32 Times When Dogs Got Kicked Out Of Daycare For The Funniest Reasons, Shared By Owners Online

If you have pets and you have to go to work every day, you know the struggle of leaving them alone, especially when they follow you to the door and are looking at you with their sad faces. Fortunately, there are daycares, most often for dogs, which work similarly to children’s daycares: you drop off your dog in the morning before work and pick them up after, or you take them there occasionally to let them socialize with other dogs. 

But not all dogs can attend daycare because they get really naughty. Twitter user Sophie Haigney shared that her dad’s dogs were kicked out of dog daycare because they were forming a gang. People loved the tweet and others remembered the times when their dogs were asked not to return to dog daycare and the thread is just hilarious.

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It is not too hard to understand why dogs may misbehave in daycares when you compare them to people: every dog is different and maybe not every dog is comfortable being surrounded by a crowd all the time. 

It could be that they didn’t receive proper training or are too high-energy for a daycare—each of those reasons might be the one for which the dog could be kicked out. Bored Panda reached out to Canine to Five Detroit dog daycare to learn what are the most common reasons why dogs are kicked out of daycare.

We were told, “The most common reason a dog is dismissed from daycare is they are uncomfortable in a pack setting. We like to use the analogy that there are people who enjoy small get-togethers with friends, and there are people who love going out to nightclubs – Doggie daycare can be like a nightclub, so it isn’t for everyone!”


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People in the thread shared some of the more interesting reasons their dogs couldn’t continue frequenting the doggy daycare and even if you understand that it’s actually sad that they won’t be able to go there anymore, the way their owners present the situation is really funny.

You wouldn’t think dogs could be this mischievous or even so relatable to us humans, but they are and that is what doesn’t let people get too mad at them for creating chaos. However, Samatha from Canine to Five Detroit said that it doesn’t happen often as they have safety precautions: “we have our playgroups separated by age, size, and playstyle to ensure everyone is where they are most comfortable. We have a room called Serenity which caters to those who can’t keep up with the ‘clubbing lifestyle,'”


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Samantha told us a funny story she remebers, “In our old building years ago, we had pea gravel for our playard. There was one dog who loved eating these rocks! As much as we tried to deter him, he simply couldn’t resist eating rocks. Since this was not safe for him, we had to dismiss him from daycare until we eventually renovated our facility and installed soft green turf in our yards.”


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You might get upset that your dog didn’t fit in, but just like people, dogs have different needs, so it would be smart to find out those needs and then search for a doggy daycare that would meet those needs. If the dog needs training, maybe you should consider a trainer to help them with their behavior and then go back to looking for a daycare.

Sometimes dogs may just not want to be in daycare. There are dog sitter options, or they could feel completely fine left alone at home. Having a dog or any pet is a big responsibility and finding a solution to a problem is very important as they can’t be ignored.


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We asked if dogs that were expelled from do daycare could possibly return and Samantha informed us that “It is on a case by case basis, but absolutely. We recommend a local trainer to our kicked out pups and if the trainer confirms that the dog has made great progress, we can try them out again and see how they do!”

We also got in touch with Corinne Fritzel, senior trainer on Shelby Semel Dog Training. We asked what are the most important things to teach your dog before going to daycare. She said, “The most important skills for a dog to have before attending day care is fluency in both reading and utilizing body language to communicate with other dogs, and being able to modulate their play style based on the size and play preference of their partner. These are skills that most dogs pick up through supervised interaction with other puppies during puppy socialization or puppy kindergarten classes, and through interacting with well socialized and savvy adult dogs. Dogs should also be friendly and confident with humans, and understanding both the “sit” and “come” cues can be very helpful as well!”


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Another senior dog trainer, Jonas Valančius, who works at Reksas dog training school mentions that dogs should feel comfortable left without their owners and they should be use to different environments, like the busy city, strange people and be able adapt to them.

According to Corinne, even if the dog is not going to be taken to daycare, they still need socialization from their early days and that is not limited to only other dogs, but also humans. Another important habit that should be installed is walking calmly on a leash, “This is of particular importance for owners in urban environments, and for those owners that utilize dog walkers instead of day care. Walks can be stressful for both dog and walker when the dog obsessively attempts to interact with every dog they see, which can often turn into reactive behavior when dogs inevitably become frustrated whenever that desire is not met.”


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Both experts agree that not all dogs are suited for daycare. Corinne points out that “Most adult dogs in fact do not have a personality that suits a daycare environment. It is normal and natural as dogs mature that they become selective about their dog friends, or that they tolerate other dogs but don’t really enjoy actively interacting with them.”

Jonas explains that a lot of modern dog trainers agree that different dogs and dog breeds have different personalities, so it really just a matter of observing your dog and trying to find out what it needs.


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Trainer Jonas gives pointers how to recognize when your dog is feeling uncomfortable in a daycare. If your dog is whining and yelping, they are peeing and pooping where they are not supposed to, acting aggressively or just shutting down, that means that a daycare is not for them. Some dogs may adapt over time, but for others it can truly be a traumatizing experience.

But all those behaviors may be indications of just not wanting to be in the daycare. Corinne explains, “Sometimes these behaviors are the dog’s best way of attempting to cope with these feelings (mounting or mouthing are frequently exhibited for these reasons), and other times these behaviors are a way to ask for space (growling, barking, snapping, jumping up, among others!).”


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