144 Times People Embroidered Really Creative And Cool Things (New Pics)

Embroidery fans, assemble! We’re huge fans of creativity, art, and making things with your hands. We wouldn’t be Bored Panda if we weren’t. And the r/Embroidery subreddit never fails to impress us!

An online community of nearly 703k ‘stitchers,’ it’s a space that’s dedicated to hand and machine embroiderers to exchange tips, techniques, resources, and ideas. Not to mention share their incredibly impressive creations!

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We’ve collected some of the most impressive recent projects that were shared and praised on the r/Embroidery subreddit to inspire you Pandas to give embroidery a shot. So scroll down and upvote the works that wowed you the most. And if you’re ever in need of some additional inspiration, check out Bored Panda’s previous features about r/Embroidery here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

#1 I Think This Is The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Stitched

Image credits: _kiriki

#2 Whats The Best Quality Embroidery You’ve Ever Seen? This Cat Embroidery Is By Hiroko Kubota And The Attention To Detail Is Amazing

Image credits: JustAnEnglishman

#3 Fox For My Housemate On Her Jacket

Image credits: FulmarusGlacialis

Truth time, Pandas. Yours truly is absolutely horrible with a needle and thread. I’ve certainly tried embroidery in the past, but I was pretty darn bad at it. I was impatient, clumsy, and the furthest you can get away from neatness without leaving Planet Earth. You should see me trying to sew in a button.

Embroidery certainly isn’t my go-to hobby (it’s painting and drawing!), but I really appreciate quality crafts with all of my heart. Especially when they demonstrate amazing results that I myself couldn’t aspire to without putting in years and years of dedication.

#4 Morning On Mt. Sanitas, 8″ Landscape. This Took Absolutely Forever!

Image credits: alphapinene

#5 And It’s

Image credits: LetsEscapeEarth

#6 It Took Me Several Months To Finish This 8″ Pet Portrait – I Even Ombré Dyed The Fabric Myself!

Image credits: Florally

Like all skills and hobbies, embroidery requires a lot of patience, the ability to adapt on the fly, and the willingness to embrace your mistakes and move past them.

Learning any new thing or skill will certainly have its frustrating moments. Nobody truly enjoys failing. But developing a different perspective and seeing failure as an opportunity for growth is well worth it. In all aspects of life.

#7 Sophie From Howls Moving Castle In A 12 Inch Hoop!

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Image credits: DiagonKitty

#8 Mixed Material Embroidery. What Do You Think?

Image credits: DitiBaruah

#9 Coral Reef Day/Night

Image credits: mrszubris

Founded all the way back in early 2010, the r/Embroidery subreddit has enjoyed 12+ years of moderate success. It’s seen massive growth the past two years. The online community is slowly on its way to getting a solid million members. Since Bored Panda’s last feature about the sub, in June, the group has grown from 628k to almost 703k members.

#10 I Like To Take Photographs Of Plants After It Rains. So I Decided To Try And Make An Embroidery Mimicking Those Photographs. Here’s My First Sample

Image credits: natstitches

#11 Velociraptor Piece I Am Working On!

Image credits: Bustedflush91

#12 After Having Many Conflicted Thoughts About This Piece, It Is Finally Finished And I Am Quite Happy With How It Turned Out!!

Image credits: HoopsEmbro1dery

A lot of the subreddit’s growth is down to the current moderator team, running the entire show. Previously, one of the moderators, u/kallisti_gold explained to Bored Panda that they asked to take over the online community via r/RedditRequest. Originally, the sub was created by a spam bot.

After clearing out all of the spam and doing a bit of spring cleaning, the new mod let the community grow organically. “I wanted a place to talk about embroidery, and I’ve tried to foster that kind of environment for the community to flourish in,” they told Bored Panda earlier.

#13 Pocket Full Of Posies

Image credits: karmaggie

#14 A Tale As Old As Time…

Image credits: Axora

#15 My Beautiful Octopus Ready To Go Back To The Ocean

Image credits: PaulinaRossellArt

“[The] community is full of passionate hobbyists and enthusiasts, always ready with a compliment, constructive suggestions for improvement, or to answer any questions for folks who need some guidance,” the moderator said.

“We’ve seen huge growth in the community since early 2020. Being cooped up inside will make anyone frustrated enough to stab something a couple of thousand times, I guess,” u/kallisti_gold quipped, referring to the subreddit’s tagline, “Embroidery: When you don’t know whether to make art or stab something.”

