31 People Shared Client Sketches Vs. Final Illustrations In A Viral Thread

Going the extra mile, putting in a bit more effort than you’re required to do is appreciated in practically every aspect of life on Planet Earth. Especially in the art world. You have no idea just how much an initial sketch from you as a client helps out the artist that you’ve commissioned for a piece—but we’re about to give you a taste of it.

Artist Syd Mills, aka Vetyyr, sparked a very interesting discussion about the importance of providing initial sketches to artists to give them a more concrete idea of what they see in their imagination.

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Her thread went viral in a flash, as other artists pitched in with their own sketch vs. final art piece compilations. Some clients pitched in with their comparisons as well. Check them out below and let us know what you think, dear Pandas. Have you ever commissioned a piece of art from someone? Did you provide a sketch? Oh, and don’t forget to follow these amazing artists if you enjoyed their work. Who knows, you might be sketching something out for them in the not-so-distant future, too.

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Syd shared that she’s an illustrator who “is delighted by fun color palettes.” Her work has a certain dream-like quality that I personally enjoy very much. As someone who’s always had trouble with using and blending colors digitally, I can appreciate a master at work.

The illustrator pointed out that there’s no pressure for clients to sketch anything out; though if they do, it’s greatly appreciated, no matter how simple it might be.


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“I’ll add the caveat that clients totally don’t have to feel pressured to do this if they want me to go nuts with artistic interpretation (which I also love). If you’ve got a very clear-cut vision of what you want in an illustration though, don’t be afraid to make a small doodle!!” Syd wrote on Twitter.

She added that she sometimes does commissions and that you should check in her social media account bios whether they’re open. If you do have an art piece in mind, send her a quick email for a chat. Though keep in mind that the amount you’ll have to pay can vary greatly.

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“This illustration was $1400USD—it was priced as a non-commercial half-body piece,” Syd said, referring to the finished goblin duelist piece. “My prices shift around, so this might be different in the coming weeks/months.”

The illustrator’s thread got more than 104.5k likes in less than two days and inspired other artists to share how vital a good relationship with clients is. A bit of back and forth is essential to keep everyone happy. At the end of the day, communication is what helps paintbrushes (whether digital or analog) express our imaginations on paper in more detail.


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