25 Posts From “Boy Moms” That Show Just How Toxic This Culture Can Be

There’s a subreddit called ‘[Stuff] Mom Groups Say‘ and it’s dedicated to the drama that unfolds in online parenting communities.

From those who believe that essential oils cure all diseases to big anti-vax showdowns, the subreddit positions itself as a place to critique the “no judge” culture of these groups.

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One of the more popular tropes here is what the internet considers the toxic boy mom. The subreddit’s members believe some mothers are just too obsessed with their son’s gender. More vivid examples include a fascination with their kid’s penis and looking at him as the partner they never had.

Continue scrolling to check out the pictures and let us know in the comments if you also think that these are not okay or if you believe the subreddit is reaching a bit too far.

#1 “Boy-Moms”

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#2 “Don’t Mind Me, Just Enjoying A Good Old Cup Of Boymom Fuel”

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#3 Just Boy Mom Things

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#4 Oh My God Finally Someone Said It

…or a girl in her early or mid twenties is baffling to me. I don’t know what boy mom needs to hear this but your son is not responsible for romantically furlilling your needs. Your son is eventually going to move on. And your son is eventually going to start a family without you. Yes, he’s a part of the family that you created. But you’re not gonna be a part of his immediate family forever. Your husband or partner is responsible for emotionally fulfilling you. And if you don’t have a husband or partner, you are responsible for emotionally fulfilling yourself. Because our kids owe us nothing. And as a matter of fact, we chose to bring them into this world. So our responsibility to fulfill them and expect nothing in return. It’s your responsibility to be the bigger person. And stop fighting with his girlfriend or wife

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#5 Why Do “Boy Moms” Say This So Often

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#6 When You #boymom Too Hard On Instagram, And The Internet Calls You Out

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#7 Mother Of The Groom’s Outfit – I’m Sure The Bride Was Thrilled!

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#8 More Gross “Boy Mom” Content On A Picture Of Her 6 Year Old By The Pool

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#9 The Boy Moms Are Not Ok Y’all

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#10 Maybe This Should Have Stayed An Inside Thought

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#11 Boymom, You Say?

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#12 #boymomlife

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#13 These Boy Moms Are Out Of Control

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#14 Boymom

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#15 I Physically Cringed Reading All Of This

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#16 Boymoms Are The Reason For Waifu Entitlement

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#17 Why Why Why Do “Boy Moms” Focus On This?!

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#18 [gendered] Only Boy Moms Know About Adjustable Waist Bands

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#19 Poor Kid. I Feel So Bad For Him. This Is In A Boy Moms Group

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#20 Why Can’t It Just Say ‘Mom’ Instead Of ‘Boy Mom’?

What’s the big difference? Paul and Morgan always hate on trans people for finding their identity in gender, yet they do the exact same thing all the time, and at such random moments none the less.

Image credits: Starry_Night_94

#21 She’s Panicking About Being A Boy Mom Because She Can’t Find Cute Clothes!? Also, The Girls Are Sooooo Easy Because You Neglect Them Smeli. Just Neglect The Boy Too And It Will Be Easy

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#22 Um Weird Flex

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#23 We Get It Loren, You’re A Boy Mom. Odds Are You’ll End Up On I Love A Mamas Boy As One Of The Mamas. We. Get. It

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#24 Boy Moms Be Like:

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#25 Comparing Your Children’s Penis Size And Wondering How To Make Them Endowed

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