171 Photos Revealing How Silly Ferrets Can Be

Sure, there’s nothing quite like a cute cat or dog to get you feeling good inside. But, thankfully, those two species of animals aren’t the only ones that can be cute, derpy or anything in between.

As Bored Panda has already pointed out, bears and bunnies are also on that list—way high up on that list. And you know what? Ferrets should be up there too.

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Here’s a curated list of pictures of the ferretiest ferrets ever doing ferrety things like being ferrets and blepping, making faces, hopping in a cute fashion, and, of course, wedging themselves in toilet paper rolls.

Scroll down to see all of this goodness, and while you’re there, leave a vote and a comment on the submissions you loved the most!

#1 Meet Nova The German Shepherd And Pacco The Ferret, That Are The Unlikeliest Of Best Buds

Image credits: nova_n_pacco

#2 Girlfriend Woke Her Ferret Up By Coming In To The Room Loudly And Was Greeted With These Absolute Daggers

Image credits: JordanToner

#3 Sleepy Ferret

Image credits: leventisky

So, ferrets, or Mustela furo, as smart people publications call them, are tiny mammals in the vein of polecats, weasels and otters. Collectively, they are called mustelids, and, believe it or not, it also includes some very badass species like wolverines.

Ferrets are one of very few species among mustelids to be domesticated—it’s them and the tayra that are kept as pets, with some countries requiring dangerous wild animal licenses to be able to legally keep them.

The average lifespan of these tiny critters is about 8 years, but they can live up to 10.

#4 H O P

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 One Wet Ferret Boy

Image credits: curseddelvirer

#6 I Work At An Animal Shelter That Typically Only Accepts Dogs And Cats. Today Someone Brought Us A Ferret, He Was Scared And Lonely So This Happened

Image credits: Ladyelune

#7 My Brothers New Ferret, Vin Weasel

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Image credits: jmp325

Ferrets were originally domesticated to hunt rodents and—believe it or not—rabbits. That happened a couple of millennia ago as their bodies and flexibility are perfect to fit into tiny dens and burrows and stuff.

And this also turned out very well when between the 1860s and the 1950s, they were widely used in warehouses as ‘hygiene technicians’ of sorts to protect stored grain against rodents.

#8 Worried My Kitten Might Grow Up Thinking He’s A Ferret

Image credits: mallinds

#9 Ferret Plumbus

#10 Torunn, My Ferret

Image credits: _Meowish_

#11 Lilith Is On Cage Rest For A Little While And Peach Isn’t Taking It Very Well

Image credits: ParrotLad

#12 A Comfortable Sleeping Position

Image credits: jb920o

For those very interested in words, the name ferret comes from the late Latin word furo, which means thief. It’s a more appropriate name for trash pandas, but ferrets do get into their share of mischief as well.

Also, a female ferret is a jill, while a spayed one is a sprite, a male is a hob, and a neutered one is a gib, baby ferrets are kits, and a group of ferrets is a business. So, the more you know!

#13 Meet Sam, The Laziest Ferret Alive

Image credits: Excellent_Campaign_1

#14 This Is The Happiest Moment Of My Year. Happy Holidays

This may not mean much to all of you but this is the first time that one of my two adopted ferret babies has trusted me enough to sleep on me, let alone be near me without biting. 

Image credits: elabrave

#15 Grieving Young Man Quits Everything To Travel The World With His Pet Ferret After 3 Tragic Deaths In His Life

Image credits: Charlie Hammerton

#16 My Handsome Little Sneeze

Image credits: takemyd_va

#17 My Wonderful One Eyed, Half Tailed Snuggly Ferret, Stumpy

Image credits: ProcrastinationRus

If you want more cuteness, you can always check out our Animals section, but before you scurry off, share your ferret-related stories or fun facts about these creatures in the comment section below!

#18 She’s Turning Four This Year, But Still Looks Like A Little Baby

Image credits: howimetmyferret

#19 Silly Florence, She Thinks She’s People

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 My Girlfriend Sent Me A Picture Of One Of My Ferrets, Douglas, While I Was At Work The Other Day. Something About This One Brought Tears To My Eyes

Image credits: Tonyper

#21 Chuck Fell Asleep

Image credits: spokaneisokay

#22 I Look Away For 2 Seconds

Image credits: olivia-likescats

#23 Because Other Animals Are Allowed On Friday, Meet My Chonky Ferret

Image credits: JackyLemoineau

#24 Ready For The Summer, But Summer Just Ended

Image credits: sabrinaa8a

#25 So My Friend’s Ferret Crawled Into One Of Her Socks

Image credits: aberrant0ne

#26 Our Newest Baby. She’s Only 8 Weeks Old. We Need Name Suggestions

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 My Ferret Fell Asleep On My Dog

