138 People Who Won Christmas 2020 With Their Creative Christmas Decor Ideas

We’re waist-deep into the holiday season and even any further 2020 surprises can’t put out our Christmas spirits. Most of you Pandas have probably already untangled the miles and miles of Xmas lights, decorated your homes, and are busy thinking about what to cook for the holiday table.

But just in case you need some last-minute motivation (or if you want to wow your family even more), Bored Panda has collected some of the most brilliant and creative examples of people decorating for Christmas. Enjoy, upvote your fave pics, and be sure to shamelessly borrow these ideas for your own home to impress Santa. We’d love to see what your own decorations look like this year, too, so drop us a snap in the comment section, dear Pandas. Be sure to read on for Bored Panda’s interview about Xmas decorations with David Thompson from The Christmas Shop.

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#1 I Think Someone Has A Crush On My Christmas Light Decoration

Image credits: cyyclist

#2 I’m A Beekeeper, And This Is Our Christmas Card This Year

Image credits: Wolfie305

#3 French And Spanish Class Decorated Their Doors

Image credits: sheepsleepdeep

Bored Panda reached out to the UK-based team over at The Christmas Shop and spoke to them about Xmas decorations. According to Thompson, great decorations fall into 2 categories: “Those that are stylishly designed and fit in with a theme or color scheme and those that provoke happy memories of family and friends or past events.”

Thompson said: “To some extent, Christmas decorations will always be tacky in the minds of some people due to their bright sparkly colors and for the enthusiast, there can never be ‘too much.'”

We were also curious to find out how the hardships of 2020 affected The Christmas Shop on a very practical level. “The final quarter of 2020 has been very successful with sales considerably higher than previous years,” Thompson revealed. “The closure of retail stores during lockdown and the subsequent restrictions on retail has pushed people to purchase online and we appear to have benefitted from this.”

#4 My Husband Passed Away This Year, And I Believe He Is Watching Over Us, So I Turned His Eyeglasses Into An Ornament As A Nice Remembrance

Image credits: Christy Critchett Hester

#5 Most 2020 Christmas Decoration Award Goes To:

Image credits: Stanarchy93

#6 My Neighbor Got His Reindeer Decorations Stolen So They Put Out Grinch Ones Instead

Image credits: PrincessAlterEgo

I can tell you that I personally felt loads better after I got my Christmas tree and put up all of the decorations. It’s not just me, though. Psychologist Deborah Serani explained to ‘Today’ that all of the bright lights and colors boost our mood and spike our dopamine. In brief, the pretty lights make us happy. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

However, when it comes to decorating your home, office, or front yard, creativity can be a bit of a double-edged candy cane sword because it’s not just you that you have to impress. You want something refined and elegant yet fun and goofy that will have the neighbors talking. But finding the balance between the two can be a Grinch-filled nightmare.

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#7 This Christmas Lights Display

Image credits: KingsOfGameTime

#8 My 2020 Christmas Ornament – An Empty Vial I Saved After A Day Of Giving Covid-19 Vaccines

Image credits: junobee

#9 So After I Bought This House I Was Informed My Neighbors Do It Big For Christmas

I spent a lot of money already buying a new tree and all the decorations for the inside, so I talked to my neighbor and we came up with the perfect solution. I promise I’m not really a Grinch!!

Image credits: ImBrokeEveryWed

Obviously, we all want to impress Santa so much that it’ll make him leave us cookies and milk (and make him put us on the ‘nice’ list. Permanently). But it’s a fine line between Xmas spirit-inspired genius ideas and tacky decorations that are way too out there for anyone to enjoy.

The solution—get as many people’s opinions about your decorations as you can. Ask your family to be honest with you. FaceTime your friends. Get your colleagues on Zoom. Heck, you could even try asking for advice on the internet, of all things!

Whatever decorations you’ve already put up (or are rushing to unbox), at the end of the day, what really matters is that you have fun. Even if it’s tacky—it’s still Christmassy. And even if your creativity’s raising too many eyebrows, we’ve got to give you props for trying! Remember, there’s always next year. You can one-up yourself then!

