148 Cool Things People Sewed Themselves Instead Of Buying At A Store

People who know how to sew are never limited to their wardrobe. Or the shelves in a store. Their hands can do miracles — they can make clothes themselves.

There’s a subreddit called r/Sewing, and it’s the place where these skilled craftsmen show off their work. We’re talking intricate wedding dresses, umbrella coats, and even cat ties! There’s plenty of surprises on this 372,000 member-strong sub.

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“This is a community specifically for sewing including, but not limited to: machine sewing, embroidery, quilting, hand sewing, tapestry, patchwork, and help/suggestion threads,” they say in their ‘About’ section.

We at Bored Panda have handpicked some of the masterpieces these sewers have created, so continue scrolling and who knows, maybe the photos will inspire you to pick up a spool of thread yourself. Enjoy!

#1 I Just Finished My Son’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: MostFlavorfulBond

#2 I Made My Wedding Dress (No Pattern)

Image credits: penniee95

#3 Been Sewing Shirts And Matching Ties For My 5 Cats. It’s Been Fun. Hope You Like Them

Image credits: vjloco

#4 I Made The Dressing Gown That Bilbo Wears In The First Hobbit Movie (M7875)

Image credits: sewing_magic

#5 Self Drafted. No Pattern. Outfit I Made From Scratch From Kente Fabric

Image credits: theeramonkota

#6 Finished My Rainbow Quilt! And A Body Pillow Case To Match. Happy Pride Month!

Image credits: eros0327

#7 (Mccall’s Archive Collection Circa 1956 M7478) Took Forever To Finish This Coat, But I’m Really Pleased With How It Turned Out – Especially The Twirl Factor!

Image credits: moseyb

#8 This Is A Prom Dress My Aunt From Nigeria Made For Me Back In 2019. We Designed It Based On Two Different Dresses. The Pattern Of The Fabric Is My Favorite Part! (No Pattern)

Image credits: haveaSmiletoday

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#9 (Burdaeasy 2019) Tried To Recreate A 60’s Inspired Dress From The Queen’s Gambit

Image credits: Paurovas

#10 I Made A Maple Leaf Fairy Costume For Renn Faire (B4571)

Image credits: sewing_magic

#11 I Made A Velvet Dress With Leds To Look Like The Night Sky (Self Drafted)

Image credits: sewing_magic

#12 First Finished Dress vs. First Dress I Can Actually Wear In Public

Image credits: cammickin

#13 Made An Entire 1850’s Outfit. Lots Of Work, But Totally Worth It!

Image credits: WhitGoose

#14 In 2020 I’m Planning To Memorialize My Father By Sewing A Book Of His Life. This Is Page One

Image credits: SherlockToad1

#15 Duchess Coat By Ellie And Mac Patterns For My Spiderman-Obsessed 2y.o. Niece. I Can’t Wait To See It On Her!

Image credits: AuDBallBag

#16 Engagement Photo Dress I Designed And Constructed

Image credits: RavennaBlack

#17 Completed My Belle Gown (Beauty & The Beast) Self Drafted

Image credits: MacrameOwl

#18 (Self-Drafted) Sewist On Low Budget Recreating Expensive Dresses. I Was Inspired By This Teuta Matoshi Dress

Image credits: Paurovas

#19 Self Drafted Bomber Jacket. I Saw The Fabric And Knew I Had To Make Something. It’s My First Crack At A Jacket And The First Real Wearable Garment I’ve Made For Myself! I Think I’m Going To Be Making A Lot More!

Image credits: MrMotionTom

#20 I Made Billy Porter’s Oscars Tuxedo Gown (Self Drafted)

Image credits: love_wear

#21 Designed, Sewed, And Modeled This Dior Inspired Trench Coat

Image credits: twink_trash

#22 Corset I Made From A Throw Pillowcase! Butterick B4669. We Love A Good Upcycle!

