168 Times People Found The Most Unexpected Things (New Pics)

We’ve all dreamed of finding a lost treasure box when we were kids. As adults, finding a lost note is both a blessing and a curse, ‘cause you probably will have to lose something sometime soon to even out the karma, they say.

But this time we’re talking lost and found stuff, objects, and places with a much bigger “wowzer” factor. Imagine yourself coming across an alligator skull while hiking, or spotting a tiny perfect seashell in your salt. Some discoveries are cute and fun, while others are plain scary and mind-bending.

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So fasten your seatbelts since we’re off to a lost and found compilation from Bored Panda that will surely ignite your inner detective. More bizarre objects that have been lost, thrown away, washed ashore, or long forgotten in the woods can be found in our previous posts here, here, and here.

#1 Wife Found This At A Local Estate Sale; Suspect Emma Wasn’t Happy

Image credits: davidmcw

#2 Found Photos Of My Grandmother’s Cousin Hanging With His Buddy While Cleaning Out A Storage Locker

Image credits: SupermAndrew1

#3 My Mom Found A Baby Owl On The Porch Behind The Firewood

Image credits: stizzywiggy

We usually think of lost and found objects as some random stuff nobody really knows what to do with. Unless their owners are found, there’s little utility to them. But did you know that “found objects,” also known by the French term “objet trouvé,” have been a source of inspiration to many modern and contemporary artists?

Art made from found (or sometimes bought) objects was especially popular in the early and mid-20th century with the works of Marchel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, and Henry Moore. You have probably seen Duchamp’s infamous sculpture titled “Fountain” (1917) which was basically an upturned urinal placed in a gallery space. No wonder it shocked the conservative art world at the time.

#4 Mosaics Of A Roman Villa Were Found Under A Vineyard In Negrar, Italy

Image credits: veronanetwork.it

#5 Friend Of Mine Just Moved Into A New House. Took Off All The Heating Vents To Paint Them, And This Was Behind One Of Them

Image credits: perfect_square

#6 An Old Jacket Hanging In The Woods With A Bird’s Nest Built In The Pocket

Image credits: golden_blaze

According to Tate, Picasso was the originator of the found art movement. “From 1912, he began to incorporate newspapers and such things as matchboxes into his cubist collages, and to make his cubist constructions from various scavenged materials.”

Essentially, artists would modify the found objects as minimally as they could, or sometimes leave them as they were. The idea is based on repurposing an object which has not been designed for artistic purposes into a piece that’s deliberately placed in an artistic context.

#7 I Run Down An Old Dirt Road. Trash Is Dumped There. One Day I Stopped And Found A Box Of Money. All The Envelopes Are From Different Countries All Over The World

Mostly date from the 1700s-1900s. The oldest is a coin from 1621. I’ve got some from countries that no longer exist. I’m still researching.

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Image credits: follysurfer

#8 Hummingbird Feather. I Had Never Found One Before, Thought It Was Neat

Image credits: isaytyler

#9 This Incredible Carrot Hand Was Found While Digging Juice Carrots At Our Farm Today

Image credits: Moby-Dickens

#10 Found A 100-Year-Old Time Capsule In My Backyard

Image credits: Gtclem0

#11 So I Found A Loop Of Paper Attached To My Cat’s Collar This Morning. I’ll Be Sure To Send Another Note Back

Image credits: SliceofToast

#12 My Friend Just Found This Little Statue While Digging In His Own Garden

The archeologists from the museum told him that it is probably from a grave dating back to 3-4000 years ago.

Image credits: lodeluxMeaLux

#13 I Found A Tiny House Inside Of A Tree Stump

Image credits: euphoric_barley

#14 This Morning I Found By Far The Smallest Frog I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life

Image credits: okgodlemmehaveit

#15 A Rock I Found On The Beach Has A Tiny Starfish Fossil In It

Image credits: plwplw

#16 I’m A Woodturner & Found A Lovely Bowl In A Vintage Store, Made By The Guy Who Inspired Me As A Kid

On closer inspection I felt the bowl was very familiar, so I flipped through the very book that inspired me, 31 years ago, & there it was!

