178 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores (New Pics)

Secondhand shopping in 2020 is a very different beast from previous years. Going to thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets now means taking the utmost precautions because of the pandemic. With your hazmat suit and mask on and a jumbo supply of hand sanitizer by your side, you’re like an astronaut going on an adventure into Wonderland.

Despite major lockdowns worldwide, the Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Facebook group is still going strong. They’ve surpassed 2.1 million members and they’re still posting a steady stream of the bizarre but beautiful secondhand finds, some of them bought online, not just in physical stores. Check out the most peculiar finds below and give your fave ones an upvote, dear Readers.

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Are you in the mood for even more thrift store fun but are locked down and stuck at home? Don’t worry—we’ve got plenty of secondhand posts to keep you busy and safe until we sort this pandemic business out. You can scroll through Bored Panda’s earlier posts about the coolest and most bizarre secondhand finds here, here, and here. We know you’ll love ‘em. And before you know it, we’ll all be back to vintage shopping without a worry.

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#1 Not Crazy Weird But My Thrift Find Of The Day. I Couldn’t Turn My Back On Him So Home He Came With Me. His Name Is “2020”

Image credits: Janice Pawlowski Fox

#2 My Beautiful Find On The Facebook Marketplace! I Could Not Love It More!

Image credits: Jessica Smith

#3 My Grandma Spent Years Collecting Broken Pieces Of Jewelry From Family Members With The Hope Of Creating A Jewelry Christmas Tree.

When she got too frail to make that dream come true, she gave me the box of jewelry. After she passed away, I finally sat down to create her dream. I remember her wearing some of the pieces and playing with some of the others as a kid. My husband thought it was fitting that the back of Grandma Dorothy’s “D” pin was the hardest to remove as she could also be humorously stubborn

Image credits: Eleanor Ruth Fay Bradley

Bored Panda reached out to the Facebook page’s team and a representative told us that many local thrift stores have now actually moved to online ordering during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Some even have curbside pickup, so we recommend checking with your favorite stores to see if they’ve done this,” they suggested what we can do in order to stay safe but keep our secondhand shopping habits intact.

Meanwhile, they pointed out that secondhand fans should use social media to keep track of their fave shops and what’s new with them while also avoiding going to shops physically without knowing if you’ll find what you want. “Following your favorite shops Facebook pages is also recommended so you can stay up to date on what they’re doing as well as get quicker notice when they have sales, new items listed, etc. That way you can safely thrift from the comfort of your own home while still supporting your local shops.”

#4 I Was Always Super Skeptical Of Facebook Marketplace, Then I Found This Giant Tardis Reading Nook For $50

Image credits: Kati Stevens

#5 I Just Found This On The Side Of The Road. I Guess Out For Trash

Image credits: Kendra Yo

#6 Probably The Coolest Chair I Have Ever Purchased! Twenty Bucks At A Yard Sale

Image credits: Alicia Phillips

Previously, Bored Panda spoke with the Weird Secondhand Finds team all about how the thrift store and secondhand shopping industry has shifted because of Covid. According to the Facebook page team rep, the number of people buying things this way stayed more or less the same in Autumn, but how things are done have changed quite a lot. There’s been a rise in digital shopping while physical stores are taking more and more safety precautions.

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“We’ve noticed that more people seem to be using online venues for their thrifting rather than going to physical locations, which given the current circumstances, we think is great. Thrift stores also seem to be embracing the option of going online just a bit more than they did previously,” they told Bored Panda. “We encourage people to stay safe and use precautions if they do decide to go out, and we do not allow posts that show people not honoring precautions, such as not wearing a mask or with their mask pulled down while out in public.”

#7 My Favorite Mug. Got It At A Garage Sale A Few Years Ago

Image credits: Laura O'Brien

#8 Handmade Swan Centerpiece From A Giveaway Group Near Me. If Anyone Would Appreciate This It’s You Bunch Of Lovely Weirdos

Image credits: Sara McGuire

#9 Totally Forgot To Share This!! Look At The Bookchair I Found At The Thriftstore Here In The Netherlands. And Yes, I Totally Bought It

Image credits: Danique Faber

Meanwhile, physical stores require customers to have masks on, have erected plexiglass protectors at registers, keep the fitting rooms closed, and have a hard limit on the number of people that can be inside the store at one time.

“Perhaps the biggest change is in the ‘bin’ type stores where they have had to significantly decrease the number of bins in order to allow for social distancing, as well as create a path for customers to follow rather than being able to choose their own path like they could previously. It’s a lot less chaotic than it used to be at the bins,” the Weird Secondhand Finds team member explained.

#10 My Teenage Daughter Was Walking Through A Thrift Store When This Great Curved Mid Century Blue Couch Came In The Door

She sat down on it until the manager walked by to find out how much it was selling for. It was over the amount she had in her pocket so she sat on it until her sister came with the rest of the money. My daughter wanted to surprise me for Mother’s Day! When we went to pick in up the next day, the manager was so moved by my daughter’s gesture that it brought her to tears!

Image credits: Laura Haddow Sugawara

#11 Before And After The Makeover! This Garden Dog Had Seen Better Days 10 Years Ago When I Found It By A Dumpster. The Florida Sun Did Even More Damage. It’s Spot On Now!

Image credits: Deidre Holmes

#12 The Rugrats…not Bad For $8.00 From Gw In Dallas Texas. So What I’m 55 Years Old I’m Still Going To Rock This!!!

Image credits: Danyelle Bridgewater

The Facebook group started out as a page for family members and friends to share the goofy things they found online. Eventually, the page grew immensely and the wholesome community began to take form.

It’s not just about fun, though. The Facebook group has brought the discussion about shopping secondhand to the forefront of social media. It’s something that’s positive for your wallet, for your community, and for Planet Earth. Without the stigma attached to it, secondhand shopping is a great way to spend your time. Just remember to put your hazmat suit on. Or shop online!

#13 My Hoarding Of Old Garage Sale Christmas Junk Finally Paid Off. My Sister Turned It All Into This Masterpiece.