Image credits: trippyvanity

#23 (Self Drafted) My Old Lounge Dress Wasn’t Getting Much Wear, So I Reworked It Into A Sundress

Image credits: dark_pine

#24 Made My Own Homecoming Dress

Image credits: Yasqueena

#25 Made A Non Conventional Wedding Dress! V9296

Image credits: Shanglorice

#26 My DIY Thrift-Flipped Wedding Dress

Image credits: sarcastic_ginger

#27 (Simplicity 8578) I Made A Robe À La Française For Halloween

Image credits: eliminatefossilfuels

#28 I Made Some Professor-Y Clothes For The 1890s (Pattern Hacked)

Image credits: sewing_magic

#29 Self-Drafted Blouse Made From Silk And An Antique Lace Collar. I Love Edwardian Fashion, And I’m Trying To Incorporate That Style Into My Wardrobe More

Image credits: KingHenrytheFluffy

#30 Matching 1950’s Style Men’s Shirt And Wiggle Dress

Image credits: Gorgeously-Vintage

#31 I Did It, I Made A Coat! (Mccalls 6800, View D With B’s Hem)

Image credits: happy-chickadee

#32 My First Shirt I’ve Ever Made. Pretty Happy With How It Turned Out

Image credits: TimTheLights

#33 Coat Made With Broken Umbrellas

Image credits: hero_to_0

#34 I Hand/Machine Embroidered A Starmap Onto These Jeans!

Image credits: -lyrota-

#35 I’m So Happy With How These Skirts Came Out!

Image credits: xtallize

#36 Finished My Three Piece Suit Just In Time For Fall!

Image credits: JodieFosterchild

#37 My Husband Wanted A “B*chin, Flowery Dressing Gown To Take Care Of Baby During The Night” (Who Is Due Soon) I Think I Delivered!

Image credits: Frenchies_curls

#38 First Skirt Attempts (New Look 6346)

Image credits: throwaway_56480

#39 70’s Edition: Roller Girl (Semi Self Drafted)

Image credits: love_wear

#40 My Exam Project: The Dress And The Suit

Image credits: iwenyani

#41 I Recreated An Early 1900s Illustration Butterfly Dress!

Image credits: Nerrnerr

#42 Wish I Was Brave Enough To Wear This Out. Took Me Forever To Make

Image credits: curcutie

#43 Made My First Gown! I Completed This A Few Months Ago And Finally Had Time To Take Pics

Image credits: valorsociety_

#44 Started Sewing Two Weeks Ago And I Finally Made A Dress From Scratch

Image credits: theeramonkota

#45 Conjured Up A Last-Minute Dress For Halloween And I Am So Proud Of These Pockets! (Self-Drafted)

Image credits: CarbonChic

#46 African Print Mermaid Style Dress

Image credits: sumayyah–

#47 My Husband Gave Me Some Of His Old Band T-Shirts, So I Made A Dress For Our Daughter

Image credits: lieralolita

#48 My New Dress Is Finally Finished! Isn’t It Beautiful?

Image credits: Beautiful_Queen57

#49 I Made A Victorian Walking Dress With A Matching Hat And Parasol For A Festival In A Nearby Port Town (B6400, TV1884 Wash Overskirt, Self Drafted)

Image credits: sewing_magic

#50 Simplicity 8262, Modified To Have A Hood Instead Of A Double Collar. Now To Walk Around Looking Dramatic

Image credits: DanausPlexi

#51 ([self Drafted) Left: Teuta Cobalt Starry Dress, Right: Me

Image credits: Paurovas

#52 17th Century Inspired Gown

Image credits: Cacarosa

#53 (Mccall’s 7047) I Made A Prototype Wedding Dress Aka The First Thing I’ve Sewn Since Senior Prom!