Image credits: DalbergTheKing

#17 My Wife Found This Tiny Skink In Our Garden, Some Much-Needed Brightness On A Grey, Smoky Day

Image credits: icantspeakesperanto

#18 We Went To The Beach To Find Shark Teeth, So When My Daughter Yelled “I Found Teeth!” This Was The Last Thing I Was Expecting

Image credits: ProbablyNotDrew

#19 This Rock I Found At The Beach When I Was Seven Is Full Of Fossilized Shells

Image credits: beansareameat

#20 I Found A Book Called “The Ancient Thirst To Read”. It’s Actually A Flask

Image credits: ektylu

#21 Found These Green Army Men Doing Yoga At A Place We’re Renting

Image credits: CryptoAlca

#22 Remember To Sign Your Work. I Used To Really Like This Table I Rescued From A Dump Pile Two Years Ago. Just Found The Inscription. Now I Love This Table

It’s maker, T. R. Boone, was a janitor at the University of Nebraska in 1914. Thanks for the good work, Mr. Boone. You were an artist.

Image credits: SarahLiora

#23 Found 83 Gold Coins At The Bottom Of A Coal Container After Renovating The House

Image credits: DiaBoLo73

#24 Found In The Pocket Of My Grandpa’s WW2 Bomber Jacket

Image credits: itskateinabox

#25 This Pink Grasshopper Found On Kelleys Island, Ohio

Image credits: BreakfastBeerz

#26 Found A Random Painting In The Middle Of The Woods

Image credits: George-R-R-Fartin

#27 This “Bookmark” I Found In An Old Shakespeare Book Is A Voting Ticket From The Civil War

Image credits: _AEthelwulf_

#28 This Shell I Found In My Sea Salt

Image credits: codmac

#29 Found This In My Backyard In Ankara/Turkey. It’s Red Fox Agate

Image credits: Nashquil

#30 Real Talk I Think I Just Found A Shell With An Ancient Language On It

Image credits: DaaaBears

#31 Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geodes. Discovered Yesterday In Artigas, By The Mining Company Uruguay Minerals

Image credits: UruguayMinerals

#32 Alligator Gar Skull I Found While Hiking Today

Image credits: Scarfan9

#33 Elmo Toy That I Found While Hiking In Georgia

Image credits: psithurism_daze

#34 I Went Diving With My Metal Detector In A Private Lake And Was Able To Return Multiple Valuables To Their Owners, Including A $5000 Wedding Ring That Was Lost For Almost 5 Years

Image credits: Merman_Mike

#35 This Very Old Bottle Of Cocaine We Found In My Pharmacy

Image credits: vomitonmeplease

#36 This Pearl I Found In An Oyster I Was Eating

Image credits: aegri_mentis

#37 Group Of Baby Easter Bunnies I Found While Walking My Dog On Easter Sunday (Can For Reference)

Image credits: Quest_4_Truth

#38 Found An Old Beer Bottle In The Mountains With A Mini Eco System Inside

Image credits: shiftshayper

#39 We Found A Safe Behind A Fake Electrical Socket In Our New House

Image credits: hippyscum98

#40 This Guy Found 73 Frisbees In A Pond While He Was Looking For His Own

Image credits: imgur.com

#41 Found This Note In My Hotel Bed Last Night… Ugh

Image credits: time2fly80

#42 I Found A Mussel With Natural Goggly Eyes

Image credits: blimblamklorblok

#43 Found A Shower During The Demo To Put In A Shower

Image credits: tomselleckcruise

#44 I Opened A Ventilation Cavity In A Wall And Found Old Love Letters Bound In String

Image credits: rex2525

#45 Found This In The Crawl Space Above My Bedroom

Image credits: Whiskey___Neat

#46 I Broke A Yard Decoration That Had 2 Frogs And Found Inside 1 Pig Playing Guitar