#16 Thread Painting On 8” Hoop. This One Is Challenging, I Struggle A Lot On The Body

Image credits: Miuembroidery

#17 First Embroidery Piece

Image credits: FickleDot7636

#18 Another ~ Spooky ~ Design!

Image credits: kenz024

One of the other moderators, redditor u/Zesparia, created a fantastic FAQ page 10 months ago for new members and embroidery enthusiasts both new and veteran alike. In it, the moderator shares tips and tricks that any beginner will find useful. Meanwhile, it’s a nice refresher even for those embroidery enthusiasts who already have years or even decades of experience under their belts.

#19 Peony And Butterfly

Image credits: iLabrador

#20 Just Finished This Jean Jacket!

Image credits: catherine237

#21 Giant Jungle Update! Come A Long Way Since Last Post

Image credits: V_MACD

The subreddit only has three rules. First of all—don’t be a jerk. That one’s pretty straightforward. Just treat others like you’d expect to be treated. Follow the Golden Rule and suddenly the internet becomes a far friendlier place.

Secondly, you should always strive to give credit where it’s due. If you aren’t the original embroiderer of a particular project, you have to mention the original artist. And finally, self-promotion ought to be limited to mod-posted mega threads.

#22 Spooky Embroidery. Charcoal Accents

Image credits: kelseylulu

#23 Patty And Selma

Image credits: sewvulgar

#24 Portrait For A Friend Who Lost A Child. This Was His Favorite Hiking Trail

Image credits: sew-important

The best way to start embroidering is to get some supplies. The basics include a hoop, a needle, some fabric, and some 6-stranded embroidery floss. A pair of scissors is also useful.

The FAQ notes that “a very good way to start from the absolute beginning is to order an embroidery kit. It will have your thread, a needle, a hoop, and a design already worked onto the fabric provided. No analysis paralysis as you stare at the 60+ shades of red, wondering which one might be the best.”

#25 Saw This Last Night In The Bathroom Of A Mexican Restaurant. Probably The Most Amazing Embroidery I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: reddit_user_214

#26 Bleached Out Coral Reef Embroidery This Has Been A Stop, Start Piece Of Work. I Have Found It A Conflicting Piece To Work On. I Have Made Some Good Progress This Week And Am Determined To Finish It

Image credits: sewnbycollette

#27 “Grasses Of Great Britain” – A Winner From The Designer Bookbinders Competition

Image credits: mindemonster

What’s more, these embroidery kits also explain what stitches you should be using in what section. “Once you complete your kit you then have a hoop and needle to use for other projects as well. When finding a kit, it’s a good idea to buy from and support a small business rather than purchasing off of Amazon. Almost all of the embroidery kits on Amazon contain stolen patterns from other embroidery artists,” moderator u/Zesparia writes.

#28 First Post, Make It Count

Image credits: NoConsequence7947

#29 Just Finished! Any Advice On How To Keep Definition When Working On Small Details?

Image credits: BluePoo4U

#30 New Finished Embroidery

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

Have you ever given embroidery a shot, dear Pandas? How did you enjoy it? Perhaps you’re an embroidery grandmaster with tons of experience? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the hobby as a whole, as well as the works we’re featuring in this list, so drop by the comments and share your two cents. Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a couple of buttons to try and sew on… Go on without me, this might take a while.

#31 For The Past 4 Years I’ve Designed A Halloween Hoop, Here Is This Years! The Colors Are All Darker And More Muted Irl (My Phone Camera Apparently Hates Orange). Stitching This Was A Fun Time

Image credits: floralsandfloss

#32 Lots Of French Knots On 9” Hoop

Image credits: Miuembroidery

#33 Remade My Original Design Using Brighter Colors!

Image credits: BearCreekStitches

#34 First Time Entering A Competition

Image credits: L1veFrom0akland

#35 Progress Update – Almost Complete

Image credits: Island_of_Aiaia

#36 Finished This Gift For A Dear Friend!

Image credits: Asuhhhhhhhh

#37 My 9 Year Old Son Did This Free Hand And Wanted To Share

Image credits: Fearsomeguns

#38 The Powerpuff Girls! A Fun Mixed Media Piece Made By Me

Image credits: DeAnimation

#39 A “Controversial” Embroidery I Made A While Back

Image credits: rebordacao

#40 I Gifted My Religious Grandma With This Embroidery And She Loved It!

