43 People Reveal The Thing They Did For Money That They’re Most Ashamed Of

According to the statement “Everyone has a price,” all people, regardless of their values and principles, can be influenced to do something if they are offered an appropriate reward.

Determined to find out to what extent these words hold true, one person made a post on Reddit, asking its users to reveal the nastiest thing they did for money.

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Some of the replies certainly reinforce the fact that 79% of folks think they would be happier if they were richer.


I worked at a call center. It was the most degrading work I’ve ever done.

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I once drunkenly reached into a p**s trough at a music festival when some rich sob threw two seperate 100$ bills in there to see who’d grab it.

Little did he know I would have probably done it if it was 20s too lol.

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Telemarketing. I know. I should be ashamed.

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In highschool, ate a piece of gum stuck under a bus seat for 2$. And I was proud of myself

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During a dark time in my life I used to sell Norton Internet Security.

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When I was working at a grocery store, we used our basement for storage, fridges, freezers, etc. and brought everything up on conveyors. S**t would fall off the side of the conveyors all the time into a little locked room that needed to be cleaned out every few months. I’m talking ice cream containers that fell out of the box and would explode spores into your face if you poked them, bags of frozen vegetables that blew up like balloons and were full of liquid. You’d just shovel all this rotted waste into bags while trying not to breathe. There were rats. There were cockroaches. There were flies. I nearly quit.

At least, thanks to me, they started cleaning that area once a week before I left. That was after the manager came down with me all angry and telling me that it’s not that bad, and then seeing and smelling the mess for himself. He stuck his face in his shirt and ran out of there.

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Janitor at a 24 hour truck stop. NEVER AGAIN!

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Am a nurse so I’ve cleaned up s**t, p**s, vomit, other bodily fluids. Gotten punched in the face, kicked, verbally assaulted… Also have provided post mortem care and medical treatment to genuinely bad people because it’s part of my job (as in sex offenders, violent people, etc). Gotten spit at, pooped and peed on, coughed on intentionally. Wouldn’t recommend it lol.

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Let medical students practice genital and rectal exams on me. In fact I’m literally sitting here in my medical gown and waiting for the next student to come. 

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I worked for a kitty litter company, a name you’ve heard of. My job was to help test surfactants on the clay.

It was honestly a fascinating job — I mean, you have to accommodate not one, but two different species, right? But the gross part of the job was that we had liters of cat pee (under a hood) with stir bars in them constantly stirring. We also had buckets of cat poop.

Why? Because we had to dose the litter and then lean in and smell it, recording our observations like a sommelier. Yes. But I was paid extremely well (like 3X minimum wage, during high school) and we got cookies.

The really interesting job, though, was held by the professional nose. Her opinions were the ones that mattered, and she would sniff cat byproducts day in and day out.

My bosses were two ladies with degrees in physical chemistry and a very down-to-earth perspective on life.


I worked in a kangaroo skin tannery, grading kangaroo balls by size, for sorting into either pet food or for coin purses for tourists…. Roo ball bags stink and the ticks are massive.

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It was 2020 right before the pandemic. I went to an older man’s house who I responded to on craigslist for a cleaning service. I didn’t know it was like a secret kink post tho. I get over there and he made me lick all the handles in his home. Made $3000 though ! Helped a lot.

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Cooked maggots I worked for a company that made natural pest control and natural animal feed. My job was to cook maggots for the natural bird feed they made. This was actually one of my favorite jobs to do for that company. 

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Nurse here, my time to shine! Just a few examples of the joys I’ve experienced on the job:

Cleaning up diarrhea when my glove broke.

Amniotic fluid on my shoes.

Emptied a bile drain and proceeded to spill the contents all over my scrubs.

Got projectile vomited on by a guy with a bowel obstruction (the vomit was practically fecal matter at this point). It splashed EVERYWHERE and somehow even got on the door on the other side of the room.

Cleaned up scrotal peelings from the patient who kept peeling the dead skin off his nutsack and placing it on the bedside table.


Participated in a study for lotion you rub on your boobs to make them bigger. Not even joking.
For two months I had to rub this lotion twice a day and then once a week go to the clinic so someone could measure every aspect of my boobs. Not just size…. Distance between nipples, distance from
Chin to nipple, circumference of them. It was so embarrassing and in the end I had the placebo! but I made $500 to pay my rent back in 2002!!!