Image credits: sansonmr

#47 I Found A Old Journal In The Woods Wrapped In Yarn With 3 Vials Of Blood In The Knot

Image credits: silletrey

#48 A Purple Grasshopper Found In My Garden

Image credits: prnlc

#49 Found A Moose Tooth In The Creek

Image credits: sugar36spice

#50 This Origami Grasshopper My Friend Found On A Tram In Japan

Image credits: rolandroflz

#51 I Decided To Do A Little Exploring After Hurricane Dorian. This Is What I Found (Virginia)

Image credits: Elthimon

#52 I Found What Appears To Be A Glass Heart Digging In My Garden

Image credits: omgpocketsand

#53 This Radio I Found In My Attic Is Built To Resemble A Coca-Cola Vending Machine

Image credits: Nocturne_red

#54 Bought A House That Had A Hidden Room, I Found It When I Parked A Bus On It

Image credits: lofud

#55 This Purple Roly Poly I Found Today

Image credits: huniibunnii

#56 I Found A Door, And Nothing Else, On An Abandoned Beach

Image credits: elastizitat

#57 I Found A Cicada With The McDonald’s Logo On It

Image credits: cadensara

#58 I Found This American Coin Far Away From Its Country, In A Quiet Field While Metal Detecting In Scotland

Image credits: randomWIGHT9000

#59 Found These Beautiful Colors Hiding Inside A Piece Of Wood

Image credits: kankelberri

#60 Rarest Of All Lobster Types, Albino One. Odds To Catch Him Are 1 In 100 Million

Image credits: mike.billings.50

#61 Daughter Found The Largest Blackberry I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: TheQiwiMan

#62 One Of My Students Found A Copy Of The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer With Mark Twain’s Real Name On It

Image credits: murdo1tj

#63 Found These 110 Year Old Crayolas In The Back Of A Family Secretary Desk. The Pack Still Has The Crayons

Image credits: voice_in_the_woods

#64 This Archaeological Wall Of Ingravings I Found While Hiking

Image credits: MohammadJacob

#65 Found And Returned A Wedding Ring, As Well As A Phone, With Over 5 Years Of Lost Memories Still On It, While Diving For Trash And Treasure In Rollin’s Lake

Image credits: Merman_Mike

#66 Today I Found A Bald Eagle’s Tail Feather And Primary Wing Feather (Didn’t Keep Them, It’s Illegal)

Image credits: Harveyquinn6

#67 My Dad Found A Weather Balloon In His Field Today

Image credits: Jades5150

#68 Giant Puffball Mushroom My Sister Found In The Woods

Image credits: kfranky

#69 I Found An Old Clothes Hanger Between The Floor Boards Of My Attic. It’s So Old The Company’s Phone Number Is 4 Digits

Image credits: Sanvi

#70 I Opened A Decade Old Play-Doh Container To Find It Had Grown Crystals

Image credits: sumthininteresting

#71 This 5-Inch Moth We Found In Our House Yard Today

Image credits: Peppatree

#72 Today While Sorting Through My Grandma’s Attic, I Happened To Discover My Great-Great-Grandfather’s Italian Passport And A Ticket To America Exactly 100 Years Later

Image credits: dmikuska12

#73 While Showing My 3-Year-Old My Game Boy, I Discovered A Picture Of My Best Friend From 1999

Image credits: newsilverdad

#74 I Found A Wall With A Bottle Build Into It Which Has A Small Note Inside

Image credits: Motherhazelhoff

#75 Aussie Mom Finds World’s Second Most Poisonous Snake Hiding In Her Kid’s Lunch Box

Image credits: kitehkiteh

#76 My Brother Found My Old Dollhouse TV Displaying The Twin Towers

Image credits: phoenicopterusruber

#77 I Found These Crystals At The Bottom Of A Bottle Of Maple Syrup That Sat In The Back Of My Refrigerator For A Few Years