Image credits: Bananapantzzzz

#28 In Early June I Took Home A Kitten And Was Worried About Introducing Him To My Ferrets. Watch Him Grow Up With Them

Image credits: mallinds

#29 Rescue Kitten Adopted By 5 Ferrets Thinks It’s A Ferret Too

Image credits: garo004giru

#30 My Absolute Unit Of A Ferret Compared To My Average Sized Ferret

Image credits: amieo27

#31 My Girlfriend’s Ferret Is Less Than Thrilled With His New Festive Hat

Image credits: Speeker28

#32 I Was Putting Together A Desk And Looked Away For One Minute. Long Story Short Bandit Got Into The Styrofoam

Image credits: CutesMachine69

#33 Teddy Seems Unenthusiastic About Walks And Turns Into A Pancake

Image credits: spoopy_sammich

#34 My Girlfriend’s Ferret, Ethan

Image credits: Grungewarhol

#35 Helmet. Ferret Sleeps With A Bowl On Her Head

Image credits: lenochta

#36 3 Innocent Looking Ferrets

#37 The Tongue And The Interlocked Arms

Image credits: rigatonitheferret

#38 Wake Me Up When It’s Time To Open Presents

Image credits: rigatonitheferret

#39 Eyes On The Road

Image credits: sanpot215

#40 This Is Tofu, My Ferret. Isn’t She Cute?

Image credits: jigglypuff45

#41 Flower Ferret

Image credits: jesst

#42 Stray Ferret That Was Found In Someone’s Backyard And Brought To The Local Animal Shelter

Image credits: no_technique

#43 Bonnie And Clyde

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 Sleepy Ferret

#45 Funny Ferret

#46 Vroom Vroom

Image credits: Benito_castarro

#47 I Lost My Special Boy At 8 Years Old Tonight. Sharing This Photo In His Memory. I Will Forever Miss Him, It Hurts So Bad

Image credits: RosieJ666

#48 O M G

Image credits: dankw33b

#49 Hello. I Beat Cancer Today. I’m So Happy

Image credits: Hororoe

#50 All The Places To Sleep And They Decide To Make A Cerberus

Image credits: Shieldzies

#51 What Do You Mean I’m Squishing Her?

Image credits: Ochocinco1995

#52 I Raise You An Albino Ferret

Image credits: InfallibleBadger

#53 The Classic, ‘Mom Put Baby Locks On All The Kitchen Cabinets And Now I Can’t Play In The Pots And Pans’ Tantrum

Image credits: mysteriousseal

#54 This Is By Far The Best Picture I’ve Ever Taken Of My Ferret. She Was 4 Months Old At That Time. Cuteness Overload

Image credits: LusciniaMoriens

#55 Mlem

Image credits: Woodzy64

#56 I Think I Need To Do A Better Job At Ferret-Proofing

Image credits: willybumm96

#57 When Your Carpet Shark Gets Stuck In A Sock, You Hope He Understands The Need To Take His Pic Before You Help Him Out

Image credits: Remo1975

#58 Okay, Bye

Image credits: aliensprouts

#59 My Little Baby Oreo The Day I Brought Her Home

Image credits: cuppajoeski

#60 Jack The Ferret Says Hi

Image credits: cubist98

#61 Ferret

Image credits: olivia-likescats

#62 Meet Snickerdoodles

Image credits: eatabigdonkeydick

#63 If I Lay On The Floor, My Ferret Climbs Up For A Nap. This Is Where She Decided To Sleep Yesterday

Image credits: yeahhtrue

#64 My Ferret, Amadeus, Wearing A Hoodie

Image credits: kokirikid

#65 I Call This Pose The Prairie Dog

Image credits: rocketpinion

#66 A Pic Of Asher’s First Time At The Beach

Image credits: cute-latina

#67 Me: Ursula, Let’s Pose Real Cute For An Easter Picture! Ursula:

Image credits: Rupertfitz

#68 I Can’t Believe She’s Real, She’s So Cute

Image credits: socksinmycrocs

#69 Daisy, Drixie, Matilda From Left To Right

Image credits: floofnoodles

#70 We Gave Rupert An Oat Bath In A Special Ferret-Jacuzzi (That’s An Air Line For Bubbles!). He Was Very Patient

Image credits: stevierar

#71 A 1 Day Old Baby Ferret

Image credits: allthekos

#72 Ferret

Image credits: SiirPatron

#73 My Beautiful Little Girl Molly

Image credits: CDNINCDA

#74 Magical Rainbow Ferret

Image credits: kpeters1d

#75 Blep

Image credits: NNHDEP

#76 Dragon Costume For Fibs

Image credits: slhance

#77 The Only Picture I’ll Ever Have Of All Four Looking At The Camera ( I Walked Over To The Fridge)

Image credits: RachLizbeth_

#78 I Finally Did It. After 4 Years Finally A Good Picture Of Her Playing. Daisy

Image credits: Mont_fox

#79 Tuck Me In, Mum?