Image credits: Missy Maynard

#14 Yall. This Is It! This Is My Greatest Goodwill Find !!! A Starwars Rocking “Horse” Queen Creek Az

Image credits: Mandie McClendon

#15 Yes This Big Boy Totally Came Home With Me From Goodwill

Image credits: Maria Leidy Frausto

#16 Found These Beautifully Buggy Dishes At Goodwill In Ukiah Ca. Paid 2 Dollars A Plate And 1 Dollar Each For The Cups

Might be my favorite thrift find ever! Edit- wow! This post blew up! So thrilling. I love this group so much! Also I added a pic to the original post with the manufacturer’s information. Happy thrifting wierdlings!

Image credits: Jenny Yearwood

#17 Rescued Last Year From A Facebook Seller. $22. It Was Faded And Neglected, But I Brought This Sweet Vintage Santa Back To His Jolly ‘Ol Self With A Little Paint And A Lot Of Christmas Spirit

Image credits: Rae Frazier

#18 My Grandmother Made This Many Years Ago. She Passed In 2012 And It Is Now In My Uncle’s Possession, But He Sent Me A Photo And Hopefully It Will Eventually Be Mine!

It’s one thing I really looked forward to seeing at Christmas every year. It even has pieces that actually belonged to family members, including a boy scout pin from the 40s

Image credits: Amber Ford Rempel

#19 Our Neighbors Sold Us This Bike They Made From Different Bikes Welded Together On A Steel Frame. The Seats Are Boat Seats. They Named Her Frankie, And We Already Love Her!

Image credits: Celeste Padilla

#20 Was Wandering Goodwill In Elkton, Md Today And Thought I Recognized Soemthing…the Resemblance Is Uncanny

Image credits: Ashley Nicole Williams

#21 Helping My Friend Move Today And Scored This Little Beauty

Image credits: Lindsey Marie

#22 I Love Stained Glass And Found This Piece In An Antique Mall. It’s My House Number!! Installed It On Our Front Porch

Image credits: Candy McDaniel

#23 My Son Scored This Awesome Beaker Head Sitting On The Curb. Now He Needs To Find A Lab Coat. He Is A Ver Happy Muppet Fan Right Now. Appears To Be Handmade, Very Well Done

Image credits: Sarah Antonio Wollenweber

#24 Look What I Found For Free On The Side Of The Road!

Image credits: Catherine Parker Watson

#25 Yesterday I Thrifted What I Have Always Wanted!!! This Gorgeous Mirror, So Happy I Finally Found One

Image credits: Madison Gabrielle Wagenknecht

#26 I Ran Into This At A Yard Sale And I Had To Have It For All My Crystals. What Do You Guys Think. It Came Home With Me

Image credits: Nancy Toft Copeland

#27 Found This Bootylicious Bottle At Veterans Thrift Store In San Diego

Image credits: Denice Patron

#28 Dream Find At Southern Thrift In Nashville Tn! I Found This Beautiful Crystal Ball For $8!

Image credits: Leann Sedlock-Alley

#29 Scored This Evening Off Of Market Place. Mid Century Table With Geode Slices

Image credits: Ashley Bee

#30 From The Moment I Saw The Jazzy Rainbow Sparkle Sequined Biketards That Would Sporadically Grace This Page I Was Head Over Heels In Lurv

Image credits: Sara Streit

#31 Got This Amazing Shelf, With A Lamp Yesterday At An Antique Store In Buffalo, Mn. I Plan On Repainting It. Not Sure If I Will Do It All One Color, Or Make It An Alice In Wonderland Theme

Image credits: Ashley Belland

#32 My Friend Added Me To This Group Just So I Could Share This Amazing Find From The Renew/Reuse Emporium In St. Thomas, Us Virgin Islands. Vintage Villeroy & Boch, Style Called “Acapulco”. I Am Wild About These Birds!

Image credits: Laura Dixon Strickling

#33 Found At Arc In Lakewood, Co. I Didn’t Buy It And I Have Regrets

Image credits: Tammy Johnson Miller

#34 This Is A Santa Portrait I Created With Thrifted Frame And Buttons, Shells And Miscellaneous Smalls

Image credits: Karen Cook Coffman

#35 It’s Made From Random Left Over Materials After A Sears Shut Down

Image credits: Marlana Martinez

#36 Grabbed This Beaut Off Marketplace For Rehoming! This Halloween Fanatic Is Ecstatic And Cannot Wait To Transform This Piece Into Magic!

Image credits: Theresa Ray

#37 I About Squealed When I Found This Frank Lloyd Wright Glass Panel At The Salvation Army In Elk River, Mn For, Get This….$4.99! I Display It Proudly In My Kitchen Window

Image credits: Mary Vires

#38 Hello Friends! Here Are The Pictures Of The Fantabulous, Exquisite, Scandalous 1970’s Red Velvet Sectional I Purchased Today For $100. I Went Back To Goodwill When They Opened This Morning And Boom…. Here It Is. It’s In Fantastic Shape. I’m Thinking A Grandma Owned It And It Was Barely Sat On. However….i Have No Intention Of Ever Doing A Black Light Test Over It. So Happy This Is Making All Of You Smile. It Sure Makes Me Happy

I went back to goodwill when they opened this morning and boom…. Here it is. It’s in fantastic shape. I’m thinking a grandma owned it and it was barely sat on. However….I have no intention of ever doing a black light test over it. So happy this is making all of you smile. It sure makes me happy.

Image credits: Mary Grant-Dorian

#39 I Can’t Believe Someone Gave This Away! The Lady In The Shop Said “Is It From A TV Show??” I Said “Sort Of” Rather Than Explain That It’s From An Imaginary TV Show Inside A Real TV Show Found In A Charity Shop In Shrewsbury, UK

Image credits: Stephanie Hall

#40 First Time Poster Here! I Found These Beautiful Vampire Salt And Pepper Shakers At Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store For $2.99! I Adore Them And Now They Reside Above My Oven

Image credits: Laura Whitley

#41 Got A New Dog Today. Y’all This Is Porkchop. Bought Him Off Some Random Guy At A Red Light, Was On His Trailer

Image credits: Krystel Gornto

#42 I Thought This Was Beautiful. A Person In My Apartment Complex Was Throwing It Out And I Grabbed It With A Smile. It Is Wood And Extremely Heavy. I Will Be Polishing It With Orange Oil Later. What Do You Guys Think? Good Find?