#10 Baby Yoda Topper

Image credits: taylorjane___

#11 Made My Own Xmas Decorations Out Of Plywood

Image credits: altum

#12 2020 Holiday Decor

Image credits: jargo1

#13 We’ve Been Working On These Decorations Little By Little For The Past Couple Of Months

Image credits: thefrenchcallmelesincompetents

#14 Every Year On December 1st Someone Puts A Knitted Hat On Top Of The Post Box At The End Of My Road. This Year’s Is The Best So Far

Image credits: sammykoejoe

#15 The Post Boxes In My Town Have Been Decorated For Christmas

Image credits: Longest_YeahBoi_Ever

#16 RAM Wreath On The IT Support Door In College

Image credits: mewse14

#17 Kids Designed Christmas Lights

Image credits: GTOpoppy

#18 How My City Is Doing Pictures With Santa This Year

Image credits: chiquita-banana

#19 Our School Lunch Lady Made This Christmas Display By Hand

Image credits: Kwilos

#20 A Resident Put Up Some Faq In Front Of Their House Regarding Their Christmas Lights Display

Image credits: jpsfg

#21 2020

Image credits: Dreams_of_Eagles

#22 The Ultimate Christmas Decoration

Image credits: JesseD320

#23 Christmas Decorations Done Right

Image credits: Bernie_Sanders_2020

#24 The Warsaw Metro Continues The Christmas Tradition

Image credits: minip12

#25 My Mom’s Office Had A Decorating Contest For Their Cubicles. My Mom Is On The Left, But I Think Her Neighbor Deserved The Win

Image credits: Bamfimous

#26 Christmas Ornament Anyone

Image credits: neuroticnotions

#27 This House’s Christmas Decorations

Image credits: lolkaryna

#28 Someone In My Town Planted Christmas Trees As A Way To Get Officials To Deal With Potholes

Image credits: RyanTheGuyan

#29 I Decorated My Parents’ House For Christmas

Image credits: ChristineHMcConnell

#30 Designed My Own Christmas Decoration Tonight While The Wife Was Out

Image credits: Bodhi1977

#31 Neighbors Taking This Whole Christmas Gnome Trend Overboard

Image credits: TriangleDreamer

#32 One Of My Neighbors Nailed Their Christmas Decorations This Year

Image credits: jwc8985

#33 This Little Santa Peeing On 2020 As A Christmas Decoration

Image credits: theSwedishkid

#34 Apartment Complex Is Hosting A Door Decorating Contest And Winners Get Money Off Of Rent, So I Let My Creativity Take Over Today

Image credits: hexagoncake

#35 We Had A Christmas Door Decorating Contest At Work This Year. This Was My Entry

Image credits: R4D4R_MM

#36 Co-Worker’s “Die Hard” Ornament

Image credits: aallyss

#37 I Made The Wreath From Nightmare Before Christmas

Image credits: TinyRussia

#38 It’s December 1st, And That Means It’s Time To Add My Favorite Decoration To The Tree

Image credits: chriscross69

#39 I Made A Baby Yoda Tree Decoration

Image credits: amznora15

#40 Best Holiday Decor I’ve Seen This Year

Image credits: redonkulousness

#41 Our Subtle, Yet Brilliant, Christmas Decoration That I Think Is Underrated (As Seen From A Main Road At The Back Of Our Property)

Image credits: BallCoach79

#42 My Favorite Christmas Decoration

Image credits: RudyWillingham

#43 Didn’t Have The Energy, Decorated Anyways

Image credits: SeeKatieGo

#44 2020 Tree Topper

Image credits: GayAvenue

#45 Bob Ross In Xmas Lights

Image credits: Saint-Vith

#46 Winning Christmas With The Least Amount Of Effort

Image credits: PleaseEndMeFam

#47 Best Christmas Tree Topper I Have Seen

Image credits: check_your_attitude

#48 Christmas Decorations At A Sushi Restaurant

Image credits: BeardoCan

#49 To The Person Who Decorates The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Popping Out Of I-45 Every Year, Please Grace Us With Your Christmas Spirit. It Always Makes Me Smile While Driving Into Work

Image credits: helpmeimbrokenn

#50 This Neighbor’s Corona Christmas Decoration

Image credits: Morty_Goldman

#51 The Perfect 2020 Christmas Decoration

Image credits: Laughing_Gravy

#52 Grogu Takin’ Care Of That Elf Problem For Ya

Image credits: flourpouer

#53 Best Christmas Decoration Of All Time?

