30 Absurd Job Requirements That Are Exactly Why “No One Wants To Work Anymore”

First impressions are really important during the hiring process, both for the prospective employer and the candidate.

To attract the best talent, companies need to craft quality job adverts. They should be clear about what it is they’re looking for and accurately reflect the role’s typical duties and responsibilities.

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However, for better or worse, the bar sometimes doesn’t seem so high. We dug around the subreddits ‘Recruiting Hell‘ and ‘Antiwork‘ to show you that some recruiters are so out of touch with reality, it’s evident even in the job advertisement they write.

Scrolling through these makes you seriously doubt the “no one wants to work anymore” cliché.

#1 Burn

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#2 Saw It Online

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In 2022, the Paychex team surveyed Americans who have recently looked for a job, and people across the country shared their current standards for evaluating an open position and what constitutes a potential warning sign. Let’s look at what respondents considered to be the biggest red flags.

Compensation is one of the most important aspects of a job, especially now. So, it’s unsurprising that not including a salary range was at the top of the list (65%). For many candidates, omitting that information implies that the salary range is probably low. Not including a salary and using the phrase “gain experience” could also show that the company expects you to work for free.

#3 Seeking Candidate With 15+ Years Of Social Media Experience

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#4 Employment Gap

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#5 Wtf Are They On… This Is For A Call Center Position

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Second is not including a range at all which indicates there is a low base salary.

Sometimes, a great benefits package can make up for a salary that’s a little lower than you want to accept, but if the pay is much less than you think you’re worth and there aren’t other benefits to compensate for it, many feel there’s no point in considering it.

#6 A Friend Of Mine Was Looking For A Job Yesterday. This Must Be Hella Illegal, Right?

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#7 Imagine Asking If Someone’s Ok With Earning 30% Less Than What They Currently Make

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#8 The New York Times Has An 8 Round Interview Process

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One of the most frustrating parts of looking for entry-level jobs is the requirement to already have several years of experience in a related role.

Having that expectation is extremely discouraging, especially for new graduates trying to start their careers while also needing to make a living.

#9 Why Even Ask?

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#10 My First Haiku

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#11 U.k. International Candidate Here – This Is What The Recruiter Texted Me After I Told Him I Need The Company To Sponsor My U.k. Skilled Worker Visa…

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Job postings that include a vague reference of “pay commensurate with experience” is another warning sign that job seekers rarely miss.

To begin with, it’s dated. But it also signals that the company is paying you based on experience, skills, and education and training rather than the work you’ll be doing.

#12 Why Do We Have To Jump Through So Many Hoops Just To Get Our Application Rejected Anyway

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#13 New Requirements Strikes

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#14 Exactly On Time

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Next up, spelling and grammar mistakes. Just as employers don’t want to see misspelled words in a resume, candidates are turned off by them in a job posting.

These things show little attention to detail and looks sloppy and unprofessional. The best candidates know their worth and will generally be put off by such errors.

#15 Not Sure If This Is A Repost

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#16 Who Needs Pay And Sick Leave? I Can Wear My Jeans To Work!

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#17 An Expensive First Day On The Job

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If you have to tick a lot (and I mean a lot) of boxes even to get your foot in the door, it can start ringing alarm bells.

A potential reason is the fact that the company may not really know what it’s looking for, which means you’ll be set up for failure. Also, it could mean the scope of the role is too broad, in which case you might be in over your head right from the start.

#18 This Is A New Level Of Hell

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#19 “Record A Video Of Yourself”, But Somehow, Even Worse!

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#20 “We Are Unable To Offer Positions To People With The Name Jeffrey”

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Nowadays, more and more top candidates consider paid time-off an important factor when deciding if a company is a good fit for them or not.

So, it’s no surprise that omitting this information can make them look elsewhere.

#21 “I Just Saw You Swallow”

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#22 Ph.d. Maths Student Rejected For Not Show Not Having 3 Hours Of Calc On Their Transcript

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#23 Was Applying For A Job On Indeed….any Suggestions..?

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The pandemic showed that it only takes one sick employee to infect many more. When this happens, it can cause productivity troubles for everyone at the company. Because of this, paid sick leave is a must to attract the best talent.

#24 Ayo This Lady Working For UPS Really Tried To Get Free Labor Out Of Me Lol

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#25 This But Unironically

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#26 We Don’t Pay You, You Have To Pay Us

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Work-life balance is vital for many employees. If your job isn’t the only thing that matters to you, you most probably want a clear distinction between it and the rest of your day. So mentioning work on the weekends can discourage a lot of potential candidates.

#27 The F**king Nerve

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#28 Are You Joking?

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#29 Saw This On A Job Application. Immediately Closed Out

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And at number ten comes too many interview rounds (anything more than two rounds of interviews is considered to be excessive). Ideally, the whole thing should be organized and efficient, and when the process drags on, it could indicate that the team is indecisive or overly consensus driven.

I wonder how many respondents of the survey belong to the two subreddits that these pictures are from because their answers seem to match pretty well. Or maybe it just proves that the biggest pet peeves in the workforce are universal.

#30 Anyone Have 7 Legs, 4 Arms And Capable Of Doing 10 Things At Once?! Asking For A Friend

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