Image credits: Michal Elaine Johnston

#43 Today, 15 Years Later, I Was Working At The Thrift Store When I Saw A Dress Laying On The Table In The Warehouse. I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes… It Was Exactly The Same Dress I Wore 15 Years Ago!! Only A Few Sizes Bigger. Also My Current Size. It Was A Magical Moment

Image credits: Machteld de Jong

#44 I Went To The Thrift Store To Find Some Work Clothing And Walked Out In This Beauty! I’ve Never Felt So In My Own Skin. I Wish I Could Wear It Everyday

Image credits: Jessica Burgler

#45 So This Happened Today.. I Work For A Major 2nd Hand Store In Australia, This Morning While Opening Up The Store I Stumbled Across The Corner Of This Woodburning Sticking Out

Immediately I knew it was my mums who i lost way back in 2005. I didnt even need to see her signature. So this is 29 years old and i couldnt tell you when i saw it last, closer to 91. Also im about an hr and a half from where my mum lived her whole life. My birthday was just 3 days ago and i definitely feel this was her saying happy birthday and giving me the gift of something she made. I feel so lucky and am pinching myself still.

Image credits: Zoe Keely

#46 I Found Him! Goodwill In Westerville, Ohio. I Definitely Bought It

Image credits: Letty Fluhr Grossberger

#47 Found The Most Amazing Stained Glass Window I’ve Ever Seen In My Life At Canyon Collectibles In Loveland, Co. Perfect For Spooky Season!

Image credits: Whitney Granger

#48 Sooo I Grabbed This Guy From A Man On The Way To Dump With Him!!

Sooo i grabbed this guy from a man on the way to dump with him!! Seems he used to be a dancing Santa but the electrical box was sent to dump and didn’t look like it worked. He is a great shape!! Just a few cobwebs and dirt lol. I was soooo happy to get this! I followed the guy to dump and said heyyyy can I have that? He squeezed Santa into my small trunk and now I am a proud owner of a wonderful black rare Santa

Image credits: Latrelle Williams

#49 I Went To A Consignment Store In Naples, Fl Earlier Today And Out Front They Had A Goddamn Disco Elephant

Image credits: Frank Kossen

#50 My Heart Rate Raced When I Saw This On Facebook Marketplace. For $15, I Thought It Must Be Too Good To Be True. Nope, It’s Perfect

Image credits: Liz Graupner

#51 Oh. Hey Nic Cage. What’s That Now? You Want Me To Spit My Gum On Your Belly? Wow. Ok. If You Insist

Image credits: Alyssa Deaton

#52 Since Everyone Is Posting Their Cool Secondhand Couch. Here Is Ours Got This Beauty About 2 Years Ago At A Local Thrift Shop

Image credits: Tiffany Angelica

#53 Found This In The Trash Can At Work. I Work At A Church Daycare. No Idea Where It Came From But Story Of My Life

Image credits: Morgan Wright

#54 I Just Got My Egg Plate Today Off Fb Marketplace…yay!

Image credits: Angie Maus

#55 My Husband Rescued This With Permission From Behind A Gas Station In Windsor Ontario Canada. And Behold. Our New Squash Holder

Image credits: Linda Dawson

#56 I Married My Husband 3 Weeks Ago. I Always Ask, “Do You Love Me?” He Always Replies, “I’ll Never Stop Loving You.” In Fact, That Was The Last Sentence Of His Wedding Vow. This Past Weekend, While On A Romantic Getaway, We Found These Vintage Pillow Cases At An Estate Sale In Austin, Tx. For $8 We Can Rest Our Weary Heads On A Little Reminder Of Our Fairy Tale

Image credits: Jennifer Samuel McCabe

#57 I Bought A Hideous $2 Basket Solely Because It Had These Adorable Keychains Attached To The Handle!

Image credits: Laura Gutierrez

#58 I’m In Love With My New Key Orb That I Found At A Garage Sale In Turley, Ok Today For $3! Handmade And Glorious. It’s Heavy!

Image credits: Cindy Haley

#59 My Husband And I Like To Find Weird Things And Then Leave Them To Be Found At Other People’s Houses. Found At Goodwill In Lumberton Tx. Left At My Brother In Laws During A Birthday Party For My Nephew

Image credits: Ambur Nicole

#60 This Chair Has Been Identified As An “Hstudio Moon Chair.” I Paid $125.00 From Gw

The ottoman is from Target from a few years ago. Had some requests for more pics of the room so I added some to this post. I wanted to share with you my crazy find at a Goodwill store in Sterling, VA a few years ago. It’s a purple suede-like chair that is the length of a couch. It is sitting in my living room as it won’t fit through any of our hallways. A great conversation piece in our home.

Image credits: Susan Walrad

#61 Found This Unique Little Bulldog Sugar Bowl On Marketplace For $10, His Tongue Is A Spoon!

Image credits: Lisa Valencia

#62 Can You Believe Someone Was Giving This Away For Free On Marketplace? It’s Going In My Science Classroom If It Will Fit

Update: It did not fit through the door… we had to remove the center post of the double doors and brought it into our library. It would not fit through our classroom doors. That’s ok though, it is now in a place where everyone can use/reference it. The key and information on the arm is written in German and it still has the USSR on it, so it is definitely rather old. I added some photos of us getting it in the building and some of the damaged parts. Update 2: Came out to my truck at lunch and found the note I attached as the last image

Image credits: Devin Cherry

#63 My Wedding Bouquet That Was Made Completely Out Of Both Of My Great Grandmas Earrings, Brooches, And Pins. The Handle Was Made Out Of My Moms Veil And Wedding Dress Flowers. Its Made Out Of Three Beautiful Marriages And I Hope To Be The Fourth! I’ve Also Established This As My Wedding Mushroom

Image credits: Trinity Damon

#64 We Finally Got To Bust Out The Vintage Cafeteria Trays I Found At A Rummage Sale A Couple Of Years Ago. Happy Thanksgiving! Wow Y’all! Thanks For All The Love. They’re Stamped Prolon Ware On The Back. I Paid $1 For Four Of Them. Probably My Best Find Ever!

