40 “Not My Job” Moments Where People Did The Absolute Bare Minimum (New Pics)

At work, most people are not looking to go above and beyond their job descriptions without any incentives. We accomplish the necessary tasks, and if there is a chance for increased pay or a promotion, we might be motivated to to go the extra mile. But to conserve energy and keep ourselves from being rattled with stress, we accept that we cannot all be “employee of the year”. There is a big difference, however, between being a good employee and doing the absolute bare minimum whenever you can get away with it. In honor of the world’s laziest workers, the “Not My Job” subreddit was born. 

With over 860k members, this community with the description “[Placeholder – Jim, put a good description]” shares the worst examples of people technically doing their jobs, but nothing more. We’ve gathered some of our favorite posts from the subreddit down below, so you can find some humor in these horribly executed jobs, and hopefully feel better about what a great employee you are in comparison. Enjoy this list, and be sure to upvote all of your favorite posts. Then if you’re looking for another Bored Panda piece featuring “not my job” moments, check out this article next.

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#1 Got The Actors Boss!

Image credits: TheGasMove

There is something so satisfying about a job well done. Whether your motivation comes from within, a potential pay raise, or the desire for your family to be proud of you, working hard feels good. Having your accomplishments acknowledged and rewarded and knowing that you made someone else’s life easier can be great motivators to keep going the extra mile at work.

However, not everyone feels so enlightened from working hard. Whether it comes from pure laziness or exhaustion from slaving away with no rewards or incentives, sometimes workers just give up. This list will show you how “over it” some employees are, as they have given up on any efforts to hide how little they care. From letting products that are clearly not ready to be on shelves leave the warehouse to refusing to move anything out of the way when painting a wall, the “Not My Job” subreddit finds and roasts the employees who have a very narrow idea of what their job descriptions are. After all, they said they would do their jobs. They didn’t necessarily say they would do them well.  

#2 Edited The Picture, Boss!

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#3 Sorted Out The Emergency Phone Boss!

Image credits: Professional-Stick82

The “Not My Job” subreddit features photos from a variety of different fields, but especially for those working in minimum wage jobs, I can understand the desire to put in less effort. The stakes are not super high. If they end up getting fired from one low-wage job, they can easily find another one. If they were getting paid $100k a year, they might be a bit more motivated to hold onto that position. 

But at the same time, I can’t help but wonder how many of these photos came to be. Did it not bother these people how poorly they finished these tasks? Did they even notice? Perhaps some of these were intentional acts out of spite or vengeance? The reason may even be as simple as employees hating their jobs, as, according to a 2016 Gallup poll, 71% of millennials say they are not engaged at work.  

#4 Finished Editing The News Reel Boss

Image credits: Bozzo2526

#5 There, That Should Do It

Image credits: bopaqod

#6 A New Hobby? Alright

Image credits: BlueYoshiFox6

In reference to millennials in the workforce, Gallup’s researchers said, “They aren’t putting energy or passion into their jobs. They’re indifferent about work and simply show up just to put in the hours.” But we should not just jump to conclusions about why millennials aren’t engaged at work; it’s not necessarily laziness causing their apathy. Millennial therapist Tess Brigham wrote for CNBC, “As a Gen X’er, I’ve heard just about every millennial stereotype imaginable. But as a therapist who has been working with millennials (they make up 90% of my patients) for more than five years, I’ve actually found them to be a highly intelligent, idealistic, diverse and ambitious bunch.” When it comes to their careers, however, Brigham agreed that many of them are struggling. “Each and every one of my millennial patients has at one point said to me: ‘I hate my job’.”

#7 Get Paid For Painting Not Moving Plants

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Image credits: hellivvy

#8 Placed The Sticker Boss

Image credits: its_brookelol

#9 My GF Mopped The Floor

Image credits: Astranabis

#10 Completed The Road Marking Boss

Image credits: lekshmikutty

#11 What’s That Gonna Taste Like?

Image credits: brammes_94

#12 Translation Complete, Boss

Image credits: Mickwillie

Brigham stresses that once someone identifies what is in their control and what they can change about their position, they can take action to make their job less painful. She also recommends unhappy employees lower their expectations and raise their standards. High expectations often lead to disappointment, while high standards “create a framework for making decisions that are consistent with one’s values”. Having high standards for your own work gives you a reason to do your best, and having high standards for how you are treated by others ensures that you are not being taken advantage of or mistreated.  

#13 Wheelchairs Having Some Fun

Image credits: Tenchi_Muyo1

#14 The Clock In My School’s Band Practice Room

Image credits: Hawkthemanaaaaaaa

#15 Tbh This One’s Kinda Impressive

Image credits: ShitStainedBallSack

If your job feels meaningless sometimes, just know that it does not have to be. It is completely normal to be doing a job just to earn money to pay your bills and enjoy your life. Your job does not have to also be your passion project. But there are valid reasons to find motivation in your work as well, even if you have to search hard to find it. Hatice Necla Keleş, a professor in the Department of Organizational Management at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul, told Harvard Business Review that having a professional purpose and identity “gives your life meaning and motivation”. “Nothing gives you more energy than a clear purpose. [Without one], even just getting out of bed every morning becomes a challenge.”

