17 Boundary-Pushing Projects Submitted By Our Readers in 2017

At the end of each year, we like to reflect on standout projects our readers worked on and then submitted to us for review. We love when our readers bring creative projects that push the boundaries of already existing design structures to our attention, and this list combines some of the ones we were most excited to see this year. We hope you guys will keep the thought-provoking projects coming in 2018!

Unfortunately, the world was hit with a number of devastating natural disasters this year. Disaster Casket aims to provide a flat-packed, affordable burial solution for disaster victims and their families.

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This new style of sandal was designed to make the wearer feel as though they’re walking barefoot. Inspired by Amazonian tribes that used to dip their feet in rubber for protection, the design consists of just two 3D printed parts.

A group of design students partnered with Audi to explore the idea that a car can work as your friend through the creation of their “breathing” car seat.

This modular construction helmet gives construction workers the option to safely and quickly switch out accessories, leaving their hands free to focus on the task at hand.

Here’s what happens when kids take the industrial design lead to design their own kitchen products! 

This wearable chair was designed to alleviate some of the pressure put on factory workers that have to stand for long periods of time. The design allows users to sit or stand whenever they need to change positions.

We love seeing new interface design ideas and were particularly intrigued by this 3D modeling interface.

This foldable hair dryer is a genius organization upgrade, and it’s accompanied by beautiful renderings and sketches.

Feel like sword-fighting one day and playing air hockey the next? These modular gaming controllers make switching between controller style much more convenient. Looks fun too.

Another modular project we enjoyed this year was these modular, self-assembled shoes. They require no glue in the manufacturing process and are designed to replace specific parts when needed, instead of entire shoes at a time.

camera assembled by 3D printing and then combining the best parts from discontinued cameras.

A fire extinguisher redesign created to make putting out fires easier for regular citizens. Lets be honest, the traditional fire extinguisher has seen better days.

This protective super suit for loggers is, well, intense. Looks like it really gets the job done!

Kniterate, the digital desktop knitting machine, took the internet by storm with its hope to alter and improve the traditional fashion cycle.

This student-developed method of 3D printing will allow doctors to print functional organs and internal structures just by analyzing MRI results.

This key organizing solution was a big crowdfunding hit, and we see why. Orbitkey holds all your keys in one place and conceals the sharp edges in your pocket or bag.

A desktop Vacuum former—need we say more?

Stay tuned for our list of favorite reader-submitted furniture and lighting projects!


Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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