallisbrowne

#28 Due To Personal Reasons, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Image credits: knit-flix-and-chill

#29 My Embroidery Diary Did Not Go Too Well

Image credits: chemical-me

#30 A Larger Bird’s Eye View Embroidery With French Knots & Satin Stitch. What Do You Think?

Image credits: DitiBaruah

#31 A New One

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#32 So So Proud Of The Result

Image credits: jialin_

#33 Full-Length Hand Embroidery Of A Cat Is Ready

Image credits: OksanaBalanovska

#34 Barn Owl. Embroidered Bag

Image credits: LAMPAembr

#35 Ukrainian Embroidery All By My Grandmother

Image credits: adriannayo

#36 Lives Have Been – And Will Be – Lost To These Methods Thanks To Politicians Restricting Access To Safe Methods

Image credits: Sewing_Shannonigans

#37 Custom Chain-Stitched Rattlesnake On A Blue Velvet Jacket

Image credits: JasonSteady

#38 Patrick Stewart Received The Portrait I Created Of Him, And Replied With A Thank You Note. Brb While I Turn Into A Puddle Of Glee

Image credits: PollyAmory

#39 My Wild Thing Denim Vest Is Finally Done(?)

Image credits: FaerieBomb

#40 Psa For Anyone Who Needs To Be Reminded Of This Today

Image credits: andreabeiko

#41 Medusssssa. So Happy With The Final Product. It Was Getting Dicey While Painting Her Face

Image credits: brouw6425

#42 Gay & Fruity

Image credits: fracne

#43 Polyphemus Moth Embroidery

Image credits: cavirias

#44 My Star Wars Themed Embroidery Piece, Inspired By The Swamps Of Dagobah!

Image credits: jelliefant

#45 My Best Work Yet, For My Dear Friend And Her Husband. I Can’t Wait To Give It To Them!

Image credits: Asuhhhhhhhh

#46 Nazca Lines, Soooo Many French Knots Because I Wanted The Figures Sunken (Like The Real Ones In Peru’s Pebbly Desert Floor)

Image credits: jellosquash

#47 I Embroidered Some Shoes For An Ocean-Loving Friend’s Birthday

Image credits: colormuse

#48 Willow Tree In Summer

Image credits: redditditdido

#49 Progress Pic: Landscape Thread Painting. This Is Taking Forever!

Image credits: alphapinene

#50 Finally Finished My First Embroidery Based On My Own Design And Really Proud Of Myself

Image credits: sparrow_art

#51 Lotus Pickers Done With French Knot Stitching. Took A Lot Of Time. What Do You Think?

Image credits: DitiBaruah

#52 Finally Finished This Design, All My Favourite Florals

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#53 So. Many. Knots. Happy Easter!

Image credits: cpandax

#54 This Is The Proudest I’ve Felt In A Long Time

Image credits: FiguringItOut–

#55 My First Embroidery Of 2022!

Image credits: _bitterblooming

#56 Quick Little Project Celebrating The Reawakening Of The Forest Floor

Image credits: MamaSkater

#57 Lil Microscope

Image credits: iLabrador

#58 Someone Recently Called Me Bob Floss

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#59 Entering The Town Of Twin Peaks

Image credits: pearpeachplums

#60 Hi!

Image credits: Erick_Ibart

#61 Some More Monochrome Embroidery! These Textures Are Very Enjoyable To Work With!

Image credits: Additional_Country33

#62 Green Cheek Conure On Tulle. The Little Feet Tickle Me Pink. Beth Carroll Art

Image credits: Bethcarrollart

#63 Satin Stitches Wonky After Wash – How Can I Help Them?

Image credits: Bananus01

#64 Meowwwww , 1 Strand On 8” Hoop

Image credits: Miuembroidery

#65 And He’s Done. Alfred Molina As Doctor Octopus In Embroidery. My Son Set Me The Challenge And I Do Like A Challenge. 45 Hours Of Stitchery

Image credits: jaygel_threads

#66 I Love Mushrooms

Image credits: iLabrador

#67 Finished My First Embroidery Ever!

Image credits: emilizo

#68 Ode To Klimt

Image credits: penelope-clearwater

#69 I Took A Stab At Charlotte’s Web. Sadly, I’m No Charlotte!

Image credits: Suzilu

#70 Cup Of Cats

Image credits: Emisys

#71 I Heard A Call To Action From A Childhood Hero, So I Called Off Sick And Designed This

Image credits: Sewing_Shannonigans

#72 I Finished This Morton Salt Girl Project Yesterday And I’m So Proud!

Image credits: andweston

#73 My Second Ever Embroidery Project Based On A Drawing I Found Online

Image credits: moki08

#74 My Latest Embroidery “Weavers Of Life”, 8” Radius, December 2021. A Reminder To Remember Those Who Weave Our Clothing

Image credits: -Bold-and-Brash-

#75 Spotlight

Image credits: Six_Eyes_Stitches

#76 Some Bern For This Cold Winter Day

Image credits: bleachsushi

#77 I’m Still A Novice. I Did A Tarot Card. Letters Are So Hard!

Image credits: Suzilu

#78 I Have Found A Perfect Background For This Embroidery I Created Back In 2020

Image credits: rebordacao

#79 Strange Women Lying In Ponds

Image credits: gailthesnail2525

#80 Hand Embroidery I Made For My Son For His Birthday

Image credits: TheFamilyArtisan

#81 So Many French Knots

Image credits: JoeyJoJo_Sr_Shabadoo

#82 One Of My Favorite Pieces I’ve Stitched, From 2019

Image credits: No-Zone-3429

#83 I Finally Finished This Piece

Image credits: Sapphiste

#84 Very Happy With My Magic Chameleon And Wanted To Show Someone! Here He Is

Image credits: ladybirdsandbuttons


Image credits: HoopsEmbro1dery

#86 First Project Ever

Image credits: Adar1el

#87 Embroidered The Tame Impala Currents Album Cover. I’m So Proud Of It!