Image credits: warhawksahocky27

#54 Neighbor Seems To Be In The Spirit Of Things

Image credits: Ghost_vaginas

#55 Xmas T-Rex Is Actually A Huge Jerk

Image credits: ericskiba

#56 A Little Christmas Village My Family Puts Together Each Year

Image credits: nsn2010

#57 The City Dresses Our Buses Up For Christmas

Image credits: ItsdaBreakfast

#58 Office Decorating Contest

Image credits: solecynic

#59 My Brothers Christmas Decoration

Image credits: Alumagnet

#60 This House Near Me Is Basically Peak Christmas Decorating Goals

Image credits: littleghool

#61 My Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Image credits: 19July85

#62 Christmas 2020

Image credits: NicolePamentier

#63 Every Year A Unknown Person Climbs To The Top Of This Decaying Abadonned Factory To Decorate For Christmas

Kudos to the perpetrators of this dastardly and very dangerous deed, they did it again! They put up a new Christmas tree on top of the abandoned Canada Malting Company plant. They upped their game this year and also put Christmas decorations on one of the windows and left a giant nicely gift wrapped gift. They even put a name tag on the gift. I can’t make out the name tag, I am assuming it is made out to all the citizens of Montreal!

Image credits: Gabriel Jacob

#64 My Retired Ulcerative Colitis Pills. After My Last Ileostomy, I Turned Them Into Xmas Lights

Image credits: FuckPOTUS45

#65 Handmade Dual Screen Fireplace Because Christmas And Why Not

Image credits: xotchilt

#66 How The Grinch Stole My Christmas Lights

Image credits: dabminton

#67 Flew Back Home To See My Parents For Christmas. They Really Outdid Themselves This Year

Image credits: bigpaynis

#68 Christmas Display

Image credits: Kwisatz–Haderach

#69 The 7-Year-Old In The Group Got It Right Away

Image credits: uscmissinglink

#70 Decoration Level: Pineapple

Image credits: aaronk287

#71 A Fun Christmas Idea For You

Image credits: imflukeskywalker

#72 Bute/Nelson Christmas Lights

Image credits: BananaCamPhoto

#73 After Leaving An Abusive Relationship, Being Homeless, Unemployed, No Family Except My 2-Year-Old Daughter. I Get To Hang This On My Tree And It Means So Much

Image credits: pbellot

#74 The Perfect Christmas Ornament For 2020 Doesn’t Exi…

Image credits: trengriffin

#75 I Turned A Scientific Visualization Of Covid-19 Into A Christmas Ornament

Image credits: reddit.com

#76 Equal Opportunity Employer

Image credits: Big-Tuna-for-Commish

#77 This House Near Where I Live Is Decorated Like Clark’s House From National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Image credits: EpicShiba1

#78 Ginger Bread House

Image credits: AudatiousXtreme

#79 Rudolph The Red Nosed John Deere

Image credits: Louboody

#80 I Guess My Dad Got A Little Carried Away With His Christmas Decorations This Year

Image credits: MadeovMangos

#81 Our Neighbors Have Help Decorating

Image credits: Quasiterran

#82 Our (Dead) Jacaranda Fell In A Storm Over The Weekend, So I Repurposed It Into Christmas Decorations. Expecting Our First Child In April, So I Made One For Our Little One To Come

Image credits: OldTarwater

#83 This House Is Decorated With 70,000 Christmas Lights

Image credits: erny83pd

#84 I Was Assigned A “Holiday Cartoon” For Decorating My Classroom Door. I Don’t Know That This Is What They Had In Mind, But I Enjoyed Making It

Image credits: Mstrnix

#85 This John McClane Christmas Decoration Found In NYC!