Image credits: Cristy Britt

#65 Although Quite A Few Of The Items In This Picture Were Obtained At Thrift Shops Or As Gifts, The Bookshelf Is One Of My Favorite Finds From Fb Marketplace. It Was Handmade And Needed A New Home. It Was Free And Now It’s Mine!

Image credits: Patty Manalisay Harris

#66 Check Out This Giant Clam Shell I Found At An Estate Sale. She Said Her Father Was A Scuba Diver And Brought This Home In The ’60’s

Image credits: Sharilyn Rae

#67 Found This Mini Shopping Cart At A Goodwill For 10 Bucks

Image credits: Brian Ball

#68 The Yarn Vest Of Rainbow Dreams! Found At Value Village For $10 In Ontario, Canada. The Endless Possibilities Of Future Halloween Costumes Made It Come Home With Me

Image credits: Meghan Tiberio

#69 This Right Here Makes Me So Happy This Was My Grandma’s. She Made It A Long Long Time Ago. I Always Loved It When I Was A Little Girl. My Sweet Precious Aunt Just Gifted It To Me Today I Will Treasure This Always

Image credits: Jackie Modine

#70 Stopped By The Local Goodwill Store (Lapeer, Mi) And Just Had To Do A Little Passive Aggressive Display Rearranging

Image credits: Krystal Moralee

#71 I’ve Been Sitting On The Side Of The Pond Just Dipping My Toes In

But today I decided to take the jump and make someone else’s day. Found this lovely today while volunteering. I know a lot are looking for one and I wanted to spread some cheer during this time. So here it is up for grabs…….a ceramic lighted tree, but only half. It’s a hanging tree, this is the first that I’ve ever seen. I guess it’s like the albino of the pack. Pick a number between 1-800 and I’ll pick the person that’s the closest to my number. I’ll post the luckily person on Friday 11/20 around 9 pm est. Good luck all, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Image credits: Whitney Weber Peterson

#72 My Husband And I Have Seen This Adorable Elephant In Front Of A Flea Market In Pinconning, Michigan We Frequently Travel Past For The Last Few Months, And Always Talk About How Cute He Is And That We Want Him

I don’t think either of us actually thought we would get him one day, but when we drove by today the flea market was open and look who came home with us!

Image credits: Ashley Miller

#73 When I Saw This 6 Piece Set Of Plates, I Saw My Grandmother, And Cried A Little

Stomach cancer rendered her allergic to a whole host of foods, but she said that was her price to pay to beat cancer. Anyway, I swear she was a wizard because as a child I had never seen a single person put ham in scrambled eggs!! I always craved her magic breakfasts. She would use real eggs for me, and egg beaters for herself. She had these same plates. I can remember the sound of the plates being placed on the counter, the way her spatula scraped the plate when laying down the magic eggs. I remember the fabric of her robe with the satin trim, the smell of her perfume, her perfectly placed hair, and the way the sun came in through the windows while she cooked. We would sit together and have our breakfast with big smiles on our faces. For some reason, I never remember her using these plates for dinner, those were white with a blue Victorian scene along the trim. She passed in 2006, but I know she comes around everytime I get a whiff of her perfume. For $7 I snagged the set. I may just make magic eggs this week, and possibly cry again.

Image credits: Jessica Sparks-Kerr

#74 My Grandmother Passed Away Years Ago And I Was The Only Grandchild Who Helped Clean Out Her Home

I had just turned 16 and didn’t have my own place for furniture or large pieces, so I chose this ring. It sure doesn’t look like much now, but my Great Grandfather gifted this to my Grandmother on the day of her high school graduation in 1950. She earned a regence scholarship to go to college, but turned it down to get married and have a family. At 36, I still wear it almost daily as it reminds me of the amazing, stubborn, loving woman I got the pleasure of calling Grandma. I took it to a jeweler who told me it is cherry quartz and is so worn it has little value (don’t care, I won’t ever get rid of it).

Image credits: Amanda Lassley

#75 I Finally Was Able To Pick It Up From Tangibles Resale And Consignment In North Webster, In Today! Can’t Wait To Take It Home To California! (Yes The Cushions Were Put In The Cab Of The Truck)

Image credits: Anna Marie Walker

#76 Anyone Know About What Year This Would Be From? I’m Embarrassed To Admit I Don’t Know What Some Of These Are (Farina?) If Anyone Needs It The Location Is Greece NY Salvation Army!

Image credits: Becca Zobel

#77 This Was My Grandmas Teacup, When She Passed It Was Given To Me. When You Put It In The Light You Can See A Woman’s Face In The Bottom. Does Anyone Know Anything About This Cup?

Image credits: Carly Miklethun

#78 I Found These Gorgeous Pewter And Crystal Champagne Flutes On A Thrift Store’s Digital Storefront. Brand New, With Stickers Still On The Side. For $25, I Couldn’t Resist

Image credits: Jennifer Clements

#79 Found This Deer Skull At A Goodwill In Las Vegas, Nv. I’ve Always Wanted A Wall Of Oddities. Everyone Was Looking At Me Like I Was Out Of My Mind, And The Woman At The Register Kept Calling Me Crazy. When In Vegas!

Image credits: Shannon Martinez

#80 There’s Been A Bit Of Talk About The Chicken Purse Lately. Behold! The Matching Chicken Coin Purse! These Were Found By My Son At Two Different Thrift Stores In Columbus Ohio. Edit: The Chicken Isn’t Yellow. It Was Late, The Lighting Was Weird, And I Didn’t Notice

Image credits: Pat Temple

#81 What??? A Mexican Restaurant In Chester, Va Is Remodeling And Selling Their Old Hand-Carved And Painted Booths For Just A Few Pesos! Don’t Mind If I Do!