Cleaned up the poop that had been smeared all over the men’s restroom at the grocery store where I worked when I was 16. Zero PPE provided by the manger who told me “Your the only other male working today and I’m not cleaning that up.” Knowning what I know now, they should have brought in a hazardous waste crew to deal with it.

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I tested medications because I was in need. I will never do it again.

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Sold my plasma at one of those places. First time went well. Second time my vein collapsed and my blood was spilling into my body, causing a huge hematoma and hurt like hell. They said I shouldn’t try again and I won’t.


I worked at a place that did hospital, hospice, nursing home, etc, laundry. I also worked in cemeteries, and ran the crematorium. Part of the job was digging up bodies, and sending them elsewhere. As an example for the last sentence, sometimes a spouse, or parent moves out of state, and wants their loved one moved closer. That association I worked for also would buy other cemeteries, and for those who don’t know, 100 years and one day after the last person is interred, they can dig up all the graves, and resell the plots. I’ve done that once with the association.


Oh i easily have this one won. I jumped in my friends pond in mid november for $10 and sheetz pickle chips. I laid in a puddle in a parking lot for a couple matchbox cars. And by far the worst: I snorted a line of scratch off ticket dust for $20 like 3 weeks ago.

Money is money.


Managed a payday loan place.


Worked at a choice hotel. The owner was a rich Indian that owned tons of hotels. He used pirated software and operating systems, he only employed desperate migrants from his own country to houseclean for cents on the dollar. He would double charge people then ignore them. Every single day I was there I had at least one person call frantic and desperate to get their money back. We had to tell the the manager isn’t here and tell them to call back. He was NEVER there so we just had to string these poor people along till they gave up. Eats away at my soul like 10 years later still.


Worked on a pig farm…where my duties included euthanizing sick pigs. I assumed he would give me a pistol or something. He handed me a hammer.


While deployed, my buddies chipped in $200 for me to eat a fly strip. An old fly strip, with flies. In Iraq. The stipulation was that I could use water, but I had to keep it down for at least an hour for it to count.

I made it an hour and two minutes. The hardest part eating it was that fly strips have ridiculously sticky resin that makes eating them a huge challenge. My technique was to make little balls that I could swallow with copious water. I saw them all later.

Between that and other stupid stuff done for money, I didn’t need to draw casual pay for the entire deployment.

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Working on the active face of a landfill. To get to the work sites, you often times would have to navigate on foot through the “active face” aka where the trash is dumped. You can’t comprehend all the sights and smells at once – too many shapes, colors, and stinking wet slop. So you look down at your feet. You plod carefully around hoping you don’t slip and fall onto the garbage, which may stick you broken glass, needles, or rusty rebar if you were to be so careless. The municipal garbage is smelly but tolerable. Its really the construction debris that’s noxious. The construction debris trucks come and loudly dump a lot of somethings and the thick white dust that comes off it leaves you gasping. You lose a little bit of your hearing every day, and you get more used to the bad air. And you pray to God that you get out of the dumps for good.

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Translated very erotic love letters one woman, who was cheating on her husband, wrote to and received from her lover in France.

Edit: I didn’t expect this story to arouse so much interest, so I think some background is due.

It happened around 1999-2001 when the Internet wasn’t widely available (in our country, at least). They were exchanging regular snail mail letters. From what I gathered, the lady used to stay in France for a while where she had met her beau and started an affair. She had some very basic knowledge of French, but needed help. You know how sometimes people can casually chat in a language but a large written text freaks them out. I was in my early 20s and my customer was past 40, so you can imagine the cringiness of the situation. She would sometimes bring a letter and ask me to read an on-the-fly translation to her. As for the salacious details, I really don’t remember much. It was generally like “Remember how we did this and that? I often dream of doing that again etc.” Basically, it was like that song Dylan wrote for Hailey in Modern Family, only in French ?.

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Working as a temp through the winter, I got called out to assist an excavation crew find a damaged sewer line

The sewers in that part of town were over a hundred years old, mostly wood based Orangeburg pipe.

A section had collapsed and caused a minor sinkhole which then clogged and filled with half frozen sewage slush.