Image credits: TheThickneySnowman

#86 My Halloween Leshen Is Now A Christmas Leshen

Image credits: DanimalUltratype

#87 Christmas Decorations 2020

Image credits: lacscully

#88 I Turned Myself Into A Xmas Tradition, Morty!

Image credits: pripyat_beast

#89 Found In My Neighborhood. Hilarious! Props To This Guy

Image credits: IntriguingPirate

#90 My Girlfriend Let Me Decorate Our Apartment’s Front Window For Christmas. She May Have Made A Mistake

Image credits: Osko1337

#91 My OBGYN’s Xmas Decor

Image credits: Ashtree26

#92 Neighbors Tie Fighter Xmas Prop

Image credits: strange4change

#93 Mk4 R32 Wrapped In 2000 Led Christmas Lights

Image credits: PAStreetScene

#94 Drying Elf’s Clothes

Image credits: snpballyroan

#95 Christmas Decorations 2020

Image credits: LiberalsLeaving

#96 Mistletoe

Image credits: 420iloveweed

#97 My Sister-In-Law Is An Art Teacher. This Is Their Christmas Decorations For 2020

Image credits: frommy13

#98 Best Decoration – A House In Our Neighborhood. And Their Neighbor – Same

Image credits: 42fan101

#99 Florida Christmas

Image credits: jessenburg

#100 Someone Decorated This Abandoned Bike For Christmas

Image credits: hellafyno

#101 My New Christmas Ornament

Image credits: CoinPurseGoodBoy

#102 Repurposed A Friends Swingset That Was Destroyed By Storm To Build This Christmas House

Image credits: Trippingthroughtime

#103 So One Of My Neighbors Left Me A Note Informing Me That My Gargoyle Statue Is “Not Appropriate” And “Not In Keeping With The Christmas Spirit”

They firmly suggested that I “rectify the situation immediately.” Well problem solved! Frank is now festive! I’m pretty sure that this is not what they had in mind and I look forward to the future note stating as much, but 1. Frank is very heavy and he doesn’t get moved and 2. I like him even if he’s not so great at warding off evil Karens. I decided to increase the degree of festiveness.

Got a new note wanting to know if I think I’m funny. Why yes, yes I do. I decided to add an elf on the shelf and leave a note back that the elf is always watching. I may add one item a day now like an advent calendar. Too bad my porch is so small, I could really deck it out.

I tried to convince one of the cats to sit outside in a costume as part of my display, kind of like one of those living nativity displays. They all declined. So festive skeleton cat it is!

I had an early morning dentist appointment and needed to go to the grocery, so it was dark when I put out today’s addition. Karen had already been here by the time I got home. Originally I just had the hippos out, but she left me a note saying “HIPPOS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!” Written just like that in all caps and a full ten exclamation points. (I kinda feel like I’m talking to my dad now. He used to text me in all caps.) I personally found this statement false and offensive. Who doesn’t want a hippopotamus for Christmas?? Okay, maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I put the sign up so she’d know how incorrect she is.

Well it looks like the first one through the wreath is—-coronavirus!! It is 2020 after all. It was only a matter of time before this a**hole showed up. Maybe he’ll be able to keep Karen six feet away from my porch.

The holiday season can be a tough time for a lot of us, myself included, and this year has been particularly COVID craptastic, so knowing that my silly shenanigans with my nosey neighbor has brought even a small chuckle to so many people really warms my heart. I mean, I crack myself up daily, but knowing people all over the dang world are cracking up with me is pretty freaking cool. I enjoy reading the stories some of you have shared and I appreciate you sharing them. Maybe I’ll have read most of them by summer (there are a lot). I wanted to give a special shout out to all the nurses, docs, EMTs, PAs, RTs, and all you other frontline badasses for all of your comments. It’s so cool to know this silly page can provide even a moment of relief from all the stress you guys are under right now. You guys are the true heroes of 2020! Frank and friends salute you! Everyone stay safe and remember—Hippos are Christmas AF!!

