35 People Call Out The Stupidest Things They’ve Ever Heard People Brag About

If you’re extremely proud of an accomplishment, by all means, post about it on social media and inform your friends so they can celebrate you. But there is a time and a place for bragging, and if you feel the impulse to boast about how rarely you change your child’s diaper, you might want to think long and hard before sharing that information.

Redditors have recently been calling out the most ridiculous and obnoxious things people brag about, so we’ve gathered some of their thoughts below. We’ll warn you right now that you might find this list infuriating, so good luck scrolling through and be sure to upvote the things that really aren’t the flexes people think they are!

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Being willfully unvaccinated because they “do their own research” and “don’t follow the sheep.” Yeah, congrats for being gullible and easily manipulated by online b******t.


Dads who brag that they never changed a diaper. Cool, bro. What an unhelpful loser.

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Being an “alpha”

Sorry homeboys, if you feel the need to announce it, you ain’t it… and you know that.

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I can’t stand it when people brag about how they never take sick days and just “man up” and work through it. Aye, cheers, mate, for passing your s**t around the office.

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Hours of work. We shouldnt be glorifying getting overworked.

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My brother and his girlfriend constantly tell me I drive like a grandma. Then they tell me how they regularly go way over the speed limit, take mountain pass turns super fast, and punch it through yellow lights. Idk when it became cool to drive like an a*****e

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When a man says he lasts for hours in bed. No girl wants to be pounded for hours.


Guys who say things like “I have never hit a woman” like they’re heroes. It’s basic human decency why would you have pride in that

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Look at this picture of me next to this animal I just shot.

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Spending tens and thousands of dollars on designer clothes. Most people who show off designer aren’t as rich as they look they just throw their whole paycheck on clothes in reality they’re just showing off how bad they are with money

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1. How little sleep they got.

2. How late they stayed at work.

3. How much they drank.

4. How many people they’ve f****d.

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Their ethnicity. Nobody really had a choice you were just born


Internet fame.

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Guys who brag about being “built different”. Sure dude. You have a beard, a “full sleeve” tattoo, and a pickup truck. You’re **so** different.

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Never having read a book / not having read a book since they left school.

That’s just **not** an achievement – at all. It’s not hard to do – and there is no good in not doing it. I wouldn’t say people who read are necessarily more educated, but apart from the chance to educate you it is simply another hobby. I’ve never seen anyone brag “Oh I haven’t visited a theater since school” or “I haven’t done archery since we had it in school!”. It’s just nothing to brag about.

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Intelligence. The dumber they are, the more they brag.

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Getting away with a crime.

There was a mass murder in the Chicago suburbs that went unsolved for 9 years, until one of the two perps told a new girlfriend about it and turned them in.


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Anyone who brags about something they didn’t earn.

– nice home but live with parents. Don’t brag. You did nothing to own / deserve it.
– high paying job in family business. Don’t brag. You did nothing to own / deserve it.
– “things” like clothing, jewelry, watches, cars etc that were gifted by parents / family. Don’t brag. You did nothing to own / deserve.

Too many coddled kids who piggyback their parents hard work via deflected ownership.

Winning the lucky sperm lottery is no reason to brag.

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Being uneducated

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How drunk or high they get

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To be vegan.


how much they “trigger” other people

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Taking care of their kids with no one’s help.

You are supposed to.

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A guy at work bragged about getting a BMW. Ik for a fact he makes less than I do and it would financially irresponsible for me to get that car.

Have fun being broke all the time.

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Anything to do with hustle culture… Wow you got s****y sleep under your desk?? I was comfortable in my bed haha, a strange flex.

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How great an athlete they were in highschool….while 40+ waiting in line for cigarettes at the local gas station


How spicy their food tolerance is.

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The only time I care if you lack sleep is if you’re heading to Brooklyn.

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That they don’t know things. I’m shocked how many people are proud not to know simple math we are all taught.


Money. Why is having money something to brag about? And if you do brag about it, it’s a surefire tell that you are a superficial, self-centered person I’d like to avoid.

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Their idiotic baby names,along with the nicknames!!


Sometime over the last decade or so, people started using the term “body count” for their cumulative number of lifetime sex partners

Unless you’re doing it with all of them concurrently, I am not impressed.

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Not caring.

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How much money they waste

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Anything that they did nothing themselves to obtain.
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