Image credits: JoyAyako

#80 I Am Cinder, Guardian Of The Washing Machine. (Note- We Always Triple Check The Location Of Our Ferrets Before Starting Appliances)

Image credits: Ochocinco1995

#81 My New Ferret

Image credits: Beau_OYT

#82 When You Find Out It’s A Snow Day

Image credits: marlado6969

#83 My Baby Viserion

Image credits: sauceymango

#84 Working From Home With Ferrets

Image credits: moderncat-

#85 The Most Perfect Picture I’ve Ever Taken Of Her

Image credits: AdmiralFolfe377

#86 Someone Is Proud They Dug A 6-8 Inch Deep Hole! Good Job Mider

Image credits: StitchyKat

#87 Geoffrey’s Day Out

Image credits: changeofspace

#88 My Cute Baby Ferrets. Dean And Kuma. Bath Time

Image credits: Unik0rn

#89 My Friend’s Ferret

Image credits: LazyBird13

#90 My Precious Ferret Kit

Image credits: kobasica

#91 My Little Boy Bender Got Attacked By A Big Dog On One Of His Walks. He Is Very Lucky Though And Is Recovering Very Nicely

Image credits: Hedgehugs

#92 Ferret Bathing

Image credits: tummylicked

#93 She Will Literally Sleep Anywhere Soft (Carpet In The Bathroom)

Image credits: RogueMonkeyJr

#94 Just Got My First Stinky Noodle Baby After Wanting One For Years

Image credits: creamiepuffs

#95 She Dooked Herself Out

Image credits: mysteriousseal

#96 One Month Old

Image credits: Twigz2012

#97 Albino Ferret Treats Someone Else’s House Like A B&B, Homeowner Asks The Internet To Help Find Its Owner

Image credits: bimbumbim

#98 Here’s A Neat Picture Of My Ferret, Danky

Image credits: ipunchwaterbears

#99 This Is What Happens When You Tickle A Ferret

Image credits: lozzietattoo

#100 Ferret Derp

Image credits: blacktickle

#101 Bob The Ferret Enjoys His Tea And Oreos

Image credits: jonborlin

#102 My Ferrets Being Constantly Adorable

Image credits: rangerbearq

#103 Here Is A Baby Ferret. That Is All

Image credits: isaacpisaac

#104 We Got A New Kitten A Few Weeks Ago. Our Ferret Is Pretty Upset About Having To Share Her Hammock

Image credits: codythebeau

#105 I Take A Million Photos My Husband Takes One

Image credits: Upsidedownck

#106 I Can’t Believe She’s A Real Critter And I Can Keep Her As A Pet! She Looks Like A She’s Made Of Marshmallows

Image credits: Bluekef

#107 Ferrets Kissing

Image credits: yuki24071124

#108 Simon Being Simon

Image credits: simonelhuron

#109 The First Time I Took My Ferret Outside He Just Could Not Grasp The Whole Concept Of A Leash And Gave Me A Lot Of Attitude

Image credits: zetsv

#110 My Sisters Fat Ferret

Image credits: VivaLaStubbs5

#111 My Ferret Isn’t Allowed Upstairs

Image credits: ccccccccccourtney

#112 Newest Baby

Image credits: Sad-Examination-1465

#113 I Sits Here

Image credits: rainingchampagne

#114 I’m Working From Home Because Of Covid-19, But I Have The Cutest Assistant Ever

Image credits: teaferret

#115 Now She’s Just Blatantly Mocking My Attempts To Confine Her

Image credits: JoyAyako

#116 I’ve Just Rolled In Coal And I Have No Remorse

Image credits: 9FeetUnder

#117 There’s ‘Comfy’ And Then There’s ‘I’m In Bed With Mama’ Comfy

Image credits: mysteriousseal

#118 Playtime

Image credits: TheyCallMeMrMod

#119 Shame

Image credits: -ohtheplacesyoullgo

#120 I’m Watching A Friend’s Ferret This Week And Sending Them As Many Cute Photos As I Can

