33 Of The Funniest And Realest Posts About Needing More Money, As Shared On This Group

Despite the strong job market, most Americans don’t have enough emergency savings. More than two-thirds of people in the US — 68 percent — say they’re worried they wouldn’t be able to cover their living expenses for just one month if they lost their primary source of income tomorrow, according to a recent Bankrate survey.

In part, this can be seen in the growth of the subreddit ‘Poverty Finance.’ The firs time we wrote about it in 2021, the online community had 847K members. Now, the number has more than doubled, standing at 1.9 million. So since financial struggles have remained a pressing issue, we have decided to revisit this corner of the internet, and show you what the gang have been posting lately.

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#1 2meirl4meirl

Image credits: YoungFunE

#2 To Be Honest

Image credits: Sonjoe_Kutuh

#3 We All Know Someone Like This

Image credits: SuperSecretSpare

#4 Same Here My Brother

Image credits: BobGolen

#5 I Think About It Every Day Too, But For Different Reasons

Image credits: jfitzgeraldMD

#6 Too Close To Home

Image credits: FraBRAH

#7 When This Hits

Image credits: Money_Muffin_8940

#8 Checks Out

Image credits: Harvest_Official

#9 My Current Financial Strategy

Image credits: angelyummy

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#10 This Post Brought To You By My Third “New” Tire This Year Since I Can’t Afford A Full Set

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Preaching To The Choir

Image credits: d**kvanyikes

#12 It’s A Real Struggle Out Here. We Barely Make Enough To Support Ourselves

Image credits: baktanra

#13 Goddamnit

Image credits: fisaliavip

#14 Guy I’m Talking To Told Me This: Thought It Belonged Here

Image credits: Stock_Seaweed_5603

#15 Sad In A Way You Just Gotta Laugh It Off As You Take It

Image credits: InterestSharp4724

#16 Hm

Image credits: TheCatWhisprer

#17 Can Anyone Explain Where My Starbucks Money Is Going?

Image credits: MattBellassai

#18 Every. Freaking. Time

Image credits: ronnieth024

#19 Accurate, I Love Spending Time At Home

Image credits: depressed-n-awkward

#20 Relatable

Image credits: OneSeries7449

#21 Tell Me About It

Image credits: stevekimes

#22 Ridiculous

Image credits: JoshuaPHilll

#23 This Hit Close To Home

Image credits: blueholeload

#24 Let The Good Times Roll

Image credits: deadTig

#25 Who Made This Meme About Me ?

Image credits: TyGeezyWeezy

#26 In Trying Times Like These, It’s Important To Remember This Advice

Image credits: temp_plus

#27 Me After Paying Rent And Bills This Month

Image credits: itsgoodsalad

#28 Bought A Burger For Dinner. “A” Burger

Image credits: dawood3

#29 I Used To Think Going To Macdonald’s When I Was Young Was Exquisite

Image credits: bryan6363

#30 Its A Start, Haha

Image credits: Organic_Magazine_197

#31 Got Myself A Motivational Pin At The Thrift Store

Image credits: chalbeetroll

#32 I Finally Finished Paying Off The Latte I Bought In November

Image credits: romeofantasy

#33 So Much Truth

Image credits: Prize_Engine28

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