Image credits: Jeremy DiMaio

#82 This Is A Piece Of Carnival Glass I Inherited From My Grandmother. I Actually Inherited Two And Gifted One To My Sister. Toy Corn For Scale

Image credits: Angela Black

#83 So When I Was A Kid (Maybe 12-14) I Found This Guy On The Front Lawn In The Snow. From Then On I’ve Kept Him In The Freezer Because That Was His “Natural Habitat). 20 Years And Many Moves Later, He’s Still With Me!

Image credits: Jenn Zulewski

#84 Goodwill; St. Louis, Missouri. For All Your Green, Tulle, Sequined, Poofy Dress Needs.

Image credits: Julia Potashnick Long

#85 My All-Time Favorite Secondhand Find!

My all-time favorite secondhand find! I am a HUGE Disney Nerd and collect anything vintage Disney, but my favorite is vintage Lady and the Tramp memorabilia. This Lady and the Tramp skirt is from 1955 and has been a holy grail I have wanted for years, but convinced myself I would never personally own one as they usually go for $600 to upwards of $1000, depending on condition. When I happened upon a full, uncut set of pristine panels at a flea market, I absolutely freaked out. And then I about fainted when I saw the price tag- $20!!!!! I have never bought something so quickly in my life!!!!! I am convinced this skirt and I were just destined to find each other. My mom is a seamstress (and an amazing one at that ) and she helped me assemble it into the gorgeous, whirling, 16 panel circle skirt it was always meant to be! I treasure my skirt so much, but I definitely also wear it and enjoy it. I feel like after sitting unfinished for 65 years, it deserves to be loved and worn where other people can see it and enjoy it too! These pictures were taken last Christmas at Disney World. We are moving to Florida in a couple days, and I hope next Spring I get to fulfill my dream of wearing this little beauty to Dapper Day at the Magic Kingdom!!!

Image credits: Olivia Hammock

#86 Oh My Gosh You Guys…not A Thrift Store – But I Just Rescued This Dude From The Trash.. He Was Just Chillin On A Recycling Bin During My Walk Today

Image credits: Alissa Sullivan

#87 This Very Loud Jacket Was $6 At A Cleveland Ohio Savers. I Wasn’t Sure, But Got Four Compliments From Strangers Today!!

Image credits: Michelle Anne Schingler

#88 A Mermaids Sink, Anyone? Not Sure The Granite Top Does It Justice. Anyway, Seen At The Restore On 3rd, Wilmington, Nc. Did Not See The Price

Image credits: Tina Heidemann Strandberg

#89 My “New To Me” Vintage Restored Vanity. Found On Facebook Market Place

Image credits: Shelby Raines Higginbotham

#90 Found Today At The Local Thrift. This Was The Best Thing In Pe 20+ Years Ago Best $5 Spent

Image credits: Chandler Simmons

#91 I Found (And Purchased) The Iconic Christmas Sweater From The Robert Pattinson Meme (Found At Goodwill)

Image credits: Angela Holliday

#92 Y’all…i Present To You…the Official Pierogi Pillow!! I Laughed So Loud, The Man Stocking The Shelves Came To Tell Me He Put It There A Week Ago And Was Surprised It Lasted This Long

Image credits: Emily Cramer

#93 A Goodwill Find From 8+ Years Ago (We’re Not Exactly Sure). Needless To Say It Absolutely Needed To Come Home With Us

Image credits: Delaney Marie Bullock

#94 She Is Beauty, She Is Grace, She Will Peck You In The Face… Found At An Antique Shop In Mcgregor, Tx For $16

Image credits: Katrina Renee

#95 I Have Been In This Page Forever And Haven’t Found Anything Worth Posting Until Today, Found This At A Secondhand Shop Today. Feel Like It Belongs Here Lmao

Image credits: Madisøn Nixøn

#96 Same. Located At The Ivy Cottage In Wilmington, Nc

Image credits: Sara Bray

#97 Reason #252 That My Husband Hates When I Thrift. But This Amazing PC Was Not Going To Be Left Behind. Sos Thrift Parksville Bc Canada. This Shop Always Gives Me Something Good

Image credits: Laura John Wood

#98 I Found A Deck Prism At Goodwill In Cottage Grove, Or! I’m Not Sure If It’s An Original Or A Reproduction But This Sucker Is Heavy! For Those Unfamiliar, A Deck Prism Would Be Mounted Flush With The Top Deck On Ships And Would Allow For Light To Be Cast Around The Interior Of An Otherwise Dark Interior Cabin.

Image credits: Nayt Jarvis

#99 Found This Beauty At A Goodwill In Denver, Co. It Has A Little Girl’s Signature And “4th Grade” On The Bottom. It Did Come Home With Me!

Image credits: Jen Hutnick

#100 Found At Good Stuff Thrift In El Cerrito, Ca Last Year Before Halloween, Best $5 Ever Spent. Even Scared The Dog! Anyone Want To Play Footsie?

Image credits: Angie Liebert

#101 My Kid Begged For This Silicone Teeth Mold Today At A Garage. The Lady At The Sale Said Its A Novelty Ice Tray. Fun For Halloween It Was Only .10 Cents So I Couldn’t Say No

Image credits: Amber Wesley

#102 It Finally Happened To Me! Same Shirt, Same Size! Goodwill In Vancouver, Wa

Image credits: Patti Hadaller

#103 These Beautiful Ladies Were At Relics In Springfield, Missouri. They Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Kaylin Stickley

#104 I Got This Amazing Gum Ball Machine For 5.98 At My Local Goodwill. What Should He Be Called?

Image credits: Gina Lindsey

#105 I’m So Excited To Share My Amazing Couch With You Guys! I Bought Her For $50 Off The Buy/Sell! She Is In Pristine Condition! She Lives In My Plant Room And No One But Me Loves Her

Image credits: Amanda Raymaakers

#106 My Curb Couch!