Image credits: wedding-ori

#54 Bought My First Sewing Machine 2 Weeks Ago Without Knowing A Single Thing About Sewing. So I Spent Hours On Youtube Watching How To Videos. I Made This Myself Yesterday

Image credits: luminoussaid

#55 This Is My Prom Dress I Designed And Made

Image credits: reddit.com

#56 Something I Whipped Up For A Formal Function

Image credits: illbeyournursetoday

#57 Upcycled From A Curtain And Blanket I Found At Goodwill! Copied The Pattern Off My Dickies Work Jacket

Image credits: lordfuschia

#58 [mccall’s M7727] Made Myself A Winter Coat To Survive The Canadian Winter! Nice And Warm

Image credits: Elrassan

#59 My Second Successful Bralette! This One Fits Much Better Too

Image credits: satan_sloth

#60 My Dress Inspired By Rhonda Fleming

Image credits: guanorific

#61 Succeeded In Making This Coat That Required A Lot Of Mental Gymnastics During The Pattern Placement! Very Proud Of The Outcome!! Easy Vogue V9367 With Modifications

Image credits: Shanglorice

#62 Found Some Old Table Runners And Pillowcases My Great Grandmother Hand Embroidered In The 20s-50s. They Were Sitting In Storage For Decades And I Decided To Turn Them Into A Spring Blouse

Image credits: konkybong

#63 Sewcial Isolation Project I Made Back In March! (Apron Dress By Fabrics-Store (Free))

Image credits: TVAnouvelles

#64 Recently Made This Lingerie Set

Image credits: Eatmashorrts

#65 Took A Stab At Making A Bralette

Image credits: satan_sloth

#66 I Made My Daughter’s Easter Tie And Altered Her Suit! Really Happy With How They Turned Out!

Image credits: theflatfacecat

#67 My First Bodysuit With Self Drafted Pattern

Image credits: Eatmashorrts

#68 I Made An Adventure Ready Dress For My Niece. Machine Washable, No Scratchy Tulle, Fully Equipped With Pockets And Pack Pack For Maximum Storage Capacity, And Of Course A Matching Dress For A Side Kick [m7458]

Image credits: sewing_magic

#69 Just Finished Reupholstering This Bad Boy. The Cushion And Decking Are Sewn And Drafted From The Original Pattern

Image credits: halation6

#70 So My Sister Got Married This Weekend And I Designed/Made Her Gown

Image credits: july281990

#71 I Made A Gothic 18th Century Gown (S8578)

Image credits: sewing_magic

#72 I Sewed A Wedding Dress Out Of Sweatpants

Image credits: jennaphipps4

#73 (Fo) I Alter Weddings Dresses For A Living, But Suit Alterations Are My True Passion. Here’s My Last Suit I Did For Myself

Image credits: billbobful

#74 I Made My Own Prom Dress! (Self Drafted)

Image credits: disodilund

#75 Another $1 Goodwill Dress Overhaul!

Image credits: Elrbe

#76 The Coming Out-Fit I Made For Trans Day Of Visibility (Modified Burda 6520)

Image credits: Mad_Sack

#77 (Self-Drafted) Made A Neoprene Dress For A Fall Wedding (With Pockets Of Course)

Image credits: poeravaiti

#78 Made My First Shirred Dress For My Little Girl (Self-Drafted)

Image credits: ekberry818

#79 Made This Crop Top Out Of A Thrifted Night Gown!

Image credits: halfway-homemade

#80 My Ice Cream Inspired Western Shirt. Made From Kwik Sew Pattern K3506

Image credits: DoomNGlam

#81 Now My Fear Is By The End Of Lockdown I’ll Have Too Many Clothes. Dress I Made From Ankara/Kente Fabric. Self Drafted(No Pattern)

Image credits: theeramonkota

#82 My Ecclesiastical Jacquard Jacket. I Call It “Exorcist, But Make It Millennial”

Image credits: ProtoHN

#83 Matching Crop Top And Midi Skirt – Altered Simplicity 6408 Dress

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 Made One Of Those “My Rich Husband Died Of Mysterious Circumstances” Robes And I’ve Never Felt More Powerful

Image credits: ecosandwich

#85 (Self Drafted) I Liked Taylor’s Amas Outfit So You Know… I Stole It

Image credits: teatimetay13

#86 Made My Wedding Dress. It Is Not Perfect, But It Is Exactly What I Wanted

Image credits: brookski_lee

#87 Achievement Unlocked: Actually Finishing A Themed Dress In Time For The Appropriate Holiday – Happy Easter, Everyone! (Advance 7079)

Image credits: CarbonChic

#88 The Completed Look- A Men’s Button Down I Refashioned To A Wrap Top And A Pair Of Pants I Made From A Bedsheet

Image credits: mediumbonebonita

#89 Been Working On My Weaving Skills To Make Fabric For Garments. Quite Pleased With How It’s Going

Image credits: ChasingSloths

#90 Really Proud Of These Makes!