Image credits: rebordacao

#41 Today Is World Mental Health Day And I Just Want To Say To Each And Every Person That Reads This, You Are Magical & Deserve To Be Here, Hold On And Always Have Hope

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#42 Designed And Embroidered Name Favors For Our Wedding Guests. Over Fifty Names, It Was So Worth It!

Image credits: Clumsy_shrimp_taco

#43 My Latest Hoop

Image credits: BotanicalChaos

#44 I Had Some Break Of My Hobby, But Now I Can Show You My New Embroidery. I Started It In April And Finish It Today! I Missed This Feeling So Much…

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#45 The Difference A Few Years Of Practice Make

Image credits: usagi_miso

#46 First Time Embroidering A Sweater! It’s Far From Perfect, But I’m V Proud

Image credits: Noodlebri

#47 All The French Knots In The World Haha

Image credits: Many-Cardiologist-77

#48 My Fruity Embroidered Brooch Collection !

Image credits: Creationsdeoelc

#49 Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Image credits: kenz024

#50 I Give You My First Embroidering Project! Made This As A Cotton Anniversary Present For My Husband. (Clearly) I Didn’t Know About Pre-Planning My Space Or Design But I Made Due With Several Different Hoops And Mixed Techniques. Feeling Pretty Psyched To Learn More!

Image credits: Curious-Monk-6489

#51 Made A 9” Thread Painting Landscape. Can’t Tell Which One Is More Time Consuming, French Knot Flowers Or Tiny Stitches Trees

Image credits: Miuembroidery

#52 “Lovebirds” I Coped With The Passing Of My Aunt And Uncle Through This Embroidery, They Were Married For Over 50 Years

Image credits: forewermore

#53 A Gift For My Friend Who Recently Received A Heart Transplant

Image credits: pb1115

#54 A Chonky Tiger

Image credits: FTM_2022

#55 First Attempt Shoe Embroidery – Regretting Choosing * White *, Dirty Way Too Easily

Image credits: ACuriousCheshire

#56 Beaded Pomegranate! Wondering If I Should Make It Into A Patch

Image credits: ichliebeschminke

#57 My 2-Year-Old’s First Embroidery Piece! She Calls It “Sprinkles”

Image credits: colormuse

#58 [oc] The Window Seat

Image credits: _shieldmaiden_

#59 Canadian Prairies

Image credits: redditditdido

#60 114 Colors, Each Line Is From A Different Thread

Image credits: vidana_art

#61 My Take On The Spongebob Window Trend! It’s A Little Wonky Since The Hoop Was Cheap And It’s My First Time Completely Filling In A Piece

Image credits: galacticfern

#62 Embroidered My Country’s National Flower

Image credits: TheOddRemnant_

#63 Here’s A Piece I Created A While Back

Image credits: rebordacao

#64 Design I Did On My Daughter’s Jeans

Image credits: L1veFrom0akland

#65 I Embroidered Haku From Spirited Away. Tell Me What You Think!

Image credits: HardcoreLock

#66 This Was A Fun Hoop To Stitch Because I Was Able To Incorporate One Strand French Knot Detailing— His Hair & Sherpa Lined Jacket Made For The Perfect Opportunity To Bring Texture To The Hoop!

Image credits: kenz024

#67 My First Embroidery Project!

Image credits: smmg87

#68 I Call It, “Bold And Brash”

Image credits: mazzylove

#69 Honeycomb Chunk I Made

Image credits: LetsEscapeEarth

#70 A Silly Idea, An Embroidered Pokémon Card! 25×16, 14 Colors

Image credits: HazelAbbiati

#71 My New Mixed Media Embroidery

Image credits: DitiBaruah

#72 Starling Work In Progress

Image credits: FulmarusGlacialis

#73 The Four Seasons Of Homer Disappearing Into A Bush. What Do You Think- Are The Fabric Choices Ok?

Image credits: clure04

#74 Transformation

Image credits: space_popsicle

#75 My First Project!

Image credits: kate2054

#76 Guys, We Got First Place!

Image credits: mobrya22

#77 I Won A First Place Ribbon For This Embroidery At My State Fair!