Image credits: cutelyaware

#78 Found Two Bottles Of Guinness In The Attic. 1874 I Think

Image credits: thetopcow

#79 I Found This Carved Fox Inside A Tree Stump, In A Forest Close To My Home

Image credits: DiceELITE

#80 This Golf Ball Inside A Log I Found

Image credits: TheWackyProphet

#81 Found This In Our Back Yard While Planting A Tree

Image credits: Black2thGrin

#82 My Mom Found This Skull With A Chrysalis Inside The Eye Socket

Image credits: aglazeddonut

#83 Beaver’s Chew Marks On A Tree That I Found

Image credits: thunderchicken275

#84 I Found A Lizard With 2 Tails In My Driveway This Morning

Image credits: TheFlyngLemon

#85 Found Old Newspapers Used As Insulation In The Wall Of A 130-Year-Old House

Image credits: shepherdish

#86 Found A S-Agent 1960 Cap Gun While Digging A Hole For A Fence Post

Image credits: simplylovely69

#87 Renovating A 100-Year-Old House, Found What Looks Like A Samurai Sword Under A Section Of The House That Had A Dirt Floor

The sheath is metal on the outside and wood inside. Still sharp and heavy

Image credits: BriCins

#88 Vintage Board Games Found In An Attic Of A New House

Image credits: jlvy85

#89 Found My Great Grandpa’s WWII Air Force Goggles With WWII Dirt Still On Them

Image credits: 3cologic

#90 Found A Key Inside My Wall

Image credits: m00tles

#91 I Found A Medieval Medal (Estimated 1226 – 1350) While Gardening

Image credits: n_p_k_17

#92 I Found A Mutated Daisy

Image credits: jessmaymartin

#93 Dinosaur Bone Found In The Basement Of My Friend’s 15th Century House In North-Eastern France

Image credits: what_to_be

#94 I Found A Luger While Digging Out My Basement

Image credits: Inmate1611

#95 I Found A Ping Pong Ball Under My Basement Sofa That Is Elevated By Spider Cobwebs

Image credits: DoodleTheDude

#96 35 Pounds Of Honey Found In My Cousin’s Roof

Image credits: Jones641

#97 This Frog Statue I Found Tied Up On The Roof Of The House We Just Bought

Image credits: dwrecksizzle

#98 Found A Europe Cassette Tape In The Desert

Image credits: Johnickel2

#99 Found This Awesome Swedish Krona From 1667 In My Backyard

Image credits: Ogso06

#100 Stone Tools Found Walking With My Dog Along Dried Up Riverbed

Image credits: SonomaGrown

#101 I Found A Set Of Circular Playing Cards

Image credits: ChristopherJngs

#102 Was Cutting Down A Tree At A Golf Course And Found A Golf Ball Wedged In It

Image credits: el_tobleronie

#103 Just Found A Lug Nut In My Fruit Bar

Image credits: HaemmerHead

#104 I Found This Bumpy Thick Pringle In The Can

Image credits: TisMe24

#105 Got Home From Vacation To Find A Yellow Pages Book At My Door Being Eaten My Snails

Image credits: Cg407

#106 An Old 8-Ball Found Deep In A Forest

Image credits: MilkyView

#107 My Sister Found The Fossil Of What We Assume Is A Dinosaur Out In The Middle Of The Gobi Desert

Image credits: fudgeiscool551

#108 We Discovered A Locked Safe In The Floor During Remodel Of Our Old Home

Image credits: PrimalNumber

#109 Found My First Ring And Pistol While Diving For Trash & Treasure Under A Bridge. Gun Was Turned Into Park Rangers

Image credits: Merman_Mike

#110 Silver Cuff Links I Found Today While Pit Digging. 1700’s. Found In Virginia

Image credits: addicteddigger

#111 Finding A 65-Million-Year-Old Plesiosaurs Vertebrae Whilst Walking The Dogs. Buckinghamshire, UK