Image credits: Frank the Christmas Gargoyle

#104 Not At All

Image credits: MissLionHeart

#105 Merry Christmas To Most

Image credits: TC1671

#106 Animal Crossing DIY Home Edition. We Recently Started Playing The Game And My 3 Kids Love It. So, With Being Stuck Home Bc Of Covid-19, Homeschooling, And Now Snow, We Decided To Bring The Outside Decorations Inside, By Creating Our Own Interactive Animal Crossing Island

Image credits: GoForthJD

#107 My Wife Made A Christmas Fireplace Out Of Wine Boxes And Brown Paper

Image credits: Keiggo

#108 Went To Buy A Christmas Tree High, Came Back With A Dragon

Image credits: SnapeProbDiedAVirgin

#109 I Didn’t Have A String Of Lights Long Enough For The Whole Fence So I Made Kevin My Halloween Sabertooth Tiger Eat The Lights Instead

Image credits: havik09

#110 Christmas Decorations On My Street

Image credits: johnnycleveland

#111 The Mountain I Carved From Foam For My Christmas Village

Image credits: Lollynette

#112 Christmas Pirate Crew

Image credits: Misticalis

#113 Started Christmas Off By Decorating A Plane

Image credits: Wes_Racing_43

#114 The Christmas Countdown Is On

Image credits: MrStraightEdge

#115 Christmas Decorations

Image credits: TheCleftonTwain

#116 My Neighbors Christmas Decorations Today

Image credits: JJolene710

#117 Last Addition To My Christmas House Decorations

Image credits: ahomelessguy

#118 2020 Christmas Decor

Image credits: matosortho

#119 When Inflatable Christmas Decorations Come Back To Life

Image credits: ndtaughthem

#120 Neighbor’s Response To HOA’s Email About Taking Down Halloween Decorations. Now It’s A Christmas Decoration

Image credits: keto_and_me

#121 My Christmas Office Door Entry

Image credits: Gerankel

#122 New Christmas Decoration In My Office

Image credits: MartyrMcFly

#123 For The Sixth Year In A Row, I’ve Successfully Decorated My Home’s Exterior In Just 5 Minutes

Image credits: lukeyboy767

#124 Eye See

Image credits: spiritbox3

#125 My Office Decided To Do A Christmas Decorations Contest And They Didn’t Realize I Was Clark Griswold

Image credits: osotrece

#126 Someone Turned A Tree Into A Giant Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Image credits: ballplayer0025

#127 Merry Christmas From Snow Exotic

Image credits: DarceChoke918

#128 Xmas Rick & Morty

Image credits: tyronebiggs701

#129 True

Image credits: ullr52

#130 Sometimes You Can Spend 8 Hrs At Work Doing Arts And Crafts Instead Of Your Actual Job

Image credits: username82

#131 This Tree Branch Fell Down In Front Of My Office And Has Been There All Week, So Today I Started Decorating It With Xmas Decorations

Image credits: chipstronghold

#132 My Uncle Wired ~1000 Christmas Lights To His Jeep To Prep For A Christmas Party

Image credits: Kazhel

#133 This Was The Bus I Rode Home From Work Today

Image credits: YouLikeJazz_

#134 I Sneak This Ornament Onto My Wife’s Meticulously Decorated Tree Every Christmas… She Has Yet To Notice In 3 Years

Image credits: MrNewMoney

#135 “It’s Not Going In Our Yard, Russ. It’s Going In Our Living Room”

Image credits: TrentSteel11

#136 We Didn’t Have A Fireplace To Hang Our Stockings So We Made One

Image credits: ponyplus

#137 Merry Christmas From My Neighbors Down The Street

Image credits: micheldevon

#138 My Girlfriend Made This Christmas Decoration For Me (Yup This Is Elon)

Image credits: bernsteinbett

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