15 animated GIFs tackle NYC etiquette. Hilarious and true!

Tackling an obvious void in our collective cultural knowledge, Nathan W. Pyle addressed the need for NYC etiquette tips. But more than just good practice, these tips are a hilarious survival guide. They wisely instruct you on how to steer clear of the smelly subway car and how to negotiate sidewalk traffic.

Pyle’s book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette was just released this year. Available both in digital and hard copy formats, the e-book has the delightful benefit of animation as seen in the GIFs below.

We think that these real-life tidbits are significantly more useful than the Emily Post brand of etiquette, like which is the proper fork to use. What do you think?


survive nyc 3

survive nyc 18

survive nyc 27

survive nyc 30

survive nyc 31

survive nyc 37

survive nyc 45

survive nyc 49

survive nyc 65

survive nyc 80

survive nyc 85

survive nyc 92

survive nyc 101

survive nyc 114

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