Image credits: bennymk

#112 This White Fern I Found On My Hike Today

Image credits: lovelyb1ch66

#113 My Roommate Found An Original Star Wars VHS Today At A Thrift Store

Image credits: thevirtualdolphin

#114 My Parents Found A Mummified Rat Under The Floor Of Their New House

Image credits: isildursbabe

#115 This Perfectly Square Rock I Found At The Beach

Image credits: kharingin

#116 I Moved The Dryer In Our New House And Found $105 In The Vent

Image credits: TipsyMc_stager

#117 I Found My Time Capsule From 7th Grade That Has An Ominous Warning If I Opened It Early

Image credits: Twuscany

#118 A Mini-Pearl I Found In An Oyster I Was Eating

Image credits: dodgebot

#119 Chinese Opium Bottle Found Near Old Railroad

Found near Tombstone, Arizona. Could be from the days of the railroad construction.

Image credits: fleetwoodroamers2

#120 Found My Wallet From 1985 In An Old Jacket. Snapshot Of A Teenage Boys Life In The 80s

Image credits: patrickmitchellphoto

#121 This Viking Sword Was Found At High Altitude In The Mountains Of Oppland County. It May Have Belonged To A Viking Who Lost His Way And Died Here 1100 Years Ago

Image credits: Einar Åmbakk

#122 This Polygon Heart Drawn On A Leaf I Found In My Campus

Image credits: mikekhan7

#123 While Renovating Our Studio We Found Old Walled-In Mailboxes

Image credits: reibekuchen

#124 This WWII Newspaper From 1945 Found In My Grandparent’s Attic

Image credits: notableboyscouts

#125 I Ripped Up My Old Phone Case To Discover It’s Made Of A Macau Beer Mat

Image credits: caed744

#126 Whole Other World I Found In A Beer Bottle Laying In The Woods

Image credits: Concheck_

#127 I Found A Twig I Stole From The White House 11 Years Ago As A Kid

Image credits: terrwatts

#128 Found This Old Packaging That Advertises Plastic As A New Idea

Image credits: aadamblanco

#129 Found Three 1969 Newspapers About The Moon Landing In An Old Chest In The Attic

Image credits: Sloppypiggyjoe

#130 My 11-Years-Old Kid And Her Friend Found This Message In A Bottle Today, At Waneka Lake, Colorado. It Reads “Stay Alive By Jose Gonzalez”. It’s A Song

Image credits: legohack

#131 This Leaf I Found

Image credits: midweststarfish

#132 I Was Going To Fix Some Leaks I Have On My Roof And Look What I Found. The House Was Built In 1941

Image credits: csf1012

#133 Nazi Plate That I Found Buried In My Great Grandmother’s Garden

Image credits: Halfumarr

#134 I Found A Book That Is Over 200 Years Old

Image credits: _reps_for_jesus_

#135 Found This Old 7up Can Buried On My Property

Image credits: AceManCometh

#136 Found An Old Prescription In My Family Home’s Bathroom Closet

Image credits: Pimpchimp99

#137 I Found A Single Piece Of Bicycle Shaped Pasta In My Penne

Image credits: petit_juju

#138 This 1932 Glass Clorox Bottle I Found In The Woods Behind My House With The Cork Still In It

Image credits: Meemeeybois

#139 While Remodeling Our Bathroom, We Found A Hidden Message In A Bottle From 1975

Note says: “We bought this house from John (censored) in November, 1966. We redecorated the bathroom in June of 1975. The upstairs of the house, the sidewalk and the city sewer system were put in by us.”

