40 Facebook Marketplace Ads That Are So Delusional, They Got Shamed On This Page

More than a billion visitors each month used Facebook Marketplace to browse, buy, or list items, according to 2021 data. So for every seller, whether an established merchant or everyday people, this is a big opportunity to buy, sell, swap and give away stuff.

And while it all sounds wonderful on paper, in reality, online marketplaces are notorious for weird, questionable and eyebrow-raising stuff being sold there.

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This Reddit community titled “Delusional Facebook” documents such examples featuring “anything on the Facebook Marketplace that is definitely not worth the money they’re asking.” The result is pure entertainment, so scroll down and upvote your favorite pics of delusional “gems” sold there!

#1 A Must Have!

Image credits: something-not-clever

#2 This Definitely Made Me Laugh

Image credits: Goosey44

#3 Chrissy’s Ambition Is Certainly Admirable

Image credits: tiger_greengrass

The subreddit “Delusional Facebook” is one hidden Reddit gem that documents all the craziness sold on online marketplaces. Created on June 16, 2017, the community features “anything on the Facebook Marketplace that is definitely not worth the money they’re asking.” With 2.2k active members, it’s still growing, but the chances are it will be expanding way more.

To find out more about the community, Bored Panda reached out to its creator and moderator GrundleZipper who said that the idea to create the “Delusional Facebook” subreddit started from “one delusional Craigslist sub.”

“I noticed that there were a lot of Facebook marketplace posts there, and so Delusional Facebook was born. It’s slowly grown over the years, I haven’t done a lot to promote it but we’re over 2k members now,” the creator told us.

#4 iPhone 11

Image credits: TheQuietOutsider

#5 Vintage

Image credits: pvsugarte1

#6 Hmmm

Image credits: pooraggies247

When asked why, in the Redditor’s opinion, people sell so much questionable stuff on online marketplaces, GrundleZipper told us: “A lot of it comes from people having no idea what things are actually worth. Just because you think it’s worth something doesn’t mean that it actually is.”

“Probably the strangest thing I saw was someone trying to sell ‘vintage’ bricks for the price of new bricks,” the creator of the subreddit recounted. As if that wasn’t enough, the buyer of the bricks would have to come and take them down. “Really, I think they were just looking to get a project done for free.”

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#7 “No Refunds” He Said

Image credits: FlyingTomato98

#8 Minty

Image credits: keepyoureyeson

#9 If Only Nicolas Cage Had Known It Was At Her House Instead

Image credits: fuckjoelle

GrundleZipper told us that as far as the future, they will be continuing working on moderating the subreddit and “if it blows up, that would be amazing!” The Redditor added: “I’d probably expand my moderation team, and if not, it’ll just be my little niche subreddit that makes me laugh.”

#10 Thought This Was Appropriate For Here

Image credits: cemacdonald

#11 I Have No Words

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Duuuudde It’s Just An Old Paintbrush. You Probably Found It In An Old Shed Of Something

Image credits: snowfairylove

#13 I Would Call This Can Half Full, But I Also Wouldn’t Pay $175k For A “Very Rare Half Empty Unopened Coke Can”

Image credits: welnick

#14 Perfect For My Next BBQ!

Image credits: Friendly_Banter3

#15 I Can Smell This Picture

Image credits: javi0119

#16 Works Perfect… Except For The Cracked Screen

Image credits: hskrgrl51

#17 Someone Posted Screenshots Of The Same Thing For $30 On Ebay

Image credits: tenorsaxnoises

#18 Wedding Sign

Image credits: G0PACKGO

#19 Get A Picasso For A Steal!

Image credits: anolette7598

#20 Found This Gem Today

Image credits: geographically

#21 Another Addition To The Rare/Vintage Mcdonald’s Condiment Collection

Image credits: laughitupfuzball

#22 So Many Questions

Image credits: snowfairylove

#23 First Thing I See When I Open Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: lightestnight450

#24 “Legit Name Brand”

Image credits: socialissuecatlady

#25 Did You Mean, “Andy Warhol”?

Image credits: SaraReneeCat

#26 2 Good 2 Pass Up

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Seriously?

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Yes, It’s A Sub-Zero. They’re Stupidly Expensive. But If I’m Paying $4k, I’m Expecting A Unit Clean Enough To Eat Off Of, And Not Covered In Black Mould

Image credits: rekabis

#29 Fifty Bucks For Something Probably Won At The County Fair

Image credits: tequilasundae

#30 Come Clean Up Their Yard For Free!

Image credits: Momiatto

#31 Seems Like A Pretty Good Deal

Image credits: maybelukeskywaler

#32 Cowboy Boot Toilet Brush Holder (Need I Say More)

Image credits: epololly

#33 Forged In Redneck Land

Image credits: ifnotathenbbutnotc

#34 $50

Image credits: iluvchimiz

#35 “Like New” iPhone But Only For Parts

Image credits: BurningCranium

#36 Free Bad Luck…anyone? Anyone?!?

Image credits: PatientTurtle

#37 I’m Not Even Sure This Would Hold Anyone’s Weight

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Once In A Lifetime Opportunity Here

Image credits: maybelukeskywaler

#39 Just…ew

Image credits: Ianwha17

#40 They Sell For $14.50 And Even Then You Should Buy Them When They’re On Sale ??‍♀️

Image credits: emilyisanarwhal

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