Image credits: Eatmashorrts

#91 How Is Your Sewing Today?

Image credits: Mikrobeast

#92 Made Two Left Boobs. Time For Wine

Image credits: alexaloumoo

#93 My First Sewing Project – Katara’s Fire Nation Disguise!

Image credits: krshh

#94 I Made My Daughter’s Grad/ Prom Dress

Image credits: Goobles75

#95 Sabrina Dress: Side By Side By Seams Come True

Image credits: Nerrnerr

#96 I Made A Velvet Jumpsuit. I’ve Never Been So Comfortable At A Formal Event. It Was Like Wearing Pyjamas

Image credits: jennifrog

#97 (Mccalls M7821)] Turned This Gothic Costume Coat Pattern Into A Sleeveless Iridescent Space Opera Fantasy, Complete With Matching Harness, Cuffs, And Belt

Image credits: sew_fresh_sew_clean

#98 Channeled The 1940’s For A Job Interview Outfit! Peplum Skirt Is (New Look 6003), Bolero Is (Self-Drafted)

Image credits: Irrationalwoman

#99 (No Pattern) I Made This With Really Really Cheap Fabric And I’m Super Proud!

Image credits: whateveridfc__1234

#100 Made My Wedding Outfit (Vintage Vogue)

Image credits: Mummy_of_Norman

#101 Made My Very Own Rainbow Patchwork Skirt!

Image credits: WhitGoose

#102 Finished New Watermelon Concept Shirt For The Beach Today. Now I Just Need To Be Able To Travel

Image credits: WritingDog

#103 15m Of Fabric And 3000 Rhinestones Later, We Finally Managed To Finish This Galadriel Cosplay

Image credits: the-blackwaters

#104 Prom Might Not Have Happened This Year But At Least I Can Still Twirl Around In The Ball Gown I Made!! Self-Drafted

Image credits: aliyaahjs

#105 This Came Out So Good, Had To Post It. Longline Bra With Embroidered Lace

Image credits: Eatmashorrts

#106 I Made A Summer Dress! It Is Self Drafted And Made Out Of An Old Bedsheet. What Do You Think?

Image credits: ellen_hobbe

#107 Just Upcycling Some Socks

Image credits: thrshegoes

#108 Upcycled This Thrifted Yellow Dress Into Something A Bit More My Style

Image credits: smilesfornicole

#109 A Very Cosy Loungewear Set Made From Fleecy Blankets

Image credits: gaeilgeoir_

#110 Gave My Nana’s Dress New Life

Image credits: leahelizabethj-

#111 I Made The Quilted Jacket Of My Dreams!

Image credits: sarahbythesea

#112 Made A Sunflower Two-Piece From An Outfit That Looked Like A Curtain Beforehand

Image credits: ceciliaeffa

#113 I Finally Finished My Coat!

Image credits: faye_of_sunshine

#114 Bug Life! A Dress I Finished Today. Pattern Is By Deer And Doe. This Is The Shorter Version. Fabric Is Second Hand From Ebay

Image credits: Charknittts

#115 I Made A Ridiculous Dress Out Of A Wall Hanging. Top Is Simplicity 3847

Image credits: bananaclaws

#116 Overall, I Would Say That This Squirrelly Sewing Project Was A Success

Image credits: Lithonielle

#117 I Made Beth’s Dress From The Queen’s Gambit

Image credits: BeccaIsANerd

#118 Used The Leftover Fabric From My Skirt Project To Make A Matching Bandana For My Sweet Boy (Skirt: Simplicity 2314a, Bandana: No Pattern)

Image credits: raezoe

#119 I Made My High School Senior Ball Dress With My Mom In Two Days

Image credits: UselessScript

#120 A Little Bit In Love. Here’s The Finished Valentine’s Day Playsuit!