Image credits: Kayla Whittley

#107 My Grandfather Passed Away Suddenly A Week Ago, So I’m In The House He And My Grandmother Have Shared For 60 Years To Celebrate His Life. The Back Bathroom Had This Spectacular Wallpaper On It For Most Of That 60 Years; When They Remodeled It A Bit, They Kept Pieces And Framed Them. I Adore This Wallpaper And Figured You Guys Would Too!

Image credits: Amy J. Pearce

#108 Guess Who Thrifted The Most Fabulous Fiberoptic Peacock Lamp Today!?! Me! I Did! In Powell River, British Columbia. $5.00

Image credits: Nicole J. Taylor

#109 Found This On Marketplace. I’m Pumped. It’s So Comfortable And Soft. And I Got To Pet A Cute Kitty When Picking It Up

it’s called Jaymar Spiral Chair and apparently is worth like 500-800, and I paid $100!

Image credits: Sarah Bocchi

#110 Who Remembers Polly Pocket? I Paid 3 Bucks For This Wizard Of Oz Polly Pocket Style Set At St. Vinnies In Flagstaff. Totally Came Home With Me!

Image credits: Alicia Leecie Snider

#111 I’ve Searched Every Goodwill/Thrift Shop For Years For These Kind Of Little Wooden Ornaments From My Childhood Tree. My BF Found Them On Ebay,a Big Box Of Them For Sale And Surprised Me W Them. I Cried Like A Baby! Does Anyone Else Remember These? I Was Born In 82,but I Know They Are From B4 Then.

Image credits: Crystal Franklin

#112 Here’s One You Don’t Often Find In The Wild. Mcm Mold… Found In An Estate Auction Box Lot, Which Was Purchased Sight Unseen. Imagine My Surprise When I Pulled This Beauty Out Of The Box!!

Image credits: Jeffrey Miller

#113 Sooo I Bought A Set Of Booths From A Baskin Robbins From Marketplace. New Kitchen Table!

Image credits: Chad Lane

#114 I Picked Up This Sweater At An Estate Sale And After I Got Home And Tried It On, I Noticed My Cat’s Face On It! Now That’s All I Can See!

Image credits: Alison Nguyen

#115 Who Else Had These As A Kid? Fozzie Was My Favorite! Bought Off Marketplace For $12

Image credits: Vanessa Hoyt

#116 Do You Have The Need To Boil A Large Amount Of Food Above An Open Flame?

Do you have the need to boil a large amount of food above an open flame? Perhaps, you want to embrace your inner witch and brew up a potion? Or perhaps use it as a threat to naughty children? The possibilities are endless and is available at the antique store in the old JCPenney at the dead mall in Cranberry PA. Cost is 250, did not come home with me

Image credits: Amanda Rummel

#117 Found This Candle Holder At An Antique Store Near Me, And Finally Hung It Today. It’s The Perfect Amount Of Weird And I Love It

Image credits: Jeannine Schafer

#118 This Might Be My Favorite Second Hand Find Ever! $3 Brand New In Package At Goodwill. My Husband Hates It

Image credits: Kayla Dunstan

#119 For Just $25 You Could Have Had Your Own Hairy Orange Chair. This Did Not Come Home With Me. To My Surprise, My Husband Was Disappointed It Didn’t. This Was At Goodwill In Marietta Georgia.

Image credits: Tanner Freeman

#120 I Picked This Little Fella Up At A Yardsale. His Tag Says He’s From 1984 And Made Of Synthetic Fibers. Does Anyone Have Any Advice On How To Clean Him?

Image credits: Emmanuel Ray

#121 Not As Cool As Some Of The Pics I’ve Seen Lately On Here And Appalled The Workers At The Antique Barn Didnt Know Who It Was But Got Over It When It Was Half Off Plus My Next 10% Off Purchase Total $9.00 But To Get A Smile And Hear Him Tell His Friends Online “You Won’t Believe What My Mom Found Today But It’s Cool This Time “ Lol From My Teenage Son..priceless

“On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of EVIL!”- Vigo had a 2020 year too with no tp

Image credits: Chris Craft

#122 Tw: Fertility Struggles

My husband and I had a hard time getting pregnant. I have quite a few chronic illnesses and was told that it would be difficult to get pregnant. After a few years and a surgery that would have the added effect of increased fertility, we had decided that we were going to stop trying and save our money to adopt. I was set to see a specialist regarding a health concern out of state, but found out 2 weeks before that we were expecting our miracle baby. Since teenagehood, I wanted a nursery for my baby with the theme “Oh, The Places You Go!” by Dr. Seuss. I saw a photo of some delicate hot air balloons. I set out on a journey to find tatted doilies, and boy, was it tough! I lucked out at one antique store in Meridian, ID, who had boxes in storage and was considering donating them because they were not selling. The clouds are innards of some old pillows, the frames for the clouds are old lamp shades, and the baskets are handmade from jute that I stole from my mom. ETA: she is 18 months old, now

Image credits: Amanda Kate Forsythe

#123 Fb Marketplace Is All Fun And Games Until You’re Waiting At A Gas Station For Some Guy To Bring You A Life-Size Cardboard Cutout Of Fabio. Christmas Just Got A Whole Lot Sexier!

Image credits: Gina Briggs

#124 I Fought With Myself Hard, But Ended Up Walking Away From This Masterpiece At An Estate Sale Yesterday. It Was $82.50 And As Much As I Obviously Need A Hot Pank Throne With Lady Busts, I Knew My Labrador Would Cover It In Her Yellow Hairs The Moment I Brought It Home

Image credits: Jenn Miller

#125 My Daughter Had Spirit Week At School. Today Was Character Day And While Most Kids Dressed As Cindy Lou Who, Santa Claus Or The Grinch…she Wanted To Be The Lamp From The Christmas Story. Picked Up This Lamp Shade And Shirt At Goodwill For $1 Each

Image credits: Kadi Jo

#126 I Have No Practical Use For Four Teeny Tiny Cigarette Packs. That Being Said, You Better Believe They Came Home With Me For $5

Image credits: Jessica Parish

#127 Miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Trinket Box With Even Tinier Ceramic Peanut Butter Cups Inside

Image credits: Melanie Lex

#128 I Could Not Pass Up This Incredible $10 Table Music Box (Works Beautifully) I Found At A Little Out Of The Way Thrift Shop Here In Northwest Ohio. I Bought It Because It Was Unique, But When I Got Home I Looked It Up And It’s Italian Marquetry With Swiss Movement. I’m So Happy That I Found It! It Plays The Song “Somewhere My Love”

Image credits: Lori Lynn

#129 Found This Cool Glass Cornbread Pan At The Goodwill Outlet In Dayton, Oh A While Back. Finally Tried It Out! Apparently It’s From The Late 1930s/Early 40s!