Image credits: cafeteria-fresh

#121 Beyond A Blep, He’s Just Plain Blowing A Raspberry

Image credits: Intruder313

#122 Ferret Nose

Image credits: klarieesespieces

#123 Eve Is The Christmas Present

Image credits: spinx7

#124 In Case Y’all Ever Wondered What It’s Like Trying To Take A Picture Of Sage, It’s 100% Like A Holding A Wet Spaghetti Noodle

Image credits: rigatonitheferret

#125 Sleeping Like A Boss

Image credits: simonelhuron

#126 My Little Ferret Actually Being Still Enough For A Pic

Image credits: cari0912

#127 Meet Sid, I Know There Are Some Ferret Lovers Out There

Image credits: imakecum

#128 This Is My Baby Ferret, His Name Is Crash

Image credits: Sailorscarlet

#129 Hanging Out With This Little Guy While On A Zoom Meeting. 2 And A Half Weeks Old And Already Huge

Image credits: TheyCallMeMrMod

#130 We Went Away For Two Weeks, And Returned To Find One Of Our Ferrets Had Grown His Winter Coat And Looks Majestic

Image credits: ParrotLad

#131 Nightmare On Cute Street

Image credits: FPatt737

#132 Appa Posing At The Grand Tetons In Wyoming

Image credits: Cozmoses23

#133 Bath Kisses

Image credits: jjeweliann

#134 Sir Chonks-A-Lot

Image credits: Ginoandthejets

#135 Please Tell Him Happy Birthday

Image credits: RachLizbeth_

#136 My BF And I Haven’t Seen A Small Animal “Loaf” Before. Sorry For The Potato Quality

Image credits: spokaneisokay

#137 Steve And Desmond Are Not Fans Of The New Puppy

Image credits: spokaneisokay

#138 Meet Bandit

Image credits: codfractal

#139 Rude Ferret

Image credits: Aloysius94

#140 Ella’s Little Feetsies Were Sticking Out So Of Course I Had To Tickle Them. Ella Was Not Amused

Image credits: Rupertfitz

#141 Heard Sneezing, Husband Forgot To Close His Flour Bread Bin

Image credits: Upsidedownck

#142 Micah

Image credits: periigee

#143 Long Kitten

Image credits: PA55W0RD

#144 My Baby, Caspar

Image credits: ft_mgrey

#145 Another Picture From Bath Time, This Picture Just Screams Look How Cute I Am Take Me Out Now

Image credits: araragiii

#146 My Buddy Gets Tired On His Walks

Image credits: seppukuslick

#147 He Loves The Wind On His Face

Image credits: R4pt0r_C4t

#148 Ferret Bath Time

Image credits: hellokittttty

#149 I Love The Markings Under His Eyes

Image credits: dragonsbreath19

#150 Went On A Walk And Forgot I Left The Window Open

Image credits: fallow84

#151 Davie

Image credits: OldAd2782

#152 Finally, An Ultra Rare Group Photo

Image credits: Farmermagnet

#153 Hi, Whatcha’ Doin?

Image credits: Jusherr

#154 Time Out Training

Image credits: anonymouse215

#155 Sit Tight, My Boy

Image credits: werkt3639

#156 Jt Say I Want To See Who All Upvotes

Image credits: MrCWB007

#157 3 Weeks Old Today. The Only Jill In The Litter

Image credits: tomdobson

#158 Remy Got A Hoodie For Xmas And Now He’s Stylin’

Image credits: mykindofbusiness

#159 My Hammock Came With A Ferret Pocket! His Favorite Spot When We Camp

Image credits: oceantreesbees

#160 Our New (Baby?) Boy Is Already A Hefty One

Image credits: Ochocinco1995

#161 How Do You Get Good Pictures Of Your Ferrets? Mine Always Move

Image credits: rigatonitheferret

#162 Daisy

Image credits: codythebeau

#163 These Are My Ferrets, Wally And Axl

Image credits: daddyfantastic

#164 She’s 4 Weeks Old Today

Image credits: wildshore15

#165 The First 1 To Open It’s Eyes And Say Helloooo Stooopid Hoomans

Image credits: Glasgow_hump

#166 Anyone Else Let’s Their Ferret Just Free Roam The House 24/7?

Image credits: PlatformTop692

#167 Everyone, Meet Scooter! I’ve Never Had A Ferret Before, But Someone Messaged Me And I Took This Guy Out Of A Terrible Situation. He Has Stolen My Heart So Fast

Image credits: ThatEyreHead

#168 This Is My Baby Bear Theo, Soon To Be 1 Year Old

Image credits: Lirinne

#169 Our New Little Boy, Ollivander

Image credits: bwills1023

#170 Tis Noon On A Workday Hooman, Why You Still At Home?

Image credits: Ochocinco1995

#171 Found My Ferret

Image credits: reallycoolscreenname

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