Image credits: cosmiaswings

#88 Pet Me And Feed Me Pizza

Image credits: dr_stitch_bitch

#89 I Really Like French Knots

Image credits: lululuigotsomeboobs

#90 My Second Embroidery Kit Completed And I’m So Pleased!

Image credits: MRooty59

#91 I Know I’m Not The Only One With This Kit, But This Being My First Stab At Embroidery, I Was So Pleased With How It Turned Out!

Image credits: eborkborkbork

#92 I Want To Show You One Of My Favorite Custom Embroidery

Image credits: BogdanaProts

#93 My First Stab At Embroidery!

Image credits: jooleeyah

#94 Really Enjoyed This Pattern ! Just Need To Frame It!

Image credits: jilld81

#95 Finally Finished

Image credits: blurrygod

#96 My Angler Fish Embroidery

Image credits: dalamadamadingdong

#97 When A Friend Asked Me To Stitch A Donkey I Had My Doubts, But Now I Think I’m In Love With Him

Image credits: modmotion

#98 Super Stoked With This! My Try At Stitching A Holographic Effect

Image credits: asaltyrose

#99 1 Strand, 20 Colors And 8 Hrs Of Work, A Colorful Orchid Blossomed

Image credits: Miuembroidery

#100 Finally Finished This Piece For My Friend’s Birthday. She Loves Bob Ross

Image credits: Isohie

#101 Hand Embroidered Landscape Titled “Daydreaming”

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#102 Here’s The Finished Mini Embroidered Earrings From Earlier This Week

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#103 Two More Edward Gorey Inspired Blackworks. Really Having Fun With These!

Image credits: Laurus67

#104 Glow In The Dark Reptar With LED Eye

Image credits: mustachioedgummybear

#105 A Triforce Out Of French Knots. Tried To Make It Look Mossy

Image credits: Delouest

#106 So Proud Of This Smoking Cat

Image credits: anxietybasket

#107 Resting Place

Image credits: sneakysneakysnail

#108 Hoop I Did For Christmas!

Image credits: Affectionate-Dirt-24

#109 Upon Your Encouragement, I Added Antennas. I Am So Much Happier With It Now! Amazing What A Difference A Small Adjustment Makes!

Image credits: FlamingoCrumpets

#110 Sauron Eye

Image credits: LAMPAembr

#111 My Cousins Grandmother With Her Late Husband. She Adores This Photo So I’m Very Excited To See Her Reaction

Image credits: Asuhhhhhhhh

#112 The First Big Project I Finished!

Image credits: Imaginary-Ostrich515

#113 Inspired By A Post Here Last Week Made My Own Pocket Flowers

Image credits: LittleWisteria

#114 Finished Work, Bubbline

Image credits: CloudNo1948

#115 Finished This Floral Mixed Media Piece – Embroidery, Beads And Gouache On Handmade Paper

Image credits: msmonocles

#116 My Coworker’s Wife Is Expecting, And I Wanted To Make Them A Little Something

Image credits: RealMelonLord

#117 Go To Therapy

Image credits: BearCreekStitches

#118 A Hobbit Hole To Warm Your Heart

Image credits: k1cka5h

#119 Realism First Attempt!

Image credits: BeckyFosterX

#120 Which Side Are You On?

Image credits: iLabrador

#121 My Newest Embroidery! I Wanted To Try Something Different…

Image credits: Jedemolet

#122 Sunflower Mosaic. Normally, I Stick To Mostly Outlines. Doing A Piece ‘Filled In’ Takes So Much Longer!

Image credits: brouw6425

#123 My Bunny

Image credits: Suzilu

#124 I Made A Coral Wreath!

Image credits: glassfury

#125 I Can Definitely Improve But It’s Cool

Image credits: DracarysLou

#126 Sit Too Close To The TV And You’ll Go Blind!

Image credits: JoeyJoJo_Sr_Shabadoo

#127 I Started A New Position At The Beginning Of The Year. This Now Hangs Above My Desk

Image credits: HellsBellsBetsyRoss

#128 Thread Painting On 7” Hoop

Image credits: Miuembroidery

#129 Got Inspired To Do This Bobs Burgers Piece It’s Called “I Just Wanna Dance Dad”

Image credits: JoeyJoJo_Sr_Shabadoo

#130 Help Me Figure Out How I Feel About This… I Loved The Idea In My Head, But Feeling Meh About The Final Result

Image credits: kikidelasoul

#131 Pale Pink And Cream Roses On Ale Is Canvas Shoes

Image credits: linenandfred

#132 I Made A Pin Inspired By My Cat Poppy’s Fluffy Toe Beans!

Image credits: inherentlyabstract

#133 Jackrabbit Abduction! A Full-Back Design Chainstitched On A Purple Velvet Jacket

Image credits: JasonSteady

#134 Hand Embroidery Family Portrait

Image credits: OksanaBalanovska

#135 Mount Fuji From Lake Yamanaka

Image credits: etuaembroidery

#136 Congratulations! You Took A Bath Today. You Did It, Even If It’s A Chore

Image credits: ispiho

#137 I Embroidered A Target Polo For My Kiddo. Now It Looks Like She Goes To A Prep School For Witches

Image credits: ElizabethDangit

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