#16 Just Told The Whole City No Crime Boss!

Image credits: Tommy_Adams09

#17 Wrote The News Boss

Image credits: SlitheryScales

#18 Painted The Shelves, Boss

Image credits: dbazd

Karen Dillon, coauthor of the book How Will You Measure Your Life?, also gave Harvard Business Review some tips on how to find purpose in a seemingly meaningless job. First things first, she notes how important it is to offset negativity. “Just as micro-stresses eat away at you, micro-moments of pleasure can help you find your way back,” she says. “Look for ways to feel good and uplifted: Read about real-life heroes; take a nature walk; attend a religious service via Zoom; page through an art book; or scroll through photographs of faraway places.” Your job should not run your entire life. By finding outlets to destress outside of work, you can remind yourself that you don’t have to love your job, but it should not have the power to suck the life out of you. You have plenty of other things to look forward to; get through the work day, so you can enjoy what’s next.

#19 Made The Title For The Ad Boss

Image credits: kings005

#20 I’ve Put Up The Product Name Boss

Image credits: robinson63

#21 Installed The Radiator Boss

Image credits: Jimbot80

Another tip Dillon gives to those who just can’t seem to stop complaining about work is to cultivate humility. “People are going through hard things all over the world,” she says. “Have compassion.” When you think that you hate your job and just have no motivation left for it, remember that it’s not the end of the world. You can always find another job, or find more purpose in your current job, so don’t give up completely. Plus, there are probably some things that you like about it; if nothing else, you are getting paid! Professor Keleş also reminds readers that, “How you view your life shapes your life.” If you can find it in you to have a more positive mindset and stop viewing work as the bane of your existence, you might even start to enjoy it.

#22 Screens Up Boss

Image credits: notjustthemenyo

#23 Wrote The Fish Finger Copy, Boss

Image credits: mrbritchicago

#24 They Will Never Know The Difference

Image credits: HeartyHemlock

When it comes to things that really do not fall into your job description, it might be appropriate to actually say, “That is not my job.” But you want to go about it the right way, without offending your supervisor or colleagues. As career expert Alison Green told Fast Company, “You want to explain why you’re declining.” She gave some examples including, “Right now I need to focus on X and Y so don’t think I can be of help.” And “I’m swamped and realistically don’t think I’ll have time to weigh in on this.” 

She notes that you can also try to point someone in the right direction, if you know whose job actually does include that task. “I’m not usually the person who handles that. You might check with Jane to see if she can point you in the right direction,” for example. “In general, it’s reasonable to speak up when something would detract from bigger priorities,” Alison says. “When your boss is the one doing the asking, that doesn’t mean totally declining to do it—but it does mean opening a conversation about tradeoffs and what path makes the most sense.”

#25 Put The Signs On The Fuel Pumps, Boss!

Image credits: TragedyMaskBand

#26 Lmao Dont Do White On White

Image credits: 7_S3M_7

#27 Painting Over A Roach

Image credits: bieleft

We hope you’re enjoying this list and gaining a little motivation to do a great job at work today, so your craftsmanship does not end up on the “Not My Job” subreddit any time soon. Remember to upvote the pics that you found funniest, and let us know in the comments what the most “not my job” moment you have ever seen was. Whether you have lost all motivation at work before or you’ve witnessed it happen to someone else, at least that downfall probably provided some entertainment for others.

#28 Installed The Light Switch, Boss

Image credits: TyrTwiceForVictory

#29 Amazon Rejects You Before You Even Apply

Image credits: Cmdr_Nemo

#30 Putting A Table Together And These Are The Only Instructions That Came With It

Image credits: NuclearJ3st3r

#31 How They Spend $407k From Our Taxes

Image credits: Himeko21

#32 Saw This At The Arcade, Quite Innovative Tbh

Image credits: ems_di

#33 Made The New York Tribute Poster For Our Restaurant, Boss

Image credits: YourFriendBlu

#34 Yeah It’s A Bit Off

Image credits: jacobooooo

#35 Made The Menu Boss

Image credits: FaZe_Thijmen

#36 Redesigned Our Website Boss

Image credits: TunaMcFish

#37 Installed The Slabs, Boss!

Image credits: InbaaYT

#38 Cleaned Our Side Of The Building Boss

Image credits: winberry5253

#39 Ready For The Enw Yrea

Image credits: Tiptoedbymyself

#40 Finished Painting The Road, Boss

Image credits: ricorrales07

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