Image credits: scroti_mcboogerballs

#140 Found A 255-Year-Old Document In The Wall Of A House I Am Renovating. Looks Like A Deed From 1765 For A House In Burlington, NJ

Image credits: reddit.com

#141 Found A World War Bayonet Under The Asphalt While At Work On A Football (Soccer) Ground

Image credits: MittenlessKitten

#142 This Sprite Can I Found In The Ceiling Of An Old Mall

Image credits: OneTreeAtaTime

#143 This Abandoned Shoe I Found Deep In The Forest

Image credits: Nasobema

#144 My Roommate Bought A Pair Of Pants At The Thrift Store And Found This In One Of The Pockets

Image credits: rattlethebones

#145 I Found Adult Film On VHS, Copyright 1985, Hidden In Basement Rafters While Repairing Plumbing

Image credits: loudapple

#146 Just Bought An Old House (1913) And Working On Putting In A Patio. Just About Done Digging And Found This Along With Some Scattered Bones

Local police notified and waiting to hear back if they’re human or animal.

Image credits: kacheda44

#147 Found A Time Capsule Tearing Down A Shed This Summer. Included A Note, A Penny From That Year, And Our State Stone

Image credits: Psychogopher

#148 I Found A Pre Y2K Zippo While Magnet Fishing Today

Image credits: OGcrayzjoka

#149 Found In The Basement Of Our New House

Image credits: thewilliambecker

#150 Found An Old Newspaper From When Kennedy Was Shot While Cleaning Out The Garage

Image credits: tomboski

#151 I Work For The Railway And Found This Gatorade Carton In Near Mint Condition In A Tunnel. Date On The Top Says June 16, 1988

Image credits: shesgreasy

#152 Found This While Taking A Walk

Image credits: w_x505

#153 There’s An Old Dilapidated Barn On The Property. My Friend Found This In A Corner, Under Some Boards And Dust

The brother-in-law of a friend of mine is remodeling a house to sell. My husband and I went to look at it a few weeks back.

Image credits: crinnoire

#154 Found A Bible From 1882 Today While Cleaning Out A Storage Unit At Work

Image credits: succubussiren

#155 My Buddy Started Tearing Down His Unused Chimney Only To Find ~25 Generations Of Stacked Up Bird Nests

Image credits: boxy_pete

#156 I Recently Bought A Historical Home Built In 1780. The Other Day I Discovered A Trap Door In The Barn. I Found Some Newspapers From 1926, And A Few Other Things

I’m going to keep searching for things in my free time.

Image credits: _That_One_Fellow_

#157 Contractors Working In Our Basement Found A Package Of Letters Hidden In The Floorboards From In The 1920s

Image credits: destructsean

#158 This Mcdonald’s Cup Found In A Wall During A Kitchen Renovation

Image credits: cannotseecolor

#159 I Found This Movie Prop $100 Bill On The Sidewalk Today

Image credits: TwistedBlister

#160 I Was Splitting Firewood And I Found This Bullet Lodged In One Of The Logs. Notice How There’s No Path Of Entry, So This Tree Was Shot Long Ago And It Healed Itself Around The Bullet

Image credits: sundstrom193

#161 Was Doing Some Digging And Found An Old Nerf Dart Supporting Life

Image credits: shir0uemiya

#162 I Found A Live 50 Cal Cartridge On A Cape Cod Beach From When The Military Was Stationed There During The Cold War

Image credits: Naivet

#163 I Find A Revolver While Digging In My Backyard

I live in Roeux, in France. A place with a lot of activity during WW. Its a webley MK5 short. Its seems to be a WWI revolver but used in WWII by resistants.

Image credits: leadimaker

#164 Made Mussels Tonight, And When My Wife Bit Into One She Found A Tiny Pearl

Image credits: runflydie

#165 This Old 7up Can I Found In The Attic Of My New House

Image credits: expotarium

#166 I Chopped Some Wood And Found A Bullet

Image credits: sparta1893

#167 Architect Friends Found This Beam In An Old House In Massachusetts, The Date Is The Battle Of Bunker Hill

Image credits: 11flynnj

#168 Found 4 Apple Watches, 4 Phones, & A Ton More While Diving For Trash & Treasure In The American River! 2 Watches Returned So Far

Image credits: Merman_Mike

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