Image credits: CarbonChic

#121 I Had Some Leftover Fabric From My Jacket, So I Made Some Leggings To Go With It

Image credits: tantan35

#122 Self Drafted New Years Dress. And I’m Only A Month Late!

Image credits: sewing_magic

#123 Made A Yoga Outfit!

Image credits: ceciliaeffa

#124 First Project I Can Actually Wear! Complete With A Zipper And Pockets! I’m Extremely Proud

Image credits: tina__cochina

#125 Made My Third Ever Article Of Clothing! A Gold Lamé Romper!

Image credits: Sewaway_account

#126 (Self-Drafted) Had To Make A Set Out Of This Amazing Papaya Fabric!

Image credits: Happily_Dressed

#127 Bought A Huge Men’s Dickies Boiler Suit On Clearance. My Tailoring Experience Is… Minimal. But I’m So Proud Of This. I Feel Hot

Image credits: frogsaretheworst

#128 I Recreated The Strawberry Dress

Image credits: hoodbobthugpants

#129 18th Century Stays, Work In Progress

Image credits: BorkBarkBork

#130 Still A Work In Progress, But I’m Already So Proud Of My Wedding Dress! (V9265, Altered)

Image credits: reddit.com

#131 Tried To Recreate A Reformation Dress And This Is The Result (No Pattern)

Image credits: mussessein_esmussein

#132 I Made Another Western Shirt! – Mccall’s M7980

Image credits: neanderthal42

#133 My Favorite Summer Outfit I’ve Made! A Two Piece Goldfish Set (No Pattern)

Image credits: Sewitseamss

#134 Re-Visited Yellow Set : Added Arm Cuffs + Leg Split & Adjusted The Top From A V-Neck To Straight Neck Tube Top

Image credits: Lemongrab94

#135 From Old Blouse To Fitted Waist Ruched Bust Top

Image credits: SparrowRefashion

#136 I Don’t Know Of I’ll Ever Top These

Image credits: LilWiggs

#137 Pajama To Party Dress

Image credits: SparrowRefashion

#138 Sewed These Simplicity 9736 Pants To Match The Boots!

Image credits: umiland

#139 Pants I Made From A Window Curtain. (Custom Pattern)

Image credits: Neemo20

#140 Took Two Old Shirts And Made Two New Ones!

Image credits: y_obayashi

#141 I Haven’t Seen In 35 Years But I Made A Dress! Pattern Is In A Twist Fun Sew So Easy

Image credits: Renocat

#142 Fo : 1970s Ringer Tee And Bell Bottom Jeans (Self Drafted)

Image credits: love_wear

#143 Original Mashup “Witch Sophie Hatter” From Howl’s Moving Castle!

Image credits: Nerrnerr

#144 Almost Fully Worked Through My Fabric Stash! I Bought This Fabric To Make A Housecoat But Didn’t Love The Weight, So Instead I Designed, Pattern-Drafted, And Sewed This Weird Jumpsuit

Image credits: JerFeist

#145 Finally A Successful Couple Set!

Image credits: nicorns_exist

#146 Update! Finally Got The Damn Zipper Figured Out

Image credits: augimagpie

#147 My Sweet Little Mama In The Outfit I Made Her For My Niece’s Wedding. I Was Terrified To Cut Into The Beaded Lace…i Picked Out Beads For Hours, And Restitched Beads Back In Along The Seams. A Tedious Process, But Really Loved The Handwork. She Looked Great, And Was Comfy All Day

“I was terrified to cut into the beaded lace…I picked out beads for hours, and restitched beads back in along the seams. A tedious process, but really loved the handwork. She looked great, and was comfy all day.”

Image credits: reddit.com

#148 I Made An Ocean Tide Inspired Dress And Crown!

Image credits: Nerrnerr

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