Image credits: M1ch00l

#78 First Piece Ever. I Wanted To Share With Y’all Since I Have Nobody In Real Life To Share It With! This Thing Was So Frustrating

Image credits: Redheaded_Loser

#79 As Many Of You Suggested, I’ve Decided The Continue The Project. Here I Present The Stretch

Image credits: moki08

#80 First Project For Myself In Over A Year. I Love It!

Image credits: digitifera

#81 Good But Not The Best

Image credits: SouhaTheGenuis

#82 My Grandpa Wrote This To Me On My Wedding Day (To Be Read On Our First Anniversary). He Passed Away Suddenly Two Months Later So I Embroidered This Note To Memorialize Him

Image credits: Difficult-Prize6546

#83 Birthday Present For My Younger Cousin

Image credits: Bluehare_

#84 Some Mushroom Girls

Image credits: reddituser54322

#85 A Made Up “Lily Tarot Card” For My Beloved Cousin Lilian That Is Studying This Art

Image credits: Thinker_girl7

#86 Detailed Pet Embroidery Portrait. It’s Really Challenging Fo Do A Such Realistic Portrait

Image credits: OksanaBalanovska

#87 Finished My Hoops For My Friends’ Booked Themed Nursery!

Image credits: polyginNjuice

#88 Another Landscape Thread Painting 9” Hoop

Image credits: Miuembroidery

#89 I Finally Finished It My Wizard Of Oz Piece With A Sparkly Silver Trim

Image credits: Peachberry24

#90 I Made This Custom Made Wedding Hoop For Couples.. Personalised

Image credits: HoopX_

#91 My First Embroidery Project! Made On The Inside Of My Tote Bag. Tips/Tricks/Constructive Criticism Welcome 🙂

Image credits: ActuallyRaccoon

#92 Embroidered Bone Boi

Image credits: SailorSusy

#93 Lil Mushy Skull! Based Off A Tattoo Design. Starting To Get The Hang Of This 🙂

Image credits: b33fy5layer

#94 Witnessed This Lady Working On Some Amazing Embroidery In Bilbao – Spain

Image credits: SadGlazedDonut

#95 No Creative Signal. So I Made This

Image credits: ExcessCatLady

#96 Birthday/Christmas Present For My Grandma

Image credits: Whateverxox

#97 My Hand Embroidery Work And First Post Here

Image credits: Tutku_embroidery

#98 My Third Attempt- Very Much A Beginner So Please Be Kind!

Image credits: franticporcupine

#99 I Had My Frame Zoomed In On The Hands, Lost Sight Of The Big Picture. And Now I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: jazzertag

#100 Gift For The Vet Who Spent Four Hours With An Endoscope Extracting Embroidery Needles And Bits Of Pincushion From My Idiot Dog’s Stomach

Image credits: alphapinene

#101 My Progress In Just Over A Year!

Image credits: Sa1tyWaffles

#102 This Was My Friend Tiffany. Tiff Died In A Car Accident 17 Years Ago, When We Were Both 15 Years Old. She Was An Awesome Tennis Player, Loved Ice Cream With Rainbow Sprinkles And Playing The Guitar, And Had A Terrible Singing Voice. I Miss Her, So I Stitched Her

Image credits: colormuse

#103 Two Years And A Billion French Knots Later, She’s Finally Done

Image credits: Redsjinx

#104 I’m Really Enjoying Stitching My Children’s Artwork. This Friendly Snack Was Created By My 5yo ?

Image credits: dr_stitch_bitch

#105 My First Thread Painting Style Embroidery And My First Detailed Face

Image credits: justwantedtosay123

#106 I Stitched Alexis Nikole Nelson, Aka Blackforager, Holding A Tiny Juniper Sprig. Happy Snacking, Don’t Die!

Image credits: colormuse

#107 Indicative That I Am A Foolish Human Being, But It’ll Be Amazing If I Ever Finish

Image credits: Tarnagona

#108 My Best Work So Far :d

Image credits: SpaceExplorer101

#109 I’ve Never Had A Comic Speak To Me So Profoundly

Image credits: smolbean11

#110 Uncle Iroh Is Finally Finished! He Was The Only Thing I Worked On For A Year And I’m So Proud Of How He Came Out

Image credits: bluejarofsunshine

#111 Recent Projects

Image credits: celadonfiddleleaf

#112 Cool Water On A Hot Day!