Image credits: Emily Kong

#130 Found While Junk Store Hopping In/Around Cullman, Alabama. If I Had $1500 To Spare, This Would Be On My Back Porch!

Image credits: Angela Davis

#131 Look What I Found On The Side Of The Road For Free Today!! My Brain Is Already Bouncing Ideas Around For What I’m Going To Do With It But What Do You Guys Think?! I Have A Bay Window That Is Perfect For Displaying It For All To See

Image credits: Deena Duffy

#132 I Am So Excited! Last Spring I Spotted This Beauty While Picking Up Firewood. The Owner Told Me I Could Have Her If I Could Move Her

Image credits: Barbara Ferrante

#133 I Found This Treasure For Sale Locally, And It Turned Out To Be Three Blocks Away From Our House! I Had To Have It. Immediately. I Named Him Gary

Image credits: Sarah Whalen Downes

#134 This Is Something My Mom Definitely Would Have Had And Worn And Thought She Was “Stylin” Its Purple Velvet On The Inside Me And My Moms Favorite Color

Image credits: Adijah Brown

#135 Found This Woven…umm…thing At A Thrift Shop. I Can Only Presume It’s A Literal Banana Lounge. Banana Wearing A Bikini For Scale

Image credits: Shirley Henderson

#136 Mrs. Potts! I Loved Finding This Costume. She Did Not Come Home With Me. It Was An Adult Costume And Was Great Quality And Very Heavy! Found At Goodwill In Spokane Wa

Image credits: Chelsea Lynn Bright

#137 The Artist Made These In High School 15 Years Ago And No Longer Does Stained Glass

Image credits: Sarah Rife

#138 I Found This Hat At A Local Thrift Store. Since Today Was Hat Day At The School Where I Teach, I Knew I Had To Wear It. My Daughter Avoided Me All Day In The Halls And I’m Not Quite Sure Why

Image credits: Beth Self Eller

#139 Found At Goodwill In Lock Haven, Pa. The Shredder Shredder. Im Thrilled

Image credits: Alex Mundis

#140 This Beautiful Piece, Showcases An Actual Picture Of My Mom And Her Prom Date (In The 70s). My Grandma Sent The Picture From Ontario To Bc To Have This Made. Here’s The Crazy Part Of The Story. This Picture Has Been Hanging Above My Mothers Couch My Entire Life. One Day I Was Shopping At A Local Thrift Store When Something Instantly Caught My Eye And Stopped Me Dead In My Tracks! Yes It Was This Exact Picture!

I bought it for $10 and brought it home and then immediately called my mother to ream her out. I started with, “I can’t believe you got rid of that” and “why wouldn’t you have asked? Of course I wanted it” but she had no idea what I was talking about and assured me her beloved picture was still in its rightful place. A short drive to her house confirmed that it was, indeed, undisturbed. As it turns out, the artist liked how it looked so much that he made several copies and sold them, never anticipating a second one would ever end up in the same small town across the country. Let alone that the daughter of the original model would find one. Now we both get to enjoy this cherished piece of art. I bought it for $10 and brought it home and then immediately called my mother to ream her out. I started with, “I can’t believe you got rid of that” and “why wouldn’t you have asked? Of course I wanted it” but she had no idea what I was talking about and assured me her beloved picture was still in its rightful place. A short drive to her house confirmed that it was, indeed, undisturbed. As it turns out, the artist liked how it looked so much that he made several copies and sold them, never anticipating a second one would ever end up in the same small town across the country. Let alone that the daughter of the original model would find one. Now we both get to enjoy this cherished piece of art.

Image credits: Kristy Brenna

#141 Quilt Couch. Found On Marketplace $50. Definitely Brought Home.

Image credits: Crissy Davies

#142 Found This Gorgeous Dining Table On Fb Marketplace In Minneapolis!!

Image credits: Sarala Sameera Morusupalli

#143 Found This Beauty Today At The Local Thrift Store! Look At How Cool The Claw Feet Are! Came With A Matching Coffee Table As Well. Been Looking For A Blue Velvet Couch For Awhile And Couldn’t Leave This Behind For $100!

Image credits: Katy Jackson

#144 Picked Up This House Hippo At An Estate Sale Today. Kept Reminding Me Of My Pup

Image credits: Lindsay Love

#145 My Dad Was Very Exited To Bring Home This Mermaid Lady Statue From Craigslist And Now Resides In The Foyer

Image credits: Grace Caroline

#146 Found At Goodwill. Multitasking At It’s Finest.

Image credits: Seth Daniels

#147 I Ended Up Going Back To Ohio Valley Antique Mall This Morning To View The Other Half.

I found a stand that had all these glass chickens on sale for 7$ each. I was just gonna take two, but felt bad separating them so….. meet tiny chickens new family . Do I regret buying all these glass hens…. hell no!!!! Does my bf think I’m insane? Hell yes!!!! -Ohio Valley Antique mall near Cincinnati-

Image credits: Emily Jacqueline

#148 I Found This Lamp At A Yard Sale For $4. I Think It’s Pretty Cool.

Image credits: Sherrian Barnhill

#149 These Terrifying Jeff Goldblum Shoes Can Be Yours At Value Village (Canadian Version Of Savers)

Image credits: Nick Cousins

#150 Made Entirely Of Yarn. It Came Home With Me To Be Gifted To A Penguin Loving Friend. Goodwill Burleson, Tx

Image credits: Jennifer Smith

#151 I Found This Chair In A Restore In Pa. It Reminds Me Of A Keith Haring Character. I Took It Home. Sorry There’s No Banana For Scale, But It’s Fairly Large.

