30 People Online Share The Jobs That They Would Not Find Attractive In A Potential Partner

While employment isn’t necessary to love, most people would probably prefer a partner who has some income and career prospects. But like all things in life, not all jobs are created equal, particularly when it comes to dating the person doing them. 

An internet user wanted to hear other’s “icks” when it comes to a potential partner’s profession. From slimy jobs, and bad smells to difficult logistics, the citizens of the internet gave their best ideas. So get comfortable as you scroll through, upvote your favorite submissions, and be sure to comment your thoughts and experiences below. We also got in touch with career coach and hiring specialists Divya Kataria and Rosie, from Badass Careers.

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Medical debt collector. Scum of the earth.

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“Influencer” First of all they influence nothing, and are sheep following the crowds, second I believe in living in the moment can’t stand the thought of cameras everywhere all the time, and I wouldn’t want to be part of their stupid mindless meme videos… There’s already enough cameras recording everywhere why would I voluntarily invite more.

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I once dated a guy who seemed perfect in almost every way except for his desired career path, which was to work in a mortuary embalming the deceased. I never did understand it. Creeped me TF out, had to nope right outta there no matter how damn attractive he was…..

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Bored Panda got in touch with career coach and hiring specialists Divya Kataria to learn a bit more about not getting into a job that you will end up hating. We also asked Rosie, from Badasscareers.com to learn more. First and foremost, we wanted to know what red flags people should look out for when applying in the first place. 

“When I see words such as detail-oriented, family-like culture, bonuses are great culture, weekly barbeques, etc. These terms in the job description depict toxic work culture and show that companies don’t give monetary or KPI-oriented bonuses but prefer to have pizza Fridays. Or when they mention they are looking for someone who is committed, punctual, organized, go-getter, and personable. These terms are generic, overly used, and old school and mention nothing specific about what the requirements are from a potential candidate,” Divya shared with us. 


I (30sF) have had men tell me they couldn’t date me because I’m a licensed massage therapist. Absolutely nothing shady about what I do, but they didn’t like the idea of me having my hands on other men

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Honestly, restaurant/service industry. And I don’t mean anything negative against servers/bartenders or anything. Hell, a good many of my friends are in that industry. It’s just that their mostly evening/weekend work schedules vs my M-F work schedule meant zero time to spend together. I dated a bartender once who worked at a high volume club…she was awesome and is still a good friend…but essentially most of the time I wanted to see her, I just drove to her work and sat at the bar. We’d go back to her place and pass out at 4am. Then I’d get up at 6:30 and go to work. She worked almost every night, so “us” time was rare. It just wasn’t a good fit. Still love her dearly though!

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I feel like any careers that would have them away for long periods of time like flight attends or long haul truckers.

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Rosie, from Badass Careers also suggested to look out for a few things. “The job description is extremely vague, indicating that not even they know what the person will be doing. The job description sounds like a 3-person role in 1, for example expecting you to be the Marketing Manager, Head of Communications, PR specialist and why not chuck a bit of Human Resources in there while we’re at it?”

“They’re looking for a “high energy self-starter” to work in their “fast-paced environment” aka they’ll have you running towards burnout in no time with a lack of support anchored in a hustle culture. Too focused on what they need / what you can do for them vs. how it feels to work there “We’re like a family” – no one wants the in-built expectations of loyalty and unprofessional levels of commitment and emotional involvement required by actual family members.”

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Military. I highly respect people who choose this line of work but personally it would be really stressful for me when they get deployed.

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MLM salesperson!

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Politicians. Professional and personal life WILL get mixed up. You’ll be forced to attend public events to up their public image and show the world that he/she is a normal person

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We also wanted to hear what they thought were good questions to ask while interviewing. Divya shared some examples she thought would be useful. “How would you describe the company culture? What will be my first 30,60 and 90 days’ goals? How do you measure performance in this role? What does a typical day look like in this role? What is the biggest challenge you are facing in your business?”

Similarly, Rosie suggested “What are some of the things you have put in place to empower your team recently? When was the last time you made a change based on feedback from a direct report, and what was the impact it had? How do you help your team to grow professionally? How are you developing yourself right now?”