Image credits: embroidedzombie

#113 Pardon My Bad Handwriting. My Dad Passed Suddenly. I Wanted Him To Have This And Sent It To Be Cremated With Him. My Very First Embroidery, Done Through Many Tears, Helped Me A Lot

Image credits: Skankula42069

#114 I’ve Been Working On This For A While And I’m Happy To Finally Be Able To Put It Out There. The Last 1.5 Years Have Been Rough, With Multiple Life Changing Events, And Stitching Kept Me Sane. Worked On The Back Looking Better Too. Design By Trish Burr

Image credits: ThistleAndWool

#115 Practice Makes Something

Image credits: Daniclaws

#116 A Snoopy Hoop I Made

Image credits: chip_mann

#117 I Saw Someone Post Their “Double Vision” That Reminded Me Of This Quarantine Project I Did

Image credits: Seasnek

#118 A Little Stack Of Happiness

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#119 My Wife Just Finished This Woodland Scene With The Cutest Little Sleeping Fox Hidden Away In It. It’s Her First Mix Of Embroidery And Acrylic On Linen. I Think It’s Stunning, But I Might Be Just A Little Biased!

Image credits: iamrik

#120 My First Realistic Piece

Image credits: Bezbecka

#121 Day 3

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#122 My Stitch Of William Morris’s, “The Strawberry Thief”

Image credits: mcrawfishes

#123 Him! Embroidery, Ink, And Acrylic

Image credits: alyssa5575

#124 Cross Posting This Citrus And Sunflower Sugar Skull

Image credits: NanaLemons

#125 So, After A While I Made A Post Asking For Help Here, And I Finally Finished My First Embroidery, What Do You Guys Think? I Need Some Feedbacks

Image credits: marcoshe1

#126 On A Whim I Wanted To See If I Could Make Felt Patches To Stitch On Felt Hats And Embroider/Ribbon Work Over Them. It Was A Successful Experiment!

Image credits: Dollmaker1975

#127 Finished My Very First Embroidery

Image credits: leoplyrodon

#128 I Just Really Like Embroidering Hands

Image credits: colormuse

#129 Pregnancy Loss. On May 25th Our Daughter, Sophie, Was Stillborn. As A Way To Cope, I’ve Started Embroidering Hoops For Other Families Who Have Lost Babies In Her Honor (All Completely Free Of Charge). Here’s My First Batch We Well As The Original Hoop That I Made For Her

Image credits: 34enjoythelilthings

#130 I Just Really Like Elyse Myers And Her Wild Stories And Wilder Hair

Image credits: colormuse

#131 I Made This As A Wedding Present For The Couple Pictured Based On One Of Their Engagement Photos. The Plaid Shirts Were Fun But Took Forever! Swipe For Closeups And Reference Picture

Image credits: colormuse

#132 I Think Cartoons Look Best In A Hoop

Image credits: Sa1tyWaffles

#133 Finished This Beautiful Mushroom Pattern By Emilie Ferris

Image credits: creepy_crust

#134 A Sunday Afternoon, 6” Hoop

Image credits: Miuembroidery

#135 A While Ago I Panic Posted About My Sister’s Wedding Veil. Here’s The Result! I’ll Comment With Process + Advice (Short Answer: Don’t)

Image credits: pineapple_private_i

#136 Bob’s House

Image credits: JoeyJoJo_Sr_Shabadoo

#137 What Am I Doing Wrong With My Split Stitch?

Image credits: jessro118

#138 Back In 2020, During Lockdown, This Was My First Embroidery Project! Not Perfect But I Really Love It!

Image credits: Many-Cardiologist-77

#139 It’s Not Perfect, But It’s My Favorite Piece So Far 🙂

Image credits: Narrow_Ratio4875

#140 4” Lightning Hoop Made With Felt And Embroidery!

Image credits: etuaembroidery

#141 Knocked Up A Sign For My Bathroom For Something To Do 🙂

Image credits: peppersaidican

#142 First Proper Embroidery – 8 Months Late For My Moms Birthday But I Got There!

Image credits: DitzyJenny

#143 I Like Swords So Embroidered One

Image credits: SasjaAnne

#144 Something A Little Different. My Mom Wanted A Beta Fish Embroidery So Here’s The Wip (Based On A Kit). The Beads *really* Slow Down The Back Stitch

Image credits: smolbean11

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