Due to the age, the plans were AWOL and you can’t detect Orangeburg with a metal detector. So as the equipment operator dug, someone had to go down into the hole and probe with a shovel. Since the city guys were union, guess who got called to wade into that filth.

They had a honey wagon on the scene trying to clear the raw sewage but it was barely keeping up with the influx.

When you’re a temp, there is a strong but never explicitly said pressure to take whatever job comes in. If you turn down too many jobs, the owner just stops calling you.

So, I took the job. I was warned in advance about the conditions, so I dressed in multiple layers and then used garbage bags and duct tape to make hip waders.

I was only in that hole 20, maybe 25 mins. But it was enough to give me hypothermia. The duct tape didn’t hold too well. And at one point I slipped in deeper, up to my waist.

Two guys had to help lift me out. 3 in the morning, standing on the side of the road, soaking wet and in -25C weather, I stripped down to my underwear, stuffed my s****y clothes in one of the garbage bags and drive home very slowly.

It was three days before I felt warm again.


When i was just slightly intoxicated i picked up a coin (worth probably less then a penny) from a puddle. Than i realised that it hasn’t been raining and i smelled my hand. Yep it was p**s… didnt move the hand till i got home and washed it multiple times but it still feels dirty to this day…


In my 10th grade biology class we did a presentation on the digestive cycle of goldfish. My best buddy and partner on the presentation said he would give me $20 if I swallowed a bags worth of live goldfish. My only hesitation was that I didn’t drive and so I said I would agree if he brought the fish.

In the absolute horror of my teacher and classmates I reached in that bag and swallowed 15 live fish one by one with no reaction like a psychopath.

My buddy apparently thought it was just a joke and I wouldn’t have done it. Honestly, I don’t really know why I did it either. It was like I just went on auto pilot. He did in fact pay me the next day.


I’m a teacher so probably being extremely disrespected by teenagers 5 days a week.


Walked out of a downtown Vegas casino, drunk at 3 AM with my boys. We have a long running inside joke with “blue drinks”. My buddy sees a half drank plastic cup of some sort of blue drink (with a straw), sitting on the curb. He says I’ll give you $100 to drink that. I did it on the spot with no hesitation.

My wife later would later tell me that of all the things I could do in Vegas don’t ever f*****g do that again.

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Not me, but im invovled.

A few years back, my work buddy and I were just goofing around at work.

I found this weird hard lump thing on my forearm and squeezed it.

A 5mm black stick came out, i guess like a splinter? But it was smooth. We had no idea what it was.

I told my buddy i would give him $20 if he ate it, so he did.


Ever wonder where the cheap mass produced eggs come from? Well they come from factory farms. Those factories have to be clean every day. Even though we clean them every day you could not feasibly clean everything every day.

Do you know what happens when liquid egg seeps into a semi seal conduit day after day mixed with water? For 9 months? I do. I can tell you that it will no longer resemble anything like egg. It more closely resembles play dough. I can also tell you what it tastes like (not by choice) and it’s not a present smell or sight.


Pulled the liner out of my boss’ horse pond. It was misery. Slogging in rank water up to my chest, water full of algae and decaying horse s**t, in 100°F beating sun and 95% humidity and a persistent swarm of mosquitoes. Some got in my ears, eyes, and mouth as I worked. I stank of horse pond for a week.

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Remove deer carcasses from the road.

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Snorted a huge line of paprika when I was 20 working in a kitchen. Made $65 which was awesome!


Needed money for a weekend to join my friends at a large punk fest up north, my other friend gave me $20 to wash his dishes. He had his bathtub filled with dishes even, old porkchops and slime, worst thing I’ve had to sink my hands into.


Let a stranger at a party spit in my mouth for 10$.


What I do now.

I clean blood, bone, fat, poop, and anything else you can think of from a human body off of medical instruments, then sterilize them for use on the next patient.

It’s nasty, but so fun and I love my job.


Not me but an old friend once ate a living worm off the ground after a rain shower for a single dollar.


Telemarketing. Sold vacations over the phone so people would go to Destin, Florida and would have to sit and listen to salesman pitch timeshares. I feel dirty thinking about it.


When we were kids, my brother said he would give me $10 if I drank a shot of soy sauce. 10/10 don’t recommend.

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Cleaned up vomit in a movie theater bathroom 5 days a week.

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