As a teacher, I would never date another teacher. I work crazy hours in a stressful job and when I get home, I need my spouse able to support me physically and emotionally. I’m not ashamed to say I just don’t have the reserves to do for someone else what my husband does for me in that regard.

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Back in the day when I was on Tinder I’d get unmatched because when they asked what I did, I always said I worked in a factory, which was true. A lot of the time they never responded or unmatched because I guess they thought I was on a low paid job. Not to brag but it is anything but low paid and I had life sorted by 27 with a house, car etc and a decent wedge of disposable income. I found it weeded quite a few out!

One girl I matched with took a keen interest in the fact I worked in a factory and asked me loads of questions about it. We met up and we got married 4 years later and are still happily married!

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Police officer. Dated a couple, both psychos.

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Divya left us with some parting thoughts. “One thing I would add would be that if the job description is detailed and showcase what exactly are the requirements for this role clearly demonstrates that they know what they want from you and they have spent considerable time drafting the job description. Another bonus is if they are clear on the salary range and can justify during the interview how will they assess your expected salary based on your experience level. Communication is the key.” You can find her Instagram here to learn more. 


Zookeeper. I’d love to hear the stories but have heard horrendous things about the smell and can barely handle being around wet dogs.

Butcher/anyone working with dead animals

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im a writer. When ive told people this ive watched the interest from them literally vanish. Im assuming because they just think it means im broke or unemployed when in reality i do very, very well for myself.

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Sales. It takes a certain personality type to be good at sales, and I find that personality pretty annoying

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Rosie also shared some personal experiences with difficult job conditions. “I personally left a job after just a few months because the role they sold me wasn’t at all the day-to-day job I was doing. I thought I was going to be a Leadership Consultant and they had me translating slide decks from French to English as it was a slow period. I quit while I was still on my trial period and explained that the role they sold wasn’t the day-to-day reality and I needed my challenge and stretch to feel like I was achieving my career potential.” You can find her Instagram here, Youtube here, and website here


Well I can tell you from my online dating experiences, I’ve been immediately unmatched when I tell women im an auto mechanic.

So i guess maybe that

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Royalty falls under this umbrella. Disney tells us it is a fairy tale to marry a prince – but then you have to live a strictly regimented life under a microscope and wear panty hose every single day. No thank you

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Professional landlord or AirBnb owner

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Any type of surgeon. I know logically they are amazing members of the society and help people and are almost always smart. But a few things about their jobs are red flags to me. They hold too much power between life and death. Their hands are inside a human being way more than acceptable occasions. They eventually become desensitised to death and blood. I feel their profession is too similar to a serial killer or a slaughterhouse worker/butcher. I’m not proud of this feeling though

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Parking inspector, why be in a job where all you do is ruin people’s days?

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Some night jobs like night guard for example. You’d barely get any time together and if they woke me up every night when they come home my sleep schedule would surely get ruined. Not so great since sleep is very important for me

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Anyone who doesn’t have a healthy work life balance. Not only do I value quality time in my relationships, but stress has serious affects on the body and health. So management consultants, investment bankers, or just people who choose to sacrifice their entire life to improve the bottom line of a greedy, highly profitable, corporation!

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Anything that has to do with selling or advertising for homeopathy or ‘alternative medicine’, especially when they’re targeting people who are seriously ill.

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Doctors…I’ve dated enough of them to know they suck! Sure, they can help in some situations, but their attitudes are just not worth it. They want an employee, not a wife. I’m not about that c**p. Also, just about any Ivy League douche…as soon as a guy flexes that, I’m out! They can keep it! I’ve dated enough douches to know it’s NOT worth it!

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Pharmaceutical rep

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High level politician, professional athlete, celebrity, life coach, mega church pastor, news anchor. Too much ego and they need too much attention. I’m just not into that.

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Marketing / Advertising. No one in advertising ever shuts up about their career, and all advertising firms are adult daycares.

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People say law is rough to be married to esp in the early years where you’re doing tons of overtime. And army but that’s only cause I dated a couple

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Bartender, never date a bartender.

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If the main goal of your job is to make money, I’m out. Salespeople, bankers, a share of businesspeople, these are not my types at all

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