Image credits: Susan Dragon Lacon

#152 Here Is My Lefton Hollyberry Collection! Majority Of The Pieces Were Passed Down To Me From My Mother, Who Got Them From Her Mother. I Believe She Saved Green Stamps To Purchase Pieces. The Bell Was A Gift From A Friend After She Saw My Collection Displayed At A Holiday Party. Using Them To Decorate Every Year Makes Me Feel Connected To My Mom And Grandma

Image credits: Heather Lynn

#153 I Was Looking For A Dresser, When I Stumbled Upon This Pair Of Shoes On The Facebook Marketplace! They’re Even My Size, Which Never Happens To Me. I Have A Pair Of Silver Bellbottoms That Will Go Perfect With These. Purchased In Augusta, Me

Image credits: Katie Morrow

#154 Well It Finally Happened

Well it finally happened. The Facebook marketplace find of my entire life. I went in thinking it was a coffee table and it is not. It is large. I was going to pay 100 dollars for it as a coffee table. I could not pass it up even if it doesn’t have a very appropriate space in our apartment. All of the different wood shades are pieces cut to fit perfectly together, the bottom of it says “Maitland Smith hand carved in the Philippines” I’m OBSESSED. Cat for size reference

Image credits: Molly Holton

#155 Found This Guy At A Thrift Store Yesterday. I Couldn’t Resist Him. Any Ideas On A Name?

Image credits: Edith Bojczyk

#156 Got Two Of These Beautiful Things On Facebook Marketplace All I Need Are Some Plants To Surround This

Image credits: Maryssa Renae

#157 Found These Baby’s At Good Will

Image credits: Shawna Barnhart-Nottingham

#158 Is Your Boyfriend Even Your Boyfriend If He Doesnt Bring You A Turtle Lamp He Found In The Trash When Your Having A Bad Day??

Image credits: Jill Gardner

#159 I’ve Heard You Guys Like Giant “House Pets”… So Here’s Brucie!

Image credits: Cam Stewart

#160 My Hippo Costume That I Got On Facebook Marketplace For $100!!! Totally Worth It

Image credits: Staci Brooke

#161 Doing Some Late Night Goodwill Shopping In Valdosta, Ga On Black Friday Weekend And Came Across This Beautiful Gem Right Before Closing

I was not leaving without it and was very serious about that, so I headed next door to the hardware store and got some rachet straps and on top of my dodge journey it went. An hour drive later at 12 midnight, it made it to its final destination. Welcome home, baby! Oh and the best part is…. I only paid $20 for it!

Image credits: Ashley Adams

#162 One Of My Absolute Favorite Weird Objects, My Late Aunt Marge’s Leather Glove She Accidentally Washed And Dried Which Shrunk And Mummified, Which I Inherited. (Pear For Scale, No Banana Available)

Image credits: Lisa Sanno Cassidy

#163 Just Found My Halloween Costume! $8 At Goodwill In South Florida. Perfect Since We Have Sooo Many Roaches Here

Image credits: Amanda Millo

#164 The Base Is Driftwood, The Leaves/Stems Are Patinated Copper, And The “Flowers” Are Real Sea Urchin Shells

Image credits: Elle Rosen

#165 My Husband Loves Thrifting As Much As I Do (Thank God!!) However, He Was Curiously Amused At My Hunts For Uranium Glass And Even More Puzzled At My Obsession To Find A House Hippo

Image credits: Alicia Pike-Lowe

#166 Scored This Bad Boy Off Of Fb Market Place For $25 And I Must Admit Its The Best $25 I Have Spent In Quite Some Time

Image credits: Ric Lorelli

#167 Bought This Display Shelf Today At A Yard Sale. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. I Thought It Was Pretty Cool

Image credits: Mary Chulick

#168 My Uranium Glass House Hippo. I Had To Fight A Bit For Her On Ebay (So She Might Not Count) And She’s Not Unique, But I Love Her! She Really Needs A “Radiant” Name!!!

Image credits: Lisa Brokop Peterson

#169 Hello Steampunk Glassware They Suit My Style Completel

Image credits: Victoria Casanova

#170 Stumbled On This Gem While Out Antiquing Yesterday In Tomball, Tx. She Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Shirley Babineaux

#171 My Spoon Is Too Big! Found This At Goodwill (Weddington,nc) Today. It Stayed Because, Let’s Face It, Who Has A Place In Their Home For A Giant Spoon? I’d Love To Meet That Person

Image credits: Kelsey Lianne

#172 Never Seen One Like This; Someone Called It A Baby Launcher. Found In An Antique Store In Piqua, Oh. It Still Waits Here For It’s New Home.

Image credits: Anna Lou Campbell

#173 Teeny Tiny Corn Ornament… Cornament? My Daughter Just Found It On The Floor Of Our Living Room… Guessing It Came With Some Ornaments We Got From Our Local Buy Nothing Group. Banana For Scale

Image credits: Jessica Kalogrides

#174 Well Today I Was At Goodwill And I Found This Picture From United Airlines (The Company I Got Furloughed From) Southern California (Which Is Where I Live)

Image credits: Lynda Bitanga

#175 I Was Too Excited That I Didn’t Get A Good Photo In Store But Its An Authentic Croc Figure Thing. He Was A Dollar. Made With Authentic Croc Foam, Complete With The Strap Logo And Shoe Sole Bottom.

Image credits: Grace Caroline

#176 Found At Parents House They Got It At An Auction Add Any Funny Quip You Like, Banana Now Eaten Sorry

Image credits: Danny Smith

#177 The Cat Broke My Favorite Coffee Mug Today, So My Husband Just Went Out To The Antique Shop And Came Back With This Gem… I Don’t Know Why There’s A Topless Mermaid In My Cup But I’m Obsessed Now

Image credits: Anastasia Boswell

#178 All My Friends Are Still Dead

Image credits: Katrina Renee

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